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    FOUL PLAY #7: Etiquette Class (GET YOUR TICKLISH TORTURE ON!) New 12/21/17

    FOUL PLAY #7: Etiquette Class
    Art by Josh Flynn
    Written by Bandito
    Edited by Chicago Annie

    *Special Thanks to White Lotus for all of her behind the scenes work including but not limited to the title graphics and banner.

    The lights go out once again...and the FOUL PLAY begins anew!

    The young, bratty Svalta has been captured by her older and much larger rival, Gertrude. And Gerty has every intention of making the petite princess pay for her ravenous torture from the night before.

    Gertrude knows BOTH of Svalta's most debilitating weaknesses: her insatiable sexual appetite and her insanely TICKLISH BODY! Both weaknesses will be thoroughly exploited as Gertrude serves up a fiendish, ticklish revenge worthy of seconds!

    Watch from the shadows.

    Try to guess whodunnit this time.

    Don't worry, no one will know when you...

    Get your ticklish torture on!

    FP07_Cover.jpg FP07_Preview01.jpg FP07_Preview02.jpg

    13 Murderously Mirthful Pages + Cover!
    39 Wickedly Taunting Tickling Panels!
    Big Beauty Tickle Tortures a Little Brat!
    Fiendish Socked and Bare Foot Tickles!
    Sinfully Naughty and Full Body Tickling!
    Devious Suspended Bondage and Tickle Fight!
    Illustrated by the Phenomenal Josh Flynn!
    Written and Created by Bandito!
    Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

    Product and Ordering Information

    Attached Images Attached Images

    Please visit us at DeviantArt and Facebook

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    new haven, ct

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkprime43k View Post
    Thanks, brother.

    Much appreciated!


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