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View Poll Results: What happens to Christine next?

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  • Christine is dressed up as a tickle slave before being tied & tickled.

    5 25.00%
  • Christine gets bound, tickled and sexually teased/pleasured.

    13 65.00%
  • Christine gets a chance to escape.

    2 10.00%
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    Christine's Kidnapping - Part 4 (Interactive Story MM/F)

    ( Part 3 )
    ((Thank you all for reading and voting! As the votes have being close, I have included other tickle spots, like some upper body tickling to keep the story enjoyable for upper body people. Any comments are welcome and I hope you enjoy this part!))

    The kidnappers stop the tickling, pulling the hairbrushes and pipe cleaners away giving the captive blonde a chance to catch her breath. She sobs softly against the tight gag, looking up at the camera with her tormented pleading eyes, tears slowly dripping down her red cheeks as she feels her little stocked feet and tied toes still twitching and tingling all over from the recent torture.

    The phone suddenly rings again, surprising the captors and the blonde as the same man picks it up. Christine’s friend makes another offer “We have the money! Now let Christine go free! She cant handle this for much longer! She is too ticklish!” The man smiles and nods, looking over at the helpless blonde. “Ok, we will talk and call you back” he replies before hanging up. He turns to the other man with a concerned look on his face. “They have the money..” The other man smiles back and nods. “So.. that's a good thing right?” The man looks down at the phone and thinks for a second, looking slightly sad as his friend gets worried. “Jake! Are you listening!? The money is what we wanted!” Jake looks up at his friend and snaps back. “No, I don't want the money! ...I want her..”

    Christine hears this conversation unfold as her eyes widen, remembering back years ago in school when a guy called Jake had a major crush on her but she rejected him, embarrassing him in front of her popular friends. The other man is shocked by the confession, looking over at the tightly bound blonde. “So what…we keep her?” Christine squeals against the gag and shakes her head, hearing them words that send shivers through her helpless body. Jake walks over to the blonde, standing above her head as he leans down face to face, looking into her pleading blue eyes as he smiles. “No Ryan.. We make her our tickle slave..” Ryan smiles and walks over to the blonde, leaning over her body and runs his hands up and down her tightly wrapped sides and belly. “Would you like that Christine? Being our little tickle slave?” Christine screams loudly against the gag, looking up at both men as she shakes her head, trying to plead and beg as the ballgag keeps her silenced.

    Both men smile to each other as Jake whispers into her ear. “The people watching cant hear us, but I will turn on the sound soon, and when I do, you are going to tell everyone you want to stay here and be our tickle slave.” He chuckles softly and removes Christine’s gag, letting her speak for the first time as Ryan gets an idea, unstrapping her arms and ripping open the wrapping to free her arms which are immediately grabbed and raised high over her head. Ryan pins her arms down as Jake straps each arm down tightly, using wrists and elbow straps before removing the top half of the wrapping, exposing her upper body and bra. Her waist and shoulders are also strapped down, fully imobilizing her arms and upper body. Christine speaks for the first time, trying to reason and plead with her captors. “Nooo pleease! Let me go! Just take the money!” Both men ignore her as Jake gently pushes an earpiece into her ear. He smiles down at the blonde and walks away, able to talk to the captive blonde through the earpiece while no one can hear him.

    Ryan slowly starts removing the blonde’s bra, fully exposing her breasts and leaving her stretched upper body and underarms completely exposed, as both men start rubbing lotion into her body, rubbing their hands up and down her sides and ribs, caressing over her stretched out belly and up over each breast, coating them in lotion as they start to shine in the low light. Christine panics as she feels her stretched naked upper body strapped down tightly to the padded table, unable to twist or wiggle her body as her little feet remain tightly stocked and toe tied.
    The caressing hands stop, leaving the blonde’s body covered in lotion, giving off a sexy shine as Jake moves up to her head, casually sliding his hand up her stretched naked body. He smiles down at the blonde, looking into her fear filled eyes as he gently pulls a strap over her head, stopping her from shaking as he slides a blindfold over her eyes and whispers into her ear. “We are going to tickle you, and you will tell all the people watching that you want to stay with us and be our tickle slave.” Ryan climbs onto the table, straddling the blonde’s bound legs able to reach all over her exposed upper body, Jake returning to her helpless feet as he sits down, having the perfect view of her stretched, smooth and soft little feet and tied toes. Christine whimpers and shivers getting nervous, hearing the teasing words, trying to plead with her captors as they get into position. “No no please! Don't do this to me! I have my own life!”

    Nothing happens for a few seconds, no sounds or movement until a sudden touch is felt on her smooth stretched out underarms, a soft touch of fingertips gently stroking up and down both her underarms, forcing giggles out of the helpless blonde. Her giggles get louder as more fingertips join in, starting to stroke up and down her stretched little feet moving from toes down to her heels and back up, slowly and casually as Christine starts giggling louder. Her captors smile knowing they are just teasing her, showing how helpless and exposed she is as they gently tease and torment her. Christine’s eyes widen behind the blindfold as she squeals loudly, suddenly the tickling fingertips get faster and harder, starting to spider tickle rapidly, hovering and running in place over the blonde’s underarms and stretched arches, never stopping or slowing down. Jake grins mischievously turning on the face camera sound, giving the watchers their first taste of the helpless blonde’s infectious laughter and squeals. “Ah! Hahahaha pleeease hahahaha stoooop hahahaha”

    Jake speaks into the earpiece, telling the blonde to confess her desire to stay as a tickle slave and refuse to go home. Christine tries to shake her strapped down head, unable to move as she tries to speak between laughter, getting frustrated as the laughter makes it harder to form words. The live feed’s viewers enjoy the blonde’s exposed upper body, opening new spots to tickle and tease, loving Christine’s helpless giggles and laughter, only making them want more and more. - “What a cute giggle!” “Love her laughter! Make her laugh more!” “Listen to her giggles and laughter, I bet she is loving every second of it!” “How much for me to have them feet at my mercy?!” -

    Her captors frown with anger, not hearing her confession to stay as their tickle slave. Both men grab tools and smile and nod to each other, lowering the tools onto the blonde’s soft smooth lotioned skin. A pair of hairbrushes rest on her stretched immobile little feet, as two jelly-like handheld scrubbers rest on her smooth underarms. Christine’s eyes widen with horror behind the blindfold, trying to shake her strapped down head as she panics, unable to move any part of her topless body as a voice can be hear through the earpiece. “You had your chance Christine, now the hard way.. Confess!” as the torture begins, the hairbrushes scrubbing rapidly up and down the length of her stretched arches and soles, covering every inch of the blonde’s little feet as the handheld scrubbers start scrubbing over her underarms in circles quickly, never slowing down as they maintain contact with her soft sensitive skin. Christine explodes with high pitched laughter, frantically trying to wiggle and move her body as her feet and tied toes twitch wildly, her stretched out arms trying to lower to protect her exposed underarms, struggling to keep up with the intense tickling on different spots, stopping her from being able to focus on one spot. “AH! Hahahaha Nooohohoo stoohahahaaap!” The frantic blonde struggles to keep up with the torture, trying every small movement to get free with no success. Her captors smile knowing she cant take much more of this brutal tickling as they start teasing her through the earpiece. “Poor Christine.. Just surrender and accept it.. you cant escape...”

    Christine screams loudly and starts to sob, crying behind the blindfold with helpless laughter as she struggles to keep up, feeling her will being slowly broken by the merciless foot and underarm tickling. With no choice she tries to beg and plead between high pitched squeals and laughter. “Ahh hahahahaha I waahahahant to stahahahahaay! Doohohoont reeheheheelease me!” The blonde’s captors grin wide, knowing they have her on the edge as they don’t hold back, speeding up the hairbrushing on her little feet, rapidly brushing along her soft smooth soles and arches, running back and forth along her tied toes leaving red lines on her lotioned feet. The scrubbing on her underarms also speeds up, moving down to scrub along her ribs and sides up and down, randomly moving to the sides of her exposed breasts before returning to her stretched out underarms. “Yes Christine…tell them how much you love it..” the voice teases through the earpiece.

    The faster and harder tickling, switching between spots and including her tied little toes breaks the poor blonde, unable to keep up with brutal tickling as she bursts into tears, crying and sobbing uncontrollably between hysterical high pitched laughter and squeals as her whole body twitches and shivers with helplessness and excitement, surrendering to their demands as she confesses. “AHH! HAHAHAHAHAHA I LOHOHOOOVE IT! HAHAHAHA PLEEHEHEASE KEEHEHEEP ME AS AHAHAHAHAAA TICKLE SLAAHAHAAVE!”

    Christine’s tormentors stop the tickling, keeping the hairbrushes and handheld scrubbers in place ready to tickle again as they chuckle in victory, knowing they have broken the helpless blonde. Jake speaks into the earpiece, wanting to tease her a little more and hear her confession clearly. “Say it again… confess your love for being tickled to the thousands of people watching..” The broken blonde gasps for her breath, trying to catch as much as she can as she hears the teasing words, making her blush brightly with embarrassment realizing everyone watched her being broken. “I..I..love it.. I want to stay here…as a tickle slave...” Both men smile and nod to each other, turning off the cameras and leaving only three words on the screen… “Deal is off.”

    To Be Continued…

    ( Part 5 )
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    I found out that I have a medical condition called "Hypergargalesthesia" Its nothing really bad so don't worry :P

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    This story gets better and better! Great writing and the tickling really touches the primal nature of the fetish.

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    Oct 2012
    This is a great story. I can't wait for the next part

    I accidentally voted for the second option but I meant to vote for the first one.

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    Great continuation!
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    Great story, makes my imagination run wild.
    Luke 9606

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    Nice indeed.

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    That's a good one

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    Thanks for reading and the comments! Glad you all like it

    I'm currently writing part 5 which should be finished in the next day or so
    DeviantArt Page: https://tmfyuna.deviantart.com/
    Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tmfyuna/

    My most recent story - http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...Sexual-Nudity)
    I found out that I have a medical condition called "Hypergargalesthesia" Its nothing really bad so don't worry :P

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