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    Sep 2005

    Cute Asian Foot Tickle

    Hello TMF,

    It's been too long since I've posted a true story, mainly because, depressingly enough, I've been going through a bit of a tickle-drought and haven't had anything of note to post about. However, I'm glad to say I did just break the drought last night, and thought I'd share the experience, since it was certainly a positive one.

    Now I should point out upfront that, unlike my other stories, this one is about a girl whom I paid for the pleasure of spending time with her. If that type of thing offends you, please feel free to leave now. If it makes you feel any better, in the country I reside, this sort of thing is entirely legal. But I totally get that this is a sensitive subject for some, but it is what it is.

    Anyway, as above, it's been a seriously long time since I've tickled a girl, and I have had the most overwhelming desire to have some feminine feet in my clutches. With no prospects on the horizon, last night I succumbed and visited an escort agency close to my apartment. Also, anyone who's read my previous stories will know that I have something of an appreciation, verging on a fetish, for ladies of Asian origin. Mainly because I'm a foot guy, and Asian girls always seem to have the sort of feet I desire - small, dainty, pretty. So I went to this place mainly because they specialize in Asian women.

    So I rocked into this place, and this was my second visit. My first visit did not go well. Basically, the first time around I got landed with a very stroppy girly who informed me, and I quote, when I tried to tickle her feet, that "I get paid for massage, and sex, nothing else. And definitely no tickling." I guess the only upside of that interaction was that she seemed to be seriously ticklish on her feet, for the half second I got to tickle them.

    Anyway, I knew this was down to the wrong choice of girl, not a problem with the establishment. Which is why I returned last night, with the objective of picking a more suitable girl.

    The operators of the establishment promptly showed me three girls who were available. One of them - Misty was her name, a working name obviously, but that's to be expected - caught my eye. After the last experience, I knew what I was looking for. While the other two girls were beautiful, they had a haughty, defiant look in their eyes. I knew I would be in for the same as last time if I picked them. But Misty gave me this beautiful, open smile, like her whole face lit up, and I knew she was the one. I chose her, and soon we were on the way to a room.

    Misty was pretty much everything I love about Asian girls. Tiny, probably only 5 foot, definitely less than 100 lbs. Jet black hair, dark eyes, delicate features, soft skin - you know the drill. But more importantly, unlike the last girl, from the second we got in the room, she was 100% dedicated to pleasing me. But the question still remained though - did she have ticklish feet? That's always a massive cliffhanger for me, until proven one way or the other.

    So we started with her giving me a massage. About ten minutes. While this was nice enough, I spent the time thinking about how I could engineer the opportunity to tickle her feet without it feeling weird. Yes, that's right, even when paying for it, I'm still worried about the tickle fetish coming off as weird. I don't know what it is, but something deep inside says to me that you can't just tickle a girl, or tell her you want to tickle her outright. That would be weird. It has to feel natural. Based on some of the other stories I read on here, I know this is 100% untrue, but I guess I'm just neurotic.

    In any case, at the end of the massage, Misty goes and makes it easy for me by playfully tickling my sides. Her technique sucked and didn't tickle at all, but I got what she was trying to do and played along, laughing loudly and thrashing around. She seemed pleased and said something about a ticklish man having a good heart or something (her English was not great, but I found it totally charming when accompanied with her beautiful smile. What I would say about this girl is that, despite what she was doing for a living, she seemed to have a boundless optimism for life, she seemed like a good girl and was an all round a really cool girl, up for anything. So totally different to the girl I got last time.)

    I had also noticed that, once we got in the room and Misty had slipped off her high-heel shoes, she had absolutely gorgeous feet. They were tiny, like the rest of her. Like so small I wondered where she got those shoes. Surely her feet would have been kid's size in most shoe stores. Still, perfectly formed, toes running an ideal curve from big toe down to pinky without a single one standing out.

    So anyway, the massage was over, and Misty had handed me an ideal opportunity to tickle her back. We started to fool around. As these girls are no doubt trained to do, she tried to move the interaction to sex as quickly as possible, but I slowed her down. I kissed her body, in awe of how smooth her skin was everywhere. I couldn't wait to get to her feet.

    I flipped her over, and initiated my first tickle attack. I lightly raked my fingers over her bare butt cheeks. No reaction. This isn't a biggie for me. Ticklish ass doesn't bother me one way or the other. But it provided the ideal in for starting to talk about tickling.

    "Don't you have a ticklish bum?" I asked.

    Her English was better than I first thought, as she seemed to understand perfectly. "No, I'm only ticklish in the same places you are," she said. Referencing the earlier tickling of my ribs and armpits.

    I didn't want to let a tickling opportunity go, so I immediately reached for her sides, exposed as she lay face-down with her arms up like she was expecting a massage in return. She giggled sweetly, and said "yes, there." I then moved my attention up to her armpits, and again she said, "yes, there," while bringing her arms down to defend herself.

    I knew this was the perfect opportunity to try her feet too, since we were doing the whole tickling thing. I already knew ass - no, sides - yes, armpits - yes. So, with her still lying face down in front of me, I grabbed her left ankle and brought that beautiful foot up towards me. She didn't struggle, even though her bare sole was now facing upwards. I lowered my right hand onto it, and scribbled my fingers over her tiny sole. The response was immediate - the tiny girl bucked wildly beneath me, and let out a loud, constant laugh, for the duration of me tickling her foot, which would have been about ten seconds.

    "So, ticklish there too?" I asked, unnecessarily.

    "Of course!" Misty replied.

    It's a small point, but since last night I've reflected on that response. She was so emphatic that, of course she was ticklish on her feet too. But to me, it was the sweetest thing in the world to hear her say that.

    After a while we did what girls like her are paid to do. But as we were reaching the point that I was probably about to finish the session, I realized that we'd probably only been together for about 40 minutes, and I'd paid for an hour. So I had time to spare, and my fetish was yet to be entirely fulfilled.

    Misty and I had a good vibe going by this point, so I didn't feel at all awkward stopping what we were doing, and asking: "hey, can I tickle you a bit more?"

    Like I said before, these girls generally want to move towards the finale ASAP, so I was beyond delighted when Misty's face lit up again, and she said, "yeah, of course!"

    She truly was one in a million.

    Anyway, at this point she didn't know where I wanted to tickle her, but she was totally cooperative whatever. I had her lie on her back, lengthwise on the bed, then maneuvered myself so I was lying horizontal to her, with her feet on my chest. I was in heaven just looking at her tiny, smooth soles, right in my face. These were hands-down some of the best feet I've ever seen in my life.

    I knew I had to manage her natural ticklish response, so I grabbed her right foot, pushing the left one away. Then I brought my hand up, and started tracing my fingers all over her sole. The response was immediate. This gorgeous little Asian girl started to giggle like there was no tomorrow. It was a thing of beauty - I dragged my fingers over her arch, the ball of her foot, the base of her toes, and she dissolved into helpless laughter. It was so loud I started to worry if someone would hear us, but I figured in a place like this, the walls are probably well insulated, and if not, people minded their own business as to what was going on in other rooms.

    In any case, after about 10 seconds Misty started bringing her left foot up and started trying to block my tickling efforts on her right foot. I took that as an invitation, and grabbed her left ankle, while wedging her right leg behind my body.

    "Oh no!" she said, just as my fingers started raining down tickling onto her left foot. I spent about 20 second tickling her left foot, until she managed to free her right foot, and started to kick frantically. I knew this wasn't her being uncooperative, but just a natural reaction to the maddening tickling sensations that were being inflicted on her feet.

    Finally, I decided I was almost done, but only almost... I eventually grabbed both her ankles and held them across my chest. If at any point I thought Misty was genuinely suffering I would have stopped, but she still seemed to be with me at this point. Her laughter was hysterical though, as I raked my fingers over both of her tiny soles.

    "Ahahahahaha! Oh my god! Stop! Ahahaha!

    I was loving every second of this. Her toes flexed, and she tried to pull her legs away, but she was just too small. There was no way she was getting away (as above, I would have totally let go anytime I thought she was actually hating this though.) I also found it cute and endearing the way she called me "darling" as she begged, like it was something she'd been taught to say.

    "Oh my god! Darling please stop! Please... darling! Ahahahahaha"

    In the end I tickled her feet for a few minutes, until the buzzer rang that we only had ten minutes to go. Needless to say I finished fairly quickly, after tickling a most perfect pair of Asian girl feet!

    Afterwards, Misty kissed me goodbye, and told me the hours she worked, should I like a return visit. Overall, the impression I got was that my tickling shenanigans were probably a welcome respite from the usual requests Misty received. Although I am totally aware that she's a working girl, and maybe that's part of her job. Still, she seemed to enjoy the whole thing - if maybe not as much as I did haha.

    Anyway, that's the story. Hopefully this won't be the way I have to get my tickling jollies for long, but in the meantime little Misty certainly helped fill the tickle-slump I had been in, and I found her quite charming.

    As always - love to the tickle community.

    Last edited by tk35; 01-13-2018 at 03:38 PM.

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    It is great that you had such a good time at your session! Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Jan 2004
    Great story! I am happy that your tickle-drought finally found some cool rain!

  4. #4
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Good story ,nice to know that you had a great time.

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    Mar 2002
    Ive gone for a massage to Asians ive found on craigslist. ill always ask if we can do duel massages. that's when I strike!

  6. #6
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    Mar 2006
    South West Florida
    What a great story!
    If you ever see "Misty" again, please tell us about it!

  7. #7
    Join Date
    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire
    Did this take place in the US, or another country?

  8. #8
    Join Date
    Jul 2001
    Not In This World
    If it was safe in the US to do this, I would have probably been like you and finally broke down and did it...i've been in a drought for a very very long time! LOL Great story though, thanks for sharing

  9. #9
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    Nov 2001
    NC, SC, and VA
    Good stuff man. Thank you.


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    Mar 2007
    Blog Entries
    Glad to read that you broke your tickle-drought. That was a really nice story.
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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by robmic View Post
    Did this take place in the US, or another country?
    Another country. We changed our prostitution laws about a decade ago, making it legal, and overall it's been viewed as a good move, since we've seen a reduction in a lot of the other crimes associated with illegal prostitution - specifically violence towards the girls. By making it legal, it's brought most of the girls in off the street (although you still see the occasional one out there), and most now work in escort agencies, which is naturally much safer.

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    Sep 2002
    nowhere special - just cruising
    Very nice post.

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