Hey guys, I had originally planned to post something different but I think this is more important. Just to give you all a bit of context on whats going on.
This right here is everything Iíve made so far, everything that will be sent to all paying patrons on the email date (June 2nd). I donít want there to be this dialog where I changed the rules and am now Iím just sitting back and playing for time while you all get scraps.

Iíve been working nonstop to make sure itís all worth the wait. And this is only the middle of the month, so lots more is coming. We still got stories, scenarios, exclusive, a WHOLE mess of shit. I know Iíve kept SAYING things are coming but I think you all, and everyone else needs to actually SEE whatís up. You know, just to see Iím not jerking you all around.

At the same time Iím looking to what can be changed for next month, (cause lets be honest I probably wont get upfront pay for a LONG time). Maybe you guys would rather switch to a pay by post method? Maybe Iíll look to other avenues so you guys can get your content faster and safer? The main thing thatís been bugging me is that I want to show you guys I care. I appreciate you guys sticking around and supporting me. I thank you all for the patients youíve shown me.

Just thank you. I hope I was able to explain myself a bit.


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