Don't know if you guys enjoyed the first part or not, but i had an idea for the continuing adventures. Let me know what you think and the girls may continue your journey. if you have any thoughts of what you'd like them to vist, let me know. And as you know, feedback always welcome

If you missed the first part, Nastia and Shawn were taking a girls trip to Europe. Last nite they met Emile and Henri at a dance club. Had some had ticklish fun at the club, then even more back at the hotel. the next day they headed to the beach.



Nastia Liukin

Shawn Johnson

“What are you guys doing here?” a startled Shawn blurted out, trying to avert her eyes but sneaking peeks at the attention hungry member near her. “Henri, you little, or should I say large, perv. Are you stalking us?” Nastia teased. “Oh no, my beautiful flower. We love this beach, were here often. We just happened to notice you were here” and he smiled flirtatiously. “Well, huh..........its nice to see............. for you to stop............ huh, visit” Shawn stammered obviously distracted. “Well thank you for stopping by. Were just here for some sun. Maybe will run into each other later” Nastia tried to let them down gently. “I will anticipate it with my last breath” and he took her hand, leaned down and kissed it. Then placed it on his member. “Oh you are incorrible” and she gave his dick a gentle squeeze. “Maybe later, my love” Emile reached down to take Shawn hand. “You put that on your junk, you're gonna lose it” she glared. Emile started. He kissed her hand gently and they walked away. “Somebody needs their coffee” Nastia teased. “Maybe, but Im not having any cream in it” and they both cracked up. “whatya want to do today” Shawn said still giggling. “Well, there's a little town famous for making wine. They stomp their own grapes. Its about an hour bike ride from here. Thought we might rent some bikes, get some exercise and reward ourselves for the effort” it sounded great to both so after lunch they rented bikes, got directions and headed out on their adventure.

The countryside was beautiful. They stopped and took pictures along the way. It felt kinda good to be unknown. Locals took their pics and wanted pics with the gorgeous american women. As they got closer they got pointed toward the tiny village. When they got there, it was like time stood still. Women wore peasant dresses and leather sandals and carried baskets of bread. They came in from the vinyard and dumped baskets of grapes into a long, slowly moving conveyor belt. About a dozen women removed stems and cleaned the grapes. Another group of women moved the grapes to 2 large vats. One concession to modern times was the plastic liner in the vats. A large friendly woman ventured up and introduced herself. “Hello, Im Gabrielle, may I help you?” she said warmly. “We are here from the US and they hotel told us this place was very unique and made an amazing wine, and that we might be able to participate. Sounded very fun” Nastia explained. “How wonderful. You have come at just the right time. We have just harvested the proper grapes and tonite is the stomping fest. It only happens when the grapes tell us it is the right time. Would you like to join us?” Gabrielle offered. The girls enthusiastically accepted. “Well then we must make you acceptable” and introductions were made and she led them to a tiny room.

There were 2 peasant dresses hanging there. And 2 pair of leather sandals. The girls changed and Gabby led them to the conveyor. She showed them how to stem and clean the grapes. It was serious business. The other ladies took them under their wings and helped them. They were all very friendly and touchy feely. They easily came up behind and took their hands and showed them just the right way. The women were all buxom and were very comfortable with their bodies. They pressed them up against the girls backs as they taught them. Suddenly a low pitched whistle sounded and work stopped. They women led Nastia and Shawn to a long table and a large bucket of wine was placed in the middle. Each woman was given a mug and started singing. Nastia and Shawn followed along to the best of their ability. It was a French drinking song. Suddenly, they passed their mugs to the woman on the right. And the song continued. And the mug sharing continued. It was fun and silly. The wine was sweet, and deeply flavored. But the girls could taste the alcohol. Soon they were back on the cleaning line, feeling less pain from the bike ride.

The women were mostly older than the girls, except for one girl. Her name was Eva and while the women were dark skinned and brunette, she was very blond with bright blue eyes. She was thinner and younger than the rest. Probably around Nastia and Shawns age. She wore a brighter dress and blue scarf that matched her eyes. As one of the women walked behind her, she goosed Eva. Who giggled. She did the same thing when she returned. Another woman left the line and walked behind Eva and tickled her a little more. Eva laughed but didn't stop stemming and cleaning. This happened a few more times with different ladies and longer tickles. Eva never stopped work but it was obvious she was very ticklish. And her dress did not hide her lovely figure.

Nastia leaned over to Gabby and whispered “Why does everyone tickle Eva?” Gabby smiled. “That one is very ticklish. Last harvest she was late because a young boy brought her home late and she overslept. For punishment, she knows she will be tickled and if she stops work, we all get to tickle her. And she does not like to be tickled............................... but maybe she loves it, yes?” Gabby said and Nastia noticed something needy in her voice. The tickling continued. Every time someone left the line everyone focused on Eva. She knew what was coming and screwed up her tiny face in concentration. Francine, who appeared to be the leader left the line. She passed Eva without touching her. But she stopped suddenly and placed her hands on either side and right below the breasts and squeezed. Eva was not expecting it and exploded in laughter and pulled her hands from the line. “Aw my poor lil lamb. You know the rules.........and this is your 3rd offense” Francine explained with a very big smile. “Please Francine, it was just a mistake. It won't happen again” Eva pleaded.

“Aw my lil lamb. I would be more willing to overlook this, if it was not your 3rd offense. With 3 different young men. You know what you must do” Francine put her arm around her waist and and led her around back of the tiny cabin. Laughter was heard many times. About 5 minutes later Francine reappeared. “Ladies, our young wayward lass is set for her punishment” And the ladies all left the line, each with a huge smile. Shawn and Nastia were a bit uncomfortable but very curious. They followed the other ladies around back and there was young Eva standing, with head and hands secured in a set of stocks. She was bent at the waist at a 45 degree angle. Her blouse hung down allowing a nice view of her firm young breasts.

“Margarite, as the last offender, you may administer discipline first” Francine ordered. Margarite ventured toward Eva slowly. She gently started to tickle her sides. Eva's giggle was girly and joyful. Francine tapped another woman on the shoulder and she walked in front of Eva. She started around the neck and ears. This caused Eva to start shaking her head and to laugh and jump a little. A third woman walked up and lifted her leg and bent it back toward her. She removed her sandal and started to scrap her nails along her soles. Now the laughter was loud. As she jumped up and down the blouse portion of her dress slid down exposing more of her breasts. The next woman went directly to her armpits and attacked. Eva's laughter exploded. As she tried to evade the tickling fingers her blouse moved down exposing most of her breasts. Without saying a word the woman lowered the top to have access to her armpits, thus exposing her breasts.

The next woman started to run her nails up and down the goosebump flesh of Eva's torso. Tears were streaming down her face. Without her shoulders to hold it up, the dress pooled at her feet. Eva's body was wonderful. Alabaster skin, long lean toned legs, long toes, tight tummy. Francine approached with a long, large leaf with a thick stem. She started to rub it between her lovely thighs. Now the laughter turned to a lower, more urging sound. The tickling increased, the laughter grew and Francine just kept her leaf moving in and out. It was obvious Eva wanted a release. This process had taken about 20 minutes and it was tough to tell who was more turned on Eva, the tickling women, or Shawn and Nastia watching this erotic torture spectacle. Finally, it was obvious Eva was close. Francine stopped and removed the leaf. She gave Eva's sweet behind a good swat. The other ladies stopped their tickling and gave the meaty rump and nice spank. Nastia and Shawn followed the ladies. Margarite stayed behind.

Eva was absolutely frustrated. Sweaty, breath heaving, breasts rising and falling, red rump pulsing. It was a stunning sight. Margarite walked around in front of Eva and pushed her hair out of her face. Eva's smile was delicious. Margarite showered the lovely face with tiny kisses as she ran her fingers thru her hair. Finally, she lifted her chin and tenderly kissed the sweating blond. “i love you my little lamb. I'm sorry you went thru this. And I'm really sorry I didn't wake you up in time” and she kissed her again. Longer.

It didn't take long to finish preparing the grapes and the sun was setting. “It is getting near dinner. Would you girls like to stay for the meal and join in the stomping festivity” Gabby asked innocently. The girls agreed. The meal was a stew type thing, with roasted carrots and onions and plenty of the wine. The ladies and girls had formed a very friendly bond. Nastia noticed that Eva and Margarite kept sneaking glances and smiles at each other and she wondered.............

Gabby stood up and the attention turned toward her. “Ladies, it is time for the time honored tradition of stomping the grapes to prepare the wine. Normally, tradition dictates the longest standing members begin the ceremony, but I would suggest, if everyone agrees, we let the honor fall to our guests” Sounds of approval around the table and mugs of wine were raised. “Nastia, Shawn....... would you like to be our guests of honor tonite” Never let it be said that Olympic champions turn down an honor. They agreed heartily. “Well then we shall prepare you” and Gabby led them back to the tiny cabin. She led them to the changing room where 2 simple one piece off white tunics hung. “These are the robes awarded to the honored quests. Enjoy”

The girls removed their dresses and put on the tunic robes. They were soft and smelled of lilac. They wrapped around with a gold tasseled tie in front. The girls had to admit it made them feel special. The sandals were a golden color and felt like soft new mown grass under their feet. As they left the room and approached the women applause burst out. Both Nastia and Shawn raised their arms in triumph and bowed. Gabby led them over to the large tub, filled with grapes. There was a step up into the tub.

“Thank you for honoring us with your presence. Tradition dictates a contest. You will both stomp the grapes for 30 minutes. There are 2 spouts at the side of the tub. Nastia you will have the left one, Shawn the right. At the end of 30 minutes, the lady who has produced the most raw grape nectar will be declared the winner and rewarded. Please remove your sandals and enter the vat” and the girls made a big deal of removing their sandals and entering the vat. The grapes felt warm, soft and mushy around their feet. It was not an unpleasant feeling.

“Ladies in one minute, we will remove the stoppers and the contest will begin” Gabby instructed. The stoppers were removed and Gabby announced “Let the grape preparation begin” and somewhere French folk music began playing. The girls started to circle the vat and used their leg strength to smush the grapes. “It appears Nastia is in the lead” Gabby announced. Shawn was not thrilled and began to move a little faster and stomp a little harder. Nastia noticed and altho she loved her friend, she loved besting her almost as much. The ladies got into it and started cheering for one or the other. Nastia and Shawn started to bump each other to throw the other one off. Nastia was taller, but Shawn was lower and stronger. She kept hip checking Nastia causing her to lose her balance. “It appears Shawn has taken the lead” Gabby announced to shouts from team Shawn. Nastia had to do something. This was serious.

Next time Shawn bumped her she grabbed her golden tie. Suddenly, Shawns robe was open. Nastia knew Shawn was not as comfortable with her body and she wasted time trying to retie it. “It appears Nastia has retaken the lead” As the girls increased their rate and ferocity of stomping they also started to grapple with each other. Suddenly, Nastia cheered and raised her arms. In them was Shawns golden robe tie. Shawn desperately tried to cover up. Nastia threw it out of the vat knowing she know had the upper hand. For a moment anyway................... Shawn grew frustrated trying to keep her robe shut and stomp. “Nastia has a clear lead now” Gabby announced. That did it. Shawn was pissed and decided to take action.

She charged Nastia with the intention of pushing her down in the grapes. But Nastias flexibility and balance won the battle. She deftly eluded Shawns attack, and grabbed the neck of her robe. Shawn fell face first in the grapes and Nastia held up the wine splattered robe in triumph. Team Nastia exploded in cheers. Shawn came popping up out of the wine sputtering, with her hair grape plastered to her head, bra clad chest heaving. If this wasn't so serious some would giggle at the total cuteness of the situation. But Shawn had had enough and was not going down without a fight. She jumped at and wrapped her arms around Nastias waist and squeezed. Nastia was more ticklish of the 2 and Shawn knew it. She attacked her sides and Nastias laughter filled the air.

Shawn was stronger and lifted the taller blond off her feet and dunked her in the wine, while still tickling. She lifted her out of the grapes and dunked her on the other side, much like the older sister would do to the younger in the pool. Back and forth, each time Nastia laughed louder and harder and took more mouthfuls of fermented grape. Since all this was happening on Shawns side of the vat her bucket was filling up quickly. “It appears our tiny dynamo has taken command” Team Shawn was happy. Shawn grabbed Nastias robe and pulled it over her head and pushed her into the grapes. And went on a stomping tear. Blondie was not going to beat her. Blondie had other ideas.

The wine soaked robe was heavy and cumbersome. She erupted out to the liquid and threw the robe away. Not being big chested she rarely wore a bra and tonite was one of those. The wine covered, lithe body of the gymnast dripping grape goo and anger was a sight. She knew her advantage was Shawns shyness. So she started stomping like a maniac waiting for her chance. Both women were so focused they were not noticing the effect of the wine, exertion, cool breeze and nakedness was having on them. Not to mention team Shawn and Nastia. “5 minutes to go, and it appears to be a tie”. And the girls went into Olympic champ mode. Oblivious to all around them they had one goal – more juice than their opponent. “2 minutes left” Nastia head and knew it was her moment. Shawn never saw it coming.

Nastia came up behind Shawn and unsnapped her bra quickly removing it. As she pushed her into the grapes she grabbed her thong and threw it out of the pool. Shawn was now pissed, naked, competitive and horny. She started to use her entire body to smash grapes. Suddenly Gabby announced “Time is up. The competition is over” Nastia relaxed, Shawn went for revenge. She grabbed Nastia and turned her upside down and started to plunge her head into the grapey, winey slush. She removed her wine soaked thong and started to squeeze her knees as she used the thin girl as a butter churn, tickling all the time. Finally, Nastia got her bearings and when she was dunked, she grabbed Shawn by the ankles. When Shawn pulled her up Nastia took her ankles out. Shawn ended up butt first in the juice. Nastia jumped on her and rolled her on her stomach.

She grabbed her ankle and bent it back and started to tickle her wrinkled sole. Shawn's laughter was mixed with trying to breath. Nastia moved up on her lower back and tickled her thighs and spanked her all the while. The women had surrounded the vat and were cheering on the girls. Shawn was able to reach back and grab a handful of blond hair and pull. Nastia was yanked off her and Shawn climbed atop her taut stomach. “Alright ticklish BITCH, you earned this” and Shawn grabbed her right under her breasts. It was a bad spot for Nastia whose body was ultra sensitive at this point. She wanted Shawn to have her way with her right there, right now. The tickling just was ramping up the sexual need.

Shawn had no interest in that. She wanted Nastia to suffer. After she'd gotten her ramped up with breast play she move her thumbs down to the hips bones. “NNNNOOOOOOOO” Nastia yelled cuz she knew.
As did Shawn. She pressed down and moved her thumbs up and down the protruding bones. Nastia became hysterical. She was screaming, laughing, slapping at Shawns hands, kicking her feet. Nothing helped and Shawn was on a mission. Nastia started to buck up and down, trying to get the tickling devil off her. Didn't do anything but arouse both girls more. Suddenly Gabby stepped into the vat. “Ladies, we appear to have a winner” and both Shawn and Nastia shifted their attention. As the stood up their hands were on their knees, breath labored. Gabby placed them on each side of her and took one hand each. Very Olympic like.

“First we want to thank our champions for a truly rousing contest.” The girls were trying to get the matted hair out of their faces. “And the winner is....................................... Shawn AND Nastia” and she raised both hands in victory. The girls were slightly confused and angry. But they didn't have much time to process that as the ladies all jumped into the vat and ran at the naked winners. Hugs and kisses covered the wine covered girls. Then fingers started to probe. Suddenly, one lady grabbed each girls arms and held them behind their backs. “What the F.....................” and then what seemed like hundreds of fingers played them like instruments. Knees, thighs, pits, breasts, sides, feet, love zone – nothing was off limits.

And while both girls were athletes, they were no match for the tickling assault. The ladies took turns enjoying the pleasures of the girls. Suddenly they both were lifted above as the ladies carried them around the tub, like crowd surfing. And of course, since the soles were visible, they must be tickled. And they were. And as they wiggled atop the hands their sides, knees, thighs and butts were tickled as well. Shawn and Nastia were exhausted from the contest, the tickling and trying to control their bodies. The felt themselves being lifted out of the tub and again carried high in the area. The ladies sang the French song from earlier and took their champions behind the tiny cabin. There was the up right stocks and another seated for feet.

Nastia was placed in the upright stocks this time a bar was added to seperate her feet. Shawn was placed in the feet stocks with her arms tied above her head. When both girls were secured Gabby announced “Since we could not declare a winner in the normal fashion, tradition dictates that we allow Mother Nature to determine a winner.” Nastia and Shawn could barely breath, must less pay attention. The ladies set up around each girl, each was holding a bucket. “Mother Nature is most wise. She blesses us with the grape, she blesses us with beautiful nymphs who create elixir, she blesses us with milk to nurture and now to help us determine the champion.” and the ladies covered the girls with sweet, thick milk. They paid particular attention to the erotic areas. Breasts and honeypots glistened in the moonlight. “Now we will let Mother Natures creatures decide” and into the fenced area were led 6 goats. “These beautiful creatures will give you pleasure, torture and we will enjoy it all. The lady who experiences complete pleasure first will be crowned champion and released. The other girl will enjoy Mother Nature's gift all night” and as the first rough tongue touched their aroused skin the laughter happened and exhausted howls filled the woods. And as the attuned senses of smell of the goats noticed, they hungrily headed for more 'tasty' pastures. As the ladies watched the delicious torment, the goats feasted like talented lovers. Tickles and electricity flowed thru each girls body. Near the back of the assembled women, Margarite slipped her hand under the hem of Eva's robe.