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    Tickle Fairies are real! - Read my new story 6/9/17

    I wrote this and dedicating it to the CeeCee in my life. I hope you enjoy it. It can continue so let me know if you want more. -Max

    CeeCee and the Tickle Fairies
    by Max Speer

    “You can go outside, honey,” Mother said brushing the hair from her face. “Just promise that you’ll stay clear of the forest.”

    “I will Mother.”

    “You look so pretty today. You’re growing up so fast.”

    “Thank you Mother,” the girl said shyly looking away blushing with embarrassment.

    “Marriage age,” Mother said smiling at her daughter and biting her bottom lip. “So many strong and kind boys in our village would be fortunate to wed a girl as lovely as you.”

    As she spoke she stroked her fingers through her long, thick brown hair, then up and down her daughter’s bare arms causing the girl to hunch her and smile.

    “Still so ticklish,” said Mother also smiling, but added sternly, “Stay…away…from the forest. Promise me.”

    “I promise Mom.” In the distance a rooster crowed.

    CeeCee’s face was as bright as that summer morning as she stepped out of the kitchen door and felt the warm breeze envelop her. The few strands of hair tickled her nose causing the young girl to smile and pull them away, tucking them behind her ear. Eager to feel the soft grass against her bare feet, she kicked off her shoes and placed them carefully by the kitchen door.

    She wanted so desperately to pick wild raspberries on the forest’s edge but had been warned and never disobeyed her mother. Instead, CeeCee opted to pick the red fruit on the few bushes scattered on her expansive property, placing them in her apron.

    After a short time, the strong winds made her knee-length cotton pinafore blow tightly against her legs, and cause the fluttery laced material that encircled her bare shoulders flap like bird wings. The few raspberries held in her apron spilled out into the grass and she squinted against the wind staring at the distant forest.

    “The forest trees will shield me against this wind and I’m quite sure I can find a few raspberry bushes on the edge without venturing too far onto the path.”

    So, breaking her promise, CeeCee walked against the wind to the forest’s edge. There, she saw a plentitude of wild raspberry bushes causing the girl to smile in delight.

    As she approached, the wind died down until it was again a soft, summer breeze with the scent of lilacs. She reached her thin fingers out to pluck the juicy red fruit, looking back a few times to see if Mother was watching, and, soon her apron was bulging.

    “Mother will be so happy. We can make raspberry jam or perhaps fruit tarts.”

    However, as she turned to walk, seeing her little house in the distance, she heard a whisper.

    CeeCee, come taste the berries. We have choke cherries and wild blueberries too.

    “Who said that?” asked the girl trying to peer down the dark path that led into the forest.

    …and fresh cakes and cookies … hee hee

    “Matthew!” she said giggling. “Is that you playing tricks?”

    Yes. It’s me, Matthew. Come play with me.

    “Matthew, I swear. You shouldn’t be playing tricks in the forest,” CeeCee said cautiously walking the dirt-covered pathway. “Come out of there. Don’t you know there’s danger in the wood?”

    No danger, just good things to eat.
    Perhaps you can make a jam or a delicious tart.

    The girl stopped and the air was again filled with the scent of lilacs.

    “How lovely,” she said to herself walking cautiously deeper into the wood. “How could a place that smells so glorious be dangerous.”

    “Matthew? Are you in here?”

    After walking a short while, CeeCee came upon an opening in the path where a few trees had fallen and left low-hanging branches. As she walked under one branch she felt a tug and realized that some of her thick locks had caught on the twigs above her head. She reached up to try and untie her hair but found it very problematic and needed to use both of her hands.

    “Oh dear,” she said. “I’ll need to let go of my apron and the berries will fall to the ground. Perhaps I can pick them up after or Matthew can show me where the wild berry bushes are. Matthew? Are you in here?”
    CeeCee let go of her apron and all the red raspberries spilt out over her bare toes. She reached up her other hand to untie her hair but something strange occurred. After her hair was finally released from the branch, spilling down against her back, she found that herself frozen on the spot and unable to lower her arms.

    “What on earth!” she said, two bare arms frozen over her head as if they had been fastened by rope. “Hello? Hello? I seem to be stuck. Matthew? Someone? Can someone help me?”

    The helpless girl stood motionless contemplating her predicament when she then began to hear the faintest sound of giggling, as if the very insects in the forest were laughing.

    “Whoever it is,” said the girl, “Stop playing tricks. It’s not nice. I need to get home and Mother will be cross.”

    Do you believe in fairies?

    “Of course not,” said the girl to no one in particular. Then, it occurred to her that she had answered a question that was never really voiced.

    “This is indeed a curious place.”

    The giggling began to grow louder and CeeCee noticed spots of brilliant glowing lights lowering from the trees. As the lights approached, the young girl could perceive tiny images of little girls with butterfly wings fluttering within the light. They fluttered closer, illuminating her face, as she realized that the tiny butterfly girls were creating the brilliant light within themselves.

    “Oh my goodness,” she said in shock and delight. “Fairies. You’re real? Goodness me!”

    As they fluttered even closer to her face, she noticed, clutched in the right hand of each little fairy, a thin, single blade of some kind of grass. It appeared to be a stalk of wheat but much thinner.

    CeeCee was too fascinated and curious now to think about her predicament. The wild raspberries still lay scattered on her bare feet and toes and her naked arms remained upright as if reaching to the sky.

    She giggled as a fairy landed on her little nose to give her a kiss.

    “Oh how sweet you are,” CeeCee said smiling. “Such curious creatures!”

    One fairy fluttered towards her face and smiled, causing CeeCee to smile back. She reached her thin blade of fairy grass and touched the tip to the soft skin of CeeCee’s exposed underarm. The result was an electrical rush of sensation. It tickled the girl in a way that she had never felt tickling before. Surely, her siblings - brothers and sisters - had held her down on many occasions and tickled the girl. She was quite ticklish and they took advantage of her weakness. Furthermore, it was quite common in her household for tickles to occur. Her Father frequently tickled the girls in order to get them up for breakfast.

    In recent days, as CeeCee entered what her mother called “Marriage age” the morning tickles were reserved for her younger sisters only.

    “Save up those tickles for your husband,” Father would say.

    The fairy’s tickle was something altogether different and unexplainable - as if the fairy grass had a magical ability to increase the sensitivity of her armpit.

    CeeCee suddenly burst into laughter making the fairies giggle too with their high pitched squeaks.

    “That tickles!” CeeCee exclaimed when she regained her breath.

    “Tickles,” came the sing-songy reply.

    Another fairy fluttered to her other arm and stroked her fairy grass across the smooth surface of CeeCee’s other armpit. Again, the girl burst into a surprised flurry of giggles shaking her arm to desperately remove the ticklish feelings.

    “Please don’t tickle me,” pleaded the girl. “I am dreadfully ticklish. I simply can’t take tickles at all – especially with my arms up like this.”

    The fairies just giggled and, dividing into two groups, fluttered up towards her arms.

    “No. No!!! Seriously! I am a very ticklish girl and it’s not at all pleasant.”

    With high giggly squeaks, the fairies touched and stroked CeeCee’s vulnerable and highly sensitive underarms, down the length of her inner arms, and even her shoulders. CeeCee was enveloped in an explosion of ticklish sensation that made her squeeze her eyes shut and emit a scream, followed by helpless laughter that seemed to echo through the wood. Never had she felt such an intense sensation of tickling.

    “Tickle, tickle tickle tickle tickle,” came the high-pitched chants of the Tickle Fairies as they stroked their tickle grass on the young girl’s arms and underarms in sheer delight, watching her writhe in tickled torment.
    Her laughter aroused the curiosity of the other animals in the forest including one in particular – a small, red fox. He cautiously moved toward the helpless girl, sniffing at the berries, some now crushed beneath her bare soles. The Tickle Fairies suddenly stopped tickling, and the poor girl let out a few coughs, trying to catch her breath.

    “Please, I am begging you, let me go!”

    A single fairy fluttered to her face and said, “Tickle tickle,” kissing her soft cheek gently.

    A tickling between her toes suddenly interrupted the rest. CeeCee strained her neck to look down at her tickler and found a red fox licking the crushed berries.

    “Oh please make it stop,” she said, once again reacting to a new sensation of tickles. “”Please! I am so very ticklish on my feet.”

    The Tickle Fairies all giggled in unison and pointed their tickle grass wands at CeeCee’s left foot. Suddenly she felt the uncontrolled jerking impulse to bend her knee and lift her foot behind her back. It was as if her ankle was grabbed and pulled by an unseen hand. She stood now, arms overhead and one foot lifted behind her. This action provided a new surface for the fox to lick. He extended his tongue and got very busy licking the ticklish sole of CeeCee’s now vulnerable foot.

    The poor girl screamed out and once again exploded into helpless laughing. The sensation was unbearable as the tongue, like a little wet finger, stroked in rhythmic fashion all around the surface area of her soft, ticklish foot bottom.

    “Tickle tickle tickle?” the fairies said in a giggling chant sounding now like a question.

    “Yes! Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness! It tickles. He’s tickling me! He’s tickling my foot. Make him stop!”

    Her pleading was heard as a broken sentence, the giggling laughter inserted throughout.

    A Tickle Fairy flutter down to her other foot – the one that seemingly kept her from falling. She touched her tickle grass wand to CeeCee’s ankle and the poor girl began to feel her right foot rising behind her just like the first. Even the fox stopped his tickly licking to watch this spectacle.

    “Oh dear! How is this happening?” CeeCee said in newfound panic. The girl magically floated above the ground, arms still fixed in the air, but now with two feet behind her and nothing appearing to hold her position. “Let me down! Let me down!”

    The fox now stepped to the other foot and began his licking torture. CeeCee erupted again into hysterical laughing. Her laughter, now more high pitched, sounded as if it was coming from a baby rather than a young lady. It was the sound of helplessness.

    A few fairies fluttered down and touched their tickle grass to her bare soles and the tickling sensation, like before, was so intense that CeeCee was crying from a tickling she simply could not handle. It felt like a hundred fingers tickling her soles at once.

    Meanwhile, the fairies that remained hovering by her arms resumed their tickling, staring curiously at the smooth skin of the helpless girl’s armpits and inner arms.
    CeeCee, in the throes of her tickle torture remembered when she was very small and her friend Matthew said something she didn’t understand until today.

    “My mother said never go near the forest unless your feet and arms are covered. Tickle Fairies love those two spots and they will tickle you there if they can see your bare skin.”

    CeeCee wasn’t listening at the time, so busy playing with a new toy she had gotten for her birthday.
    Now, she completely understood. The fairies stared at her arms in total fascination as they gleefully stroked her ticklish skin. Her entire existence was focused on the skin of her armpits and the soles of her feet. Her laughter was absolutely primal, emanating from deep within her. The totally encompassing sensation of

    Tickle covering these spots was nothing short of agonizing torture. The girl could do nothing but laugh helplessly as she floated in the air.

    Suddenly, the tickling ceased and her feet were jerked back down again on the ground. Her hands were also released and the brilliant light of the Tickle Fairies dimmed as they skittered back into the trees. The exhausted girl collapsed to the ground into a pile of leaves and berries arms aching.
    It was a sound that had scared them away. The sound of a Mother’s voice.

    “CeeCee,” she called out. “Where are you? Please answer!”
    “Mother?” came the faint voice of her daughter.
    Mother ran towards the girl. She had completely covered herself in blankets. Her knee-length boots crushed more berries as she approached the exhausted daughter. Throwing a blanket over CeeCee’s body, she lifted her like a baby and ran from the forest.

    When CeeCee awoke, Mother was dampening her forehead with soft linen.


    “You’re safe now.”

    “Safe? Am I safe? Are they gone?” CeeCee began to rise from her bed in a panic but her mother gently laid her back down and touched her cheek with the palm of her hand.

    “Daughter,” she said gently. “I warned you. You never go into the forest. Never even go near the forest dressed with all that bare skin exposed.”

    “I didn’t know. I am so sorry Mother.”

    “It’s okay. You’re safe now. However, I need to tell you what happened to me when I was a girl your age.”
    Then, her mother told her the most extraordinary story, but that’s for another time.
    “It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.”
    ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

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    Wonderful story! It is great to see a new story from you, Max.
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    Incredibly cute!

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    Thanks Guys!
    “It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.”
    ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

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    i loved the story.. bravo

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    Fantasy and science fiction scenarios always was my favourite. And you Max are probably my favourite author. I have exactly similar interests. Most tickling fetishists focus mostly on feet, but armpits are more prevalent in your writing, what I really love. So, great job, nice story and I am waiting for continuation.

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    Hey that was good! I'd love to read more.

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