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    Talking A Vicious Part 2 (Sample/ Story Teaser/ F/m)


    One of the images getting sent out on the 2nd. It’s probably done by now


    Mr. Wayne....

    Mr. Wayne........

    MR. Wayne!

    “HEY BRUCE!”

    The millionaire playboy snapped out of his daze and back into the meeting. His secretary, Ms. Minx, gave a big toothy grin as he put all his attention back on the investors. He straightened his tie and heard all of about two words before the sensation returned. Under the table, sharp unforgiving nails began to lightly drag themselves up the length of his exposed cock. They ended at his tip before swirling around the ridges. They stayed there, swirling for about five minutes before they randomly went back down to skitter up his length again.

    Bruce hunched over slightly, grabbing the edges of the table. He looked at his secretary again. Minx only smiled, mouthing the words “listen” threw her teeth, followed by a knowing wink. Her nails were torture on his nerves. The term “hellishly good” fit perfectly.

    Meanwhile the suited man sitting on the other side of the long table coughed and kept going. He figured something was off, but it’s Bruce freakin Wayne. Of course it’s going to be a bit weird. I mean look at that secretary! A fucking sharped dress wet dream in power heels. Christ it’s not like she was hired for her skill level.

    “Ooooook.... well as you can see the quarter for the next physical year is looking good. No big spending other then what we predicted. Oh! An-

    Wayne’s eye twitched as he felt the nails once again skittering up his shaft. It took every bit of focus he had left not to moan out right there in the office. The fingers crawled up slowly, taking their time, meanwhile the investor droned on and on.

    Scrich scratch scrich scratch scrich scratch.

    Two fingers rested on the underside of his cock head and started to run themselves in circles. Wayne had to bite the insides of his cheek. He panicked, hoping no one would see the trembling of his body.

    The fingers went round and round and round and round. They kept a cool steady pace. Meanwhile off to the side Ms. Minx just watched dreamily, her cheek resting in her other hand. She rudely blew a large bubble as she watched the lower lip of the billionaire quiver. Bruce tried to block it all out, regain his composure, find his focus.

    He blocked out the sensations and cleared his throat, once again listening to the investor’s prattle. No nails, just business.

    “ -that doesn’t even begin to mention all the hard stock we bought, SUPERVISED of course!”


    Minx bit down on the bubble, sending a loud noise threw the office and catching her client off guard. Bruce snapped back to reality and all at once felt the sensations he tried to suppress. And then, in his ear, he heard the worse sound of all.

    Orgasm at 85%

    His eyes widened, suddenly he felt the entire hand replace the two fingers as it slowly pumped the tip. Bruce almost let out a huge yelp but was cut off by Minx.

    “Hard stock huh? Oooooooooo! Sounds important! That’s important right?”

    The investor condescendingly smiled at the ditzy dame’s question. She playfully rocked in her chair smiling and biting her lower lip. The way she would keep leaning forward would give him and his two buddies a GREAT view of her cleavage. Was that a nipple piercing he saw? Ooh la la.~

    Pump pump pump pump pump pump.

    “Oh don’t worry doll face, their just weirdly named. Hard stocks are what we call the most valuable and delicate assets a competitor has. Controlling them is key to buy outs and take overs.”

    Pump pump pump pump pump puMP PUMP PUUUUUUUUUUMP.

    Orgasm at 90%

    Hold... hold it.. feel it tremble in her hand. Feel it leak out one pathetic drop of precum into her palm. Feel your entire body swoon. Hold it... hold it.......

    Minx listened to the suit monkey, chewing her gum obnoxiously as she held her chin in her hand. She felt his eyes all over her. She guided his vision with her finger as it dropped down her neck and teasingly played with her pearl neckless.

    “Ain’t it funny how the most important things are always so delicate?”

    ....hold it.....

    Orgasm at 75%

    Pump pump pump pump pump pump pump pump.

    Bruce choked on air as the manipulation of his erection continued. He was helpless to say anything less he wanted to moan right in the faces of his pears.

    Ms. Minx turned to her “boss” and questioned him.

    “What about you’re “hard” stocks Mr. Wayne? Are they delicate too?”

    Minx finally stopped her hellish jerking and again began to tickle her nails at the tip of his member. Bruce looked every which way as he saw all eyes were on him. His mouth was open and dry. His cock was weeping and hard.

    Skitter skitter scratch scratch tickle tickle TICKLE.

    The men at the other end of the table watched in awe. One only spoke up so the blonde bombshell wouldn’t go unanswered.

    “Well... I can’t comment on that, but I can promise their secure. No one’s grabbing you by the balls anytime soon Mr. Wayne.”

    Tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle! Tickle PUMP tickle PUMP tickle PUMP. SQUEEZE!!!!!


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    Patreon If you want to support me and receive the email on the 2st

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    Join Date
    Apr 2011
    Oil Country
    Great concept, thanks for the story!

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    Mar 2006
    The Hideout
    My kinda gal. XDDD


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    Quote Originally Posted by PK Fire! View Post
    Great concept, thanks for the story!
    No prob! And this is only half the rest will com on the 2nd

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bandito View Post
    My kinda gal. XDDD

    She’s a crowd pleaser

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    Nov 2016
    .... Magnificent

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    Feb 2006
    Wow! I REALLY like Ms Minx. Nice work, as always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmills View Post
    Wow! I REALLY like Ms Minx. Nice work, as always.
    She’s great lol

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