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    The Accidental Foot Model Part Two: 'Grace Tickled On Camera'

    This is a sequel I wrote to this story: http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...Pedicure)-(F-F) which I thought was such a brilliant story and deserved a second chapter! With thanks to YouNeverKnow175 for giving me the thumbs-up to post this! I hope you all enjoy reading it!

    Grace opened her eyes, stretched, and sighed contentedly.* It was 8:00am and the early morning sunlight was streaming through the windows. She had slept well, and felt blissful as she slowly woke up.

    Then she remembered the events of yesterday. Jean-Luc. Kimmy. It all came rushing back.

    "Oh no......" she groaned as she remembered what Jean-Luc had told her.

    "Your laugh is superb....so authentic!" he had exclaimed gleefully after she had squirmed and laughed her way through yesterday's foot treatment. He had also claimed she would be a 'natural' for a tickling scene, which was due to be shot today.

    Grace was terribly nervous, but she was determined to be a good professional and try her best to endure whatever lay ahead. The only upside, or possible downside, was that her feet felt soft, pampered, and refreshed, as well as looking extremely pretty. The pedicure had tickled a lot, but Grace had to concede that Kimmy really did have 'the touch'.

    Grace got out of bed, took a shower and dressed. Jean-Luc had told her to 'be casual' clothes-wise, so she slipped on her blue skinny jeans, a dark red t-shirt, and her canvas chucks. She caught a glimpse of her*reflection in the mirror as she opened her front door. She was, from every angle, a stunningly beautiful girl.

    "I can do this. I can do this," she repeated to herself on the short drive to the studio. "Maybe it'll be quick. One or two quick tickles and that'll be it, all over."

    "Good morning, Gracie!" exclaimed Jean-Luc as she walked into the small, confined surroundings of studio B3. "How are you today?"

    Grace smiled nervously.

    "I'm pretty good, thanks!" she replied nervously.

    "Wonderful!" he enthused, motioning to a guy standing near a couch in the middle of the room. "Let me introduce you to your co-star for today!"

    "Grace, this is Ben, Ben, this is Grace. She's going to double for your girlfriend!" said Jean-Luc enthusiastically.

    Grace suddenly felt very shy. Ben was a good looking guy, tall and rugged, and most definitely not the kind of guy she wanted to become hysterical in front of.

    "Hello,Grace," said Ben. His voice was calm and reassuring.

    "H-hi," she stammered, offering her hand.

    "It's great to meet you!" replied Ben, shaking her hand tenderly. "Jean-Luc tells me that you're going to be perfect for this scene!"

    Grace felt another pang of nervousness.

    "I-I'm glad he thinks so," she said, trying not to reveal how worried she felt.

    "So, this is the scene,"*began Jean-Luc. "You're hanging out on the sofa, typical boyfriend and girlfriend, when you, Ben, decide that you want to go out tonight, but Grace doesn't, OK?"

    Ben nodded and smiled warmly at Grace.

    "Then you wrestle for a couple of seconds, before you, Grace, get pinned down. Ben's going to tickle you to persuade you to go out tonight!"

    Grace felt her entire body tense up. Pinned. Tickled. Words that, ordinarily, she would've run a mile from.

    "I-I think so," she. "Are you sure I'm right for this part, though? I mean......I......"

    She broke off.

    Jean-Luc smiled warmly.

    "You're perfect, Gracie! You have pretty feet, and you're very very ticklish, so the laughter will be totally natural!"

    "We're ready to go, Jean-Luc!" called a member of the production crew.

    "Excellent!" he replied. "Let's go for a first take!"

    Grace unlaced her low-cut chucks and slipped them off. She pulled off her pink ankle socks and tucked them into her shoes.

    Tentatively, Grace took up the required face-down position on the couch, with her bare feet facing upwards.

    "I can do this.......I'm a professional......just try your best....." she told herself as her mind raced. "It'll probably be a quick tickle and then that's it, over and done with."

    Ben carefully lowered himself into position, straddling her legs and pinning her feet to the couch. Grace couldn't move her legs, and her upper body was somewhat stuck too. Her head and her arms were the only body parts she could move, neither of which were particularly helpful at this moment in time.

    As Ben straddled her, Grace was surprised by how gentle he was. He had her pinned firmly but she didn't feel in any discomfort. In a strange way, she almost felt as though he was protecting her.

    "And.............action!" called out Jean-Luc.

    "So, sweetie, are you sure you won't come out with us tonight?' enquired Ben. "It'll be really good fun!"

    "N-no," she replied. "I-I think I'll stay in and watch some TV tonight."

    Ben placed his palms against the soles of Grace's feet. She felt her body tense up as he did so, and took a sharp intake of breath.

    "Awwww, why not?" he replied, feigning disappointment. "You might miss out on some fun!"

    Ben then lightly stroked a single finger down her right sole.

    "Eeeeee!" Grace yelped, immediately terrified that Kimmy had done too good a job of making her feet softer than usual. "N-nooooooo!"

    Ben laughed. "Well I've got to convince you somehow!" he teased.

    "P-please don't do that!" begged Grace, nervously curling and flexing her toes.

    "Well it looks like I already did!" laughed Ben, beginning to stroke two fingers up and down Grace's soles, alternating between left and right.

    "N-nooooo-eeeeheheheheheeeee!" giggled Grace, her laughter now constant. "D-don't-eheheheeeee-don't tickle meeeeeheheheheeee!"

    Ben was getting further and further into this. He was a little bit of a tickle-lover, and he could certainly appreciate the beauty of Grace's feet.

    "I'm just trying to convince you to change your mind!" he chuckled, slowly increasing the speed of his scribbling fingernails.

    Grace slowly melted into hysterics. For all of her bravado and self-reassurance, her feet were simply too ticklish. At least during the pedicure, she could thrash and squirm. Now, she was utterly helpless.


    "Wrong answer, sweetie!" laughed Ben, skittering all ten of his fingernails up and down her soft, ticklish soles,

    "EEEEEEEHEHEHEHEEEEEEE!" squealed Grace, frantically slapping at the couch. "B-BEN-AHAHAHAHAAAA!"

    Ben began to focus on Grace's toes, probing in between them and stroking softly with a single finger. The stems of her toes were exceptionally ticklish, and Ben knew he'd hit a hot-spot as Grace's laughter grew even louder, her giggles echoing around the confines of the studio.


    Grace had no idea how long Jean-Luc needed her to hold out for, but she was already starting to fade. Her toes were incredibly sensitive, and Ben's fingers knew exactly which spots to hit. After twenty seconds of ticklish agony, she finally gave in.


    "And......cut!" called out Jean-Luc. Grace felt sheer, unadulterated relief at hearing those words. She'd survived.....just barely.

    Ben's fingers finally came to rest. He climbed off the couch and released Grace from her prone position. Her face was red, her hair slightly tangled, and her tummy muscles ached from laughter.

    "You were a great sport!" he said, giving her a warm hug.

    Giggling weakly, Grace virtually collapsed into his arms.

    "I-I'm glad you think so-heheheheeee" she replied.

    Jean-Luc bounded over, a beaming smile on his face.

    "That was wonderful! Utterly perfect!" he exclaimed. "Wait until you see the playback!"

    Grace put her shoes and socks back on, stood up, and buried her face in her hands.

    "Don't be embarrassed, Gracie!" laughed the director. "This is showbusiness! It's a strange, crazy world! It's only make-believe!"
    The storyline may have been fictional, but Grace's ticklishness was very, very real. She could only laugh at the way the past twenty-four hours had played out.

    "Now, how about the playback?" winked Jean-Luc. "I'm sure you'd love to see yourself on the screen!"

    Grace covered her face with her hands. If ticklishness was a sought-after quality in the movie industry, she knew that she was definitely on the right track.........

    The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.

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    Great story!
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    Let her make a debut in a tickling interrogation scene or in a little evil punishment! Grace has become my favorite actress to all effects!

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