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    Quality Adult Tickling games New Studio

    Hello fellow tickle lovers,

    I have started a indie game development group called developedistraction.com
    I have been a member on TMF for many years under my personal account.

    I have decided to delicate some time to TWEO huge interests of mine, programming and tickling, I am a full time Game programmer, developing games for years, i have been working on a-
    series of tickling games for some time now,
    i have decided to test the water and see if there is any interest out there,
    or market for a tickling game, first i will develop a series of Small scale games for both PC and Android.

    If my games gather interest i will commit more time to the projects and begin work of larger scale projects.

    My games will be available on the play store very soon, as in this month...

    Please follow my patreon developedistraction for more updates or visit our site at, developedistraction.com

    As a fellow tickling enthusiasts i hope you deliver you all satisfying games that tickle all the boxes,

    I will also be creating a series of short animations to help fund the studio,
    if you would like to contribute a story to become a animation please pm myself,

    Thanks again
    Look forward to hearing the reviews
    Last edited by devDistraction; 07-17-2017 at 05:34 AM.

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    Live game play demo testing...

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    Join Date
    Aug 2006
    We've had a handful of folks come in with similar claims over the years, only to spam their stuff and try to soak up donations, then throw a fit and disappear when folks point out their mistakes.

    So, you'll have to forgive the lukewarm response over here.
    Looking forward to your updates.
    Expect more folks to chime in when you've got something playable.


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    Thank you for the reply,
    My first update is live on youtube,

    I will be posting both:
    Patreon only at:

    public view at:

    Feel free to comment any suggestions or PM, thanks again

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