Good morning everyone,

My name is Chris, Spaz to my friends.
I have been rather inactive recently, unfortunately life has just gotten in the way rather too much over the last half-year. I am a 30y/o male and my partner is a 31y/o female. Many of you may already know us from the videos we used to make here last year. Unfortunately, our tickling and causal play partner returned to her home of Canada last year and we have been unsuccessful so far at finding a new tickling and play partner which is a little sad. We are looking for a young-ish but mature woman, over 18 only and up to the age of 30 to come and join us in our activities. Generally we like to be friends with out play-partners rather than just play-partners. I do not see women ads something that should be objectified and I hold friendships with high respect.

We are located in the south of the UK in Hassocks, a borough of Brighton.
Travel is not a problem within reason. I am a traveler so I tend to go all over the place anyway. I'd say my limit is Manchester, Cornwall and Kent in terms of distance depending on which direction you are in from here haha.

For those of you who do not already know me, please see below for my Facebook Profile and my Youtube Gaming Channel.

I'm a little crazy haha, but in a good way. I supposed you have to be to be here in the first place!
Hopefully we will hear from some of you soon, in the meantime, XXX's to all and have a good day!

Chris (Spaz)