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    Old Story Series - THE LONGSHOT

    THE LONGSHOT (2002)

    Max Speer

    Im gonna ask you one more time. The man didnt look like he had the patience to ask two more times or even three. He looked pretty pissed off.

    Julia didnt look like she wanted him to ask another time either. As a matter of fact, she wanted to get the fuck out of there pronto. She sat there and looked up at the burly man with the wetlook haircut that stuck up in little spikes and glistened in the light of the one fixture that illuminated the room.

    Here it goes, he said staring into her large brown eyes. Her blond hair fell like a straight waterfall allowing her bare shoulders to cut it in half as it fell three quarters of the way down her back.

    Julia was dressed quite well for a bank vice-president. Her black, sleeveless sheath dress had been covered effectively by her matching sweater, but that had been removed by Anthony. Of course, she was still wearing it when she was walking down the crowded street. It started to come off her shoulder, exposing her bare arm when the burly man grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the backseat of the Lexus. It pulled down her back and off her other arm when she was pulled out of the Lexus and into the alleyway of the apartment building. But it came off completely when she was held tightly by two men while Anthony tied her wrists together and sat her down on the dusty chair in that musky basement.

    This is the last time I am going to ask. He really really meant it this time. Julias eyes were wide and there were little streaks of make-up that fell down her blushed cheeks from the tears. Julia was afraid.

    Please, she interrupted holding back a full blown crying fit, If I give you what you want I can be fired. Im the only one who knows how to access those accounts. Itll come back to me.

    The accounts in question were unimportant for this telling. Suffice it to say that Anthony and the association that he worked for was very interested in the Commerce Bank and the money contained within. Even more so, Anthony and his associates, who had been watching the comings and goings of Julia, knew two things. Firstly, that Julia was a gorgeous woman with a hot bod and very long, blond hair. Secondly, they knew that this sexy little miss had some very important codes that could earn Anthony and his associates a great deal of money when activating these codes.

    I could give a fuck that it comes back to you, Anthony barked. He was a very bad and very scary man. Leo said that I shouldnt hurt you but that I should convince you to cooperate or he might be inclined to hurt you. That was only half true. Even Leo knew it was a longshot that he could pull this off.

    Julia winced and breathed deeply.

    However, he continued, I would rather get this information so that you can go on with your life and we can go on with ours. Am I clear, Julie?

    Julia, she corrected, feeling confused.


    My name is Juli-ah. I dont like Julie.

    Anthony stared at her, incredulously. Then he laughed. The two figures that stood in the dark laughed too. Then he stopped laughing. He lifted his big hands and ran his knuckles up and down her cheek. Julia winced and tried to turn her head. Then his hand lowered to her neck and she instinctively pulled her head away and lifted her bound hands and rubbed away the sensation as if she were swatting ants.

    Whats this? Anthony said as the idea lightbulb flickered over his wet head. Why did you do that? A little ticklish?

    Julia paid it no mind since it was obvious to her that this bully was flinging sarcastic woo at her. She ignored the question completely until Anthony, chuckling away like an idiot, reached down and poked his finger into her dress-covered belly. She reacted to the intensely ticklish attack with a yelp and a jump that drew a big, fat smile on the face of Anthony.

    Huh? Huh? He said as he poked one side of her ribcage and then the other. Julias reaction was a fight or flight one. She jerked each way to avoid his fingers until a small giggle emerged from her and she slapped her bound hands against her mouth to keep it from coming out.

    Anthony stood up and smiled at his two friends. Gentlemen, he said with a tone of satisfaction. We have a very ticklish young lady here.

    They nodded and muttered together in agreement.

    And I think I have the perfect way to get Ms. Julia to give us those codes.

    Julia looked up at the big, proud gangster in horror.

    You WOULDNT! She yelped.

    I would, he said and smiled.

    Much to her chagrin, and with much verbal protesting, Julias legs were secured to the chair and her ankles were lifted and tied to another chair, feet protruding through the vertical slats of the chairs back. Her hands were untied from each other but individually tied up over her head to the network of pipes that traveled throughout the ceiling. She looked quite comical and un-ladylike. Her arms looked as if she was a football official declaring a perfect field goal. Her thin, sleeveless sheath dress, although it covered her body, revealed her long bare arms and smooth clean-shaven underarms.

    To make matters worse, her feet, which had just been pedicured that very morning wriggled, yet the utter smooth and uncalloused soles were vulnerable in the limited light. Her toenails were painted a burgundy red, which matched her manicured fingernails.

    I cant believe you are going to do this to me. I cant believe that youre going to tickle me while Im tied like this. This is TORTURE! Julia said, eyes filled with tears.

    Tell me the codes, Julie AH, Anthony said facetiously. My boys have a pen and paper.

    Julia started to sob. I cant. Ill be fired. Do you know how long it took me to get that jo!

    She couldnt finish the word job. It was interrupted when Anthony ran a single finger down her arm and into her armpit. She squirmed and began to giggle.

    Stop! was all she could say. That tickles!

    You hear that? Anthony said as he wriggled a single finger on her astoundingly smooth and soft underarm. This just in - it tickles. Ha ha ha!

    Julia was beginning to laugh harder. The finger was not letting up. It continued to tickle her very ticklish underarm. Usually, when she is tickled there (which is rarely), its a quick, mischievous tickle; a hit and run tickle. At those times, she would usually pull her arm down quickly and tightly clench it against her body while she laughed from the ticklish sensation. Here, it was impossible. The finger continued to tickle her and there was no sign of it letting up. She began to panic and laugh harder.

    There was a time when she was in high school on the field hockey team. Her boyfriend tackled Julia to the grass and straddled her hips as she fought and laughed. Then he grabbed both wrists and pulled them over her head, pinning them hard against the grass. She didnt know what he was going to do. She thought he would start kissing her. What he did nearly drove her insane. He pulled at the short sleeve of her t shirt, exposing the smooth underarm and, as two fingers held the sleeve back, the others tickled the extremely sensitive skin under her arm driving Julia into a panicked frenzy of laughter. Never had she felt such tickling before and it scared her.

    Anthony brought his other hand into play and soon, the index fingers of both hands were tickling her smooth underarms at the same time. This was too much for the pretty banker.

    Julia threw her head back and laughed hysterically, trying to twist out of the way; trying to pull her arms down and protect this very personal spot on her body. After all, people grab girls ribs all the time but rarely do they actually stick their fingers under her arms. The invasion was agonizing. Julia could barely speak, but when she did it was things like, Please stop. I cant take it. Please stop tickling.

    You like that, Julie-ah? Anthony said as he began to bring all the fingers of both hands into play. He knew how to tickle. He was the eldest and only boy of six children in his family. He had plenty of experience tickling his younger sister and torturing them throughout their childhood. He knew that the armpits worked very effectively as a target. He also knew that the ribs were very effective as well. So too was the tummy and hips and waist and, Oh yes, the smooth, bare feet. They would run from the tickling older brother but they could never run fast enough.

    Should I tickle your feet now? Anthony said a little too loud. Give me the fucking codes!

    Julia couldnt speak the codes if she wanted to. She was laughing too hard. Anthony had been tickling right in the center of her ticklish hollows on that one spot that he knew elicited the most ticklish reactions. Julia couldnt believe how badly it tickled and swore to herself that if she ever got out of this alive she would never wear sleeveless clothes again.

    She managed to cough out a stop and Anthony pulled his hands off of her underarms. He was surprised to find that the tickling of this beautiful woman had turned him on and he was a bit embarrassed that his pants were tighter than they were. He self-consciously pulled down his shirt to hide his obvious pleasure and began to speak.

    Your feet ticklish, Julia? He said as he wiped his forehead with a handkerchief, pulled up a stool and faced her two feet.

    Please dont tickle my feet, Julia pleaded. Her armpits were enough. She didnt want anymore tickling. In fact, they still felt as if his fingers were on them and they were highly touch-sensitive. If Anthony so much as blew onto her armpits she would probably laugh herself into hysterics. They tingled as she spoke.

    Oh? Anthony was almost a little disappointed. Is that it all it took to get you to tell me? Youre an easy chick.

    Julia was planning on telling him. Anything was better than being tickled again. But since he insulted her by calling her easy, she decided to tell him something else. Fuck you!

    Nothing pleased the big gangster more than hearing those two words.

    Too fucking bad, he said and lifted his fingers and wriggled them in front of her bare soles.

    Dont! she yelled and wagged her feet around as much as she could with the limited movement.

    She wasnt able to move them very much because Anthony let his nails rake down her bare, smooth soles from the base of her toes to her heels. The pretty banker screamed a blood-curdling scream, which fell back into a staccato stream of laughter.

    The two hoods laughed at the pretty girls predicament and muttered stupidly, things like, Heh heh, tickle tickle tickle and childish phrases like kootchee kootchee koo!, as if Julia was a little baby. It didnt matter though. From the intense feelings of tickling on her bare soles, Julia WAS a little baby. There was no other way to describe her plight. She was totally and utterly helpless.

    Anthony tickled and tickled with wriggling fingers. They galloped up and down her bare soles and around the topes of her feet. Her smoothness was a big turn-on for the cruel man and he felt himself getting very excited the more she laughed and giggled and the longer his fingers touched her soft skin.

    Meanwhile, Julia was in her own hell. She threw her head back and screamed and laughed a sputtering laugh, then threw her head from left to right. Her very long, blond hair flung through the air like a whip. To Anthony, she looked like a woman who was having an orgasm. To Julia, she was being tortured, plain and simple. She pleaded and gasped for breaths.

    Her feet had been tickled many times when she was a teenager; mostly by other teenaged boys who used tickling as a way of touching the pretty Julia. She couldnt remember the many times she was tickled while sunning on the beach. Mischievous boys would come up behind her as she lay on her stomach, bikini top untied so that she wouldnt have any tan lines. They would tickle her exposed, curled soles and she would instinctively dart upward, affording a nice peak at her bare breasts. Sometimes they would continue to tickle the creases of her bare soles until she would have to pull them away and give the boys (and everyone else) a total topless show.

    Memories of the tickling came back as the sensations overtook her. Times four giggling girls tickled her at overnight camp in her bunk. Times she was awakened, laughing out of her sleep as Beauty, their collie, licked her bare feet, which had peaked out from underneath the covers.

    Julia was laughing so hard now that tears were rolling down her cheeks. Anthonys fingernails were doing their raking torture down those highly ticklish soles. He stuck his finger in between her toes and tickled, causing the girl to scream louder and plead harder.

    The big man saw that Julia was losing control and he really wanted to get those codes. He made a mental note to tie his girlfriends up and tickle them before sex since he was discovering that it was incredibly hot to tie up and tickle a pretty woman.

    He wiped the sweat from his own forehead and took a deep breath. Well? He said. I dont have much time. Are you gonna give me those codes or am I gonna tickle you to death?

    Julia couldnt speak at first. She was trying to catch her breath. She felt like sleeping and her arms ached.

    Can you please untie me. My arms are hurting so bad, she said with a whimper.

    Are you gonna give me those fucking codes? He barked out, frightening Julia. I dont have time for your bullshit.

    Yes, she said, breathing long and full. But I need to let me arms down first.

    First? Anthony said with a smile. You want me to make you comfortable first? What do ya want? A freakin martini and a pillow for your head? Then he signaled to his two boys and they walked up to her and attacked her long, thin ribcage. Julia burst into helpless hysterical laughter as the tickling grew and grew with intensity. Their fingers scurried up and down her sides, tickling around her tummy to her belly button. Although her sleeveless dress covered the ticklish areas of her torso, it was way too thin and summerlike to act as any padding against the tickle torture. She alternated between squealing and giggling like a little girl. They were not as skilled ticklers as Anthony but they got their points across. Their tickling poked and prodded up and down her ribs, but when they started tickling her bare armpits again Julia screamed Wait! Not there again!

    Anthony signaled them to stop. You gonna tell me know? she said as the two ran for their notepads. You hate that dontcha? he said with a chuckle.

    Yes, She said. I hate that. I always hated being tickled. Its torture to me.

    Then she started to dictate the codes as the men scribbled. Anthony was staring at her smooth armpits as he began to untie her wrists. Occasionally he was touch his finger on the smooth skin and that particular code would be accentuated a little louder.

    Three, six, seven, EIGHT, two, eleven, FOUR! Stop tickling me! Then she would continue.

    In a short while, Julia was untied. She was able to lower her bare arms and cover her ticklish underarms. Anthony watched as she lifted an arm to pull her sweater on and began to grow excited again. Then he stared as her bare feet slipped back into her pumps, covering and protecting the ticklish soles.

    She was a fabulously gorgeous woman, and now, knowing how ticklish she was, Julia was even sexier to him.

    He knew there would be other codes and other accounts and the young banker would once again be called upon by his associates for help.

    He wasnt through with her yet. Not by a longshot.
    It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.
    ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

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