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    Cool Birds of Prey (f/fff/sample)

    One of several stories coming to patrons on the 2nd
    Huntress’s heels could be heard echoing throughout the halls of the abandoned cotton candy factory. A tip says that newly escaped Harley Quinn has been using it as her hideout till The Joker can get free.

    Fortunately the police were made aware and the clown was put into solitary confinement while things get cleaned up. With the main threat put away all that’s left is to round up Quinn.

    Out of her Bird sisters Huntress drew the short straw of who was going to do this kind of busy work. Ah well. She could use a day off.

    The place stunk like sugar an rust. She knew these loons liked to stay in theme but this was just overkill. The sooner little Ms. Clown Princess gets got, the sooner she could pack it in. She swore that she was going to twist this bitch inside out for making her com here.

    Huntress stopped when she head something in a room fall, giggles followed not long after. Purple clad villain rolled her eyes and just causally leant outside the door.

    “You going to come out anytime soon Quinn?”

    Shockingly there was an answer.

    “Sorry, mom said I wasn’t suppose to talk to stranger. I don’t trust anyone I got to Wiki.”

    Huntresses’ expression drastically changed from the shocking burn. Did she just imply she’s a nobody??

    “You little...”

    Huntress busted open the door, wood flew every. Harley ducked and covered quickly as the heroin stood at the door with her hands on her lovely hips.

    “Anything else to say laughing girl?”

    Huntress clicked her way inside. She KNEW Harley was in here, why is she being so damn difficult. She started to check around, this room must be some twisted closet. There were dozens of manikins wearing the same Harley Quinn attire. From the corner of her eye she could see red and black moving.

    Huntress slowly inches towards where she saw Quinn. She moved past manikin after manikin as slow as possible.


    Suddenly from behind Quinn stepped out from the mankind, two by four in hand. She raised hit above her head”


    Huntress was truck in the back of the head. Lights out.


    Huntress struggles in her bonds. She was secured tightly to an x frame bondage device in a room only eliminated by a single dangling ceiling light.

    Harley stood there pouting at her feet as she started to remove her long purple boots.

    “Thanks a lot Hunt-BITCH. Ya made my door look as badly chipped as your shoulder! How am I suppose to make this place nice and tidy for puddin if you crazy brauds just bust on in?!?! Also! No shoes in the house! This ain’t a barn!”

    Harley chucked Huntresses boots over her head as her captive hero just scoffed.

    “Oh yea so freakin sorry. What do you want? Me to get you few paintings, liven up the place??”

    Harley’s eyebrows raised as she grinned. She looked at the purple hero’s smooth feet and got an amazing idea.

    “Say Hunny, that’s not a bad idea... ya know I always had a thing for body art. You ever model?~”

    Huntress’s eyes widened as her face glowed a bit under her mask. The hell is this girl on???

    “What are you getting at?.....”

    “Mmm lets take off this dinky armor...”

    Huntress protested the entire time as articles of clothing were removed one after another by the mischievous clown. The sexy jester didn’t stop until ALL of her captives’s skin was exposed and on display for her pleasure. By the time Quinn was done, huntress only had her mask.


    Huntress screamed, then screamed louder as Harley sternly grabbed her supple breasts. She pinched and tweaked each nipple in her fingers.

    “U-uurgghhh HEY! YOU FREAKIN PERV!”

    “Oh perk up purple stuff. I’m just checking out my canvas. And oh MAMA, this is one HELL of thing to work with. Your SO soft and smooth.~”

    Harley tickled her flustered prisoner’s tits with her index fingers. Huntress had no choice but to moan, struggle, but worse of all she let out a small giggle. That’s all it took, one small giggle. Harley’s face turned to a knowing expression as she leaned in close to Huntress, head rested in her hands.

    “Say, Hunny bunny, you wouldn’t happen to be TICKLISH would ya?”

    Quinn didn’t take her eyes off her prisoner as she gave the normal responses. “No.” “Shut up.” “Why would you ask that?” The normal guff. Only one thing caught Harley’s attention. A holy cross neckless worn around Huntress neck.

    “I get it now!!! No wonder you’re such a prude! You’re scared the big man upstairs will be upset with you having some fun!”

    Huntress was taken back. She was getting annoyed at how little sense she was making. She didn’t want her touching her causes she’s catholic???? SOMEONE GET HER OUT OF THIS HELL!

    “WHAT?! The hell are you talking about you crazy WITCH!”

    Harley raised the cross to Huntress’s eyes like a lawyer bringing forth the case winning evidence.

    “This changes everything Hun! I can’t play with you here if your waiting for Jesus!.... damn.... ok, plan B then.”

    Harley skipped off into the darkness.

    Plan B? What’s plan B? What the fuck was plan A? Huntress struggled for dear life, hoping to get free before her captor returned. To no avail sadly. Harley came back as quickly as she left, container in hand.

    She took up a seat at Huntress’s feet and opened her case. She took out one little brush and dipped it into some red paint. Hun started to panic, hearing a lot but feeling nothing.

    “What are you doing? I can’t see you, WHAT are you doing!?”

    “Oh calm your feathers I’m just getting the paint ready. I might not be able to paint that hot bod of yourself but their ain’t no rule in The Book that said feet are off limits. Now hold still!”


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    Great sample! Thanks for sharing it here.
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