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    F+Fs/M - Be careful with your secrets

    Be Careful With Your Secrets

    This story is F+Fs/M and contains very intense tickle situations. Also some other surprises. One being chastity play. I hope you enjoy my dialogue style writing.

    Synopsis: Young guy living with his girlfriend and her rich stepmom gets more than he bargained for when he divulges his secrets.


    “Listen, I know it's tough living with her after your father passed but it's the best situation for us,” said an athletic, 6’2, Mike. He throws a shirt on the floor in the corner of the room. “It's not living with her that bothers me. It’s the fact that my father gave her the inheritance. She's going to blow through it in a year. Everything he worked for.” Megan, a 5’7 brunette with a record size bubble butt picks up his discarded shirt and throws it in a hamper.

    Mike grabs Megan by the hips and pulls her close. “You know you never answered me about my first time?”

    She grabs his butt. “I said once you turn 18 you can have your way with me. That's a pretty good answer.”

    “I was talking about how you said you would think about asking your stepmom to do a three
    -way with us”

    She laughs “Don't be a creep-o.”

    “What? She's smokin’ hot and young as hell for a mom. Only 33 right?”

    “First of all, ew. Second, she's not an actual mom. She's a stepmom. And actually she's only 32. But keep it up and we're not popping your cherry for a while. You and I both know it's your night tonight so don't blow it.”

    “Why can't we start tonight?”

    “Cause after your little party it'll be official.”

    “You're just putting it off.”

    She kisses him. “I like making you wait babe. It's fun knowing how bad you want it.”

    “You're evil.”

    The Next Day

    Mike and Megan are eating breakfast in the kitchen. A 6’1 blonde bombshell walks into the kitchen. Her hair is in a bun and her volleyball body is on full display in yoga garb. It's Megan's stepmom , Jessica.

    “Morning you two!” says a jolly Jessica

    “Morning Jess.” Megan says without effort

    “Still can't call me mom, Megan?”

    “No reason now”

    “Morning Jess.” Mike snuffs out any chance of a dumb argument.

    “What are you two doing today?”

    “We're going to a party later. Something real chill. How about you?”

    “No plans really. Just gonna clean the house up and relax. Probably watch a flick later.”

    “Real busy life you have now.” Megan stays cocky

    “Please no arguments this morning. Let's just eat breakfast and go about our days.”

    “Just try and be quiet when you come home tonight. I have to be up early tomorrow. Hey didn't you turn 18 yesterday Mike?”

    “Yeah, they're gonna have cake at the party for me. Kinda my night tonight. Right Meg?” He directs a happy sentence towards Meg

    “I suppose so.” Meg doesn't wanna be part of the conversation.

    “Alright well you two enjoy breakfast and your party later. Happy birthday Mike. Remember too keep it down later please.”

    Night time after the party

    Mike and Meg undress and hop in bed together.

    “Finally my big boy is gonna get what he wants.” Meg smacks his butt

    “And deserves.”

    “Yes he does.” She baby talks him

    She pounces on him. Seemingly wanting it more than him. He grabs her and they kiss passionately. He pulls away and grabs her by the shoulders

    “What's wrong?” She asks

    “Nothing. I just wanted to tell you something. Well, admit something really.”

    “Okay, what is it? You haven't been gay this whole time have you?”

    “No. No, nothing like that. Don't tease. It's just. Well. You love me right?”

    “Of course baby. What's wrong?”

    “I can tell, you anything right?”

    “Michael. What is it?”

    “It's just. I have this thing that I'm into. It's embarrassing. Forget it.” He attempts to kiss her again.

    “No way, mister.” She pushes him down. “Tell me.”

    “It's just. I have a couple weird quirks that I really enjoy. But they're not very traditional. They're actually really strange. I just have trouble explaining it cause it's not normal and I don't want it to affect our relationship negatively. I love you and don't wanna lose you cause I have some dark perversions.”

    “Nothing could change how I feel about you Michael. You're my man. Odds are I'll do whatever it is that turns you on.”

    “Odds are?”

    “Well, I have to have some sort of boundary. But trust me. I'm sure I'll be willing to satisfy your needs. Just remember to satisfy mine in the future. So talk. I want this.”

    “Okay um. Well I uh. I sorta kinda have a foot fetish.”

    “Is that it babe? A foot fetish? Are you saying I get to have my feet rubbed and kissed whenever I want? How horrifying!” She hams it up like a bad stage actor.

    “That's not it. I also have a um. Well. It's like.”


    “A tickle fetish too.”

    “Like tickle fights?”

    “Yeah kinda. I love tickling feet and worshipping them. Turns me on so much. And tickling other parts too.”

    “I have noticed you tickle me when you get a chance. I kinda like it.”

    “That's not it. It's not always just light fun tickling. I like the idea of bondage with the tickling, so you can't escape. And I also like being tickled too. Which would even make it fun for you.”

    “You are a freak. Buts it's so cute. Sounds like fun. I can't believe you never told me this before.”

    “You have no idea how hard it was doing that. Love me still?”

    “Let me show you how much I love you.”

    30 minutes later

    Mike lies spread eagle on Megan's bed. His wrists are securely tied together and to the bed rail above him. His arms are belted together at the elbows and a pillow has been shoved under his head between his biceps. Below him, each ankle is securely tied and doubled over with duct tape at opposite bed posts. He's as naked as the day he was born.

    “So glad I didn't throw away the ropes from when we tied the tv that we bought down in your truck. Are you sure you're comfortable?” Megan asks with real concern.

    "Yeah, this is perfect. But one more thing. Can you take those shoe laces I left on the counter and securely tie each big toe to the ankle restraints?” Mike anxiously asks

    "I feel like you've been thinking about this a lot.” She ties each toe.

    Mike tests his own restraints. He’s essentially immobile. He tries to curl his big toes but is unable. He thinks to himself that his girlfriend must've been a scout in a past life.

    “Not bad. We need a safeword though. Just in case I bit off more than I can chew with this fetish of mine. How about ‘MERCY’?”

    “It's your decision. I think it fits the occasion”

    “Let's start then I guess. But go slow and easy. Just fingers and feathers. Remember it's my first time.” A bead of sweat glistens on Mikes forehead and his cock releases a slight twitch.

    Megan sits in between her boyfriends legs and leans on his left leg. She takes hold of his foot with one hand and with the other grabs a stiff feather. She examines her boyfriends size 11 foot. It's incredibly smooth. Not a Callus on it with almost a pinkish hue. “Do you get pedicures?” She asks. “No, why?” He responds.

    “No reason.”

    And with that she took the stiff feather and ran it from the ball of his foot all the way to his pinky toe. His laughter was immediate. She began sawing the ball of his foot with childish glee. He tries to pull away but could only budge a half inch. “Haha oh fuck. Woah slow the pace babe!” Without stopping, she begins sawing higher on his sensitive foot. “Hahahah shit it's getting worse ahaha as haha you go higher.”

    “But your reaction is like music to my ears”

    “Hahahah wait hahaha fuck you hahaha”

    “I don't think you knew what you were getting into with this tickle fetish of yours”

    She pauses for a moment and then begins twirling the feather into each of his toes.

    “Hahahahah babe wait hahaha I can't take hahahaha”

    “Can't take what? Can't take a wittle feather on your toesies?” She increases speed and hones in like a teenager playing a videogame.

    “Hahahahah mercy”

    “What was that?”

    “Mercy hahaha mercy” Mike screams

    She stops her assault. “Mercy already, Babe?”

    Already sweating and breathing heavily “I had no idea how intense that would be. It's like it's unbearable but I have to bear it at the same time.”

    “I'm not gonna lie. This is very very fun. And I think you're enjoying it too” she notions towards his half erect cock.

    She gets up from the bed and walks to the dresser. She takes out a pair of her tube socks and walks towards him. “You know I've heard that the skin becomes more sensitive after an orgasm.” She ties one of the socks around his head and eyes blindfolding him. “You are officially 18 now and you have been treating me quite good these past few days. I think you've earned what you're about to receive.”

    Mike tries to respond “But what…”

    Covering his mouth “shhhhh”

    Now blindfolded, Mike feels Megan move around on the bed. Out of nowhere Megan digs her fingers into mikes ribs. His laughter permeates the room.


    “Are you ready to have your first orgasm at the hands of another person?”

    “Yes Hahahahahahahahah yes please stop tickl haha ling haha me”

    She continues and for about 1 whole minute Mike couldn't muster a single word. Not even his safeword. She blows a raspberry on his stomach only increasing his torment. She is enjoying this way more than she intended and can't seem to stop herself. Knowing her boyfriend can barely suck in air, she moves around the bed to new ticklish spots on his body. Digging into his armpits, gently squeezing his sides, diddling his belly button and tummy.

    “Are you trying to say something Michael?”

    “Hahahaha mfufjesks hahaha ajdjcnal hahahahah”

    “You asked for this babe. And boy is it fun granting you this wish” as she returns to his ribs.

    Mike finally shouts a “MERCY!”

    She stops. “Now I don't want you yelling at me for that last attack I just put on you. So I'm gonna gag you now.” Using the other sock, she plugs his mouth and uses some tape to secure it. “You have a foot fetish too and I wore those socks today. His cock twitched again. “Are you ready for your reward?”

    Defeated, Mike nods yes.

    “I was gonna fuck you but I want you to be untied for that. Some guys prefer this anyway”

    She proceeds to take his now rock hard cock into her mouth. He moans instantly. She pumps and sucks away like a pornstar. It's the best thing he's ever felt. She tickles his balls and gooch with her sharp black nails. He struggles but in a good way. She stops for a moment right as he's about to shoot.

    “I wanna hear your first orgasm hunny. So no angry remarks about that last tickling I gave to you. Just moans. Okay?”

    She removes his gag and kisses him. “Meg, please finish me off.”

    “Oh I'm going to. But you're going to do something for me.”

    She proceeds to take her current socks off revealing her beautiful petite feet. Then she removes her jeans. She's only wearing a white t-shirt now. She removes his blindfold and straddles him reverse cowgirl style and places her silky smooth feet on his face.

    "Suck my toes while I suck you” she demands.

    She continues licking his cock. This generates an open mouthed moan from Mike and she shoves her toes in his mouth. He worships her toes like a thirsty puppy and she keeps her end of the bargain. He doesn't know if he can last 30 seconds while staring at her ass and worshipping her feet. While lapping her toes up he tries his best to form the words “I'm gonna cum!”

    He explodes into her mouth with the greatest orgasm of his life. He's masturbated before but it never felt close to this. She swallowed every drop which felt like she was shot gunning a beer. He let out an audible moan that was louder than all his laughter to this point. She finished him off with vigor.

    “How was that baby?”

    Mike heaved in and out. “So heave amazing heave”

    She accidentally brushes her hand on his cock head while repositioning herself. He jolts and nearly squeals.

    “My, my, babe. What was that all about? Someone's a little tender. I thought your feet would be more sensitive. Not your cock.

    “No, Megan please”

    She starts in on his sensitive and defenseless cock head. At first just with her nails. But the louder he yelped, the more curious she became. The palming started next.

    “Urggg uh Megan, wait urgg aahh please it's too much”

    In a frenzy, Megan still worked him over. Twisting, squeezing, pumping, palming. She couldn't help herself.

    “Urggg MERCY MERCY!”

    Megan still churning away

    “MEG urgg MERCY”

    The bedroom door swinging open finally ends Mikes erotic torment.

    “What the hell is going on in here” Jessica says standing at the door.

    "Meg, you didn't lock the door?!”

    “What is this? What is all the screaming about? Sounds like a torture chamber down here.” Said Jessica angrily

    “We were uh, sorry if uh” Megan stumbles

    “Why is he tied up naked and screaming like a child? It's 11 at night!”

    Megan tries to come up with a quick lie while covering Mike’s junk with a pillow “We play this game where uh… Mike uh likes to uh… It's like this thing”

    “Miss Peterson, I mean Jessica. It's this game where um. It's kinda hard to explain. Can you please leave the room.” Mike stammers

    “Leave the room? This is my house. I'll leave when I please.” She walks to the side of the bed right next to them. “Why are your arms tied? Untie him now.” She takes a seat on the bed and reaches for the knot in his wrist tie. She notices marks on his armpits and ribs. “What are these red marks all over you? Have you been tickling him? Is that why he's screaming?”

    Megan tries to jump in again. “Well he's really ticklish and we were just playing.”

    “Not helping” groans Mike.

    “Ticklish eh? How about here?” Jess digs into mikes armpit with both hands and Mike lets out a ferocious howl. “Aaahhhhh Hahahahahahahahah”

    “Oh my he is ticklish. How about here?” She digs in to both armpits now. His screams fill the house again.

    “See we were just playing. It's fun right?” Megan states

    Jessica continued tickling Mike and he howled in accordance. She persisted for a minute thru his cries. “A hahahaha please Jessica, hahaha please stoooopppp hahahah.” He erection pushed up on he pillow and they both took notice.

    “I don't think he can breathe, Jess” Megan said gently. She didn't mind too much about her boyfriends tickle torment. Jess now understood what was going on. And she was having fun too. Maybe more than Megan. She had technique like she'd been tickling people for years. Jumping from armpit to armpit, then his ribs. Playing his ribs like a piano and kneading his pits like dough, Mike was losing his mind again already. “Hahaha Megan make her stop hahaha mercy please hahaha I can't haha breathe hahaha.” Megan heard ‘mercy’ but didn't tell Jess about their safeword agreement. She enjoyed watching and playing dumb. “What about your sides little Michael?” as Jess moved her hands lower and gently squeezed. “Hahaha wdggvsa hahaha pleaseee hahaha wsedygjb stoooopppp hahaha mercy hahaha.” Jess continued for a few more minutes until Mike could only form sounds of laughter and no actual words. Then she stopped.

    “Okay, Michael. I'm sorry but that was just too much fun. You lay hear while me and Megan have a little talk.”

    They exit he room and shut the door. Mike lies there still recovering. He was as hard as a rock yet he was being tortured. He didn't know his fetish could be this exhausting. “Maybe if it was just lite tickles. Maybe just feathers. Maybe less bondage too. Megan can understand that.” He thought to himself. He waited for about an hour before they both came back in, although he had no idea of the time.

    “Where the hell were you two?” He said angrily.

    “We had to discuss a few things. Everything is figured out now.” Megan said

    Mike began again “what is figured…” But is cut off by Jess. “Why are your big toes tied back? Are your wittle feeties ticklish too?”

    “No, wait I can't take anymore tonight” he begged.

    “Megan told me you were very intrigued by a three way. I would've said no to the traditional way. But a three-way the way you enjoy sex, Michael, sounds very fun.”

    “Megan, Mercy. Tell her ‘mercy’ Megan.”

    “What’s he talking about, Meg?”

    “Mercy was his safeword.”

    “Oh I see.” Jess walks over to the side of the bed and grabs the tubesock and tape. “Pee Yuu. This sock has been worn already.” She shoves it in his mouth a retapes it. “Well me and you never had our own safeword agreement. And since you can't talk I guess it'll remain that way.” She says with a smile.

    Mike tries to say something through his girlfriends pre worn sock “mmphph”

    “Well that doesn't sound like mercy to me either. So I guess Meg is off the safeword hook too.”

    Mike whimpers like a wounded animal. Megan, now more turned on than ever, finally decides to show her new true colors

    “We can't forget this.” Megan blindfolds him again. Sealing his tickle doom for the night. She was now officially a dom. “Let's have some fun, Mom!”

    Mikes whimper turned into a cry as both women took a seat at the bottom of the bed. One at each foot.

    “Are his feet as ticklish as his upper body?” Jess asked. “I don't know. Only gently tickled him earlier. Let's really find out.”

    Jess examined his toe bondage and tested its efficiency. Satisfied, she gently traced her nails on his heel and the whole bed shook. Meg followed suit. His uncontrollable laughter started again. “I could get used to this” Jess said while laughing her words. She let her nails travel to his arch. Megan was scratching his big toe with one finger and holding his foot in place with her other hand. Mike was cackling beneath his gag. Losing his mind with yet another throbbing erection. “How you doing up there babe” Megan mocked while skittering her fingers over the rest of his toes. He thrust his body into the air trying to escape. “How is this fetish not more common? It's incredible” Jess wondered out loud. She bent his other toes back and dug into the meaty flesh right below his toes. The bed almost flew away and mikes laughter would've woken up the neighbors if he wasn't gagged. They laughed together at Mike’s insane reactions. Megan stole Jess’ technique and they continued this torture for a half hour until he passed out. “I think that’s his spot” they both say at the same time. They share a laugh.

    Mike didn't wake until morning. He was free from bondage but still naked. He lay in bed like any other morning. But this time he is angry. He checks beside him and Megan isn't there. He gets dressed and storms to the kitchen. As he walks in he sees Megan and Jess getting a pedicure from Ling Ling. Lin, as they called her, was the cutest Asian on the planet and she worked on occasion as Jess’ maid. She was 20 or so years old. Stood about 5 feet tall and she had long, down to her butt, jet black hair. When she was at the house wearing sandals, Mike would always stare at her tiny well manicured feet. He wants to flip out but he doesn't want Lin to find out about his fetish.

    Mike almost shouts a profanity but instead says nothing. They all now look at him. Lin looking up curious.

    “Morning Mikey” Jess says happily.

    “Morning babe!” Megan says with her head down at her phone.

    He has so much to say but nothing comes out. Lin fills the awkward silence with a broken English ‘Good morning, Michael!”

    “Um, Morning”

    Mike flips back and forth between Jess and Megan as he glares at them. The mock him with facial expressions understanding his ‘Lin’ situation. Lin is unaware as this continues for another 30 seconds. Finally Jess stops his mental torment. “Lin, can you go grab the blue nail polish off of my dresser upstairs? Totally forgot I wanted that color.” Lin runs upstairs.

    “Im so friggin angry with you two.” Mike exclaims

    “Are you mad because I never told you Lin does pedicures and you always wanted one?” Jess mocks

    Megan laughs

    “Stop playing dumb. You two almost killed me last night.”

    “We thought we were getting you off babe.”

    “Megan this isn't a joke. That was torture.”

    “That wasn't your idea of a threesome?” Jess continues to mock

    “Guys stop! This isn't funny.”

    “Well, we were all laughing especially you?” Asks Megan as they both crack up

    Mike goes to storm out but they stop him

    “I bet we can pay you back.” Says Megan

    Mike stops in his tracks.


    “You. Play. With. Us!” She smiles. Jess backs Megan's offer with a lip biting nod

    “How with Lin here?”

    “Not right now silly” Megan jokes


    “In two weeks. We’ll get pedicures. Have a nice dinner. Watch a movie. Then we’re yours. One at a time though.” Jess explains

    “Like a date night.” Megan is far too peppy

    “Are you two serious?”

    His cock is pointing right at them and he has no idea. They laugh.


    They both point at his crotch. He covers up embarrassed

    “We have one rule. And I hear Lin coming so follow this rule exactly or the deal is off. Cause I'm not saying it twice.” Jess’ tone is different now


    “You go to your room right now and write down every single detail about your tickle fetish and how you're going to implement it on us. I want detail. Description too, and technique, the tools you'd use, frequency, pictures, everything. Also any detail on things that you wouldn't do to us because you think it's too much to handle. Did you get all that, Michael? Because I'm serious. Every single detail. We want to know what we're gong to be dealing with. I want that list tonight.”

    Mike waits for a moment.

    “That's it. Run along.”

    As he leaves Lin passes him.

    “Michael, you should let me give pedicure. Feet not smooth. I can fix for you”

    “Maybe later Lin. But thanks.”

    Michael rushed upstairs and wrote for hours. Putting ever word of his precious tickle fetish into well thought out sentences. He had become ‘tickle Shakespeare.’ And as the hours flew by it eventually became night. He brought it to Jess and Megan as the watched tv in the living room.


    “Wow, you've been down there all night doing this?” Megan asks

    “Yeah I followed your rule. And there it is. Good enough?” He begs the question

    She briefly glances at it. It's like a middle school book report. “Wow Michael. Well look at this later. I can tell you've put a lot of work into this. So the deal is still on.”

    “Yes!” He throws his fists in the air happily

    “Now let's have that ‘real’ threesome you're always talking about.” Megan almost controlling his mind

    “Are you serious? Don't mess with me, I'll die.”

    “Whose toes would you rather nibble and tickle while you hump?” Jess asks

    He stammers. “I've never sucked your toes before, Jess. So, yours I guess.”

    “Good boy.”

    He approaches the couch and they pull him down. Jess removes her socks and sits back. Mike removes Megan's clothes. He has the best night of his life

    Two weeks later

    All three of them sit at the dinner table. Jess paid Lin to prepare them a traditional Japanese dish. They talk and laugh about something trivial.

    “Yeah that is crazy” Mike says

    “Anyhow, what movie should we watch?” Megan wonders aloud

    “Something scary!” Jess says

    “Sounds like a plan. What about dessert ladies?”

    “I had Lin go and grab us some frozen yogurt”

    “You planned this so well” Megan concludes

    The share a laugh. Mike cleans the table without them even asking.

    “You girls pick a movie and I'll take care of this”

    “My, oh my. Quite the gentleman my boyfriend has become.”.

    “The least I can do.”

    They leave the kitchen as he continues cleaning up. His erection fights his jeans. After 20 minutes or so of cleaning up, he exits the kitchen to the living room. They await him on the couch under covers.

    “Found a flick!” they announce

    “Awesome. I hate searching for them.”

    He crawls in with them and they all get close.As they settle in, Lin comes in with three frozen yogurts. “Here you go miss Peterson.”

    Perfect timing. Okay, Lin you can head out if of you'd like. Swing by in the afternoon tomorrow. I need a pedi and I think it's gonna be a long night so don't come in the morning.” Jess judges Mike as she says it. He smiles. An hour into the movie, Mike starts to feel drowsy. He lets out a yawn.

    “Tired Mikey?” Jess prods him.

    “We haven't even finished the movie. Don't fall asleep yet. You own us tonight.”

    “I'll be fine.”

    “Do you want to know why you're so tired and it's only 8:30?” Megan asks while giving him full attention


    “Because we had Lin put a little something something in your yogurt.”

    “Wait, put what?” He's cut off

    "You'll understand tomorrow, hunny.”

    Mike tries to stand but can't.. Meg pushes him back down and lays on him.

    “Let's snuggle!”

    Mike passes out.


    Mike wakes up to the sounds of running water. He can't move an inch. He's strapped into a leather barbers chair with is hands cuffed behind him. He is duct taped to the chair in a tshirt. His legs are horizontal and the bottom of the chair has been turned into some sort of stocks. As his vision clears, he sees Lin moving tools around and some sort of mini tub with water.

    “Lin, what's going on? Where am I?”

    “Oh good morning Michael. Or should I say afternoon.”

    He looks around the room. It reminds him of the guest bedroom. Except the walls are no longer white. They're a hot pink. The lone window in the room has been caged and a black cloth covered the hole, blocking the light. He looks around more and realizes it is the guest bedroom. Except the only furniture in it now was the chair he was currently in, a heavy duty cage in the corner on the floor, and a square plastic table which looked like it was used at parties. The table was covered with strange equipment

    “Lin, why am I tied?”

    “Relax Michael. You're now property of Ms. Peterson and Megan”


    “She said you're our property now. Megan says at the door with Jessica standing behind her. They enter the room and approach them.”

    “What do you mean? Untie me right now!”

    Jess covers his mouth and Megan gets close to his face. “Stop talking. You belong to me and Jess now so accept it. We have a few altercations we need to make to our living arrangements and this room. Jess is gonna use some of Dads money to adjust to our new lifestyle.”

    “In the meantime while we figure this out were going to show Lin here how much fun it can be to become a live in maid and take care of you full time. We broke everything down for her and she's really excited.” Jess raises her eyebrows

    Lin, now fiddling with something at the table looks over her shoulder with a grin.

    “Now just relax and embrace your new situation. I'm going to uncover your mouth now. You can ask one question and one question only. After that we begin training and physical preparation. She removes her hand walks over to Lin at the table

    Mike thinks long and hard for a good question but can only think of one word. “Mercy?”

    “Oh Mike. Sorry, but no. And now you're out of questions. All I wanna hear from your mouth now is laughter, begging, and babbling.”

    She walks down to his stocked bare feet. She gazed at them like prey. “Lin is going to teach us how to give a good pedicure. She's going to show us how to give you a thorough scrub which is usually for clients with the roughest and crustiest of feet. Lucky for us, you happen to already have incredibly soft feet.”

    “Point is it's gonna be overkill. I have my money on you crying within the first 3 minutes. Meg bet it would be 5 or more. She has too much faith in you.”

    Lin walks up to the stocks with more items. Three folding chairs had been placed at his helpless pink soles.

    “No please. I changed my mind. This doesn't turn me on anymore.”

    “But it turns us on. Now sit still or suffer worse consequences.” Megan says. And with that all three women took their time tying each one of his toes back with shoe laces. His feet were open season now. We read your assignment Mikey and we were really intrigued by what you wrote. Some interesting stuff in there. We thought it was going to be all tickle based. But one of our favorite parts was the part about chastity.

    “No that was just” he's cut off

    “Don't worry babe. We got it covered. We ordered the newest chastity device on the market for your manhood. Looks like we're in control of your orgasms now. You won't be getting too many of them in the foreseeable future though. When we do allow you to orgasm, expect lots of post orgasm play like before. I've looked it up. You didn't mention it on your assignment so I did my own research.”

    He whimpered. “That wasn't what you think. That was…” cut off again

    “We also loved the part about raspberries. So cute. Romantic too the way you described it. As torturous as this is going to be for you, it's good to know that you respect the sensual light tickles too. We plan to blow raspberries on you a lot. But not your feet. Only women's feet get lip and tongue service in this house. And there's gonna be plenty of it.” Jess said with great joy

    “That's gonna be so frustrating with the chastity belt on too babe. Sorry.” She feigns empathy

    “We have a favorite part of your assignment but we'll save that for later. For now, let's start your pedi.”

    “No, please. You can't. Lin please. You can stop them. It's torture.”

    “Sorry Michael. But we have all afternoon and night and we wanna make sure you have the softest feet ever. And that's what we're gonna do.” Lin lets him down

    “Oh and be as loud as you want. We did our best to soundproof this room until we can have it actually soundproofed by this service we found online.

    He felt all three women start applying water to his feet. He jolted. “We haven't started yet babe. Stay still.” Then he felt his feet being lathered with something soapy. What's the first step Lin?”

    “Now that we have his feet covered in the soapy cleaner, we can begin to exfoliate.”

    “How do we do that?

    “Lets each use a tool. I'll use the pumice stone. Megan, you take care of his toes with the electric toothbrushes, and Jess, you use the scrub brush. Then we'll switch off on his feet after he passes out.”

    “I don't think he's gonna last that long. Let's switch off every hour. I'll set a timer on my phone. We’ll stop it every time he passes out. We’ll do this until we've each used one of the tools. So three hours total.” Jess decided

    Mikes eyes jumped back and forth between women as the conversed.

    “Ready babe?”

    “No. I. Please. Wait. Let's uh.”

    “Start!” Megan shouted

    The first thing he felt was the pumice stone. He nearly evacuated his own skin as Lin rolled it in circle motions on his tender heel. “Hahahahahahahahah no wait Hahahahahahahahah.” Lin’s face lit up. She had never seen such a reaction before. Most of the people she gave pedicures to were usually used to it or not ticklish. She pressed a little harder and increased circle speed. He grew louder. “HAHAHAHAHAHAH NOOOO HAHAHAHA.” Lin let out a giggle but didn't let up.

    Megan was up to her own ‘no good.’ The buzzing toothbrush she held was being firmly pressed against Mikes big toe. “How does that vibration feel Mike? How bad do you want to pull your feet away and curl your tender toesies. And im not even exploring yet.” “Hahahahahahaha pleeeaaassssseee not the tooooooeeeessss hahahahah.” She moved on to other toes and changed her pattern. He couldn't focus on one toe or anything really. Too many sensations to handle. Lin now moved the pumice stone to the ball of one of his feet. Continuing the satisfying circle motion. The chair shook. “Hahahahaha come on hahahahaha no hahaha waaaaiiittt hahahahah.” Megan now tormented his pinky toe. It was so tiny and defenseless. She couldn't help herself. “Which toe tickled more Michael. You big toe or you wittle baby toe.” She jumped back and forth.

    “It's great that you can just reapply the water and soap and his feet never get raw. They're too slippery.” They all laugh as Jess makes this realization

    Jess was having fun of her own. She didn't know for sure, but she assumed the brush she was using on his arches was making him howl the hardest. Back and forth, around and around, she scrubbed his arches like she was trying to get a stain out of a wedding dress. “How's it going up there Mikey boy” she mocked. “Hahahahahahahahahahahhaha qasjedjdck Hahahahahahahahah eidiekskdkdkdk hahahahahah.” “I think it tickles him” as they share another laugh.

    This continued for the three hours as they planned. He would pass out on occasion and they would wait for him to awake, give him a rest, and go at it again. It was a very easy cycle to follow and he could do nothing about it. The three hours was actually around 5 hours to account for him passing out and recuperating.

    Finally they stopped. Mike was heaving in and out. For the last two hours of his torment he didn't even form words. And he didn't have the energy to do it now either. His face was covered in sweet, tears, and drool.

    “Okay Michael, time is up.” Megan said as if she was a teacher telling her students to stop with a test

    He moaned.

    “Okay let's discuss your situation. You belong to us now. We're going to be tickling you just about every day. Lin is going to help whenever she wants. And she's going to be giving you a weekly pedicure to make sure your feet are nice and tender to the touch. We are going to explore everything on your assignment that you handed in and also explore some of our own curiosities too.” Jess spoke like a judge giving handing down a sentence

    “We've began arrangements to make sure you're our slave forever. Legal stuff and marriage and your assets. All the boring crap. But as for now let's just keep it light. Well maybe not light the way you're thinking.”

    “We wanna end this evening on a high note. End it on our favorite part of your assignment.” Jess stands and walks to the table. She returns concealing what she's holding. She sits so Mike can't see and appears to hand something to Megan and Lin.

    “So here was our favorite part of the assignment. You mentioned it twice. Once in the column about favorite tickle tools, and another time in the section where you described a tickle torture so horrible that you wouldn't even implement it on us if given the chance. Almost too much torture, you wrote.” Megan's excitement was terrifying.

    “You're such a delicate lover Mikey. Us not so much. We're going to use this on you all the time.”

    He now knew what they were talking about. Heaving in and out, he tried to speak.

    “Oh, no no baby. You don't get to ask or demand anything. Remember you're ours now. And this was your fetish. Not ours. We're going to be kind people and give you want you really want deep down inside. Show him girls.”

    Each one of them lifted up a different looking hairbrush. Jess’s was big and square. Megan's was medium sized and round. And Lins was tiny and round. He began to cry

    “Don't cry. We read your description and are gonna fulfill each detail. The part about scrubbing it horizontally high speed on the juicy part right below your toes.” Megan explained. “I loved the part about pressing firmly and going vertically up and down the middle of your foot.” Jess stated. Lin stepped in. “I'm gonna surprise you.” “So, don't cry wittle baby. It's gonna be so much fun”

    Megan and Jess stand and each one of the walk towards either side of him. Mike goes to speak again but is stopped by a tube sock being shoved in his mouth and duct taped around his head. “All three of us took turns wearing that sock today. You got a three feet for one deal.” Jess jokes, as she takes a leather blindfold from her pocket and puts it over his head.

    “Hopefully this enhances your experience.” Megan pats his crotch. His erection is fighting against his pants. “Nothing keeps you down does it Michael? You know your fate yet still cant contain your masochistic pleasures.” They take their seats with Lin between them.

    “You should be careful with your secrets babe. Jess you go first.”

    Without hesitation, Jess takes her if square brush and forcibly drags it up and his entire bare foot. Unable to clench is toes, he lets out his most desperate laugh yet. The chair shakes like crazy as his muffled laughs permeated the room. “Haha-mmpphh-hahahah-mmmpphhh.” She continued this pattern for about 10 minutes without any respite. “Your turn Lin.”

    Lin took her tiny brush and ran the brush all over the tips of his tied toes. His muffled laughs turned to muffled squeals.” Eaeaeaeaeahh mmmpphhh eaeaeaeaea mmmpphhh.” She had no distinct pattern which made it worse. Hitting all the toes at different angles. Vertically, horizontally, at an angle. The chair almost left the floor as his squeals turned to muffled words. “Noooo mmppphhh stoooop mmpphhhhhh hahahahah eaeaeaeaea hahahah eaeaeaeaea hahahah noooo mmppphhh.” Lin was enjoying this more than Jess and Megan now. She wasn't focused on anything but his defenseless toes.

    “Don't pass out just yet babe. It's my turn soon.”

    After another 10 minutes. Both girls had to almost physically stop Lin from tickling his toes. “Okay Lin. Let's give him a minute break. His toes are beat red and I wanna finish him off for the night.”

    Jess stood up and Lin followed. “I'm gonna get his sleeping arrangements ready. Get him good Meg.” Jess walked over to the cage and unlocked it. She grabbed pillows and a blanket and organized a few things. Lin cleaned the table off and takes two of the chairs and put them in the corner. Megan, on the now lone chair, repositions herself dead center at his feet.

    “Lin may I have some of the lotion that you apply last during pedicures.”

    “Here you go.” Lin hands her a baby blue bottle of foot lotion. “Thank you.”

    She opens it and applies a very liberal amount of cool soothing lotion to Mike’s pink pulsating feet.

    Mike whimpers “mph.” He utters one more desperate muffled plea. “Mph pleaseee Meg-mphh-an mph”

    “Don't worry babe. I'm gonna tickle these feet. Is that why you're saying? Please tickle me more? You are begging for more right?” Megan mocked her helpless boyfriend.

    Mike drops his frustrated head

    “How about a little more lotion!? Make sure they're nice and slippery and don’t get you too red.” His feet were dripping from thick cool lotion. “Okay, I'll stop when you pass out. Deal?”

    He didn't respond. That is until unexpectedly he felt the most intense tickle sensation since he told his beautiful girlfriend (now apparent mistress) about his tickle fetish. She pulled at the tops of his feet just enough to make his tied toes fight the shoe laces but not enough to hurt him. Using her other hand she horizontally scrubbed the meaty part of his foot right below the toes.

    “Let it all out baby.” As she furiously and diligently sawed away

    And he did. Screaming howling lurching heaving crying begging. He did it all. The room almost shook. Lin and Jess stopped what they were doing to see her technique.

    “He might not just pass out. He may slip into a coma.” Jess watched intently

    “I hope not. We need a conscious slave. Forever.”

    “You're quite sinister Lin. I love it.”

    Megan scrubbed away. “That's it Michael. Laugh. Laugh as much as you want. You're mine now. These feet. Soon your upper body. Those pits, hips, sides, ribs, neck. Oh, inner thighs too. That's gonna be fun while you're in chastity. And we'll always revisit your feet of course.”

    Hahahahahah mmpphhhhhh no hahah adifhfismfjf hahahah stop djrjfnfkfjrrr mpppphhhh hahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahaha hahahahahahahha

    “And you're always going to be worshipping our feet. Even Lin. It's gonna be a smorgasbord of fetish fun. And maybe every once and a while we’ll let you get off. Maybe.”

    Megan scrubbed. The chair shook. Michael laughed. And after about 30 minutes of nonstop torment Michael passed out.

    “Okay ladies. He's out. Let's finish up for tonight.” Megan dries Michaels beat red feet off with a hand towel. “Sleep well Michael. Or should I say slaveboy!”

    The End


    Michael wakes in sweatpants and a tshirt. He's under a blanket. His feet are socked but they are throbbing. He sits up from his pillow praying it was all a joke and that they were only kidding about whole ‘slave’ thing. That thought is snuffed out when he hits his head on the metal bars that are now his cage. And bed. He feels something in his underwear and reaches down his pants. A chastity device is fastened around his cock. His cock twitches but is stymied by the device. He lays back in ironic defeat. To be continued!?!?

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    Yes continue this is hot stuff!

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    what a great story.thanks and please write the next chapter.

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    Wonderful story! I love it.
    Great first post! Welcome to the TMF.
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    Fantastic! Liked when they all give him a very ticklish pedicure.

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    Truly awesome cant wait for it to continue

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    Lovely and yes more chastity device should feature =o

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    Awesome story!

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    F+Fs/M - Be careful with your secrets

    Dude good writing

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    That is amazing story!!! I have already read it twice. One of the best stories ive read. I love stories with endings like this.great job

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    Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Been a long time lurker and wanted to balance the f/m to m/f ratio lol. Don't get me wrong, I love women being tickled, but what's more exciting than men being ticklishly helpless to a bunch of beautiful women. This world needs tickle equality haha. But yeah I'm working on a bunch of stories. F/m and m/f and f/f and even a sequel to this so stay tuned I suppose.

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    This is a master piece please please write a sequel

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    incredible!!!!! yes please more

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    This is so fucking hot!!!

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    Any ideas on what I should include in the sequel?

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