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    Jenni The Clown: I Don't Laugh F/M

    Jenni usually loved her days off. Of course she relied on work to live, but she made a pretty penny between her clown gigs and her therapy sessions with various troubled people. Unlike most in this day and age. She could afford to take 3 days off a week and still live pretty comfortably. This presented an issue, however. Specifically, she needed things to do. She couldn't bear to see herself become addicted to daytime TV, eating fast food every day, and becoming bored with life. She needed stimulation, of one kind or another. She lounging on her couch and considering going to a movie when she heard a knock on her door. She lifted herself off of the cushions, adjusting her top and her belt as she moved to the door. She opened it and gazed upon the handsome young man with his thumbs in his jeans pockets. His blonde hair was short and slicked back and impressive muscles were visible in his almost too-tight white tee.

    “Are you Jenni?” He asked.

    “Sure am.” She answered eagerly. Hell, she would have responded to any name for this guy. He looked like a High School QB, but didn't seem nearly as obnoxious. Best of both worlds.

    “Oh, good. I'm Matt.” He extended his hand to shake hers.

    “Hi, Matt. What can I do to you? Er, I mean, for you.” She stammered.

    “Can I come in?” He glanced inside and then back at her. She looked him over.

    “Well, it doesn't look like you're armed. Can I ask what this is about?”

    “You know a friend of mine named Owen.” Matt informed her before she caught him peeking at her chest.

    “Up here, Matt.” She smirked. “What has Owen done now?” Owen was one of Jenni's old patients. A problem child that she set straight not once, but twice, with intensive tickle torture sessions.

    “Oh no. Don't get me wrong. He hasn't done anything.” Matt shook his head for a second. “He told me I should talk to you. He didn't have your cell phone number, otherwise I would have called to make an appointment.”

    “Well, we can decide on a time for maybe later next week if you like.” She suggested.

    “Do you think we could do this now? I'm pretty desperate.” He requested anxiously.

    “I don't think so. I have been trying not to make a habit of spontaneous sessions. I'm sorry. Hit me up on my Facebook page and we'll go from there.” She started to close the door.

    “I don't laugh.” He said. She hastily opened the door back up.

    “You don't what?”

    Matt made himself comfortable on the couch. He looked around the living room.

    “Nice place.” He complimented the lovely therapist.

    “Thank you.” Jenni's mind was still reeling from his earlier claim in the doorway. She sat in her recliner with a notepad and pen. “So how do you know Owen?”

    “We were in school together a couple years ago. I was a year ahead of him though.”

    “So that would make you what? 19?”
    “20.” He corrected her. She jotted that down on her pad.

    “So, I'm assuming that when you say you don't laugh, you don't mean that literally.” She was unable to wrap her mind around the notion.

    “I absolutely mean it literally.” He insisted. “I can't remember the last time I laughed at anything.”

    “Do you just not have a sense of humor?” She came off a little more blunt that she had intended. “No offense.”

    “None taken, but no, I have a sense of humor. I find certain things to be funny. I just don't respond to humor with laughter. It's hard to explain.” He struggled to find the words.

    “Do you think that it is psychological?” Jenni knew as well as anybody that laughter was a physical response, but she had never encountered anyone who didn't laugh. People who don't laugh much? Sure. But not someone who just plain doesn't do it.

    “I have no idea. The reason that Owen told me to see you was that he thought you could make anybody laugh.”

    “He would say that.” Jenni had trouble holding back a smile, recalling how she had brought the teen to hysterics. “We'll get back to the laughing thing in a minute. First, let me ask you some basic questions, sound good?”

    “Yeah, shoot.” He agreed.

    “I got your age already. To be honest, I don't work like most psychologists do. First off, I am a psychologist, not a psychiatrist, so I don't write prescriptions for anything. However, I have to ask if you are on any medications. It's possible you are describing a side effect of something. So, simply put, are you on anything?”

    “No. I smoke cigarettes sometimes but nothing more.” He replied. He shifted in his seat to get more comfy. Jenni was happy to see him ease up and relax a bit.

    “Okay...” She wrote something down on her pad. Matt could tell from the scribbling sound that she was taking notes in cursive. He wondered if that was a standard practice for doctors. The thought brought a smile to his face. Jenni looked up and saw it.

    “Wait, so you can smile?”

    “Yeah, that much I can do. It's just laughing.” He clarified. Jenni was getting more interested in this man's dilemma by the moment.

    “Okay, well as I was saying, I don't work like most psychologists. A lot of us have specific questions that we ask all of our patients at first. I, on the other hand, try to direct specific inquiries on a case by case basis to get directly to the source of that patient's issues. Laughter is a physical response to amusement. So I want to ask you about other responses. For instance, do you feel changes in temperature? Like if I turned the air on in here, would it take you an extended time to realize that I had?”

    “No, I would notice. I actually hate the cold.” He told her.

    “Do you feel fear?”

    “Yes. Sometimes.”

    “What are you afraid of?” She was writing his answers down with each response.

    “Certain animals.” He said. “I have a rule: If it has more than 4 legs or none at all, I don't want it around me.” Jenni chortled at the response. He did have a sense of humor.

    “I'm basically the same way, but I'm gonna steal that line from you.” She admitted. “Anything else you are afraid of?”

    “Not much, really. Some scary movies I guess.”

    “Afraid of clowns?”

    “Nah. I never understood that fear, myself.” Matt didn't see Jenni's eyes glow a bit from his response. Of course she was happy to hear it.

    “Do you masturbate?” She asked. She kept the same tone that she had used asking the other questions, but it still surprised Matt to hear it.

    “I'm sorry. What?”

    “Do you touch yourself?” She put it another way.

    “No, I mean, I know what masturbate means. I just don't know why you need to know that.” He didn't seem insulted by the question, but curious as to it's purpose.

    “That often, huh?” She winked at him, making him a little flustered. “I'm just joking, Matt. There is a reason for the question. People usually laugh as a response to some kind of external stimulus, be it mental, verbal, or physical. If you watch porn or read a sexy story and feel the urge to flog the bishop, it's a similar mechanism.” She explained.

    “Okay...” He conceded after hearing her logic. “I guess, 2 or 3 times a day.”

    “Not too unusual for a 20 year old guy. Are you a virgin?”


    “Wow, you had no problem answering that one.” She pointed out.

    “Well, you know how often I put out my own fires, I may as well come out and tell you if I have done it with another person.” He reasoned.

    “Touche, good sir.” She looked back down at her note pad. “Do you find comedy films to be funny?”

    “Not if Will Ferrell is in them.” He jested.

    “Once again, I agree with you, but I mean in general.”

    “Yes, I find some movies to be funny. But I don't laugh at them.”

    “Are you ticklish?” She raised an eyebrow.

    “Nope.” He answered quickly.

    “Really, not anywhere?” Jenni had heard many men and women make the same claim. But she had never found it to be true.

    “Nowhere. People tried to tickle me all the time when I was little. My mom, my sister, kids at school. It never worked.”

    “So...” Jenni set her note pad and pen down on a little table beside her chair, “If I came over there right now and tried to tickle you, nothing would happen?”

    “You would be wasting your time.” He told her. Jenni wasn't sure what to say. He didn't seem to be lying to her to avoid being tickled. In fact, especially with his arms up and spread out on the top of the couch, he looked as though he would welcome the attempt.

    “Do you mind if I try?”

    “Are you serious?” His expression turned from calm to quizzical.

    “What harm could it do?” She asked him.

    “If you want to, go ahead. Have at it.” He accepted.

    “Alright. Here I come.” She warned as she got up and moved over to the couch, sitting beside him. She reached an arm around him, between his back and the couch, and placed her fingers on either of his sides, just above his hips. She pressed her fingers in, just a little, and wiggled her fingers. There was no physical response from Matt. Not a smile. Not a twitch. Nothing. She crept her fingers up his sides to his ribs, as she had done with countless people in the past. He hardly seemed to notice, even when she started tapping between his ribs as if she was playing a piano.

    “It's not working.” He observed.

    “I've just started.” She replied. She brought her fingers higher until she reached the hollows of his armpits. She gently scratched the pits though the fabric of his tee shirt. Most people would clamp there arms and start begging at such a touch. Not Matt, though. Matt just yawned. Jenni couldn’t believe it.

    “Told ya.” He didn't sound arrogant. He sounded disappointed.

    “Maybe if you can't see my fingers.” She thought out loud. “I used to do this to my cousin.” She put her hands inside of his shirt and tickled about his belly. “See the Tickle Bugs scampering?” She teased. “Tickle tickle!” She looked up at his face... nothing. He wasn't phased in the slightest. She tried his bellybutton, and after not getting anywhere with that, she pulled her hands back out.

    “See what I mean?” He asked her.

    “Matt, do you trust me? Like, would you trust me not to hurt you in any way?” Jenni looked hopeful.

    “Yeah, sure. You seem nice enough.”

    “Okay. Good. Cause this is going to sound weird. Get up and follow me.”

    Jenni led Matt into her bedroom. She could tell that he was curious as to what she wanted to do, but the truth was that he was willing to try anything at this point. This wasn't just about Jenni wanting to tickle him, although she certainly did. It was about him wanting to be able to laugh like other people. She wanted... no... she needed to help him. If nothing else, her pride was at stake, now.

    “Okay, I want you to take all of your clothes off and get on the bed.”

    “Why? What will that do?”

    “Make it easier to tickle you.” She said.

    “Jenni, I told you, I'm not ticklish.”

    “Look, I'm sorry. I just refuse to believe that.” She shook her head. “I think that this whole no laughing thing is all in your mind, and I think I can get you to laugh if I am able to tickle you. At least give me the chance to find out. Like I said before, what harm can it do?”

    “If you are really that sure of yourself.” Matt sighed. If nothing else, he surely had no problem being naked in front of such a beautiful and well endowed girl. Hey, it might be fun. He started to strip as Jenni watched with lustful eyes. She tried to mask her arousal with a professional demeanor, but she wasn't sure how well that was working. Matt was soon naked with his clothes on a pile on the floor beside him.

    “Thank you. Now get on the bed please. I'm going to secure you to the posts so that you can't get away.”

    “I'm not going to try to.” He insisted.

    “We'll see. Now get on the bed. Doctor's orders.”

    He did as he was told. Jenni went into her dresser to get some nylons and then walked back to the bed, tying him expertly with the soft, but effective material. He was soon tied to her bed. But she wasn't ready just yet.

    “Just one more thing. Close your eyes for a few minutes.”

    “Why? Are you gonna try to tickle me with my eyes closed?” He wondered.

    “No. Just close them. I will tell you when you can open them up.”

    Matt closed his eyes. The bed was awfully cozy. He was afraid that he might fall asleep if nothing happened soon. He hear a few noises: A closet door sliding open and closed... a long zipper being done up... a make-up case being prepared... He wasn't sure what Jenni had planned, but she certainly had his attention. He finally felt her climb up onto the bed.

    “Okay, open.”

    He looked up at her as she sat on his right side, perched like a vulture. She was dressed like... a clown. He wasn't sure what to say as she smiled and waved at him gingerly.

    “Hi, there.”

    “What the Hell is going on?”

    “Owen didn't tell you? I also work as a clown for kids parties and such. You already said you aren't afraid of clowns, so I didn't think it would affect you in a negative way if I dolled myself up a bit for you.” She grinned with her painted lips. “Indeed, watching a clown, someone who makes people laugh for a living, tickle you, might inspire laughter more easily than if it was just me in my jeans and top. Now let's see...” She wiggled her fingers threateningly as she looked him over. “If I was a giggle... where would I hide? Here, maybe?” She started to softly tweak his knees with her fingers, like a friendly crab pinching just hard enough not to hurt. Matt remained stoic but watched her actions with great interest.

    “Are knees normally ticklish?” He asked.

    “They are a moderate spot. Some people have extremely ticklish knees. Some people aren't ticklish there at all.” Jenni told him as she moved up and goosed his thighs to no avail. “No giggles here either? Not even one?” She spider tickled his inner thighs, but she may as well have been tickling a brick.

    “I dunno what to tell you.” He sighed again.

    “You just relax. I'll get you eventually.” Jenni scooted down towards his feet. “I bet I'll find some giggles down here.” She scurried her nails up and down the bare soles. Not even a toe wiggle. Incredible. She had another idea and attacked his toes, even tickling between them. There was unquestionably no reaction from the young man. Jenni had brought men to tears by tickling their toes. She wondered what was going on. She was becoming impatient. She took a breath and mustered up some more enthusiasm. She sat for a moment and thought to herself. She saw his manhood, flaccid, but exposed, and lit up. “Of course!”

    “Of course, what?”

    “I'm gonna tickle... over... here... tickle tickle tickle...” Jenni brought two fingers to his scrotum, tracing softly. All men were ticklish there, she knew. All men were...

    But there was no reaction. She may as well have not been touching him at all. Jenni felt her confidence begin to crumble. Nothing was working. Matt seemed completely unresponsive to her touch. Could he have been telling the truth? Could he really impervious to tickling? Maybe there really was always an exception to the rule. Maybe she would never be able to make Matt laugh. The thought brought her to the edge of sadness.

    “I don't believe it...” She whispered to herself. She went for broke, attacking every spot she could think of. She tickled his neck, behind his ears, his hips, his butt... nothing. Finally, she gave up.

    “Well...” He looked up at her, sensing her sorrow. “You tried. You really did try. Nobody could say you didn't.”

    “You don't understand... I have never had this happen before.” She looked like her dog had just died. “I have tickled so many people... but this is the first time I haven't been able to.”

    “Jenni, I really thought it was going to work for a minute there, but maybe this is just something I am going to have to live with. It's not your fault.”

    Jenni didn't cry. She did, however, take a deep breath. She collected herself.

    “Well, I am not going to let you leave unhappy. If I can't tickle you, I will just have to make you happy in another way.” She took his penis into her soft hand. “Unless you have any objections...” She smiled, knowing full well that he wouldn't.

    “Far be it from me to stop a girl from having her fun.” He smiled back. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world that this veritable goddess of curves wanted to please him in that manner. He pushed his head back into the pillow and gave into her as she stroked his cock. It didn't take long at all for him to have a raging hard on.

    Jenni undid the buttons on the front of her top, letting her nearly soccer ball-sized breasts jut out from their confinement. I she wasn't gonna make him laugh, she would at least make him cum. On that, she would have no debate. She rubbed down his engorged member with the talent of a trained masseuse.

    She climbed on top of him, straddling his hips and resting his manhood between her legs. She leaned over and kissed his neck. He moaned softly. He hadn't been so turned on without watching porn. Such a powerful and voluptuous woman manipulating his body in such a way... He didn't think it would take long for him to release.

    Jenni put elbows down on either side of him so that she wouldn't cramp up. Her hands rested on his sides. She kissed him deeply, punctuating the act with a softer peck just afterward. She was about to kiss him again when he snickered.


    Time stopped. Jenni's eyes locked with his. She wore a mask of shock. He wore one of terror. She had caressed his sides in a brief motion of lust. His sides trembled and a snicker had escaped his lips. She had tickled him. But how? What had changed? Suddenly it hit her like a lottery win: He was aroused! He hadn't been tickled since youth, well before his body had changed during puberty. And he was a virgin, so he wouldn't have known! He had never been tickled while erect. It all made sense! People's nerves and physical responses to sensation change when they are sexually aroused. Some find pain pleasurable. Others lose feeling in certain areas. But Matt... Matt became ticklish. Jenni's mask of shock slowly turned into a mask of playful malevolence.

    “No... way...” She uttered softly.

    Matt couldn't believe it. He had just been tickled for the first time. It felt good, but also a bit overwhelming as well. She had made him snicker as well. This woman had done what nobody else had done. And now in addition to being aroused by her... he was a bit afraid of her. Jenni saw that fear in his eyes and drank it down like a shot of cheap whiskey.

    “I knew it!” She claimed triumphantly. “I knew there was a way in! Everybody has a weakness.”

    “Now, let's not stop what we were doing just because...” He tried to distract her.

    “Uh uh. You're not getting out of this, pal.” Jenni suddenly became quite boisterous. “Do you know who I am? I'm the clown feared by those who aren't afraid of clowns! I have 3,000 friends on TMF! I have created and patented tickle devices that most would never believe existed! I have seen every single one of Charlee Chase's Dr. Tickle instruction videos! I am Jenni The Clown! And I always get a laugh! Even... from... you.” She punctuated the last three words with 3 taps against the spot that had proved sensitive. His lips curled out of ticklishness. Her lips curled out of devious intent. “As long as your penis is up, your defenses come down. And what makes this even better...” She chuckled giddily, “is that I get to be the first one to discover every ticklish inch of you. You want to go back to regular, boring sex? I don't think so, Buster. I am not going to stop tickling you until you are an inch away from losing your freaking mind! Hey, Matt...” Her tone turned sinister. Her wicked, smiling face just inches from his. “Coochie... coochie... coo...”

    She began tracing her fingers along the sweet spots on his sides. She saw him bite his lip and felt the flesh of his sides twitch with each pass of her delicate fingers She kept the same motion. Back and forth. Back and forth. Just lock a pendulum on a grandfather clock. Her devil eyes locked directly onto his as he tittered... then giggled... then... finally... laughed.


    “Victory!” Jenni cheered. “Tickle tickle, boy who doesn't laugh!” She skittered her fingertips all over his sides and tummy. The dam was broken and he laughed freely.

    “HahhahahHAHAHHAHHaHAhhAHhAHhHAhHAhAhHAhAHhHAHHAhH AhahaHAHhA!” Matt couldn't stop laughing. Every touch from her knowing hands decimated each chance he had to control himself. She caressed his sides. She poked his bellybutton. She drew little shapes on his lower belly (which really got him going). And the whole time she talked, bragging about her new found discovery.

    “I never would have thought in a million years that I would meet somebody like you. I have tickled dozens of guys until they had erections. But you aren't even ticklish until you already have one. I have to think of a name for you. Something fun.” She spider tickled his ribs as he giggled helplessly. “Something like... Boner Boy... or... Tickly Pickly... or... oh, I dunno. But this is so much fun! Gitchy goo, Matt! How about this bottom ribbie here? My, you are squirming a lot! See, you wondered why the restraints? This is why. This is why the restraints. Hahaha Tickle tickle tickle...”

    Matt couldn't deal with any of this. She was rocking on top of him, constantly rubbing his penis with her satin covered womanhood as her boobs swayed slowly in front of his eyes. She kept him hard. She kept him ticklish. Her fingers crept into his underarms, just as they had done earlier. But this time, Matt felt the tickle.


    “Aw, what's the matter? Got the giggles?” She taunted him. She poked and teased the hollows with the skill and style of a housewife folding towels for the millionth time. Not a single misstep. Just precision, and the perfect amount of pressure. The kind of touch that a submissive lee would have multiple orgasms over. She was now his tickler, his bully, his mother, his lover... all wrapped up in one insidiously whimsical woman.

    “Coochie coochie coo...” She giggled sweetly. “Enough upper body work, I think. Time to give you a workout below the waist.” She changed position. She turned around in a 180 degree angle, now with her knees against his ribs, she was in the perfectly aligned position. Her magnificent, heart-shaped bottom rested on his face. “This is ideal.” She said, “from this vantage point, I can reach your every tickle spot down here, and keep an eye on your boner.” Indeed, she saw that he only had a semi at the moment. “Oh no. That just won't do. I need you at full mast.” She took him into her mouth and tickled the tops of his thighs, delighted when she heard and felt him giggling into her butt.


    “Hehehe... careful now, Big boy.” She took her mouth off of him, relishing his stiffness and girth. “You might just tickle me a little if you keep that up.” While the ticklishness of Jenni's ass was legendary, she told him that more to excite him then to encourage him. Still the muffled giggles did tickle her bottom. They were locked in what she affectionately referred to as a Ticklish 69. She chuckled quietly at the sensation as she tickled his knees, making him laugh louder.

    Matt wanted to cum so bad. Both to obtain release, but also so that his ticklishness would subside. It was a special kind of torture. By keeping him in Heaven, she was sending him to Hell. Her fingers crept down to his feet and his laughter reached a new plateau as she tickled his toes.

    “This little piggy came to Jenni's house... this little piggy got tied down... this little piggy refused to laugh... this little piggy got hard... and this little piggy went Hee hee hee hee!” She tickled all over his soles, making him laugh uproariously against her. “That's it, little boy. Laugh. Feel the tickle and laugh for Jenni. Tickle tickle tickle...” She took him back into her mouth occasionally, just enough to keep him on edge.


    She had discovered a special bundle of nerve endings along his arches. She tickled that spot with gentle flicks, almost snapping her fingers. This drove him insane. And she loved it.

    “Such poor tickly feetsies! A-gitchy gitchy goo!”

    Matt couldn't take much more. He felt like she would never stop tickling him. That he would never cum. That she wouldn't stop until he was in need of a straight jacket.

    Jenni decided to be merciful at this point, and stopped touching his feet. She didn't want him losing consciousness, although she now knew that his feet would bring him to his knees if she ever wanted something from him in the future.

    “Time to pay the Piper. Hold on to your sanity.” She told him as she locked her lips once more around his aching cock. She then positioned her fingers in a specific way: One hand positioned crooked fingers against the crack of his bottom, while the other hand positioned crooked fingers against his testicles. Then... she tickled. Oh, man, did she tickle. But, from a distance, it seemed like she was playing a pipe or flute.


    Jenni continued to play her “pipe”, even humming a maternal “tickle tickle” melody as she covered his balls and ass with inescapable tickles.

    When he came, she almost choked with the intensity of it. She swallowed every spurt as they came until he was completely drained. He cried out like a wounded animal as she continued to tickle until his penis was finally flaccid again. Now he felt next to nothing as he drifted off to sleep underneath her.

    Jenni sat beside him and rubbed one out, obtaining her own sexual release that had been building for the last 30 minutes or so. She smiled out of pure satisfaction. Her pride was restored, and she had made the boy who couldn't laugh, do just that. And how. If only he knew what she had in store for him once he woke up.
    Please enjoy all of my stories in my archive.


    Also, check out my ebooks featuring extended and original stories with Jenni The Clown, on sale at Lulu.com! http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?c...utorId=1670178

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcgaming515 View Post
    Please enjoy all of my stories in my archive.


    Also, check out my ebooks featuring extended and original stories with Jenni The Clown, on sale at Lulu.com! http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?c...utorId=1670178

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