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    Oct 2016
    Los Angeles

    Best Tickle Comic EVER

    Sorry, no offense to any other artists on here. You know I love your work.

    But this series is my absolute favorite tickle comic of all time, and the reason I'm posting this is because I'm super-excited...there's finally another issue!!!!

    Seriously, if you haven't checked this out, CHECK IT OUT. Especially since there's a discount on the first three right now. I want tons of people to buy this comic so we can have more of it!!


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    fucking furries xD

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    Oct 2016
    Los Angeles
    Quote Originally Posted by momotueur View Post
    fucking furries xD
    Hahaha XD

    You know, it didn't really occur to me that without context, that's what this comic would seem like. Trust me, it's not about that. The werewolf doesn't show up until the third issue, and even then, it's actually (surprisingly) well-integrated into the story. Most of the tickling isn't focused on that. It's awesome. I can't really explain without spoiling stuff (though I suppose caring about the plot in a tickling comic is like caring about the salad in a Mexican restaurant).

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    Mar 2005
    France / China
    IMO, and without taking anything away from Pawfeather who's an amazing artist,this amazing tour de froce by Redscript is the best tickle comic ever. There are not enough superlatives to describe it. Its quality trumps everything I have ever seen in the genre, and it is available for free nonetheless!

    Cats are known to see within the dark. Yet, if you had sight like a cat, even for one day, would you really want to see what's in the dark ?

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