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  1. #16
    Yeah either is fine, happy to accept ideas and reviews,
    i will also be running voting polls for future games on my patreon thanks again for your support

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    May 2012
    The 3D model looks really great!

    A few rough comments (possibly suggestions), please ignore me if they make you feel unpleasant:

    The idea and the models are both fantastic, but it looks like the story behind the game might be a little thin, which makes the game more like a "tickle simulation". Once the player sees all the scenes, the gameplay experience might start to fall. (Apparently you cannot keep on adding a lot of different characters into the game, for it is too much work). You might want to consider adding something that makes the game more lasting. (For instance a Rubik's cube can be played over and over again while many Hgames are not worth a second playthrough)

    I also looked at your patreon page and it looks like you are not getting a lot support. Here is what I think:
    Your game is INTERESTING, undoubtedly, but the lack of past experience with your work makes people hesitate to support you. (No offense). I am not saying you should try the same thing, but below are a few successful cases in utilizing Patreon or similar sites.

    灯火 (a Japanese game maker) has posted several RPG games, which all have received positive feedback, before he started selling his/her first game "Spectoria". A Tickle Game/Comics exhibition was held and his/her game was sold out (cards with DL link on the back) very quickly because of his/her reputation. The game has been downloaded 400 times on DLsite and a number of times on BOOTH at a price of roughly 5 dollars per copy.

    Indivi is also a Hgame maker. He has posted a game on this site if I recall this correctly. His experience was much alike yours. The first game didn't get much attention even though it was free. (Some attention but not enough to start a patreon). However, it still accumulated some reputation for him. (But his current game is not just about tickling) His current project is making $1530 per month.

    Anyway, to the conclusion: You might need to get people to know a bit more about you and your work before your patron could start getting more attention. Try post something on the site so people know your name. Going straight to the topic isn't always the best way.

  3. #18
    Hey Luoke110
    I appreciate the feed back,
    Now originally posted on here that my first few games will be small scaled projects for mobile device in-order to build confidence in my skills and reliability, for my patreon, "i agree that i might need to make that more apparent on the patreon" but once my community has built up i will be starting development on a large Scale RPG games, and a few story based medium games, also the tickle strip game is not a simulator, as it will have a strip game element to it with both win and lose cases, this game will be available in the coming days, and a demo will be available to Patreons
    Also im happy with the level of support i have on patreon as i started it only a week ago and i haven't even released a demo i assume once i do i will attract more attention.

    Im also unsure as to what is meant by the statement below as the entire game is a lot of work, i cant see why i would be stumped by adding models, there will be several models available in final build and there are two in the current build. i recommend playing the game before reviewing it.

    "(Apparently you cannot keep on adding a lot of different characters into the game, for it is too much work)."

    also your private message asking about the code and platforms can i ask why you want to know??
    All the code is self written and animations are a blend of mocap animations and IK programmed transforms.

    thanks for taking interest in the game
    Last edited by devDistraction; 08-02-2017 at 08:42 PM.

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    Join Date
    May 2012
    I see. It wasn't very clear to me that the project was for mobile devices. When I saw "APP" on your patreon page I got really confused. My apologies on the previous statements.

    Regarding that particular statement:
    To my understanding modelling for actions and behaviors can be time-consuming. (I personally don't have much experience on this, but it seems that design different reactions for different characters could be lots of work.) Disregard this if I misunderstood you.

    I don't recall PM you and asking you about the code. It might be the other guy that replied you earlier. (For the record, I don't ever ask people for their codes, unless they are already open to public)

    By the way, your work looks great. I understand how difficult it can be to make a game and you are doing quite well. I'm looking forward to seeing your demo!

  5. #20
    Thank you luoke,

    also i though that i would mention that the RPG will be a PC based game also the APP will be PC available although slightly different,

    I would also like to add that alot of the work is event based and heavily code based making new games extremely easy to implement reusing prefabs created in these apps,
    as for the actions and behavior's they are all dynamic, running from a AI interaction script that can be shared with other models.

    the girls tickle zone sensitivity is randomly set for each zone every game to make it much more dynamic and re playable

    Thanks again for your interest in the game.

  6. #21
    Latest Clip, if you haven't already please subscribe on youtube

  7. #22

    Huge Game Update responsive tickling, thanks for all the support and views on my channel

  8. #23

    Latest Game Update Openworld Explore and New shaders Thanks again

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