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Thread: The Game f/f

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    The Game f/f

    The Game

    Jenny squirmed. She pulled at the restraints on her ankles and wrists.
    They held firm. Her wrists were pulled out and up in front of her toward the
    top of the bedposts, lifting her upper body up from the bed. Her breasts
    jiggled as she fought the ropes, dangling several inches above the smooth,
    crisp bed sheets. Her nipples were already hard, from arousal as much as
    from the chill in the room. She tried moving again, but could only slightly
    shift her pelvis as it rested on the pillows. Tied in this manner, she was
    exposed from waist to armpits. She cursed Anna's evil mind.

    Meanwhile, she knew her feet were not much better off. Anna had bound her
    ankles tightly together, then tied them to the horizontal bar at the bottom
    of the bed with her toes pointing to the floor. The very same big toes which
    Anna had tied together. Bitterly, she knew that Anna had done this to make
    her bare feet as helpless as possible. Being unable to move beyond mere
    squirming, her foot bottoms now made excellent targets for Anna. Anna loved
    to tickle the hell out of Jenny's sexy soles.

    Anna looked down on Jenny's helpless form. The blonde's long hair hung
    fan-like across her tanned back. She gazed upon Jenny's tight buttocks,
    equally tanned but for the pale flesh that her bikini usually hid from the
    sun. Her smooth, golden legs looked absolutely ravishing; Anna wanted to
    kiss them all over from bound ankles to tender thighs. God she loved Jenny's
    body! More than that, however, she loved putting this lovely body in
    bondage, and subjecting it to erotic tortures that drove Jenny absolutely
    wild. Tickling Jenny into a hysterical frenzy always made Anna hotter than
    anything, and often ended in thunderous orgasms for both of them.

    Looking upon Jenny's upturned soles, she felt the heat rise inside her
    panties. Her girlfriend had the most beautiful, flawless soles she had ever
    seen. But most importantly, they were also the most incredibly sensitive
    foot bottoms she had ever come across. Tickling Jenny's beautiful size nines
    had never failed to make the tough, athletic girl scream hysterically. Of
    course, Anna had to admit that being tied up while Jenny mercilessly tickled
    her own size sevens usually drove her wild too. It just took less time for
    Jenny to get to that point. Of course rib and underarm tickling was also
    just as effective, but Anna knew that both of them were equally ticklish in
    these areas.

    Jenny twisted her neck so she could see what Anna was doing. She could
    only see a little out of the corner of her eye, but it looked like Anna was
    playing with herself while she looked at Jenny's bound feet. She wasn't
    surprised; Anna loved tickling her helpless soles more than any other spot on
    her body. And the way Anna was looking at them, she knew she was in for it.

    Anna tore her gaze from Jenny's bound feet and pondered where to start.
    They were playing the "game" today, and she most definitely wanted to win.
    The game consisted of one girl binding the other in any position (as long as
    it wasn't too painful), then tickling the bound victim until she gave in by
    saying the word, "UNCLE". The session was timed, with the idea that the girl
    who managed to hold out the longest would be declared the winner. The loser,
    of course, faced some sort of dire consequence for being weak, and usually
    this involved being subjected to even more tickle torture.

    Recently, the pair had been challenging themselves to come up with
    interesting punishments for the loser, besides tickling. Things like
    spanking and hot wax had been used, but were now becoming less interesting.
    Then, one day they invited Melanie to participate in the punishment round.
    Melanie was a phys-ed teacher with long, auburn hair, and a friend who
    enjoyed S&M activities.

    It was Melanie who introduced the girls to some new tickling techniques.
    The first time Melanie was invited over, Anna was the unfortunate loser of
    that day's tickling game. She found herself tied face up on the bed with her
    ankles bound tightly to the foot rail, helpless before Melanie and her bag of
    tricks. Jenny sat astride Anna, tickling her ribs and pits as Anna lost her
    composure from the wicked punishment. Melanie joined in by methodically
    dragging a feather quill all over the petite brunette's bare soles, while
    Anna shrieked and begged for mercy. A week later, Jenny learned for herself
    how evil a tickler Melanie was, thrashing and squealing as the dominant woman
    punished her squirming, fleshy soles with an assortment of different brushes.
    Since then they decided to only invite Melanie when they were feeling
    particularly naughty, and didn't have a lot of physical activity to do the
    following day.

    Melanie had a straight friend Gina, who was familiar with tickle torture,
    having used it on several occasions with clients at her professional dungeon.
    Melanie herself had experienced a tickling session with Gina, and although
    she had cum more from that session than anything else she had ever
    experienced, it was so intense that she'd been reluctant to try it again.
    Gina had mentioned more than once that she'd be interested in a tickling
    scene with Melanie and her friends, but they always declined saying they
    preferred to keep it to themselves. That was, until now. On a whim, Jenny
    had suggested that this time the loser would have to give herself over to
    Gina for some tickling, and to her surprise Anna agreed. Both were somewhat
    intimidated by the idea, knowing the kinds of things that Gina would love to
    do to them, yet at the same time found it strangely exciting.

    So here was Anna, standing over Jenny, poised to begin the game which would
    see one of them submit to Gina, who would no doubt tickle the helpless girl
    until she desperately screamed for mercy. Anna grew hotter as she imagined
    Gina running her quick fingers all over Jenny's naked body, making her writhe
    and shriek with laughter, while Anna sat back watching and playing with her
    pussy. She glowed with excitement and confidence as she straddled Jenny's
    ass, sitting back until her own butt made contact with her girlfriend's
    perfect cheeks.

    Jenny shut her eyes tightly, anticipating the feel of Anna's sharp nails.
    From her position, Anna could tickle her anywhere from waist to neck, front or
    back. But Jenny knew that Anna would spend most of her time working on her
    feet, where she was very, very ticklish. She grit her teeth as she heard the
    beep signalling that Anna had started the stopwatch. She tensed her body,
    focussing all her energy on resisting Anna's touch. She had to win this one,
    there was no question of that.

    But the attack did not come. Instead, Anna leaned forward and threw
    Jenny's hair to one side, exposing her neck. Then she began kissing and
    licking at the smooth flesh, which she knew was guaranteed to turn Jenny on.
    Jenny's moans were proof of Anna's thinking. Licking at one delicate
    earlobe, Anna whispered to Jenny while reaching around to stroke a
    lengthening nipple. "Come on, Jenny, you know you can't hold out longer than
    I can. Just give in now, and take it easy on yourself. You know what it
    will be like if Gina gets her hands on you? Torture, honey, pure and simple.
    She'll just tickle the shit out of you."

    Jenny fidgeted slightly, disturbed by Anna's description. But she also
    knew that Anna was trying to psych her out, and get her to give in without a
    fight. From talking to Melanie, she indeed knew that Gina truly enjoyed
    tying women up and subjecting them to intense tickling and teasing. She
    remembered how Melanie spoke about how Gina went on and on about foot
    tickling, and how she loved to work on a helpless woman's bare soles until
    she was delirious and begging for mercy.

    The short-haired brunette kept rubbing Jenny's nipple, while reaching a
    hand back to rub slowly across Jenny's moistening slit. Anna hoped the
    stimulation would help weaken Jenny's resistance. It wasn't that Anna was
    against the idea of tickling her lover right now - she was very much in the
    mood for it - but she wasn't lying about the woman one of them was going to
    be at the mercy of later on. Anna really didn't want to risk the possibility
    of becoming Gina's tickle toy, so if she could get Jenny to give in now, so
    much the better. "Be smart, Jenny. End it now, and you just get tickled
    once. Try and hold out, and you'll end up getting more than you can handle"
    Anna cooed, kissing and stroking.

    Jenny licked her lips, enjoying the erotic sensations that Anna was
    creating by her attentions, but decided that she'd be better off making Anna
    go the distance. She had to admit that she was marginally more ticklish than
    Anna, but she had been able to beat her in the past. Depending on her
    ability to hold out today, and whether or not Anna was in one of her
    "sensitive" moods, Jenny had a chance to watch Anna squirm under the hands of
    a devious, experienced tickler, which she was more than interested in seeing.

    Jenny looked back at Anna, and smiled. "Nice try, but I'm not buying. Do
    your worst, Anna, 'cause when I get my hands on you I'm going to make you
    fucking scream, and then I'm going to sit back and watch you go nuts again
    when Gina has her way with you!" Anna was taken aback for a moment, then her
    composure turned to anger at this outright defiance. "All right, if that's
    how you want it. But now you're gonna pay!" Anna said as her fingers left
    their arousing work and went straight to Jenny's armpits.

    Jenny wasn't ready for the sudden switch, and was caught off guard when
    Anna's nails began a wicked dance inside the hollows of her armpits. She
    cried out with laughter, shaking wildly to and fro from the demonic
    onslaught. Anna scrabbled her fingers rapidly all through Jenny's armpits,
    delighted to see her victim break into laughter so quickly. Jenny thrashed
    desperately, squealing loudly as each tickling stroke teased her skin.

    For a few minutes Anna rode Jenny, tickling up and down her sides as she
    laughed and bucked under the torturous assault. Fortunately for Anna she had
    tied Jenny so well that she really couldn't move very much, so all she had to
    do was clutch tightly with her thighs around Jenny's waist, snaking her hands
    all over her ribs and armpits. Jenny was laughing and struggling hard, and
    was finding it difficult to breathe, but Anna could tell she wasn't anywhere
    near the breaking point yet.

    Anna was right. Although she tormented Jenny's upper body for several more
    minutes, tickling everywhere that she knew Jenny was ticklish, she still
    refused to say the words when Anna stopped briefly to give her a chance to
    give up. Jenny just shook away the hair that was falling into her eyes, and
    panted, "Is that the best you can do, LITTLE GIRL?" Anna growled, and glared
    back at Jenny, which is what she usually did when taunted that way. Anna
    hated to be called little. Especially by Jenny, who was several inches
    taller than her. "Okay, alright, bitch, that's it, you are fucking toast!"
    Anna shot back, scooting off Jenny's sweaty backside and moving to the end of
    the bed. Anna and Jenny really got off on taunting each other, and Jenny
    loved hearing Anna's tough girl routine. "I am going to tickle your
    helpless, naked feet until you scream!" cried Anna, kneeling on the floor to
    face the pretty soles she just threatened. Jenny said nothing, but steeled
    herself against the torment ahead.

    Anna didn't look at the stopwatch, but she knew more time had elapsed than
    she would have liked. Jenny was doing well at holding out, but Anna believed
    that some good old fashioned foot tickling would loosen her tongue. She
    placed her fingertips on Jenny's heels, and scraped down the length of her
    taut soles, then tickled her toes. Jenny giggled, and her toes squirmed.
    Anna stroked down again, then up as Jenny laughed. Only when Anna's nails
    started scratching randomly over her smooth, pale arches did Jenny begin to
    thrash in earnest again.

    Anna teased her victim verbally all most as much as she did physically.
    "Oh, does that tickle? Right here, right where I'm using my nails? What? I
    couldn't understand you, Jenny, what did you say?" she mocked as Jenny
    twisted vainly in her ropes and degenerated into uncontrollable laughter.
    Anna tickled Jenny's feet all over - heels, arches and toes - up and down,
    never stopping or lifting her fingers from the smooth flesh they danced over.
    Jenny whipped her long blonde mane back and forth, shrieking every time Anna
    found an especially sensitive spot. Her arches and just beneath her toes
    were particularly vulnerable areas, and Anna exploited them as much as she
    ever had.

    Anna tortured Jenny for several minutes this way, tickling the bottoms of
    her bare feet until Jenny began to beg for mercy. "You know what to say, baby
    ... just say it and I'll stop," Anna teased, tickling between Jenny's toes.
    Jenny was going nuts, she couldn't take much more. Tears were already welling
    in her eyes. She squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head wildly, trying
    desperately to fight the sensations, but the moment she felt Anna's tongue
    between her toes, she knew she couldn't last.

    Jenny shrieked and her body shook with laughter as Anna methodically
    tickled her soles while licking in and out between her agonizingly sensitive
    toes. Anna could tell by the intensity of Jenny's laughter and spasms that
    she was getting close. When Jenny was this far gone, having her toes licked
    just sent her over the edge! Jenny fought desperately to hang on, but
    finally couldn't take any more. "UNCLE ... HAHAHAHA ... uncle!" she cried as
    Anna's teasing tongue slithered across her soles. "STOP IT! Oh shit, please
    stop, I can't take any more Anna!" Jenny added, as Anna had continued to lick
    at her girlfriend's heels. Anna gave one last lick, and one last quick
    tickle that made Jenny shriek loudly, then slowly crawled over to the
    stopwatch and hit the button. The time was duly noted by Anna in their

    According to their normal routine, Anna untied Jenny and quickly assumed a
    69 position with her. Both raced towards powerful orgasms, stroking,
    tickling, licking and sucking at each other's clits until they mercifully
    achieved orgasm. As her lover lay panting on the sheets, trying to recover,
    Anna toyed with Jenny's nipples, basking in the warmth of the moment.

    Jenny showered and cleaned up after her ordeal at Anna's hands. Only when
    she was feeling up to it would she take her turn as the tickler. Today, she
    was very keen to put Anna to the test. She had done very well in lasting as
    long as she did, but she knew that she would have to pull out all the stops
    to get Anna to give in quickly. With the stakes being what they were,
    however, she knew that Anna would be tough to crack.

    When she felt rested, Jenny looked at Anna and told her it was time. Anna
    sighed, resigned to the fact that she was now going to put herself at the
    mercy of someone she had recently tickled to tears, and was likely to suffer
    the same fate. All Anna could think of was holding out longer than Jenny.
    But the way Jenny was grinning at her, she knew it wasn't going to be easy.

    Jenny tied Anna to the bed face up. She bound the short brunette's ankles
    to a vertical brass rail in their footboard, one on either side. Then
    another rope was attached to her ankles and was pulled down to be tied to the
    bed frame. A thin cord was then tied to Anna's toes, and the ends were
    thrown over the top horizontal bar in the footboard. As Anna groaned, Jenny
    pulled the cord tight, stretching Anna's soles in preparation for tickling.
    Anna's wrists were tied above her head to each corner of the headboard, the
    ropes pulled taut until there was no possibility of her moving. Jenny hummed
    to herself as she finished the last knots on her squirming lover.

    Jenny stood back to admire her handiwork. Anna's cute little feet were
    perfectly bound, her smooth, sensitive soles just waiting to be teased. And
    her firm, lovely breasts with the thick, pink nipples rose up and down with
    each excited breath. Anna licked her dry lips, feeling entirely vulnerable
    as Jenny straddled her slim waist and gazed lovingly at Anna's shaved
    underarms. "You are going to lose, Anna!" chirped Jenny as she turned the
    stopwatch on. "Do yourself a favour, and give in now. You know I'm going to
    tickle you so much, you'll think you're going to die!" Jenny teased, running
    her long nails slowly down the soft insides of Anna's arms. Anna cringed,
    but held firm as the nails neared her armpits. "Oh really? Well, let's see
    what you've got, baby!" Anna shot back, defiance in her eyes. Jenny laughed,
    and said, "Oh, this is going to be so much fun!"

    Without warning Jenny's hands shot forward into Anna's armpits, and her
    nails began scraping quickly all around inside her tender hollows. Anna
    screamed with the wicked attack, her back arching off the bed. Jenny expertly
    tickled her tender underarms, scraping, then poking, alternating between slow
    and rapid strokes. Anna thrashed underneath her tormentor, laughing and
    squealing loudly as Jenny teased her naked ribs and armpits.

    After a couple of minutes, Jenny stopped and moved quickly down to Anna's
    helpless feet. Before Anna could catch her breath, her laughter started
    again as she felt Jenny's nails dancing all over her bare foot bottoms. Anna
    couldn't believe how badly it tickled! Jenny was tickling her like a woman
    possessed! As Jenny's nails flicked back and forth across Anna's ticklish
    arches, Anna shrieked and pulled viciously at her bonds. "You know how to
    make it end, little girl. Say the words, or it'll just get worse!" Jenny
    said as she scraped wickedly beneath Anna's toes. Anna closed her eyes and
    howled with laughter, but refused to give in this soon. She knew she could
    beat Jenny.

    Just as Anna was beginning to adapt to the foot tickling, Jenny stopped
    again and moved up to her upper body. This time she had two shaving brushes
    which she used skilfully on Anna's stomach and ribs. Anna shook her head from
    side to side, laughing continuously as her girlfriend tortured her ticklish

    "SHIT ... NOT THERE!" Anna cried, squealing as the stiff bristles found
    each sensitive spot on her smooth belly. Then she could only laugh as Jenny
    thrust it in and out of Anna's ticklish little belly button. She knew from
    past experience that Anna just hated that. It drove her crazy!

    But not as crazy as what came next. Jenny moved up and thrust her tongue
    forward into Anna's armpit, which she licked with malicious intent. Anna
    shrieked, staring wide- eyed at her smiling tormentor who whipped her tongue
    back and forth across her naked pit. Jenny licked and nibbled Anna's pits,
    and her tummy all over, delighted to see Anna laugh and struggle so much.

    Jenny went back to tickling Anna's ribs, and asked her if she'd had enough,
    but Anna just kept shaking her head "no" and laughing. Jenny was beginning
    to worry a little bit. She was going all out on Anna, but she wasn't
    breaking yet. Jenny vowed that she was not going to be the one to suffer
    further tickle torture, and resumed tickling Anna's poor pits with a

    Once more Jenny returned to Anna's bound soles. This time, she was going
    to use the shaving brushes. Jenny believed that these would do the trick on
    her victim today. A few quick strokes across Anna's soles confirmed her
    belief. Anna laughed wildly as the bristles sadistically tickled her pale,
    squirming arches. Jenny concentrated on running the itchy bristles over
    Anna's foot bottoms, from heels to the sensitive balls of her feet, pausing
    each time to work over an area that seemed especially ticklish. Anna's
    shrieks were growing louder and more desperate, signalling to Jenny that she
    was about to give in.

    Jenny jumped up and used her nails to assault Anna's ribs, tickling
    wickedly from her waist to her armpits. Anna bucked and squealed like a
    maniac, this time finding the tickling to be unbearable. After a minute or
    so of this intense torture, she was nearly breathless from laughing so hard.
    Finally, tears rolling down her cheeks, she drew in enough air to cry out the
    word that would end her wicked torment, and she gasped for breath as Jenny
    climb off her.

    Jenny quickly pushed the button on the stopwatch. She betrayed no emotion
    as she turned it to show Anna. "Well ... who won?" asked Anna, trying to
    shake the tears and sweat from her face. Anna squinted at the watch. It
    couldn't be! No way! It was unbelievable ...

    To be continued.

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    All your stories are great,can't wait to see more!!

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    Great story I feel like I'm watching the tickling in person. Can't wait for part 2

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    Excellent story, Lesbiantickler! I loved the detailed descriptions of foot tickling, and I can hardly wait for the continuation.
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    The game

    Was this nice story ever finished? Who won?



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    Not online. It's very sad, but MoP ruined WoW for me.
    Quote Originally Posted by gearloose View Post
    Was this nice story ever finished? Who won?

    Obviously, Jenny won.

    Jenny was tickled for 23 paragraphs, which is most of the story. Anna was only tickled for the last 10 or 11 paragraphs. So Jenny held out for much longer. Roughly twice as long. Anna is shocked and frightened that now she is going to be tickled by Jenny, Melanie and Gina.

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    nowhere special - just cruising
    Fine story. Don't believe I ever read this before. Terrific!

    Kinky is with a feather; Perverted is with a chicken.

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    WOW very good!!
    keep going!!!.

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    Good one!

    Well done!

    Can't wait for more.

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    awesome plz continue

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    Quote Originally Posted by tower98 View Post
    Great story I feel like I'm watching the tickling in person. Can't wait for part 2
    I agree with tower; I'm in the room. Only in my case, I want to help out.

    This story is a absolute classic and I can't wait for part two and I hope Gina's in it.

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    loved the story, great job, part 2 should be good.
    I would rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.

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    waiting eagerly for part II

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    yeah great story all girls into f to f tickling should play tickle games

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    I'm glad some one bumped this! Great read. I just love erotic stories!

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