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    Good Help is So Hard To Find FF/F

    Good Help is So Hard To Find FF/F

    Good Help is So Hard To Find (Mistress takes her inept sub on a job)

    "Here" I say, casually tossing the binoculars onto your lap, making a thwap noise against your thin pant legged lap. "Phase 2, reconnaissance!" You glance up at me from the passenger seat of the white full sized van. My normally pleasant and carefree face looking more intense than you've ever seen. "Remember phase 1? Intel? tell me about the mark..." "Um...yeah" you say as you nervously pick up the cold steel binoculars off your lap, lifting them to your eyes. "Um, Asian female...older...um...wears suits? um, a gray suit! Uh with, um, a short curly mom cut?"

    "Tsk tsk tsk...you're looking at the wrong Asian, rookie" I gently guide the binoculars that you hold in your perfectly manicured hands to another part of the big glass walled bank building...to the petite Asian woman in a black business suit..."you think all Asians look the same?" I tease. "Jenna Wang. Age 49. 5'2". 115 pounds. Bank President, Citywide banks. Enters work every day between 8:42-8:45. Leaves everyday no later than 5:35. Arrives at her home on Adams st. no later than 6:20pm..."*

    "She looks..nice" you say, checking out her tight curves and admiring her well tailored suit. Your eyes devouring her whole body.... "Nice...yeah nice looking; but don't let that fool you. She's cold as fucking ice. *Very no nonsense woman. I once saw her make a grown man cry for spilling coffee on her new manolos...well, I imagine he cried. I only heard of the incident" .

    "Hmmm. I-I don't know about this..." you say fearfully as you lower the heavy binoculars from your hands. You set them down on your lap and rub your hands together for warmth. *You nervously stare at your hands but can still practically feel my annoyed glare* searing your flesh. You look up at me and give a small, apologetic smile "I-I know I got real excited when you revealed to me what you're in to... but if she's as cold as you say she is, if she goes to the police, we're through... She'll put us away forever".

    I'm squinting at you, my brows are lowered and I sigh an exasperated sigh as I slap the dashboard... "look, I'm not fucking stupid, ok? I pick my victims based on THAT very specific weakness. I find them in those forums,* chat them up anonymously and start casing them. You know the process!" I notice the heightened tension and try to lower my voice..."Besides, I only brought you because you said you could get off on just watching. Im risking getting pinched because I brought you. You think I wanna ruin what I've got going here? And really, I don't intend on having you actually touch them." A small smirk curls across my upper lip. "...not unless you want to."

    You stare blankly at me. Thoughts racing as you weigh the pros and cons of the situation "I mean, it's just tickling, right? Just...TICK-LING..." you say very slowly and deliberately. "You don't actually hurt them, do you?"
    I slap the steering wheel and laugh "not unless they want me to haha" I give you an affectionate look from my side of the van. I take my right hand and gently stroke your tense shoulder. "For real, I don't. Do. Not. ...Well, don't try to." I say with a wink. Seeing the thinly veiled concern still on your face, I go on. "But! i make sure they get off on this shit. So that it's also somewhat sexually gratifying for them. Less likely to report it if they enjoyed it. Even just a little." I grin with confidence.... My hand, still rubbing your shoulder, feels you relax. Your gentle smile tells me that you're beginning to feel more at *ease with the idea. To drive the point home, I continue "I still remember my first time. See, I was a maid a while back" I chuckle "Yes, totally embarrassing,* i know...Well anyway,* I worked for this suuuuper bitch who would constantly humiliate me while I cleaned her shit. I swear, she got off on it and--"

    "There! There! She's on the move! Mark is on the move!" You say with an excited panic in your voice.*
    "Nice! Good looking out, rookie! look at me, fuckin monologuing and we almost missed the bitch leaving" I watch Ms. Wang intently as she strides confidently to her luxury sedan. A heavy-looking satchel is slung over her shoulder, she shows no signs of weary. You could almost hear the powerful clack of her heels against the pavement. She exudes power and confidence as she slides herself into her car, checking herself in her mirrors as she starts the car. I turn on the van as she pulls out of her reserved parking space...

    "Wait, why didn't we just meet her at her house? I mean, she could very well beat us there right now"
    "2 reasons" I say matter-of-factly as I begin driving "1, a windowless van parked in an upscale neighborhood would be red flagged in a heartbeat by some bored, panicky housewife or something." My gaze does not divert off the road or Ms. Wang's car. "And 2, she won't beat us."..."ummmm...how can you be so suuuure?" you ask with reserved but provoking curiosity. *"She really wont." I again rub your shoulder one-handed as I keep my unblinking eyes on the car. *I continue...."She stops every other night at a wine store at cherry creek to get herself 2 bottles of red. She's practically an alcoholic." You glance at me curiously. "Divorcee, and a brutal divorce at that...Has trust issues...Never had kids...kinda seems legit".* *We tail her car making sure there's at least several cars between us. We watch her jet black Mercedes turn on 4th ave.*"Yup, What'd I tell you? She's headed off to the wine place! Time to beat her ass home!" I say excitedly. The pure adrenaline of the scenario makes your palms sweat and hands tremble a bit. You can't help but crack a smile at my infectious enthusiasm of the chase. We continue straight past 4th, both our heads turn as we watch as her tail lights head down 4th to the wine store. I return to watching the road straight ahead and you continue gazing out the window. Shock, slight disgust and eerily enough, growing excite and lust is flooding your mind and body. you fold your hands and lay them over your crotch and unconsciously cross your legs and begin to rock a little back and forth, creaking the worn passenger van chair... I reach over and lightly place my hand over your folded hands. I break your train of thought and you look up at me. "exciting, isn't it?" I smile smugly. "Um, well..." you dont want to admit to anything but your embarrassed smile tells it all. I pat your hands, lightly pick up your left one and kiss it in between the knuckles and fingertips. Get ready, rookie. We're here...!

    We drive down the tree lined streets of the upscale suburban neighborhood. Each house we pass more lavish than the last. Even the least materialistic person on the planet would still press their face to the glass and dream, if even in secret. "which one of these houses are it?"... "none of them" I reply, throwing the van quickly in to park. "ok then...um, well?"..."we park here and walk the rest of the way. Parking right outside is a dead giveaway somethings not right....2 duffel bags in the back. you grab one, i'll grab the other"... I quickly lean in and give you a surprise peck on your plump lips and then quickly hop out of the car...

    We meet at the back of the van, quickly opening the trunk doors to not to expose the contents of the van. "HOOO-LY SHHHH--" you quickly put your hands over your mouth...There's an arsenal back there - not just devices used to break in to houses but all sorts of sexual torture devices. *Harnesses, chains, cuffs, gags... Your leg starts to unconsciously shake. Your knees feel weak and your mouth starts to water. "Not yet, babe. This is for our dear Ms. Wang" I say, grabbing your arm. "Come on, this way..." We take a sharp right and head down a private street to the large, exquisite house seemingly miles away from the nearest neighbor. "Remember what I told you?"..."um, about what?"..."about getting in.." "Uhh, yeah. She's doing an extension on her house and that's the weak point we'll use to get in?" .... "are you asking me or telling me?" I say snidely. The rush of the action stops me from any more unnecessary delays..."yes, that's how we'll get in...but remember I told you about the pressure sensitive floor alarm? Well, if we're quick enough and take off our shoes, it wont detect us. Most burglars stand around looking for stuff to steal. If we keep moving, we'll be fine"...

    "um, are you sure about that?" you ask skeptically "Yes I'm sure, its how the Joneses down the street got robbed. They had the same *pressurized alarm system." ..."but...didn't they get, uhhh..." "Yes, I KNOW they got caught, but their fatal flaw was that those guys wore thick socks. That's where they went wrong. The secret is wearing nylon stockings. They're light and sheer enough to make your movements less detectable. Speed and stockings. That's the key"...you dont completely understand what Im saying but you put your trust in my overt confidence. We make it to the perimeter of the house. *

    The outside of the estate was impeccably appointed and manicured except for one part of the house that was draped in tarp and surrounded with piles of wood and brick. "thank god we picked a day where the construction guys took a day off" I say as we navigate the obstacles all around us. We hop over piles and stacks of wood and other building material "Careful to nor get any more of that dust on your clothes. We don't want to be busted on a smudge of evidence" ... we make it to the back door of the actual house. You watch as I take out a small swiss army looking tool out of my pants. I quickly pick the lock and push the door open. You gasp, just waiting for the alarm to sound. "Relax" I whisper "she disabled the alarm on this door. The construction guys, remember?" You finally release the breath you've been holding...

    "ok" I whisper "shoes off" I take off my now muddied boots, revealing a sweaty black stocking clad foot underneath. "no, its not comfortable but its functional" I say feeling self conscious over the juxtaposition of stocking and boot. I stack my boots neatly in a corner so I can access them quickly on our way out. You hesitate just watching me but then proceed to take off your shoes. You remember how you thought it so damn odd that i would ask you to wear stockings but were secretly excited, knowing how much you like the feel and look of them on. You were slightly disappointed having learned that they werent going to be used solely for sexy reasons... I take a second to admire your feet in your stockings. "wow...pretty nice" I change expressions and continue..."Remember what I said...quick! quick movements! dont stay anywhere on the floor for more than 2 seconds! DO NOT fuck this for us" I lean back and quickly snap forward and shuffle and glide my sheer, silky feet over the cold, marble floor. I make it to the bannister and cling to up to keep myself off the floor, digging my silky toes in to the moulding. I look over back to you and give you a silent nod to let you know you its your turn to come to me.

    You take a deep breath and gulp it down hard...you close your eyes to focus yourself then open your eyes and glide your sheer feet over the floor. The sensation of gliding quickly over the cold floor gives you a rush that you weren't expecting at all. You unconsciously laugh and enjoy every cold sensation against the pads of your feet...the cold draft breezing through the webbing of your enforced nylon toe...you almost wish there were more floor to swim over with your feet...

    We shuffle and weave through the cold marble downstairs... gliding quickly from piece of furniture to furniture...going from climbing tables to couch to even climbing the base of that hideous replica david statue ms. wang bought when she was drunk that one night. I finally make it to the alarm panel on the wall next to the grand double door entrance...*

    "code!" I shout to you...you're clinging by your toes atop the base of the statue, your hands firmly grasping the marble physique. You dont seem to be paying attention to me, your eyes are closed and are giggling as your toes are tightly fastened to the freezing marble base. Your toes are wiggling a little and your knees look weak..."CODE! what's the code! you had one job!" I quietly but firmly yell from my perch on the coat rack by the door... "uhhhh...unnnnggg...i mean, um, 4416" ... "Is it?! we only have one shot!" ... "er, um, yes. it is!" you say breathing hard and heavy. I shoot you a disapproving look but quickly disarm the alarm. I slowly set my right foot on the ground. We both hold our breath waiting to hear a loud, blaring alarm. No alarm sounds and I put all my weight on my dominant foot. I then slowly let go of the coat rack and plant both stocking clad feet on the floor. I breath a hard sigh of relief. "you can come down now" we both stare at each other and I shoot you a look with a raised eyebrow "or...you can stay up there if you prefer".

    uh, yeah ok" you step down off the base of the statue. Your adrenaline is pumping and its making your ticklish areas even more sensitive. You giddily slide over to me. You cant wait for Ms. Wang to arrive home. "Come on, let's get the duffle bags" We go back to the back entrance where we entered and unzip the bags on the floor. As I pull out the long, leather straps and chains from the bag, you feel your own genitals tingle. you smile giddily and begin feeling the strap "nice, isnt it?" I say, grabbing it from you and pulling at each end, testing its strength. I then stuff it all back in to one bag. "Put this up in her bedroom. Hide it under the bed" ..

    You pick up the large heavy bag and start making your way upstairs, the bag clanking as it bangs against your hip...you close your eyes and cant wait for what lies ahead... at the top of the stairs you can see a pair of headlights peer through the large glass windows above the double door entrance.* "Fuck! fuck! fuck! she's home!"*you instinctively hit the floor, smashing your stomach against the soft white carpet, making yourself as flat as you can. "Just stay up there! ill get her myself!" i say with force through a harsh whisper.

    I run back to the alarm code panel and re set the alarm. "im gonna find someplace to hiiiide! dont worry! dont make a sound!" you put your head down and say a little prayer. You can hear a closet door close followed by deadness... In the eerie silence you can hear the clack of ms. wang's stilettos against the ground. The jungling of keys are followed by the sound of a key being pushed into the lock, turned and a door being forced open. A series of loud, startling beeps sounds from the alarm. You begin to tremble a bit, clenching your fists.

    *clack clack clack beep beep beep beep* "alarm disabled" Ms. Wang breaths a hard sigh. "Home at last" she says sarcastically..."all fucking alone" she mutters under her breath. Her heels echo throughout the house. She walks a few feet in them, sets down her heavy *bag and then kicks off her heels. "Ooooohhh...thats much better" you start to sweat as you can practically see and hear Ms Wang freely wiggling her toes outside of her shoes on that cold marble floor.

    From the top of the stairs you very slowly and stealthily crawl over to the edge of the railing and peer in between the rails. Its not a perfect angle but at least now you can see what she's up to. She flips through a few envelopes of mail. leaning against an end table, she picks up her right foot and starts rubbing it with her left hand. She lets out a soft moan and unwillingly, so do you...

    "hello?!" she says loudly "whose here? is somebody in my house?" she spins around looking in every which direction...you put your hands over your mouth and vow not to utter another sound...from your perch you watch as Ms Wang's petite figure crosses the living room several times, coming in and out of view. She disappears for a few moments and the next thing you hear is a wine bottle open and a glass being poured. A few seconds of relaxed silence goes by, then a sharp scream followed by a "NOOOO!" you strain your head over the rail to see what's happening "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" you hear her shout, followed by sounds of great struggle. Things are being knocked over, furniture is being banged into. Ms Wang is struggling and gasping for air. "ROHHHHHHH UGHHHNNNNGUUUGHHHH!"...this is followed by the sound of a body slapping against the cold ground and *my heavy breaths struggling to get in enough air.

    "All...alright..." i say through labored breaths..."come on out now" you slowly stand back up and look over the railing. Sure enough,Ms. Wang is on the ground and I'm slightly hunched over her,the bottle of chloroform and rag still in my hand. Paperwork, knickknacks and a broken wine glass lay all around. You slowly make your way downstairs...."she's not hurt is she?" you say staring at her limp body..."yeah, shes good. bitch even *tried to pepper spray me." I say, wiping the sweat off my forehead.. "what do we do with her now?" your eyes cant tear away from her body..."well" i start in "rookie's choice. I have restraints ready for her bed, right here or even a chair. Whatever you want. I just want some information. So really, up to you, sweetheart..."

    "Bedroom it is then! Ill grab her arms, you grab the legs" I begin to slide my arms under her armpits and lift upward. "she's so light I can carry her myself!" ... "no no, let me help!" you say as you quickly slide your hands up her thin legs. They feel so soft yet toned,all en robed in silky nylon. you fasten your hands under her kneecaps and start walking backwards, all the while fixing your sights on her unconscious body.

    We heave our way up the long staircase. You're mesmerized by her well sized breasts bouncing up and down from the motions. You sneak a little feel up her skirt, feeling the lace at the top of her stocking. It makes your hands shake with anticipation. "Hey, not quite yet...hang a left, her rooms down the hall..."we bust open her bedroom doors and throw her onto the bed, her body bouncing with the springs.

    You're just staring at her limp and lifeless body. You stare at her chest rise and fall just to make sure shes still breathing. "um, hello? hello?! ok fine, I'll get the damn restraints" i say frustrated as i walk out of the bedroom to retrieve the duffel bag left in the hallway. You're feasting on her entire body with your eyes. you gently stroke her long, straight raven hair and uncover her face. Its beautifully made up, not too much of anything. You glide a finger over her lips just to see if the lipstick will come off which it doesn't. You run your well manicured hand down the length of her neck and along the buttons of her blouse, playing with the empty air space between her breasts. you open up her jacket and play run your hands down her sides. stopping to grip on her hips. you then flip up the skirt a little and you feel a bit of a rush staring at those beautifully lacy thigh high stockings.

    As you play with and absorb into Ms. Wang, you feel me toss the dufflebag at your feet. i take my sleeve and wipe the sweat off my forehead. "well, since you clearly have a thing for this one, you can tie her up" ... "What? B-but i don't know how" ...you stutter not just because this concept is slightly foreign to you but also because it excites you in ways you didn't think were possible. You stand in continued silence as you pinch at the stockings on her legs. So soft and squishy as you rub it between your fingertips..."how do i start?" *..."its easy. you want to tie her to the bed or hogtie?"...the question itself making your panties a litter more moist than they were before... "ummm...hog...tie? i guess" you're trying to hide your excitement.

    "ok then" i say as I sort through the bag..."you're...gonnnna waaaaant.....ah! these then" i take out a pair of leather hand restraints and toss them on the bed beside our Ms. Wang's body. ""get them on her wrists. She's a little 'un, so you might have to go all the way to the last notch on those" You stare at them for a second. Then pick them up, and exhale deeply."op! but first!... lets get her into position!" You touch her softly, caressing her. Mildly annoyed, I haphazardly pick her up under her armpits and flip her on her stomach. "this jacket has to go. get it off of her, yeah?" You let out a nervous little laugh and begin to peel the extra small jacket off of her tiny, size 4 frame. You smell her jacket and let her designer perfume fill your nostrils. You gently fold it like a store clerk at Macy's and put it on the chair in the corner. "Put her hands behind her back. THEN put them on." You put your knee on the bed and lean over Ms. Wang. You grab her right *forearm and strap her in at the wrist. Her bony, phallic arm is making you all sorts of hot.

    You roll up the sleeve as high as it will go and run your hands down the entire length of her outstretched right arm, her soft ivory skin giving you goosebumps...you affix the left wrist into the cuff and tighten it down to the last notch. you inspect your work, interlocking her fingers in to your own, trying to pull them apart as hard as you can. Satisfied with your work you step back to observe her. High from the experience you raise her skirt slightly and give her butt a nice little spank on the left cheek. Watching your red hand print dissipate back into a pale tone.

    "Hey hey now...not too hard. Dont want to leave a mark on her. Marks mean assault charges... Now get these on her legs" I toss another set of cuffs on the bed. "if they're too loose around the ankles, try to get them higher on the calf. Fuckin skinny bitch might be too skinny for my cuffs"* *you begin to again melt into her body, feeling those unbelievable silky smooth nylon stockings in your hands, rubbing your long nails all over them. Your hands quiver at the chance to hold her feet and position the cuff around her small ankles. Ever so carefully fitting her into it then suddenly pulling hard to tighten them up. You begin to tingle all over.

    You regain enough composure to finish the job, getting her opposite leg tightly into the cuff. The scene is a feast for your eyes. You begin to softly rub your hands all over that incredibly decadent nylon stocking...really soaking in its silken magic. You love the way it feels against your fingers...the way it squishes and stretches in your pinched fingers. The power you feel knowing that this woman could destroy our lives many times over but having her now literally as your own personal stress ball gets you going like nothing else on the planet at this given moment ever could.

    "Hey! dont forget the most important bit!" I pull out a long length of chain and hand it to your slightly trembling hands. "this connects the hand cuffs to the leg ones. there's a little hook thing on each end. hook it to the metal clasps on each pair of cuffs..." I watch as you chain the hands to the legs and watch as a giddy little smile stretches over your lips. "Good thing I thought ahead to bring the shorter chain. this chick is short. typical Asian, am i right?" you wont chuckle with me, you just remain staring at her now bound and secured body. "Lets make sure she's in there real tight" I pick up the chain and tug upward on it, her limp hands and legs move upward with my movement, like a puppet master playing with a *marionette. "perfect!" I say and put up my hand to give you a creepy hi-five but you leave me hanging. "yeah, well, ok...she may just wake up soon, maybe you should go hide in the shadows somewhere" that being said *as I hurriedly put on my ski mask .

    "I like to let them wake up organically" I say, chuckling at the irony of what i just said. "Sooooo...I mean, shes got wine downstairs..." Right as I point towards the bedroom door, it starts...."UGGGHHHNNNN...".... "Oop! somethings stirring!" Turn off that lamp over there and just sit and that chair...and try not to make a mess" I joke. "RRRRMMMMMMMNNN"...a few more incoherent moans later and Jenna's eyes begin to open and start to focus..."Wha...wha...what in the...what the holy fuck is going on?!" Her almond shaped eyes bulge and are becoming ever more bloodshot as she shakes and rattles the long chain behind her back. Her arms extend like the wings of a lame bird. she tries to get them over her head but soon realizes shes attached to her legs... "WHY AM I TIED UP?! WHO DID THIS?!" she begins to panic and scream her questions.

    "I did" I step forward with a quiet confidence, just allowing her to take me in. "WHO ARE YOU, YOU FAT FUCK?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BEDROOM?! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AAAAAAA-Ak-AK!" I stick a gag ball in her mouth but do not fasten it behind her head. "uh-uh! " I say ..."dont you know if you cant say something nice, you really shouldn't sayanything at all?" I come down to meet her at eye level. "I know you have a lot of questions for me. Well, maybe not so much as questions as you do threats, so Im just gonna cut the shit and tell you why Im here...you see, Ms. Jenna Wang, you employed a friend of mine not too long ago. She was branch manager of one of your banks out in the boon docks a while ago. After they got robbed, you personally came down to her branch. She was traumatized. But did you comfort and console her? NO. you FIRED her because you thought she was some sort of accomplice to the robbers".

    ..."that wasnt very fair of you. Her fucking life fell apart after all that,: I carefully wipe away the beads of sweat forming on her brow with my sleeve, she winces and flashes me a look of death. "But hey...water under the bridge...Well, kind of...you see, I need money. A lot of it. And I know that you happen to have LOADS of it"...I sit
    next to her head on the bed, she groans and glares daggers at me "And I know that not even you trust your own bank completely, and you keep your valuables including cash in a safe, here in your beautiful home. Now here's the question I know you're dying to answer: where's the safe? And follow up..." I grab one of the loose straps of the gag ball..."...what's the code?" *

    I yank the gag out of her mouth. She groans from the discomfort..."Screw you you fucking loser! Like Im gonna fucking just give you whatever you want? What a dumb amateur you must be! I am personally going to fuck over you and that sad bitch who used to work for me! You wont know what fucking hit you!" her ranting is intense yet predictable. I motion at you. A secret signal that we worked out before we broke in. You nod, and giggle a little as you quickly take off your soaked panties and throw them at me. "Ah-ah, but heres the thing" I say as I stuff your panties in to her mouth, her gagging and drooling and biting with passionate fury.

    "...I know that the safe and the code isn't your only secret" She stops thrashing and screaming through the gag for a second. Her eyes widen and she lets out a small "eep!" noise. I laugh "Bitch, why do you think your tied in leather bondage cuffs and not just in some rope and duct tape?" She moans a deep, troubled moan. "yeah, i know what you really get off on, you dirty, dirty....diiiiiiirty, slut bag..."

    I make my way over to her backside...toward her feet. Ms. Wang tries to bargain from behind the gag. I glance over at you and notice your giddy smile and constant crossing and re-crossing of your legs...i gently stroke her nylon stockings."Hey! there are quite nice! Very silky! So smooth! Like velvet even" You're leaning forward and practically drooling.

    "See, Ms. Wang...sorry, Jenna, yeah fuck the titles...Jenna..." I say as I stroke her left heel with my pointer finger "...I know..." I stroke again and she shudders and moves her feet like a hammer toward me..."...that some one here..." I stroke her heel harder and she actually produces a sound akin to laughter..."...is a wid-dull..." *...I dig four fingers into her arch and she delivers a penetrating, deep laugh..."....TICK-WISH!..." I begin scratching my nails erotically all over the soles of her feet, digging into her arches. As her laughter booms throughout the room through her muffled mouth, I look up to see you gingerly stroking at your crotch..."we're not done yet with her, baby. She's got a whole mess of special sensitive areas on her!"

    Jenna's guffaws are infectious. Her high pitched squeals just entice whoever is in the area to start laughing along with her. And we do. We're all laughing at the hilarious noises and tingling sensations we're experiencing "..this is quite a three way" I think to myself.

    I pick up both of her feet and make them face flat foward the ceiling "Hey, these restraints really are tight! you're good at this!" i call to your side of the room. You're still laughing but are licking your lips and rocking back and forth with your hands over your crotch...I slowly start to dance and wiggle my fingers all over Jenna's sole. She thrashes like a beached seal, moving her abs up and down creating a worm effect. I kneel on the bed to gain more leverage "move and thrash all you want to, I'm gonna make you my tickle bitch. right fucking now" I follow her feet with my eager hands. I'm not going to relent. I pull at the bunched up stocking in between the tips of her toes and the top of her foot to exert control over those feet "THESE ARE MY FEET RIGHT NOW! MY FUCKING FEET, JENNA! AND THEY WANT ME! YOU HEAR THAT? THEY FUCKING WANT ME!..."..

    THEY WANT MEEEEE!" I scratch and rub and dig my fingers ever harder into her pads and arches, We're both getting tired as I will not stop following her thrashing feet with my hands. Jenna sounds like her lungs are going to burst from all of this forced laughter and lack of fresh oxygen "YEAH, YOU LIKE THIS, DONT YOU, BITCH? YOU FUCKING LOVE IT! YOU LOVE MY FINGERS! YOU LOVE MY FUCKING FINGERS! YOU WANT MY FINGERS TO FUCK YOU, DONT YOU? YOU WANT THEM AND NOW THEY'RE HERE, JENNA! MY FINGERS ARE FUCKING YOUR FEET, BITCH!"

    The wadded up panties in her mouth resemble a piece of cotton thrown into a pool filter. Its soaking, sopping wet...saliva just pouring out of her mouth and onto her fine Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Shes rolling and rolling and gasping for a clean breath of air but I will not relent. the passion I have for her feet in that moment was second to none. "I love fucking your fucking feet, don't you, Jen?" I taunt some more, speaking to her as if we are actually engaged in sex.

    I suddenly hear something different other than laughing come from Jenna's lungs. It was an actual moan. I stop for a second and notice that her pelvis has been bouncing for some time. I must've mistaken it for thrashing. I look to the dark corner of the room and see you unabashedly stroking your clit. I stop and pant hard. that was literally the most fun I've had in this act since i started...i let things settle before grab Jen's right foot and begin tickling at the space between her toe tips and the top of her foot. my anonymous chats with her revealed that was her most erogenous area of her foot she thought...i matched my fingetips to her toes and stroked and stroked and rubbed and pulled and poked....really rubbing that incredibly soft silky nylon into each one of her toes...getting in between them.

    Jenna's body tenses up completely again, she's slobbering worse than a loose lipped St. Bernard all over herself and her bed. Shes laughing and screaming and clearly moaning. I notice a ever growing dark spot on her panties. I'm equally disgusted and and gratified at this reveal..."you wanna get in on this, rookie? Come and get your perfect nails and rub them all over this dirty whore's feet? Im having the time of my life fucking this fucking whore's feet. Come and tag team with me?!"

    You're rocking a little harder now, more than what ive seen before. You're sweating and unconsciously grinning. You look at the floor and put up a hand as if to say, 'you're good' "...well looks like you're getting off...let's see how are little fucking bitch is doing." I dismount the bed and go to Jenna's soaking red face. I carefully pinch the wet mushy material in her mouth and pull hard, extracting it. She gasps hard for air as if she's been underwater for a fortnight. I let her take in a few deep breaths and start in..."now, location of the safe and the code, please".

    "HAAAAAAH....HOOOOOOH...UGHHHHH...I....SOOOOOOHOHO. ..IM...G-GOH OOH!" ..."that made no sense. wanna try again?"
    "HAHAHAAAAA" her foot was still curled, he toes still scrunching and retracting. I think she was still feeling it. Still feeling the tingling in her damn feet "Wow, bitch, you ARE really sensitive!"*

    "Hope you're not too sore tomorrow" I laugh "you're feet gonna call me, Jen? Because I fucked the shit out of them! I fucked your feet so fucking hard, I may have knocked them up" I tease and slap her bed, my hand print formed in her powdery white sheets...she starts up again incoherently, but with a look of determination on her face..."HEEEEHEEEE...HoOOOh...OhhhhKay...the...the safe is...basement...behind bookshelf.... she drops her head against the bed with a thwop.*she's completely exhausted. Her eyes bloodshot, her toes and feet still curled and if the restraints werent keeping her feet and arms bent up and back, they'd have dropped, too.

    You walk over from her throne in the dark corner of the room. Without much explanation or even a word, You grab hold of Jenna's right foot. You hold it to your face and takes a deep whiff. With a pair of scissors you snip at the stocking an inch below the restraint, freeing it from her foot. Jenna and I look at you in bemusement. You look up and smile "hey, that bitch got my panties!"

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    wowwww. nicely done

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    Thank you

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