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    Katy & Amber - Episode 6: The Blanket Burrito (f/f, nylons)

    Hey everyone,

    The latest installment is out. Sorry it took a little longer than usual. I've had it done for a few days now but just haven't had time to get it posted. This one goes back to the roots - just Katy and Amber this time. Nicki will be back soon. It's also the longest one so far; hope you enjoy it

    Happy reading,

    Katy & Amber - Episode 1: The Discovery (f/f, nylons)
    Katy & Amber - Episode 2: Later That Evening (f/f, nylons)
    Katy & Amber featuring Nicki - Episode 3: The After Party (ff/f, nylons)
    Katy & Amber featuring Nicki - Episode 4: Tickle-Text Messaging (f/f tickle talk)
    Katy & Amber featuring Nicki - Episode 5: Netflix & Pizza (f/f, nylons)

    Katy & Amber - Episode 6: The Blanket Burrito (f/f, nylons)

    The weekend was drawing to an end much sooner than Katy had hoped. It had turned uneventful after the events on Friday evening, but those events left enough of an impact on Katy that she wasn’t yet ready to begin to try to process any type of information presented to her in lecture tomorrow. Indeed, her mind had been on one thing and one thing only for most of the weekend: what the events of this weekend meant for her and about her.

    Saturday had been a quiet day. With Amber still visiting her family and Nicki unavailable, Katy had occupied herself as best she could, heading to the mall to do some shopping and pampering herself with a manicure and pedicure.

    As she awoke on Sunday, Katy realized that she hadn’t yet accomplished all of the household tasks that she had hoped to do in Amber’s absence. As such, Katy had found herself in the basement of the apartment building, tossing in a load of laundry. Upon her return to the apartment, she was surprised to find Amber home, a few hours earlier than Katy had expected,

    “You’re back early,” Katy said, noticing Amber in the kitchen. Amber could only have been back home for a short time, for Katy had only been in the basement for about ten or twenty minutes at most, and the two had not crossed paths in the stairwell.

    “Yeah, well, I’ve got some homework to get done tonight,” said Amber, pouring herself a glass of water from the fridge. “How were things while I was gone?” she asked, knowing Katy prefers to not be alone.

    “Oh, they were interesting,” said Katy, unsure of whether she wanted to reveal what had occurred in that apartment on Friday night.

    “Do anything fun?” asked Amber, taking a sip of water and leaning her back against the counter.

    “Well Nicki came over Friday night,” began Katy…

    “Sorry I wasn’t here to be your tickle toy,” laughed Amber, her comment dripping in sarcasm.

    “There’s always next time,” laughed Katy, tapping Amber on the nose as she walked by her friend. Katy decided to end the conversation there after deciding that she did not want to tell Amber about what had happened just yet.

    “Are those Keds?” asked Amber as she watched Katy walk by. “Isn’t it a little early for Keds?”

    Katy looked down to her feet, examining herself fully for really the first time that day. Yes, she was wearing a pair of white Keds. And yes, it was likely far too early - or late, depending on which way you looked at it – to be wearing Keds, especially given the temperatures as of late. But Katy had always loved Keds. Her thirst for anything and everything Taylor Swift had initially drawn her to the classic shoe, but their comfort, style, and color choices had captured her.

    “Well, I mean I was just going down to the basement,” she began. “Figured there was no sense putting boots on for that.” Indeed, Katy had no intention of wearing Keds outside on a day like today. She wasn’t that crazy. But they served the purpose, and paired well with the rest of her outfit, she thought. It was another “comfy day” as Katy had taken to referring to them: a pair of heather gray leggings met the Keds at Katy’s ankles with a white long sleeve top layered underneath a pink hoodie for added warmth.

    “You’ve ditched the pantyhose, I see,” called Amber as Katy was walking away. Katy responded by turning around to face Amber, lifting her left leg off the ground, and twirling her ankle in the air to show that she was, indeed, wearing pantyhose, despite Amber’s initial impression. “Wow,” said Amber, pushing herself off the counter and actually amazed that she hadn’t been able to notice. “I could hardly tell. You go, girl.” Amber paused before adding, “But doesn’t that interfere with your strict no-sock policy with Keds?” she asked laughing.

    Katy laughed back. “Nylons don’t qualify as socks. Duh, silly,” she said, playfully chastising her friend for asking such a silly question before she turned the corner and went down to her bedroom.

    Amber took another sip of water and rested her back on the counter once again. The proverbial gears were turning inside her head already. Though she wasn’t mad about the events of the other night, there still was the issue of revenge to be had, and Amber was never one to postpone an opportunity for revenge. Amber swirled the water around inside her mouth as she analyzed the situation.

    Katy was in nylons. This much was known, of course.

    Katy was also wearing Keds, an otherwise inconsequential fact except for a couple of truths about Katy and her Keds that only a good friend like Amber would be aware of.

    For one, Katy never wore socks with Keds. Ever. She was emphatically against the notion of anyone wearing socks with Keds. True to her devotion to all things Taylor Swift, Katy had long ago joined team “Keds with No Socks” and had never wavered in her mindset.

    For another, a likely result from the previous and certainly a detail germane to Amber’s venture, Katy could actually be tickled through her Keds. Amber couldn’t explain it. Katy certainly couldn’t explain it. But it was something that Amber had accidentally stumbled upon one summer evening. The two girls and some friends had piled into Amber’s car to grab an ice cream one evening, with Amber at the wheel and Katy in the backseat. As the last friend had been dropped off, Katy insisted on remaining in the backseat, playfully referring to Amber as her chauffeur. To emphasize the point, Katy had rested her feet up on the center compartment of Amber’s car and leaned back in the seat with her arms above her head. Amber had quickly snatched up Katy’s foot for a tickle attack, but Katy had tried to fight. What resulted was, in essence, a battle for the Keds – Amber trying to pull them off to begin her tickle attack and Katy trying with all her might to keep them on. During the tussle, Amber’s fingers grazed the side of Katy’s Keds, bringing about a ticklish yelp from Katy. What resulted from that was that moment of realization as both girls looked at each other, Amber with a sly smile forming on her face as the realization that Katy was just ticked through her shoes sunk in and Katy with a look of dread at the notion that Amber had now discovered one more layer of Katy’s ticklishness. Of course, what followed was a full-on tickle attack on Katy through her Keds, and though not quite as effective as it would have been had Katy been barefoot, it was still quite effective --- certainly much more effective than tickling someone through their shoes should ever be.

    And finally, Amber knew Katy loved that Keds were a sneaker that she could just slip on or off whenever she pleased. Katy preferred the classic Keds with laces, though, so she’d make sure to always keep them loose, even going so far as purchasing them one half size larger than necessary and keeping the untied laces tucked into her shoes.

    So on paper, it may have seemed as though Katy was protected, but the reality was anything but. Amber had the means. She had the motive. Now all she needed was the opportunity…

    Of course, Amber also had to be cognizant of her own vulnerability. She was very conscious of the fact that the only layer of protection she had at the moment was a pair of socks that covered her own nylon-clad feet. This was a Catch-22 that always gave Amber pause. Remove the socks and expose her own weakness. Keep the socks on, though, and her feet become more and more sensitive due to the warmth of the socks. She knew she had to keep her socks on, but she knew that she had to do everything she could to make sure they were not removed at any point.

    The day quickly turned into late afternoon and Katy, with her laundry all washed and folded, was laying on the couch in the living room. Amber walked into the living room and, feeling the chill in the air, increased the temperature on the thermometer accordingly.

    “Aren’t you cold?” Amber asked as she turned the dial until she heard the heat click on.

    “I’m FREEZING,” emphasized Katy, hugging her body with her arms for effect.

    Amber plopped down on the chair in the living room. She was well aware that she hadn’t yet met the objective that she had set out for herself – namely, dishing out a good helping of revenge tickling on Katy – and that the hours of opportunity were dwindling. Katy hadn’t made it easy for her, by any means. Her frequent trips to the laundry room meant that her Keds remained on throughout the day and, in fact, were still covering Katy’s feet at the moment.

    Also, part of Amber’s hesitation was her awareness of her own vulnerability. Though her socks remained on, their effect could not be overstated; wearing the socks over the nylons certainly made Amber’s feet all the more ticklish. And though Amber held the advantage in the fact that Katy was arguably the more ticklish of the two friends, Amber could not deny that Katy was the more resourceful tickler of the two friends, often time executing a sneak tickle attack on Amber that left her wondering how she had been trapped so effectively.

    And just then Amber had an idea… It was something that she remembered from her childhood... Something that could still very well work today…

    “When I was younger,” Amber said, playing the comment off as nonchalantly as she could, “we used to make ourselves into ‘Blanket Burritos’ to stay warm,” she said with a laugh, keeping a watchful eye on Katy for a reaction.

    Katy laughed at the thought. “A Blanket Burrito? You sure were a strange child growing up, Amb,” Katy finished.

    “Hey!” retorted Amber. “Whatever. It worked. I could show you… But if you’re too COOL for a Blanket Burrito…” Amber said, letting those last words linger in the air, hoping for Katy to take the bait.

    “OK, fine,” said Katy, patting her hands on her legs. “Show me what a Blanket Burrito is, Amber,” she said, getting up from the couch. “I could use some warmth anyways.”

    ‘Yes!’ thought Amber in her head, though her internal excitement almost showed externally. Katy was walking right into the trap that Amber had devised, but Amber knew she had to play it cool so as not to tip Katy off.

    “OK,” began Amber, instructionally, “First you need to lay a blanket out on the floor,” she began, as she walked Katy through the steps, first laying the blanket on the floor, then placing Katy on one end of the blanket, and finally rolling Katy up in the blanket until Katy found herself in the middle of the room, only her head and her feet sticking out of what ended up being at least six layers of blanket.

    “This isn’t a burrito,” said Katy, laughing at how silly it was that she was analyzing this concoction known as a Blanket Burrito in the first place. “This is more like a Blanket Roll-up, duh!” she added. “Didn’t you ever used to eat at the café?”

    Amber laughed, both at her friend’s statement and her friend’s predicament, though the latter did not seem to be obvious to her friend yet. “Whatever,” she said. “Are you warm?”

    Katy paused a moment, again giving way too much thought to something as silly as a Breakfast Burrito, before confirming, “Yeah, it’s definitely warm.” Katy tried wiggling her arms a bit and found that she wasn’t able to move that much. “Can’t really move all that well. I think you rolled me up too tight.”

    “Did I?” asked Amber, feigning shock, as of course the snugness of the burrito had been by design. “Let me see if I can fix it,” she said, heading down to the end of the blanket where Katy’s feet stuck out. All that was visible was the end of the gray leggings, Katy’s suntan-colored ankles, and the white Keds. Amber tried to hide her smile as she bent down near Katy’s feet, but she couldn’t help herself. From her position, Katy could not see what Amber was up to, as the taut blanket prevented her from lifting her head up to see.

    Amber, meanwhile, took a moment to have some fun, “accidentally” brushing her finger against the side of Katy’s Keds each time she “tried to fix” the problem for Katy. As expected, Katy rewarded Amber’s actions with various forms of ankle twirling to get her foot out of the way, though she seemed otherwise oblivious to what was happening.

    “It’s not that uncomfortable, really,” said Katy, still lost in her analysis of Amber’s Blanket Burrito. “How are you doing down there?” she asked her friend, who was seemingly taking a long time to figure this out. “Do you need any, ahm,” she began, though she found that she had lost her train of thought quickly. This was all too silly, though Katy found that she enjoyed the childish moment that the friends were sharing.

    “What were you saying?” asked Amber, looking up as she continued to feign attempts to making the blanket looser for Katy.

    ‘What was I saying?’ thought Katy to herself. ‘How did I lose my train of thought so easily? I guess it’s kind of hard to keep focus when something is tickling your foot so much…’

    Katy’s eyes widened like saucers. She had been totally oblivious to what was happening before, but the full impact of her predicament was now all too clear to her. The events of the day now replayed in her mind. Amber noticing Katy’s Keds… Amber asking if Katy had nylons on… Amber asking if Katy had socks on over them… This whole Blanket Burrito idea! ‘How could I have fallen for this?’ Amber asked herself as she renewed her effort to find a way out of this burrito. ‘Maybe I’m just thinking too much about it?’ Katy tried to reason to herself. After all, Amber was more of an opportunistic tickler and not one to lay out a plan like this.

    “You know,” said Amber, pulling Katy from her inner monologue. “This would be a whole lot easier if you would sit still and stop moving your feet all around,” she said, choosing her words wisely.

    ‘There’s no way I’m thinking too much about this,’ resigned Katy internally. Amber had been making almost constant contact with the side of Katy’s foot, and though it was still shod in the Keds, Amber had to know what she was doing.

    “Instead of loosening it, why don’t you just let me out?” asked Katy, trying to play it cool and to not seem desperate. But desperate she was. Katy couldn’t think of a more vulnerable position to be in. She was effectively trapped, unable to move and, worse, unable to even see what Amber was doing down by her feet. And her feet were defenseless. The Keds did nothing to block out the tickling, and Katy now regretted not making sure to tighten the laces at some point during the day, as she was certain they would simply slide off at Amber’s wish. Add to that the effect of the pedicure from yesterday and the nylons – oh gosh, the nylons! – and Katy knew that this had the potential to be an epic attack.

    “No, I thiiiiiiiink I’ve got it,” lied Amber, making one last “attempt” and making sure that her fingers were all over Katy’s Keds while doing so. “Drat,” said Amber, again feigning thought. “Maybe if I removed your shoes…” Amber began.

    “NO!” shouted Katy, fully aware of what would seemingly end up occurring once her shoes were removed, though she instantly realized that such a passionate plea would seem to belie her true concern. “I mean,” she began again, “I just don’t see how that could help,” she said.

    “Oh, on the contrary,” said Amber, her voice morphing into that of an evil super villain, “I think taking these off could help quite a bit,” and with that, Amber pinched the heels of Katy’s Keds and easily slid them off of her feet. There was nothing Katy could do. The Keds were already slightly too big to begin with, and her laces were loose in addition to that. As if that weren’t enough, the nylons Katy wore provided nothing but a super slick surface for the Keds to glide from. Before she even knew it, Katy had lost the one layer of protection her feet had from what she now considered an inevitable tickle attack.

    “Come on, Amber,” Katy said, her voice more of a plea than she was anticipating. “Just let me out of here.”

    “What’s the matter, Katy?” asked Amber, looking up to Katy for the first time. “Are you afraid I might…” and she paused before bringing one finger into contact with each of Katy’s trapped feet. “Tickle your feet?” she asked, finishing her sentence and slowly dragging each finger along the bottom of Katy’s foot.

    “Ha ha hamb er er er! Th ha ha ha is isn’t fai ha ha ha fair,” Katy begged, somehow getting the sentence out amidst the stream of giggles coming uncontrollably from within.

    “Isn’t it?” Amber asked, adding a second finger to each foot and causing Katy to fall even more into hysterical laughter. “If I recall,” Amber said, again pausing for effect, “It seemed to be fair the other night when Nicki was here.”

    Katy was beside herself. Her earlier inclination was true. Everything was combining to make this one of the most ticklish tickle attacks Katy had endured. Amber’s attack hadn’t even lasted ten seconds yet and still consisted only of two fingers on each foot, but Katy was already willing to hand over the PIN to her bank account for Amber to stop her assault.

    Amber added a third finger and soon a fourth and she began dancing all fingers across each of Katy’s feet. Katy soon fell into silent laughter, unable to even make a sound. Amber used this opportunity for some more verbal teasing.

    “What’s so not fair about, Katy?” asked Amber, leaning her ear in a bit as if expecting Katy to be able to respond.

    “Is it that you can’t move? Because I seem to recall not being able to move myself the other night…” Amber continued her assault, letting the tips of her nails explore every inch of Katy’s ticklish feet.

    “Is it my nails? Do you like my nails? Amber asked, to which all Katy could do was shake her head no. “Really? I just had them done for Gram’s party. Do you not like the color?” Amber toyed, again pausing as if waiting for Katy to respond. “Oh,” said Amber, feigning shock and surprise. “Do they tickle more?” she asked, looking to Katy for an answer, though they tickled so much that all Katy could do was nod her head yes while laughing uncontrollably. “Oh my gosh,” said Amber, faking concern while never relenting on her tickle attack. “Yeah, I could see how that would be unfair… If Nicki hadn’t done the same thing to me the other night.” Amber laughed and began tickling with even more intensity.

    It was too much for Katy. Every element of Katy’s weakness was working against her. She was trapped. She had nylons on. Amber had fingernails. And now, Amber was teasing Katy about it. It was a well-known fact between the friends that Katy had no defense against being teased as she was being tickled. Not that Katy had much of a defense against being tickled, anyways, mind you… But the moment you begin teasing Katy about how ticklish she was, it was game over.

    “It can’t be all THAT bad,” said Amber, continuing the teasing as she almost whimsically danced her fingers over every available inch of Katy’s trapped feet. “I mean, it’s not like you’re barefoot,” she said, looking up to Katy for effect. “You’ve got nylons on, so at least you have something covering your feet, right?” asked Amber with a laugh, amping up her tickle attack as her words finished. Katy was in hysterics. “Wait a minute,” interjected Amber, again feigning concern. “Didn’t you say your feet were MORE ticklish in nylons? Oh my – this must be torture for you then,” she added, again laughing at her friend’s plight.

    No matter how much Amber laughed at Katy’s predicament, Katy far and away outpaced her friend’s laughter, falling into various patterns of laughter depending on Amber’s attack. Any prolonged focus on Katy’s arches resulted in silent laughter, with Katy not even able to make a single sound. For Katy, this was the worst. Beyond that, Katy alternated between streams of giggles, loud guffaws, and uncontrollable chortles. As much as every slight touch tickled, it was when Amber returned to Katy’s arches that definitively proved to be Katy’s undoing. The only line of defense Katy had against such an attack was to use whatever mind control she had to try to will Amber’s fingers away from her arch. Of course, since Katy possessed no mind control skills of any kind, she was defenseless against Amber’s attacks.

    And attack Amber did. Usually a much more timid tickler, Amber knew it wasn’t often that she had her friend at such a disadvantage. Just the other day, Amber thought she had Katy right where she wanted her only for Katy to wiggle free and return the tickle attack onto Amber, so while Katy was effectively trapped, Amber was going to take advantage. Katy’s feet furiously squirmed trying to avoid the ticklish touches of Amber’s fingers, but there was nowhere to go.

    Katy was in hysteria. She hadn’t been tickled this effectively in some time. Even Nicki’s attack the other night was not as thorough. Sure, things had changed at the end when Nicki’s fingers accidentally landed on Katy’s private area, but the tickling, while bad, was nowhere near as ticklish as this. Amber knew all of Katy’s weak spots, how to get inside her head… It wasn’t often Amber took full benefit of this knowledge, and especially not all weaknesses all at once, but Amber was determined.

    And just like that, Amber slowed her attack, eventually reaching the point where the sole tickle occurring was Amber’s hands resting on the tops of Katy’s toes. Amber waited as Katy caught her breath, an act that did indeed take quite some time, for Katy had been brought to the brink of her demise during that attack. Streams of giggles escaped Katy’s mouth even after the tickling had subsided, a sign of just how intensely Amber’s attack had tickled Katy.

    “That was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?” Amber posed rhetorically, repositioning herself so that she now lay on her stomach in front of Katy’s trapped feet. “I think there’s just one thing more that I have to try…” said Amber mysteriously.

    “No more,” huffed Katy, barely able to get those words out as she was still catching her breath. “I can’t take any mo-OH OH OH MY GOD!” Katy screamed out, completely caught offguard by Amber’s new attack strategy. “NO NO NO” Katy screamed as she bucked as much as she could within the blanket trying anything she could to distance her feet from Amber’s attack.

    Amber had gently placed Katy’s toes in the clenches of her teeth, her teeth just barely resting against the delicate skin above and below each of Katy’s toes. Katy was entirely unprepared for this type of attack. Amber had hit the jackpot.

    Of course, It wasn’t by sheer coincidence that Amber had stumbled upon this tactic. Katy could thank a loose-lipped ex-boyfriend for divulging this particular weakness of hers. Indeed, that had been all Ken had been “good” for. It wasn’t a relationship that lasted long, and one of the few nights that the two had been together, Ken had begun sucking on Katy’s toes unexpectedly. The result was immediate. Katy nearly fell off the couch, clearly effected in a deep way by Ken’s action. It was after Ken and Katy had broken up that Ken had told Amber about that night. Amber didn’t much care for Ken, of course, but she did keep this anecdote stored within the confines of her mind not realizing she would ever use it to her advantage.

    Yet here she was... With Katy’s big toe pressed delicately between her teeth, Katy bucking like a rodeo horse just inches above her. Amber had never pressed Katy for details of the incident and, prior to now, had never seen Katy’s reaction to such a tactic. But it was clear that Ken had found gold not long ago, and it was now Amber who was reaping the reward.

    “Well, well, well, Katy,” began Amber as she slowly removed her mouth from Katy’s toe. “What do we have here?”

    “AMBER!” yelled Katy, still almost frantic and having obviously not gotten over this new attack. “DON’T!”

    “Oh, but it looks so fun,” Amber said in a tone so devilishly sweet that Hollywood directors would have enjoyed it. “But I’m afraid I can’t have you bucking around so much,” she added, “so I’m going to have to do a better job of holding you down.” With that, Amber draped her left leg over Katy’s trapped legs and turned her body so that now her mouth was once again facing Katy’s feet, but now Amber’s back was to Katy’s head. In this position, Amber could use her body weight to hold down Katy’s legs and prevent any bucking. “There,” said Amber satisfied with her position. “This should do fine.”

    “Amber don’t!” pleaded Katy, knowing full well how vulnerable she was. Her mind raced back to that one night with Ken as soon as she felt Amber’s teeth make contact with her toes. Katy had no idea how Amber knew – or even if Amber knew – but it was clear that she knew now.

    Katy’s pleas fell on deaf ears, though, as Amber had already lowered her head to begin her attack. All five of Katy’s toes on her right foot entered Amber’s mouth as Amber slowly opened and closed her mouth around Katy’s trapped food, sealing and releasing a vacuum of pressure each time. Moments ago, Katy hadn’t though this attack could get any worse, but of how wrong she had been.

    “AMBER!” Katy yelled – the kind of yell one does to try to focus one’s mind off of something else. It was futile, though. “Amber – oh my god,” continued Katy, unable to even form a coherent thought at the current moment. “Amber, no please no,” she repeated, though each time the conviction in her voice wavered more and more. It wasn’t taking long, but Katy’s body was losing the battle. Just as Nicki had easily brought Katy to the brink just a few nights earlier, so too had Amber, and now Katy’s head rolled from side to side as all she could muster were a few barely audible “Amber” commands as her body began to succumb to the sensations.

    Sensing this, Amber abruptly changed tactics and once again brought her fingers to each of Katy’s trapped feet, unleashing a renewed tickle attack that Katy was completely unprepared for. “AMBER FUCK NOOOO” was all Katy could say before once again falling into a pit of uncontrollable laughter. It was torture. Katy’s body had been so close to experiencing pure ecstasy a moment ago, and now it had been pulled from her, replaced with a decidedly more tortuous sensation.

    Amber loved the power she had over her friend at this moment. “I can’t tell which is more fun,” Amber said, as if performing a science experiment on the effects of tickling versus nibbling on Katy’s toes. Just as quickly as she had begun tickling, she switched back to inhaling Katy’s foot, this time gliding her tongue across the tops of each of Katy’s toes as if playing the piano.

    “AMBER MY GOD!” shrieked Katy, her body unable to process such a change in sensation so quickly. Katy could do nothing but repeat Amber’s name, though again eventually even that had been reduced to Katy seemingly moaning the “mmmm” of Amber. Katy was broken. Amber was having her way with her at the moment and there was nothing Katy could do about it. Just when it seemed that Katy’s body was about to succumb, Amber paused.

    “Tell me to stop,” said Amber.

    Wha?” asked Katy, unable to even process Amber’s instruction.

    “Tell me to stop what I’m doing…” clarified Amber, adding “because otherwise…” she trailed off, once again bringing her mouth to Katy’s toes.

    “I…” Katy began, hesitating before once again feeling Amber’s mouth latch onto her foot. “Oh noo,” she cried out. Somehow, this was worse – or better? – then when Ken had done it before. His was a more random attack which, while effective still, lacked the coordination of this attack by Amber. Indeed, Amber’s plot had left Katy a vulnerable, susceptible target, one whose defenses had been whittled away not only by the earlier tickle attack but also by Nicki’s attack the other night. Ken’s attack before had taught Katy that someone sucking on her toes was one of the most sensual things she could feel – something for which there were few parallels – but Amber’s attack took it one step further. Maybe it was because of Katy’s recent pedicure? Maybe it was Amber’s gentler touch? Maybe it was that Katy was trapped? Maybe it was the nylons? Maybe it was all of the above? Whatever it was, Katy knew it was inevitable before her body succumbed to the pleasures it felt.

    Meanwhile, Amber continued to play with Katy’s feet, mixing in gentle nibbles with occasional tongue attacks, when a devious thought popped in her mind. Amber continued sucking on Katy’s right foot, but as she did, she brought her own right hand up to Katy’s foot and began ever so lightly tracing the tip of one fingernail up and down the arch of Katy. Katy instantly panicked. “AMBER NO!” she yelled, fearing a renewed tickle attack was inevitable. “No more tickling!” She simply couldn’t take any more tickling. But Amber’s finger never changed its course. It wasn’t a full-on tickle attack. Amber’s finger was simply caressing the bottom of Katy’s foot. The combination was somehow even more effective than before, and Katy realized what she was up against, panicking initially as she tried to prevent it. “Amber no!” she urged. “Get off that spot! Not there!” she begged. Pleaded. “Amber, my God, not there!” she yelled. But Amber only took it as more incentive, as further proof that she was winning not only the battle, but possibly the war.

    “Tell me to stop,” Amber again repeated, toying with Katy while not changing her methods at all.

    “Amber,” wheezed Katy, “I… I can’t,” she panted. “You have to... You have to get off that spot… I…” gasped Katy, coming closer and closer to surrendering to her body’s desire. “I’m going to… I’m gonna…” she intreated, not wanting to finish her thought, as obvious as it was to both. “Amber…” Katy’s body began to tense... Her head tilted back on her floor as her back arched up, her body giving one final effort to hold off the unavoidable fate that seemed to be happening. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as Amber’s finger lightly, softly drew circles all along the sensitive arch…

    Katy had lost. It was futile at this point. All that was left to do was… for Amber to answer the door? ‘Wait, what?’ thought Katy as she was once again pulled from certain pleasure at the last possible second.

    “Pizza delivery,” came the voice on the other side of the door.

    ‘Damn it’ though Katy, the wave of emotion she felt moments ago subsiding more and more as each awkward second passed.

    Amber laughed, just as nervous as Katy was. Truthfully, she hadn’t planned on taking this as far as it had gone, but she found once she had started it, she couldn’t stop. A second knock at the door caused Amber to instinctively unroll Katy from her cocoon, to the relief – and admitted disappointment – of Katy.

    Katy lay on the floor – her body broken – as she listened in what seemed like the distance as Amber hurried to the door. She wasn’t sure if the pizza guy could see her – it didn’t matter. She couldn’t move. Her body replayed every moment of what had just happened but couldn’t return to where it had been.

    “Food’s here,” said Amber, startling Katy and pulling her from her thoughts. Amber offered a hand to Katy and pulled her up.

    “I’m, uh,” started Katy, her body still unable to really form words. “I’m just going to use the bathroom first.”

    Amber took a bite of her mushroom pizza as she settled onto the couch, smiling at herself as she walked Katy stumble her way to the restroom.

    The battle – and possibly the war – had gone to Amber.

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    I've been eagerly awaiting the latest chapter and i'm happy to say that it doesn't disappoint! Well written once again, an enjoyable scenario and great dialogue between the characters. This continues to be one of the best nylon stories in a long time.

    Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work

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    Love the fun atmosphere your stories create

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    Just discovered this series. Wow. These are great!

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    Bravo indeed! I love this series. Love f/f nylon tickling. Nothing better Keep 'em coming!

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    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. The next installment is mapped out in my mind and will be out soon.


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    this blew my mind with excitement. So hot! Well done.

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    I’m very anxious for the next installment! Very good series of stories so far!!

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    Episode 7 is almost complete. Should (hopefully) be debuting this weekend.

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    Thank you, I can’t wait!!

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