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    Computer Problem : I Would Really Appreciate Advice.

    I have a serious problem with my computer.

    I would greatly appreciate if someone would perhaps have advice on what I might do to attempt to solve it.

    Last night, I got a "Windows Update". That looked like a usual update.

    I did the update, and restarted the computer.

    When I restarted the computer, there was an X over the volume control button in the lower right hand corner.

    When I move my mouse over the X, it said, and still says:

    "No Audio Output Device Is Installed"

    When I've clicked on the X, to attempt to locate the problem, it scans the area, and gives a message saying

    "Troubleshooting cannot identify the problem"

    A friend, who is tech savvy, told me that there was a widespread virus on Tuesday night, and my friend thinks that such is what infected my computer. This friend thinks that the "Windows Update" was not legitimate, and was most likely a virus which has infected my computer.

    I've tried, virtually everything to remedy this.

    I did a virus scan of the full computer with Avast, and a SuperAntiSpyware to remove files, etc.

    I still have no sound on my computer. The X over what is usually the volume control on my computer, is still there.

    I can surf the web, watch videos, etc. I cannot control the volume on the videos, or hear music, or dialogue.

    I've searched the web, and typed in the exact problem I'm having, following the supposed "Steps" to remedy such.

    My effort has been in vain, for last night, and today. It is nearly 24 hours now since this occurred.

    Again, I would greatly appreciate any advice on what I might try to solve this problem.

    Last edited by Mitchell; 06-30-2017 at 03:23 PM.
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    Rest In Peace. I Love You Forever. You Were The Greatest Gift That God Has Ever Given Me.

    Jim Gardner, and WPVI-TV-Philadelphia.

    I Love Your Newscast. Thanks To Jeff, I Still Watch Online.

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    Try restoring to an earlier date

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    Quote Originally Posted by raider View Post
    Try restoring to an earlier date
    Typically if malware has infected a machine; a restore point or snapshot has also been infected and you don't want to use that feature. Furthermore, it's actually wise that you delete all restore points and snapshots if its proven that malware cause the problem.

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    Hi Mitchell,

    Try Malwarebytes, it is a free programme and in my opinion works quite well.
    Don't solely rely on it, as the free version does not offer real time protection.

    Hope it helps you

    Last edited by Nige; 09-26-2017 at 04:57 PM.

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