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    VAMP RECORDS #3 (Now, get your Goth ON!) New 10/10/17

    Written and Created by Bandito
    Illustrated by Rearte
    Colors by Roel
    Lettering by RostoKFX
    Edited by Chicago Annie

    *Special Thanks to White Lotus for all of her behind the scenes work including but not limited to the title graphics and banner.

    Poor sexy, gothy Val...

    Val has recently been outed by her evil tickling rivals, Crystal and Brandy. They stumbled upon her TERRIBLE TICKLISH SECRET and her life has been in the gnarliest kinda disarray ever since! She almost destroyed the Hard Rock section of the store in a ticklish explosion. She, like, totally mangled the most bitchin guitar ever in the throes of sensitive desperation. Her life is a major drag.

    She needs to chill out. Big time.

    So, when her nerdy, oddly-hot, and almost-disturbingly-attentive neighbor, Shelly, invites her over to the comic shop she works at...Val accepts. But when Shelly pokes a little too much fun at Val's recent ticklish trials...Val locks her feet in the prop chair she's in and decides to have a little tickling fun of her OWN!

    Will the gorgeous geeky girl be as sinfully sensitive as she looks??

    Will Val enjoy tickling as much as she seems to hate hysterically laughing?

    And will the two ominous shapes hiding behind the Thaknut The Barbarian section have tickling plans for both VAL AND SHELLY???

    Grab your pogo-ball and hyper-color shirt.

    Get out your walkman and your jean-jacket.

    And welcome back...to VAMP RECORDS!

    VR03_Cover.jpg VR03_Preview.jpg

    • 6 gleefully giggly gothic pages + Cover!
    • 25 hilariously hot tickling panels!
    • A sinfully sensitive SCENE OF DESPERATION!
    • Gorgeous barefoot and nylon sole tickling!
    • Pale perfect upper body tickling!
    • Wicked impromptu bondage and tickle torture!
    • Illustrated by the bitchin’ Rearte!
    • Written and Created by Bandito!
    • Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

    Product and Ordering Information

    Save $ off the following comics..

    Vamp Records #1
    Vamp Records #2

    This offer is good until 10/31/17
    Attached Images Attached Images

    Please visit us at DeviantArt and Facebook

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