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    Nov 2011
    Central Illinois
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    Tickle Party at the Studio (ffff/m)

    Mistress Xena welcomed me at the Studio’s door as usual. What was different was that today’s tickle party included three other playmates, the first time I’ve been at the mercy of four ticklers.

    Mistress Sass owns beautiful flowing red hair and a smooth, sensual singer’s voice that she likes to drop to a whispery tone in ticklish ears. Mistress Andrea’s gorgeous eyes accent her short blond hair and perfect smile. Miss D rocked a purple mohawked hairstyle, with a model-trim body and impish tickle-talk voice. Mistress Xena, the Studio’s owner with long brunette locks and penetrating brown eyes, flashed her voluptuous charm and years of dominatrix experience.

    All of them sported well-groomed tickling nails, showing them off to me as I undressed. Soon they had me spread-eagle cuffed in a face-up position on a leather bondage table. Mistress Xena slipped a blindfold over my eyes. Ten anonymous nails started grazing my left foot, ten more stroking my right arch. Two more hands wriggled into my underarms while a final set spidered on my sides.

    I tried not to squirm, but Mistress Xena and her friends knew me too well from previous sessions to hold still. “Tiiickle tickle” and other cooed taunts weakened my resistance for 20 minutes. A tongue snaked into my ear. Curious claws explored the palms of my hands, stomach and knees. Toothbrushes scrubbed between my toes, and the relentless verbal arousing continued. Eventually their attention turned to draining me. With two giggling vixens tickling all over my feet, another lightly teasing my balls and Mistress Xena steadily working a vibrator along my shaft, they succeeded twice in an hour.

    Another blissful hour remained. They loved my exposure upright in the X-frame, enjoying the futility of my clenching defenseless muscles as they assaulted from front and behind. From there they moved me to a spanking bench, allowing easy erotic access.

    At the end of the session they asked if I had any last words. “Can we do this again sometime?”

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    Jan 2002
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    That sounds like a truly wonderful session!
    Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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