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    Feb 2018
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    Tickle Dreams Too Strange To Not Share

    During an attempt at cleaning my room I found an old notebook, and casually scribbled in the middle were 3 recounts of odd tickle dreams I had years ago. I didn't even remember them until I read them, and it got me thinking... I'm sure we all have tickle dreams here and there, but does anyone else have really bizarre ones suppressed in a dark corner of their minds? If so, please share! No judgement here. Here are mine.....

    #1: I'm walking to school and I pass the park [more of an open bit of land really]. I feel something crawling on my shoulder and I see a little praying mantis. I carefully lift it off my shoulder and place it in the grass beside the footpath. When I turn back to continue walking I hear a deafening, mangled roar, and when I turn around the praying mantis I see standing behind me, but it is now 7ft tall. It picks me up and carries me into the park, where another similarly sized mantis steps out from behind a large bush. The mantis that was once on my shoulder holds me by my arms in a vice grip, while the other strips my feet of my shoes and socks, and begins to nibble at my feet. I am terrified but begin to giggle and laugh, at which point the mantis at my feet sprouts a black snake's tongue, and works it methodically between my toes. I wake up immediately with a loud squeal.

    #2: I'm having my weekly singing lesson, and Sam [singing instructor...kinda hot] is preparing me for an exercise to strengthen my diaphragm. I am topless and standing up straight, while he walks behind me and asks me to begin singing and to not stop. While I begin doing so, he reaches around with a soft yellow feather in his hand and traces it across my tummy. I giggle but am determined to not be rattled, continuing through soft giggles. He then twirls the feather over my breasts and then my sides, and he chuckles softly in my ear, noting how well I'm doing and how he'll have to step up the "punishment" (he uses this word instead of exercise, like he did previously). He shoves me against the wall, face-first, and begins squeezing my sides furiously. I stop singing and burst into hard laughter, banging my fists on the wall as I feel his body push mine into the wall. He stops and mentions something about moving on to the electric toothbrush, but I am suddenly overcome with the "falling" feeling and jolt awake before the dream can continue. Fuck.

    #3: I am in an abandoned house with no lights, only able to guide my way through by the moonlight spilling into the open windows with no glass left in them. I feel like I'm drunk and lost, as if I went exploring with Beck and Eddie during a house party but I got ditched. I am walking down a dark hallway with my arms outstretched to guide me, and am drawn to a strong source of violet light in the doorway to one of the rooms. It's a light bar that goes entirely across the doorway, and it hums and flickers like a lightsabre. The room on the other side of the doorway is pitch black, and instead of ducking, I walk right through the light, which lines up perfectly with my bellybutton [a very ticklish and erogenous spot]. I feel a sudden sensation of intense heat, followed by extreme cold in my belly button as I pass through it. The door then slams shut behind me, and lights suddenly turn on to reveal a room with white rubber walls, like in a mental institute in the movies. Scribbles all over the walls are tickling taunts: "Tickle tickle...", "Coochie coo...", "You know you love it!", "Say it tickles!". As I read them, a tingling, tickling feeling starts to bubble inside my bellybutton. I giggle and lift my shirt to find nothing physically wrong, though now the feeling is building. I giggle and coo louder now, collapsing to my knees as I stick my pinky in my navel, trying to fish out whatever is making the tickles, but to no avail. It rises and rises in intensity, until I am running and collapsing into the padded walls, feeling drunk on alcohol as well as tickles and arousal. It builds and builds, more and more, until I wake up to the sound of the dog barking. I realise I've been making a lot of nosie in my sleep.

    So come on guys and gals.... surely I can't be the only one with bizarre dreams like this! Let's hear them!

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    Jan 2009
    Those are some pretty vivid tickle dreams!

    I have tickling happen in dreams every once in a while only for brief periods of time. Mostly I will have a dream about someone I’m crushing on that involves them tickling me at one point during the dream. Nothing too extravagant unfortunately.

    I do have a very strange recurring trope in my dreams involving denonic possession and tickling oddly enough. I will be in a house or haunted place that is going through demonic possession or I will be exorcising a person who is possessed and it is always my job to fight the demon off. The dream always starts off scary at first and the demon sometimes will chase me and I will run away. Usually I will try to hide and lock a door but I cant close it and I lose my voice so I can’t scream. Anyway, the dream never stays scary for long because the demon confronts me and actually winds up becoming friendly or at least non harming in the end. Most of the time the demon takes the form of a sexy woman and starts to seduce me. Then it will always start to tickle me. Usually it will trap me so I can’t move and tease me about being ticklish. Then it will use this vibrating energy that it sends through my body to tickle me all over. It’s so funny and weird how it goes from scary and evil to just being like a súccubus with a tickle fetish. Haha. Demonic things were a childhood fear of mine and so now I guess it’s my subconscious way of battling them and turning something I was scared of into something I find pleasant. I’m not afraid of those dreams anymore knowing how they always end lol

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