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    Big Brother 19 (f/m m/f)

    As you all know Big Brother has been airing this summer, and it's usually a pretty good place to see people get tickled on occasion. I have been keeping up with the feeds on and off to see if there has been any action. Unfortunately, this year has come up a little short, but there has been some stuff here and there:

    -Elena has been tickled once or twice. She was briefly tickled in a pile up she had with Jessica.

    -Matt and Raven have got in various tickle fights. Raven is very ticklish and seems even the littlest things tickle her.

    -Jessica had tickled bombed Ramses, Matt and her showmance partner, Cody. Jessica seemed to be the resident tickler of this season, but she's gone now.

    -Christmas has had her knees tickled by Paul and just got her sides/back tickled by Kevin. She says she is very ticklish.

    This is all I've managed to see so far. I can't speak on tv episodes as I haven't been watching only been keeping up with the live feeds.

    lol I kinda wish James was back this year because you would always get great tickle moments with that guy around. Probably the biggest tickler on the show next to Frank and Cody.

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    Links plz

    So cool!!!!!!!

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    Thanks do you have any dates on Raven and or Christmas I have live feeds I would like to watch

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe850 View Post
    Thanks do you have any dates on Raven and or Christmas I have live feeds I would like to watch
    Christmas is a little after 9:55pm(Big Brother/CA time) on Aug 10th. Cameras 1 and 2.

    Raven and Matt are a little more sporadic and I can't remember all the exact points.

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    Thank You !

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    Love to see the Elena clip if available.

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