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    The Punishment: Part II

    The Punishment (Part II FFF/F)

    Part II: “What The Actual Punishment?”!
    I tried to tell myself, “Don’t worry. It can’t be worse than what they’ve already done,” and although I knew it was wishful thinking, the more I thought about it, the more I could not possibly come up with any idea that I myself found more scary or humiliating than what had already happened. And when they finally brought the “stuff” over, it seemed to confirm what I was thinking, as it all looked incredibly silly.

    The henchgirls had gone over to the cabinet, and had pulled out only a few items, none of which looked in any way threatening. One was a bottle of baby oil, one was a mechanical toothbrush, one was a hairbrush, and finally, there was a box of rubber gloves, and two nurse’s masks I literally laughed hysterically when I saw those items, and said, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA How in the hell do you plan to punish me with those? Oh, you gonna brush my teeth? Comb my hair, baby oil me like some toddler? Scrub me like I just came out of the womb?!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my god! Seriously, you have the Queen right in front of you, completely naked I might add, and you do that?!! This may literally go down as the biggest botched opportunity in the history of both sororities! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

    The crowd not only went silent for a few moments, but my speech seemed to strike a chord with several of them. Many people, mostly girls actually began leaving, as what I said seemed to make all too much sense, and they couldn’t bear to watch what they expected was a complete calamity unfold. In addition, those who stayed began whispering, rumbling, wondering what the hell Monica and Carmela were thinking, and even those trying to spin it in a positive direction were trying to figure out how in the world they had planned on using those tools as a punishment mechanism, and none of them seemed to be able to figure it out.

    The dynamics had seemed to have shifted, with my own facial expression suddenly becoming very giddy and wishing I wasn’t everyone else in the room, and everyone else suddenly seeming very worried and seemingly actually wishing they were me. For one fleeting moment, I had regained my reputation. The girls were afraid of me again, even tied up, naked, exposed, I seemed to have crushed their leaders with embarrassment! This was going to go down in history for all the reasons beneficial to me, so it seemed, and many other girls began to leave as that crushing disappointment seemed to be starting to hit home.

    At this point, the room had emptied from about 80 people to seemingly only 30 or 40, about two-thirds of them guys. It seemed I had won yet again, which made it a little shocking when I began to realize that not only were Monica and Carmela not panicking, but they were actually still giddy. One by one, they put their masks on, they put on their purple rubber gloves, and each took a piece of cloth, dabbed it in the baby oil, and started rubbing it, of all places, against the bottoms of my bare feet.

    I literally started laughing again, as once again, they seemed to have badly missed the mark, and a few more girls, and even several guys, left, but Monica and Carmela simply continued, and once every square inch of my bare feet bottoms were covered in oil, they laid their cloths to the side, and picked up the mechanical toothbrushes. I kept giggling, asking them, “Oh, so scary! You’re gonna brush my teeth? You girls are SO diabolical!”

    At this point though, a few people began filing back into the room, both girls and guys, as they came back and stared intently, and following the fifteen or sixteen people who came in came another group of familiar faces. First, was Whitney, and the second was Sandra, who looked at me and said, “Hehehe Wow! I didn’t believe it when these people told me, but they weren’t bullshitting! You girls really DID do it! Hahaha. Nice going, little sissies!”

    Monica and Carmela both looked back at Sandra and said, “Wow, thanks big sis! And thanks for telling the girls what was going on. We’d hate it if they had to miss this!” Sandra said, “Hehehe No problem! Seriously, if you’re right, then this will undoubtedly go down as the GREATEST punishment of all time!” And with that, suddenly, I was terrified again! Not only was the audience back, but even more enemies were in the room, and now I had all the more reason to suspect that these girls weren’t bluffing at all. I still couldn’t figure out what the punishment even could possibly be, but just hearing Sandra be so confident in it was worrying!

    As I wondered what it could possibly be, the girls faced me, brought up two chairs, and sat them right next to my feet, before they actually faced Whitney and Morgan and said, “Actually, you ladies wanna help us?” The two girls said, “Sure, anything!”

    And with that, they got two more masks and gloves, and as the two Kappa alums were starting to put them on, Monica said, “Stand off to the side of the bed like this so the camera can get her entire naked body,” she said, standing where she wanted them to, before pressing her hand down on my metallic pink painted toes and saying, “Press down and hold back her toes like this!” She held them there, as both girls said, “Ok,” and took her place in pressing my toes back. I now couldn’t even wiggle or scrunch my toes, as my bare feet were totally immobile, as the girls sat on the seats that were also slightly to the side of the camera, as Monica finished her instruction, and said, “Notice her soles are stretched. I want them like that the entire time. I don’t want her to be able to flex her toes.” The girls indeed listened and pressed harder, making it impossible for me to flex my toes in any way, as I cringed, and I felt my soles stretching tight, as Monica seemed to test the tightness of my soles by trailing a fingernail down it, causing me to twitch and almost let out a squeak in a moment of weakness.

    The girls giggled, as Monica said to them, “You see.” I was wondering what she was talking about for a split second, but after she did it again, and I twitched again, this time letting out a smile involuntarily, I started to piece certain things together. She had oiled my bare feet, and had brought chairs to sit up next to them, which they were now sitting on. They had gloves and masks on, which seemed to suggest they were planning on being in that position for a while. And finally, they had mechanical toothbrushes and hairbrushes, which I began to realize could only really be used to “punish” someone in ONE realistic scenario. And I began to realize, if it truly was the scenario they were going with, then Sandra was indeed right about the punishment being one of the greatest of all time!

    I began to literally think to myself, “Oh no! Absolutely not! This cannot be happening! Oh dear lord, no, please!” But just seconds after all those thoughts flooded my mind, all my worst fears were confirmed, when Monica openly and out loud followed up her trailing of her rubber gloved fingernail down my stretched bare sole with the most terrifying statement, “You see. She’s more ticklish that way! I want her 100% in that state. It’ll make her even more hysterical!”

    I literally wanted to scream. This was indeed the worst thing they could have possibly done, and I had thought the worst thing that could happen had already happened! This was genius in so many ways, because it had so many horrifying consequences for me: Unlike getting stripped, which would make anyone scream, by tickling me, they were inducting a seemingly harmless, easy to handle, and little punishment that everyone also well knew would leave me screaming like a little bitch. It was also the perfect punishment for a tough girl like me, who had trained her body to be a solid shield against any kind of “tough” physical punishments, but made me 100% vulnerable and defenseless against “soft” punishments such as that. But finally, because as my previous night with Cristina had proven, those feet of mine were SUPER ticklish, and if there was one way to beat me in a game, it was to attack those! It was literally so perfect what they had planned, it was scary!

    But moments later, my fears began to take hold, as the girls turned on those mechanical toothbrushes, as that evil whirring sound seemed to remind me of buzz saws, and I literally held my breath, as I had the crippling fear of someone who was about to be cut open. The Kappa girls who had rejoined, who had been disgusted before, seemed all too proud now. They seemed to have washed away any doubt they had had before, and were ready to see what they themselves likely were now agreeing was the most diabolical and perfect punishment anyone had ever come up with!

    I kept thinking, “What am I going to do? What happens if they find out that I’m ticklish? They’ll think I’m weak, they’ll think I’m…” And then it hit me, that just like how I trained myself not to “disclose” pain, even when my reflexes were to lose it and scream, I could use my training to hide my ticklishness. It would be tough, but I believed I could do it, and at this point, I had no other choice. As the toothbrushes began to inch closer and closer to my bare soles, I braced myself. I was about to be tortured with something worse than I’d ever seen in my life. I held my breath for several seconds, anticipating the most uncomfortable, distressing feeling of my life… and the moment it came, when those two spinning, stiff-bristled mechanical brushes grazed up against the immobile balls of my bronze bare soles.

    Immediately, two incredibly ticklish electrical pulses shot up through the soles of my feet, up my legs, through my groin area, pulsating across my stomach and chest, and into my neck and into my brain, causing my entire body to feeling like it was about to go into shock! Like a cavewoman whom evolution was telling her there were two massive bugs on the bottoms of her soles ready to cause her great harm, my body let out a highly uncomfortable impulse throughout in an attempt to make me kick and reflexively try to rid myself of the danger.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t kick, I couldn’t fight back, and I couldn’t defend myself or move in any way, as those toothbrushes were left unchecked, and freely were able to move across the balls of my feet, to the fleshy areas beneath them, covering every last inch of my bare soles, going all the way down to my pale brown heels. My body was screaming at this point, desperate to make me make it stop, as I could essentially feel the Darwinian alarms getting louder and more vibrant, as I started almost involuntarily shaking a bit, my palms and forehead began to form beads of sweat, and I had to bite my lip as reflexive laughter also seemed to be attempting to shoot up through my mouth.

    It was all by far the most horrible experience ever, but by some miracle, I was able to hold off on the initial shock of the situation, and I didn’t break down or lose composure, instead, looking completely in control and like the girls had set all that up for a ridiculous, failed punishment. The girls themselves seemed a bit stunned that I didn’t burst out screaming, and tried to step it up, with Monica saying, “Pull her toes back more, and Carmela, harder! Use your nails!”

    And with that, I felt their solitary nails gliding down the oiled arches of both my immobile bare feet, as I cringed in the face and felt like I was trying to hold in a flood with all the laughter that wanted to escape my mouth. The sweating got worse, and all over my body, I felt like there was an incessant itch that I could not scratch, but I somehow held that off too. This went on for another five minutes, and once again, people groaned, people got disappointed, and people started to leave, even guys this time, as I badly wanted to laugh and say, “Look, camera’s recording your most epic fail! This will become legend!”

    But just when I thought I was in the clear, Monica yelled, “HARDER! I KNOW SHE’S TICKLISH IN THERE SOMEWHERE! I JUST KNOW IT”

    They began exploring with the toothbrushes, trying to get between my toes, getting the outsides and tops of my feet, and sure enough, I was genuinely beginning to wonder if I could realistically hold all of this off! The urge to laugh was becoming FAR too much, and as much as I was holding strong, I thought for sure I was about to burst! They kept tickling my toes, doing everything to get a reaction, when suddenly, right as another group of about 5 girls and 4 guys were leaving, the door stayed open, and in came two more familiar faces.

    This time, it was Cristina and Nina. Both wearing their guard clothes, with Cristina wearing a navy blue mesh jacket over a neon yellow tank top, hair in a ponytail, a thick blue ribbon with a bow in their hair, and navy-blue, mesh, open-legged knee-length skirt, and almost-knee-length, navy blue boots, while Nina was wearing her red leather jacket, navy blue tank top, jeans, and black sneakers, apparently having escaped being bound, as she too had her hair in a ponytail, and both girls seemed poised and ready to fight! I was SO relieved, realizing that I had done it! I had held off these girls tickle assault for just long enough, and now, the cavalry was here! Immediately, the entire room turned towards my Delta sorority guard sisters, and several of them stared, as the girls tickling me kept going, despite the fact that there were two Deltas at the door, including one of their prisoners, just waiting to strike!

    I had to continue to hold it in though, as I didn’t want to give that camera even a brief second of satisfaction, and prove to everyone once and for all that I was the queen, so I dug deep, and got ready to brace myself for the final stretch of this horrifying marathon I had already run!

    Cristina was by far the best trained of all the freshmen. Nina was average, but not next to Cristina, as the two Puerto Rican badass ladies were even better together than either one separately! They may have been outnumbered, but just as I’m sure that hadn’t stopped them from getting this far, I did not expect that to stop anyone now! I wanted to gloat, say, “Oh, you ladies are in for it now,” but I was genuinely terrified that I would burst out laughing if I dropped my concentration for a single second. I held in my true reflexes, as suddenly, Cristina came over and said, “What’s going on here?”

    I thought to myself, “Oh, they’re in for it now. Cristina is gonna tear them a new one!” I waited to see these girls cower like the spineless invertebrates they were, but to my surprise, suddenly, even as Cristina was literally walking towards them, one said, “Why isn’t this working? Are we doing something wrong?”

    I could see that they were desperate to get a laugh out of me, before Cristina reached them, which I honestly wished she would try to reach them a bit more quickly, as I was not sure how much longer I could hold them off, but she still managed to make it next to them in due time, and said, “Well, first off, you’re doing it ALL wrong!”

    The sounded like a badass line, and I was getting ready for some incredible ass-kicking, when suddenly, she followed it up with, “You girls are pressing too hard. Here.”

    I immediately panicked and thought, “What in the world is happening?” But moments later, Cristina was grabbing Monica’s hand, and saying, “You have to lightly twirl those bristles in a circle. Remember, the nerves were built to respond to something light, like a bug, and the lighter it feels the more uncomfortable and active you make the nerves. In fact…” And at that moment, she reached into her little bag, and pulled out a couple feathers, calling Nina over, and after handing a feather to Nina, she said, “If you REALLY want to get the most torture out of her,” Nina began sawing and twirling the light, white feathers in between my toes, as I quickly found out that Cristina had been right, this was far worse than anything I could have imagined!

    Both those feathers dancing in and out of my toes, while those toothbrushes grazed my soles, all while my toes were still being held back and I couldn’t scrunch or defend myself in any way was simply mind-blowing in how much it made me want to just scream like a banshee!

    I still hadn’t broken though yet, which Monica asked about, at which point, my worst fears came to life, as suddenly, Cristina flat out revealed what I was doing and said, “Hehe She’s trained us to resist punishments. It’s the same thing. Look at where you’re being tortured so it affects you less, breathe through your nose calmly, keep your mouth clenched shut so you don’t scream, all so they think it’s not working and they leave you alone.” My eyes burst wide open as I realized, she was indeed in on this and had almost surely set me up for this! My lips began to effervesce as I was about ready to burst, knowing Cristina was about to pop my over-inflated resistance bubble at any moment. And sure enough, she walked over to my face, smiled as she plugged my nose, making it impossible to breathe through there, as she said, “Let’s see who’s the boss, now!”

    Almost immediately, reflexively, I had to gasp for air as I opened my mouth, and naturally, when that happened, the floodgates opened, and suddenly, a flood of endless, explosive laughter came bursting out as I screamed, “BUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAH AHAHAA!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOO!!!! STOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOOOOOPPPPP IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIIIIIIIIIIIIITTT!! ”

    The moment my laughter came bursting out, I knew it was over. They had broken me. They knew my greatest weakness, and now, this event was going to go down as potentially the greatest punishment of all time, and I was going to forever be the one on the receiving end of it. Almost like everything was silent around me, I watched as girls in the audience laughed, watched Monica and Carmela take a moment out of their tickle assault to giggle and give each other another triumphant fist bump, and even Cristina laughing hard and loud, almost like she was about to have an orgasm, as she said, “Hahahahahahaha FINALLY! Now everyone knows exactly what a weak and frail princess you really are!”

    The girls were jubilant and stepped up their ticklish assault, circling faster, and faster and faster, causing me to laugh and squirm more and more. I didn’t care how much my breasts were flopping, I couldn’t help it anymore. I was drenched in sweat, my eyes were burning, and I felt like I was going to explode! “BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! NONONONONONONONO!!! STOP! STOOOOHOHOHOOOPPPP!!! CRISTINA! CRISTINA! WHAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAATTT AAHAHAHAARREEE YOUHOUHOUHOUHOUU DOOOIIHIHIHIHIIIINNGG?!!! HEEELLLELELELELELELLLLPPP!!!”

    At that moment, Nina said, “Oh, so you ask what Cristina is doing, you don’t even consider me? Typical!” As everyone laughed, and as Cristina said, while everything was still going on, “Hehehe Oh, NOW you care how I feel? NOW you respect my opinion. Now that I’m in a position of power over you! Yes, you see, you were letting your power get to your head, trying to control everything! You said if I wanted to gain power, I had to play my cards right. Hehehe Well, I had you as a card, I also had inside access to your biggest flaws, fears, weaknesses, and I made a deal! Hehehehehe And oh, is it satisfying to see the results of that deal!”

    At that moment, everyone laughed, and even Cristina said, “I think it’s time to switch to the hairbrushes! THOSE WILL DRIVE HER INSANE!” Meanwhile, she herself put some rubber gloves on, two pairs on top of each other, asking Nina to do the same, as she went over to the coolers, grabbed a cup, and brought two cupfulls of ice, handing one to Nina, and stood over my upper body. I again had no idea what they were going to do, but after a few moments break, they got ready to start all over again, but not before I had the chance to get some revenge.

    I did the last thing left in my power, and I spat directly in Cristina’s face, and then Nina’s as she got close. Monica said, “Hey, don’t treat them like th-“ But as she began saying it, I launched another wad of spit directly into her face, as she screamed, “Ahhhhhh! That’s disgusting! You little bitch!” But I responded by doing it again, and once into Carmela’s face.

    Monica said, “Alright, that’s it!” And she marched over to the drawer, where I spat on her one more time as she walked over. She opened the drawer, and took out a big, brick red rubber ball with a thick, matching strap, and said, “Cristina, would you get her nose again for me please?”

    Cristina did, as I shrieked, and spat one more time in her face, and even one more time in Monica’s before suddenly, she lowered the big, red rubber ball and shoved it into my mouth, before stretching the rubber straps around my face and head and buckling them together somehow behind my head, making it impossible for me to spit it out!

    I even tried, but as a result, a massive pile of drool came out of my lodged open mouth, and I ended up spitting up all over myself, as I screamed, “Guuaahhh, thauuu iiihhsss diiihhssgussting!” My sounds were slightly muffled, but I could still talk, as suddenly, this ball-gag was blockading my mouth, while also humiliatingly keeping my mouth open, so I couldn’t talk without drooling heavily.

    Sandra said, “Hehehehe Excellent choice, Monica!” And the two high-fived, as Monica said, “Hehehehe Not so tough now, are you? Hehehe I agree, your filthy Delta spit is so gross! I’ll leave that there for a while, let you taste it while I show you the true meaning of ‘punishment.’”

    And Monica invited a girl in the crowd to hold back my toes, had Whitney continue to hold back the other, had Carmela continue on my left foot, while Sandra joined in on the right with the hairbrush, and asked Cristina and Nina to do whatever they were going to do. Meanwhile, Monica went and grabbed one of the mechanical toothbrushes, and as everyone else got ready, she said, “Hairbrushes, first, on 3, 2, 1…”

    And with that, Sandra and Carmela took their stiff-bristled, black plastic hairbrushes with wooden handles and pressed them up against the taut, immobile bottoms of my bare feet, scraping up, then down, then up, as it felt like hundreds of fingers all at once dragging themselves up and down my hypersensitive south Asian bare soles, as within seconds, I was squealing and howling drooling all over myself, and that was before Cristina and Nina even had begun. Those two hairbrushes were absolutely maddening, causing me to scream like crazy, but the worst was yet to come.


    As people started laughing, Cristina said, “Follow my lead,” and picked up one piece of ice, prompting Nina to do the same. As I was still completely preoccupied from the incessant, vicious tickling all over my bare soles by those incredibly cruel and agonizingly effective hairbrushes, which made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack, suddenly, on Cristina’s count of three, both Nina and Cristina took their ice cubes, and pressed them against my bare breasts, causing me to literally scream and shout through my gag, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH STTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPP!!!! THHHAAAAAAAATTTT’SSSS COOOOOOOOLLLLDDDD!!!!!”

    I grew up in a hot, muggy climate and I absolutely hated the cold. I hated winter. I hated anything less than 40o, and those ice cubes were almost like I was standing naked outside in below freezing weather.

    They both giggled and high-fived as they jokingly said, “Like sticking your breasts in a freezer, huh? Hehehehe,” as they began circling it, and the ice was melting and leaving freezing cold water behind on my breasts, as my eyes began to water and I kept screaming, “AHHHHHHHH!!!! NO! NO!!! GET OFF!! AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT’S FREEZING! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH GOD, STOP IT, THAT’S GIVING ME A MIGRAINE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP STOP STOP! I HATE IT! I HATE IT! IT’S TORTURE!”

    “That’s the idea” Nina said, as once again, the girls high-fived, before continuing to circle the ice tighter and tighter around my reddening breasts, before rubbing it against my exposed nipples, making them stiffen and harden, as I tilted my head back and howled, “GYAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAA HAHAH A!!! FUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

    I couldn’t really say much else, I felt like I was getting frostbite. My breasts grew completely numb and turned bright red, and seemed to be swelling as everyone giggled and took pictures, as the ice cubes had all but melted, but then they grabbed two more, both with one in each hand, and applied one to my neck, one to my bare stomach, causing me to squeal and shiver, which with my swollen, bright red breasts exposed, made them jiggle like crazy, and they continued rubbing it all across every exposed inch of the skin on my upper body and legs, as they again and again giggled and taunted me with such comebacks as, “Hehehehehehehe Yeah, that’s what you get for leaving us out in the cold! Now it’s you who has to experience how chilling it can be!”

    Meanwhile, as I was literally shaking, thrashing, and already beginning to sweat profusely and hyperventilate, as the combination of the ice pressing against my now bright red bare breasts, and my flushed, brown soles of my bare feet endured the wrath of Sandra and Carmela dragging those stiff hairbrushes up and down, giving me absolutely no time to catch my breath, Monica was just standing there, giggling, as she watched the beautiful sight unfold around her. Pretty soon, she stepped up, and got ready to deliver what would surely be the fatal blow to this already incredibly fruitful takedown of her greatest enemy!

    As Monica turned on the mechanical toothbrush, said, “Great work ladies, now, I wonder if she’s at all ticklish DOWN THERE,” as she lowered the brush towards the one area I absolutely did not want her going near, I screamed through my gag, “NOOOOO!! NOOOOO!!! NOOOOOTTT THEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEEERRREE!!!”

    But Monica ignored me, and kept moving towards my spread open groin area. I was shaking badly, sweat began pouring even more so down my forehead just from being literally more scared than I’d ever been of anything in my entire life, as Monica just held the brush inches away from that one awful spot just inches above my bare, pink vagina that I would use to pleasure myself. As she taunted me, letting me stew for a few seconds, watching me scream, shaking my head, closing my eyes, and absolutely acting like a crazy person, all of which I was doing BEFORE she had even started yet, she said, “Hehehehehe Oh, already she hates this and I haven’t even touched you yet! HeheHAAHAHAHAHA This is going to be SPLENDID!” And at that moment, Monica took the white mechanical toothbrush, moved it an inch down, and applied its spinning red bristles directly between my legs and onto my exposed clitoris!

    I turned my head towards the ceiling and screamed louder than I ever had, “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! NONONONONONONONONONO! NOT MY CLIIIIITTTTT!!!!!” But she continued, just leaving it pressed there, as everyone laughed hard, and as I started screaming because it was making me about to lose it!

    “NOOOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOO!!! PLEAAAHEHEHEHEHEHEAAAAAA-“ And before I could finish, suddenly, a flood of urine came pouring out of my urethra, as everyone laughed hard and cheered, saying, “Hehehehehe Oh look, she’s wetting herself!”

    Monica cackled wildly as well, as did Cristina, who went so far as to taunt me, by pinching my nipples, and even tickling the underside of my breasts with her nails, as she said, “Hehehehe Oh, this must be totally humiliating for you, princess! Hehehehe Why, I’m not sure if I could possibly work for such an out-of-control mess.” Nina giggled, and the two fist-bumped, as Monica kept applying the toothbrush, causing me to wet myself once again, causing the same reactions again. And again, and again, and again, as lots of pictures were taken.

    This had been by far the most humiliating thing ever in my life, and even as slowly, but surely, as the clock waned into the hours of 3:00 am, 3:30, 4:00, 4:30, and 5:00 am, everyone one by one left. At 5:30 am, over 6 hours since I had officially gotten tied down by the three sisters, only they remained. Even Cristina and Nina finally headed out about half an hour earlier, saying to me, “Oh, by the way. We quit! You might want to find someone to replace us tonight, or you could end up leaving the entire sorority vulnerable to the Gammas to attack… if they haven’t already!”

    At that moment, I realized the predicament, and realized that with those two abandoning their posts, there was no one there to protect the sorority. I could only hope nothing had happened while I was tied up and undergoing all this chaos, but if it had, there was nothing stopping it!

    At this point, Sandra, Monica, and Carmela were the only ones left, and despite having been going at this all night, they still showed absolutely no signs of letting up or slowing down. With Monica having left the brush inside me and taped it down, she then undid my ball-gag, and fished inside my jacket pockets for my cell phone, before pulling it out, showing it to me, and saying, “Now, lucky for you, I have to go to bed soon. But before I let you go, there’s one more thing I need. I need the password to your cellphone.”

    I was dead, buried, but part of me still had just a little bit of fight left, and I said, “You bitch. Haven’t you had enough fun for one night? Let me goooo!” That toothbrush was really getting my worst spot, and I let out another stream of urine as I screamed for having my vaginal inners tickled. The brush was probably soaking wet at this point, as was my long, black hair, and my entire body, which itched horribly all over, but nowhere as bad as the area around my groin, which felt like I had poison ivy with all the itching and burning of the urine smeared around it.

    The girls were not about to let me off easy though, as Monica nodded towards Sandra and Carmela, who pulled my toes back and started tormenting my feet with their nails again, as Monica came and with her gloves on, began tickling my clitoris with her left pointer finger nail, which drove me insane! Any sliver of fight I had left evaporated, as I immediately started sobbing, before screaming, “OK! OK! YOU WIN! I’LL TELL YOU!” The girls paused, poised to go again if I was bluffing, and realizing there was no escaping the eventuality that I would break, I said, “The password is KimiAliMarina765” And with that, Monica took her gloves off, keyed in the password, and just like that, she had unlocked my phone!

    She giggled, as she said, “Hehehe Oh, how handy this will come in!” As she suddenly changed my password, and stuffed my phone into her pocket, saying, “Hehe Thanks for the new phone, dear. I’m sure there’s plenty of valuable information on there!”

    There was indeed. My entire schedule, plans, Facebook, Tinder, everything was on there, and there was so much extremely personal

    She said, “Thank you!” And at that point, she removed the piss-soaked brush, and placed it on a towel on the nightstand, as I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. It was finally over. I couldn’t wait to get out of this, couldn’t wait to get back into my clothes and not have to feel the cold air on my entire body again, couldn’t wait to shower and get all the gross off of me, couldn’t wait to scratch all these horrible itches and make the fierce burning stop. But most of all, I could not wait to be away from this horrible prison of a bed, which felt like the biggest villain to me for it had restrained me so well and given Monica, Carmela, Sandra, and all the Gammas so much power over me.

    Finally, Monica walked to the front of the bed, walked straight towards my right ankle, as I lay there, relieved that this nightmare was finally ending, when she suddenly said, “Oh, but uh, don’t think you’re getting out of that!”

    I gasped. This couldn’t be happening! No, she couldn’t do this to me! She couldn’t just leave me here in this hellhole.

    I screamed, “WHAT?!! HEY! NO! YOU CAN’T! YOU CAN’T JUST LEAVE ME LIKE THIS! LET ME OUT! LET ME OUUUUUUU-“ As I was screaming, she came over, hands behind her back, as she hovered over me, smiling as she seemed to be enjoying watching me freak out over this! As I belted out that last part with all the wind left in my lungs, my mouth as wide-open as I could possibly have it, suddenly, Monica stuffed a thick, red stress ball into my mouth, and before I could spit it out, she pushed in the brick red ball-gag once again, and tightly wrapped and chained the straps around my head, locking the straps in place and securing the ball-gag!

    As she remained hovering over my face with the most wicked smile I had ever seen in my entire life, I screamed through my gag, as Monica laughed maniacally, and said, “HeheheHAHAHAHAHA I’HIHIHIM SOOHOHOORRYY!! W-W-What was that? Hahaha You’d b-better speak uuuuhuhupp!”

    She could hardly contain her laughter, as Sandra and Carmela were grinning from the base of the bed, and looking at each other nodding, as I was genuinely terrified of being left here alone! This was going well beyond humiliation! This was cruelty at its finest!

    I tried desperately to protest through my gag, but thanks to the mouth stuffing, all that came out was, “MMMMMM! MMMMMPPPHHH!!!” And so much drool poured down my face again, as once again, I’d been stifled!

    But as Monica heard me screaming, she said, “What was that? Oh, you’re still not comfy?”

    I nodded my head, desperate to be let go, as she said, “Oh, we can help with that!”

    And as I breathed a sign of relief as Monica nodded to her sisters, Carmela and Sandra nodded again, only, instead of uncuffing me from the bed, they reached down into Monica’s bad, and first, brought out what looked like two sets of five 14-inch long, thick pink lassos, all tied together at their non-lasso ends. I realized after a few seconds that those were thick shoelaces, all tied into a lasso and tied together, as suddenly, first Sandra on my left foot, and Carmela on my right slipped a loop around each of my metallic pink painted toes, before tightening the loops around my toes. Moments later, they took the loose end, pulled it far back, so all ten of my toes were involuntarily pulled back, stretching my soles tight once again, as they both tied the lose ends of the strings around the frame of the bed, and the posts, so that I could not pull my feet away from the post or scrunch my toes, trapping my bare feet firmly on one place and making them utterly immovable beyond probably a millimeter!

    I protested more through my gag, as this somehow made things far more uncomfortable, but moments later, the holy grail of shocks was introduced, when Monica, who had walked to the base of the bed, behind her sisters as they tied my toes back and anchored my feet completely to their current spots, cackled like she was about to have an orgasm, as she reached into her bag, and took out two small pink plastic fans, with white bases, each with three slightly melted pink plastic blades, and on each blade, there was a stiff white feather that was attached, seemingly welded on with metal, which kept the plumes firmly in place on the fan. My eyes grew very wide!

    Taking out some kind of sticky substance, she attached it to both the bottom of the fan, then to the bedframe, as Monica stuck the fans down right next to my immobilized bare feet so that the stiff, white feathers were touching along my arches and across my soles from the tips of my toes, straight across my heels, all while she giggled, “I think I’m gonna leave you like THIS instead!”

    I began to breathe heavily! I knew there was no stopping these girls now! But just as I began to contemplate the nightmare that was about to happen to me, suddenly, Monica stepped away without turning the fans on. I was shocked, wondering if it was all just a trick to scare me! It made sense. As cruel as Monica was, I couldn’t imagine even her being THAT cruel! Still, she had far surpassed my expectations many times tonight, and I tilted my head up as much as I could to get a better look, as I watched Monica walk with her sisters out into the middle of the room.

    The stopped right by my pile of clothes, and began to pick them up. I wondered what she was doing, wondered if all this truly was a trick, and she was just trying to scare the living piss out of me, taunting me with this horrible situation, to show me that she was in total control and scare me into not retaliating! Unfortunately, if she indeed WAS doing that, it very well may have worked! I was so terrified at this point that I genuinely had no intention of trying to retaliate against these girls because the sheer thought of their revenge punishment scared me out of my mind! If that was their goal, they certainly accomplished their mission, and it appeared it was, as suddenly, Monica walked to the base of the bed, holding up all my clothes for me to see, as Sandra and Carmela stood over my feet, put their hands on the cuffs, and seemed to be getting ready to uncuff me! I was SO relieved!

    But then, yet another shock happened. Monica took all of my clothes, my boots, my leggings, my tank top, and my jacket, which had my wallet an keys in its pockets, and stuffed them all into her bag! My heart skipped at least three beats, as I literally pissed myself yet again, as my worst nightmare not only was about to come true, but it was even more horrible than I originally imagined! Monica was taking my clothes with her, leaving me with NO clothes, NO cellphone, No wallet, and NO keys, meaning that even if I got out of this, I couldn’t drive my car, call for help, or pay for a cab, meaning that I had to walk over three miles and 40 blocks NAKED!

    As if the sheer horror of imagining going through that horrifying walk of shame wasn’t bad enough, Monica grinned and faced both Sandra and Carmela, who took their hands off the cuffs, WITHOUT uncuffing me, and hovered their fingers over the ON buttons on the two fans! I was hyperventilating! This couldn’t be happening! I literally pissed myself again, as the girls giggled, and faked pressing the buttons, which once again, caused me to pee all over again, as tears rolled down my face! This was already hell, and I hadn’t even begun yet! I was still just waiting for the ride to begin!

    After staring at me for several seconds, Sandra said, “Hehehe I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes,” as Carmela chimed in, “Or OUT of them, I guess, in this case!” And all three sisters giggled in the most childish, annoying giggle ever, as I began shaking, desperately hoping to avoid this awful, awful reality I was about to enter and be stuck in for God-only-knew-how many hours!

    As I waited for what felt like an agonizingly long time, Monica finally said, “Make her squeal!” And with that, both Carmela and Sandra pressed their buttons, and the fans slowly began to turn. Slowly, one on each foot, the long, white plumes stroked across my toes, brushing under them, going along my soles and reached around across my arches, down to my heels, and right as one was reaching my heels, a second one was coming across my toes again, and another one, on both bare feet at once, getting perfectly into the wide open crease between the balls of my feet and my toes!

    I horribly wanted to scrunch my soles to avoid that headache-inducing cavernous brush across the undersides of my toes, but the toe-ties made the completely impossible, as within moments, I literally felt my toes cramping badly, and I’m not sure I would’ve been able to scrunch them even without the tight pink toeties! And if that wasn’t bad enough, my taut, stretched soles began to cramp into place, not to mention, the string kept me from pulling to either side of the post with either of my feet, leaving them completely stuck, completely immobile, and forced to sit there, and get brushed over and over and over again by those wild, wicked feathers which just would not stop!

    And all of this only took 3 seconds, as within that time, the brushes were going full speed, and non-stop, my ticklish bare feet were being absolutely assaulted by these mechanical ticklers, again leaving me wetting my pussy and causing my eyes to water like they were on fire, as all three sisters watched me break down completely before their eyes, and all giggled and gave out forceful, loud, almost diabolical high-fives right in front of my face, as my mind began to go numb, and I began to involuntarily shake, my breasts jiggling uncontrollably!

    I was sent right back into hysterics, as I desperately looked at the girls, almost begging them not to do this. But all three girls just giggled and blew me a kiss, before Monica picked up her back, and turned around and walked back towards the camera and the door.

    After taking down the camera after Monica gave a little conclusion, saying in a menacing, terrifying, “And let this be known to any and all Deltas. Anyone who tries to mess with us, this will be you! You will be suffering a fate far worse than your precious Divya here! She’ll be stuck here for a good 24 hours, and for you, it’ll be much, much worse!”

    It was a horrifying message to hear! Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t risk this, which meant that we as a sorority were all but toast when it came to retaliating or defending, which meant that there was a good chance I was never going to get any kind of revenge for this, and that was the scariest thing of all, because the potential for a revenge even more horrifying had always been the only thing stopping us from going as far as we had! But clearly, as I thought I had evolved to become the perfect Punisher and cement my legacy, these girls had, in one night, taken the next, violent, evolutionary step, and set the new standard for the Punishment wars!

    As the three girls finally packed the camera up, leaving the room completely empty, I struggled and struggled to get free, but it was no use, as I was completely stuck in this nightmare, only able to collapse and lie still, as those feathers continuously danced all over my bare soles, tickling me endlessly without even a millisecond’s pause! Monica went to the door, looked back at me, and said, “That oughta keep you busy for a good while, at which point, our plan will long have been complete! Hehehehe Sleep well, my little princess!”

    She then opened the door, letting Carmela and Sandra walk out, as both girls turned and gave me a wiggling finger goodbye, each with a wicked smile, as before Monica stepped out, she added one final shocking twist, as she locked the door from the inside. I screamed, as she just giggled and said, “Hehehehe Oh, sorry. Looks like even if someone does somehow guess that you’re here, no one will be able to come in and save you! Hehehehe Looks like you’ll have to get out of this all on your own! EEAHHAHAHAHA!!” She finally turned off the lights, and as I screamed and shook with all my might, she slammed the door shut, and I heard a loud click, indicating that the door had locked, and I was all on my own, having my feet tickled, gagged, and stuck in these restraints that had effectively kept me at bay all night!

    This was hell! I could not bear another second of this, and yet, it appeared I was going to have to endure another 24 hours at the very least! The worst night of my entire life had just gotten infinitely worse, and it still wasn’t even close to being over!

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    Fine story! Very intense.
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    Oh wow! I didn't know it was possible for this one to outshine the first one so much, but it did! This is the best story I've ever seen written!

    Anyone who hasn't read this should!

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    Oh goodness! That has to be the hottest story I've ever read on here! Simply amazing! Will there be a part 3?

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    REALLY well done...very enjoyable, clicked on a lot of cylinders. Thanks for the welcome addition to the stories thread!


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    I honest can't believe this doesn't have more views.

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    Very nice story.

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    That was impressive!

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    I can read this again and again and it still impresses me more each time!

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    I'm sorry, but I have to ask, is there going to be a Part III? I really want to find out what happens next.

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