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    May 2018
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    Tickled Pink (F/M, Brief FM/M) (Non-Sexual) (First Story!)

    Hey there! I'm Nikki, and I'm new to this site. I've been meaning to write a tickle fic for a long time, and I finally got around to doing it tonight! It's my first story, so please go easy on me. Enjoy!

    Oh, and this will probably have a sequel depending on the response it gets. I had a lot to include, but I didn't want this story to go on for too long. Let me know what y'all think!

    --Nikki the Sassy Lee

    Nathan Lyons had trouble remembering how he’d gotten here, or where “here” was, exactly. The back of his head pounded with pain from when he’d been struck, some sort of blunt object cracked against his skull to propel him into unconsciousness. Now he gradually roused and his memories scuttled back to him one by one.

    He’d been on a mission. He remembered that. Breaking into Seedbotics headquarters, hacking into their system to swipe incriminating data that would surely put those evil bastards away once and for all, and…and…dammit, what else? Clearly they’d been captured—


    Nathan swallowed hard. Oh, no. He hadn’t been alone on the mission; never was. Jake. Where the hell was Jake?

    Nate next took some time to inspect his surroundings. After a minute or so, he could see again as his wooziness wore off. He was bound. That was his first observation. But not strapped to a chair or fastened down to a dissection table the way he’d been restrained in the past—in his line of work, serving as an SID agent and all, he was susceptible to the occasional confinement. Here and now his muscular physique was restricted to a bed. Leather straps secured his arms above his head, firmly knotted to the wide bedposts so there was no wriggle room for the limbs. His legs were equally spread and fettered, but his feet had been locked up tight in a pair of wood stocks installed at the foot of the bed, toes tied back strongly with some sort of fine cord. What the hell? Stocks? Was this the fifth century?

    He’d been stripped down to his boxer shorts. His stocked feet were still enfolded in cotton socks. The bedroom was simple, ornamented with portraits on the red-painted walls and unlit candles arranged on an oak nightstand in the corner. If this was supposed to be his “prison”, it was surely the most comfortable penitentiary he’d ever been in. For a moment he wondered if this was even incarceration. Perhaps not all of his memories had returned to him by now. Perhaps he and Jake had successfully infiltrated Seedbotics, obtained all the private information they needed to bring the CEO to justice for the horrid deeds committed by his company; maybe they’d gone home safe and sound following the mission and Jake had playfully recommended some bondage play for the first time.

    No. That was stupid. Nathan couldn’t even bring himself to believe that was possible.

    He’d get his answers soon enough.

    Footsteps clacked outside the little bedroom, then the door creaked open all the way. A tall, busty woman with coiled brown hair and glossy brown eyes sashayed into the bedroom, smiling at once when she discovered Nathan was awake.

    “Good morning, sir,” she spoke. Her voice was pleasant, and Nate wasn’t sure if he was looking up at his captor or potential liberator. “Did you sleep alright last night?”

    The former. Definitely. Nathan’s throat hurt. He needed some water, but somehow he was under the impression she wouldn’t tend to his basic needs. He swallowed again, saying nothing.

    “I hope you had plenty of rest,” she continued at his silence. “You had a busy night last night. Burglarizing my husband’s business, crippling our database…when his security team investigated the damage, they were a little stunned to find they’d been locked out of our own database. You must be very good at your job, Mister, um…oh, what’s your name, dearie? We haven’t been properly introduced yet.”

    Nathan said nothing. Inwardly he smirked at her. It had been Jake’s idea to virtually bolt their mainframe from the inside out with a unique coding program he’d learned in agent training. Jake was the tech guy, not Nate. Now it’d been confirmed Jake’s idea had worked. They were locked out of everything: emails, documents, all software installed in every single computer Seedbotics operated. Well done, Jake, Nathan thought. I hope you’re okay, wherever you are.

    “A little quiet this morning, are we?” she mused. “I saw to it that you’d be as comfortable as possible during our meeting today.”

    Yeah. Comfortable if you’re into Fifty Shades. He said nothing.

    “Maybe it’d help if I introduced myself first. My name is Madeline Romero.”

    He knew who she was. As soon as she’d uttered the words “my husband”, he had her all figured out. Madeline and her sleazy husband Adam owned Seedbotics. They were responsible for all illnesses caused by their toxic pesticides. Seedbotics chemicals promised faster-growing crops so farmers could harvest more produce every year and thus make more money, but upon manufacturing and distributing the chemicals, nobody bothered mentioning the toxins were extremely harmful to humans. The company covered up thousands of cases every year dealing with infections and hospitalizations of farmers exposed to those pesticides. Jake and Nathan had been sent to hack Seedbotics and expose information proving the destructiveness of their products. Best case scenario, the owners of the company would be charged for the cover-ups and convicted.

    Worst case scenario was taking place right now. Nathan had been captured, he had no idea if their mission had been completely thwarted, and he had no idea where Jake was.

    “Really? Nothing to say? You might as well say something. The jig is up. You might have taken our network hostage, but you were caught at the scene by my security personnel.”

    Nathan had questions of his own, but he didn’t want to involve Jake in this, just in case Jake had gotten away. “What do you want me to say, then?” he growled. “You want me to congratulate you and Adam for all the affliction you caused down in Peru? Thailand? Brazil? A lot of people are suffering because of your husband’s bullshit inhumanity. You want me to say something? I’ll say something. Fuck both of you.”

    Her smile was tightly-wound, as if absolutely humored by his irritation. “Thank you. I appreciate your forwardness. Perhaps you can continue to be so frank with me. There’s a few things I need to know.”

    Madeline wandered toward the nightstand, opened the top drawer, and shuffled through whatever items were inside. Nathan couldn’t see from here what she was doing. The most he could move was shaking his head and wiggling his fingers.

    Madeline returned to his side, lowering herself on the bed beside him. “I need your help this morning, young man. The sooner you answer my simple questions, the sooner you can return home to your loving spouse. And the sooner I can do the same.”

    Nathan’s breath hitched in his throat. Is she bluffing, or does she know about Jake?

    “Quiet again?” she hummed.

    Nathan’s body began bracing. She was after information, and there was a strong chance she was preparing to pry it out of him. She could try all she wanted. A little torture wasn’t worth allowing Seedbotics to continue persecuting the innocent. Stupid bitch. As an agent, he was trained to withstand pain and displeasure. Not that he was willing to admit to her he was an agent. He’d say nothing to her anymore.

    “You’re lucky I’m so patient. I have plenty of time to persuade you to change your mind,” she mentioned.

    Take all the time you need. You ain’t getting shit out of me.

    “We’ll start with something elementary. I’ll ask again. May I have your name, please?”

    He stared at her, defiantly nonverbal.

    “Very well.” Her manicured hand brushed over his face, pushing some of the long ash-blonde hair from his eyes, tucking it behind his ear. “You’re awfully handsome, if I may say so. He’s lucky to have you.”

    Nathan resisted the urge to widen his eyes. Lick his lips. He smothered the shock underneath a deadpan expression. Fuck. She’s gotta know about Jake.

    Her fingernails glided from his ear down his neck, skimming over his broad shoulder and down his left bicep. As the nails inched near his armpit, he flinched.

    She stopped. A brilliant grin stretched over her face. “What’s this? A little sensitive, are we?”

    What the fuck—?

    Madeline lightly scratched the underarm. Nathan instinctively tugged to block her, but again, he couldn’t move. His reaction was noted. Madeline’s touch was delicate, mildly scraping the rigid hollow. How did such a light touch have such a great impact on him?

    “You might not be speaking, but your body’s doing all the talking,” she laughed.

    Nathan worked to control his breathing, still unsure what the hell she was getting at.

    The scratching turned to poking, and the pointed nails prodded him ever so tenderly down his left side, hitting every rib on a finger-walk down his side. Nathan closed his eyes and pursed his lips, breathing through his nose, trying to shut out the irritating poking.

    “You’re grimacing this badly already? I’m barely touching you,” Madeline cooed. “It could get a lot worse…and it will. It will if you keep quiet.”

    This was her plan? To…to fucking tickle him? To tickle torture answers out of him? How random and different was that? Nathan hadn’t been tickled often, but the infrequent experiences were hell every time. Jake even liked to poke at him every once in a while, but since he wasn’t a complete asshole and realized how much it discomforted his husband, it never lasted for very long.

    He sensed Madeline Romero would not be so merciful.

    Nathan nearly grunted as Madeline’s fingers approached his hipbones, but fortunately she worked her way back up his side again, prodding his outstretched ribcage, seeking out the more sensitive spots. No. He could not, would not give her the satisfaction of laughter. Perhaps if he stopped twitching so badly, she’d assume this had little to no effect on him, and she stopped.

    He hoped, anyway. Badly hoped.

    “Are you ticklish, honey?” she hummed. Obviously she had her answer, or what she believed was true. Nathan sucked in a breath and reinforced his expressionless face. If he could help it, she’d get no more reactions from him.

    “You’re fighting it,” she noted, itching his underarm again. It took willpower Nathan didn’t even know he had to resist recoiling. “It’s adorable.”

    Fuck, what was his problem? Had he somehow grown more ticklish before now? No, he told himself in a mind-over-matter attempt. It didn’t help that Madeline switched sides, and now her steady, deliberate hands were nudging his right side, grazing his other pit which seemed even more bloody ticklish than the left one! This bitch knew what she was doing, and she spent a few extra minutes probing his underarm, watching intently for changes in his appearance. Nathan chewed the inside of his cheek. Laughter rolled around the pit of his stomach, desperate to escape, but he wouldn’t allow it. He couldn’t. If she knew what she was doing to him…

    Who was he kidding? She knew. This was all a matter of holding out for as long as he possibly could. Come on, Nate, prove her wrong, don’t laugh, don’t tell her how badly this—

    He almost lost the fight when her fingers suddenly bent and she grazed both his sides, smoothly clawing the taut skin from his underarms down his ribcage to his waist, then up again and down again, over and over. Nate’s eyes opened wide, figuring it’d be easier to brace for what was coming if he could see it. She was grinning at him, and he scowled in her direction.

    “You’re so ticklish!” she purred. “You try to hide it, but I know how badly this tickles. Tickle tickle tickle…”

    Stop saying that word! If she would just shut her mouth, it’d be so much easier to cancel out this sensitive agony.

    “Ready to talk? I know you’re ready to laugh. Look at you! You’re so red. What’s the matter, cutie pie? Can’t handle a little tickle—tickle—tickle? Tickle tickle tickle…kitchy kitchy koo…”

    Nathan had to physically force the helpless smile back down into a frown. The laughter was building up inside of him, trying to rush up his throat and out his mouth. Swallowing against it didn’t help. Breathing deeply didn’t help. And her teasing sure as fuck didn’t help.

    “Come on, laugh for me, little boy,” Madeline sang. She disrupted her pattern and started randomly jabbing him, this time including his muscular stomach in the mix. Her fingers scratched and poked his entire torso, ribs to tummy to sides to tummy to ribs to underarms… the spontaneous tickles were more difficult to ignore. “Tickle tickle tickle…tickle tickle tickle… kitchy kitchy koo…you don’t like it when I say that, do you?” she teased, hitting the nail on the head. “Makes you mad. Makes you just wanna laugh…tickle tickle tickle…let those giggles out… kitchy kitchy kitchy kitchy kitchy kitchy koo…you can’t resist…”

    Nathan no longer had control over his breathing. He desperately panted and heaved. The giggles were lodged in his throat now, ready to escape. Even his mind had betrayed him, begging him to laugh to relieve this anticipation. NO! I can’t, I fucking can’t!!

    Madeline tickled a little too close to his hipbone, and Nathan’s whole body jolted in response—as much as the bondage would allow. No! Shit, no! He’d just opened the door on one of his worst spots, and Madeline was peering inside, ready to explore.

    “What’s this? Did I find a sweet spot?” Madeline mocked. She rolled on top of Nathan, securing his thighs under her muscular weight, immobilizing him all the more.

    Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…

    She admired her view: a helpless ticklish muscled boy, completely under her control, unprotected from her taunting. Madeline tugged on the blue boxer shorts, uncovering his pelvis, and resting her fingers on the smooth skin, not tickling him…yet. Nathan was on his way to hell, he was sure of it.

    “You might just be one of the most ticklish men I’ve dealt with,” she moaned, as if getting off on her current dominant position. “I’m very excited to hear that adorable laughter of yours. Even more excited than I am to hear what your name is at last! You will tell me. I promise you that, dearie. You’ll talk…”

    Nathan held his breath, mentally yelling and laughing already. Be strong. Be strong for Jake. You have to.

    “Ready?” she asked, wiggling her fingers just above the ticklish hips.

    No, no, nonononono please no please don’t—

    “One…” she sang.



    I SWEAR TO GOD— He whimpered aloud and she took delight in it.

    “Three!” Madeline clawed at his hipbones, and upon that first hit, Nathan’s fight was over. Laughter exploded out of him as Madeline attacked his pelvis with both trained hands.


    “There we go!” Madeline declared, laughing along with him. “Was that so hard? Such handsome laughter from a handsome boy! Laugh for me, sweetie!”

    Ticklish convulsions rolled through Nathan, and he hadn’t a choice in the world but to lie there and take it. He couldn’t move. Couldn’t pull away. Couldn’t resist the tickling anymore. His head shook violently back and forth, laughter plummeting out of him. “HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOMORENOMORE!!! STAHAAHAHAHAHAHAPT IT HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!”

    “Such ticklish little hippies!” Madeline taunted, scrawling her fingers all along his lower tummy. “If only I knew your name, so this awful tickling would stop!”


    Madeline paused, and Nathan’s head fell back to the bed. He was weary already, glad that was over. “Your name is what now, hon?”

    “Richard. Alright?” he snarled in dishonesty. “My name’s Richard Hannagan.”

    Madeline sighed as if disappointed about something. Then she bent her fingers into claws and resumed the tickling, attacking his sides like a lobster.

    “You lied to me,” she droned, speaking to him over his shrieking laughter. “I should have mentioned this before. I already know your name. I just wanted to test you, see if you’d be honest with me.” Her fingers drilled into his ribcage, and his laughter revamped. Somehow giving into the tickle torture and laughing only increased his ticklishness. “But you weren’t honest with me, Captain Nathan Lyons.”

    “FUHUHUHUCK YOU! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” How had she figured that out!? Nathan couldn’t process the thought. Couldn’t process anything except his own personal hell.

    Her displeasure suddenly sprung into full-on teasing again. “Tickle tickle tickle! Tickle these little ribbies! Such ticklish ribs! I thought a strong, muscular boy like you would be much stronger against tickling! You’re just a cute little ticklish baby, aren’t you, Nathan Lyons? Tickle the little baby! Tickle the little ticklish bitch! Cootchie cootchie coo!”

    “STAHAHAHAP SAYING THAHAHAHAT!” he screamed at her. Surely at these volumes he was laughing, someone from the outside world would hear his cries and come rescuing him, right? Right!?

    His request was denied. “Let’s get back to these pits…”

    His break from the tickling didn’t last long. As she shifted further up his body, straddling his chest now, he took the precious few seconds to catch his breath, get some air back into his lungs. This bitch was a fucking psychopath.

    “No,” he growled at her. Madeline’s hands floated over both his stretched armpits. He was inches away from more tickle hell. “Get the fuck away from me. Don’t touch me.”

    “It’s killing you, isn’t it?” she hummed. “Knowing at any second now, I’ll be tickling you again…I’ll tickle tickle tickle your helpless armpits, and you can’t do anything about it but laugh and laugh and laugh…it’s coming soon…I’m coming to get you, Nathan Lyons…I’ll tickle tickle tickle you all day if I have to…”

    Nathan rumbled through his gritted teeth. There wasn’t much he could say or do at this point, so he had to continue building his resistance…just like in torture resistance training, feel the worst of it and get used to the sensation…allow yourself to suffer it to the worst degree so nothing else felt quite as bad…


    Nathan decided to close his eyes again. Allow yourself to suffer this tickling to the worst degree so nothing else feels quite as bad…

    “Two…here I come, Nathan, tickle tickle…”

    If this is the worst she’s got, I can get used to it over time…she says she has all day, well, I’ve got all day too…

    “Are you giving yourself a pep talk? Trying to be strong? That’s very admirable of you, Nathan. It’s useless, though. You’ll be tickle-tickle-tickled all day and all night…”

    Do your worst, bitch. Nathan’s body tensed, ready for it.

    She didn’t say “one.”

    Nothing happened for several seconds. Nathan kept his eyes shut. He wouldn’t let his guard down.

    “How long have you and Jake been married, Nathan?”

    Nathan gasped. His eyes pulled open so he could glare at her for mentioning his husband’s name. She wasn’t worthy. “Don’t you fucking talk about Jake, bitch,” he grumbled.

    But if she knew Nathan’s name and Jake’s name and the fact they were married…what else did she know? She hadn’t asked any further questions in this interrogation…was this all just to mess with him?

    Madeline grinned. “Gotcha!”

    And she attacked, scribbling her fingers into both sensitive hollows. The distracted Nathan howled laughing, pinned completely immovable in place. “NOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! HAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ASTAAAAAAAAHAHAHAP!!! STAAHAHAHAAHAP AHAHAHA PLEAAAHAHAHAHAHAEEAASE!”

    “Are you begging now, Nathan? Already?” Her tickling was relentless, burrowing into his underarm, five fingers in each one, as if searching for buried treasure. She’d gotten him to let his guard down and she was loving every second of his agony. It tickled so fucking bad. “Too bad, because we have so much more to talk about and I’m having such a good time tickling you…”


    “Somehow, I’m not taking that threat too seriously.” Madeline shifted her fingers back to his ribs, poking at them like keys on a typewriter. “Tickle tickle tickle, little Nathan! Coochie coo! I wonder how Jake would feel if he could see you now. So helpless…so ticklish…so weak…does he know how big of a bitch his husband is?”

    “UGGGHHAHAAHAHAHAHA DON’T TAAHAHAHALK ABOUT MY HUSBAND THAT WAHAHAHAHAY!” His laughter was angry, but it wasn’t something she viewed as intimidating, imagine that.

    “Sorry, Mister Lyons, it’s difficult to understand you. God, these ticklish ribs will be the death of you, won’t they?” She increased the speed of her tickling, attacking him on both sides with pokes and prods and squeezes.


    “How many ribs does Nathan have?” She tweaked each rib between her fingers, one at a time, slowly so to draw out the ticklishness. “One ticklish rib…two ticklish ribs…three ticklish ribs…”

    This was torture. This was hell. Each tweak was a bolt of tickling lightning. “FUCK YOU! FUCKING STOP!”

    “Oh, see, you went and made a lot of noise, and now I’ve lost count. I’ve got to start all over again. One ticklish rib… two ticklish ribs…three ticklish ribs…four ticklish ribs…”


    “I suppose you’re right,” Madeline said unexpectedly. She ceased her tickling and skipped off the bed. Nathan’s body was coated in sweat, head to toe. He could feel the stinging redness in his face from laughing so hard. “After all, I’m putting you through all this sweet suffering and I haven’t asked you my second question. That isn’t fair to you, now, is it?”

    Nathan was damn near ready to put on a dress and do the Chicken Dance for her if she asked. Anything to make the tickling stop.

    Well. Not anything, but…

    “But I’ve made a mental map of all your most ticklish spots, based on my research so far.” She was rummaging through the nightstand drawer again. Nathan wished there were other torture devices in there she’d use on him instead. He’d much rather feel waves of pain than rolls of tickling. “Your armpits are bad. Your ribs are terrible. I haven’t spent much time on that sexy tummy of yours, but I don’t think any of those spots compare to your super-ultra-mega ticklish hips. Am I right?”

    Nathan groaned. “Fuck you, bitch…”

    “You’ve said that to me already. I don’t think my husband would appreciate that sort of dirty talk. Or yours.”

    As soon as I break out of this, I’m punching her right in the face just for bringing up Jake.

    Madeline held something up high for him to see. Nathan’s heart sank into his gut. Oh, fuck, no.

    She’d plucked a white contour feather from the drawer, and now she was repositioning herself atop Nate’s bondage. Apparently leather straps and stocks weren’t enough to satisfy this sadist. She needed to pin him, too. That certainly increased the ticklishness.

    “This might get a reaction out of you,” she teased, “but I won’t touch you with it if you answer this question for me. What’s the passcode on that lock you and Jake planted in our database?”

    Well, shit. Nathan was screwed either way. Even if he was cowardly enough to spill that secret to her, he couldn’t—Jake had arranged the virtual lock on their system. He knew the code, not Nate. Not that she was going to believe him when he said, “I don’t know.”

    Madeline rolled her eyes. “You don’t know? You must like being tickled, Nath. You want must this torture to keep going…”

    Nathan didn’t like the look of that feather. But what else could he do? If he made up a code, they’d try it in their system and fail. She’d punish him with tickles just for lying to her again. He was going to be tickled either way. Time to suck it up and take it again.

    “No. I don’t know.” He refused to mention Jake, throw him under the bus.

    Madeline sighed. “Very well. Perhaps I can jog your memory a little bit.”

    She lowered the delicate feather to his armpit and stroked. Up and down his side. Back and forth. Back and forth. Up and down.
    Nathan yelped. This tickling was different from her wicked nails—softer, lighter, more tingly and just as unbearable as her fingers. His laughter was higher-pitched and squealy. “HEEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHEHEEHEHEHEHEAHAHA! AHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!”

    “Tickle tickle tickle, Nathan,” she verbally tormented. “You can’t resist my feather! Oh, that tickles bad, doesn’t it? Oh, tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle…”

    Nathan was positive the tickling would be ten times less excruciating without her damn teasing. Especially the way she said “tickle” repeatedly! What was with that? Why did it work so well?

    Madeline twirled the feather in his deep armpit, and he threw his head back and screeched. “NOHOHOHOHO GET OUT OF THERE! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!”

    “So ticklish!” she cooed like a dove, scraping all sides of the hollow with the unmerciful feather. “Just tell me the password and this will all stop…”


    Madeline dragged the feather across his chest to torture the other armpit, but halfway to its destination, Nathan flinched and pulled in a deep breath. “No,” he panted.

    Madeline didn’t have to wonder for long what spot caused that reaction. She smiled down at him, observing his stiff nipples which had just been caressed by the feather. “Awww, does Nathan have ticklish little nipples? Let’s explore…” She dusted his left nipple with the feather, and he buckled under her, answering that question.


    “Yes, there! You gave this sweet spot away! I’ve added it to the map of ticklishness! KItchy kitchy koo, little nipples…awww, ticklish little sensitive nubs…tickle tickle tickle the nipples…!” She used her fingernail to brush the right nipple, steadily stroking the left with the feather still. Both nipples were under attack and it was more than enough to agonize her victim.

    “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! HEHEHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEH NO MOOOOORE! NO MORE I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOT MY NIPPLES STAHAHAHAHAHAP!!!!” Hot tears glided down both cheeks. The sensitivity was unbearable. His nipples were so goddamn ticklish, who fucking knew? Not even Jake had tickled him there before.

    Madeline spent a good minute or so torturing his ticklish nipples, which felt a lot longer to Nathan. At last she resumed dusting the feather in his armpit, which still tickled like hell but felt a lot less excruciating than the nipple ambush.

    Madeline painted Nathan’s whole torso with the feather, streaking it over his ribs, up and down his arms, and continually over his nipples before flipping it around and poking him with the quill. The spine of the feather between his ribs was unbearable. Nathan was nearly weeping by now, his entire face flushed in a rosy-red tinge.

    “What’s the password?” she hummed. “This torture will all be over as soon as you give me the digits…”

    “I said I don’t know!” he gasped. He couldn’t seem to get enough air in his lungs to gratify him, relieve him of this fatigue. How long could he possibly last…?

    “Sure, you don’t. I totally believe you.” Madeline straddled his thighs again, and he was terrified she’d use that feather on his hips…but for now, she had another idea. “I’m ashamed to say I’ve been neglecting this tummy for far too long. It got some finger tickles earlier, which gained me a good reaction, but now I’d like to spend some quality time with these abs and my feather.”

    How bad could a fine, fluffy feather tickle against his brawny stomach? Surely, surely his muscles could protect him from the stroke of—
    Nope. Nope. Tickled like hell, yet again.

    Madeline fondled his toned stomach with the feather, mining tortured laughter from his lungs. “STAHAHAHAP! LEAVE MY STOMACH ALOHOHOHOHOHONE!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! HEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!”

    This was a terrible spot! What the hell, body!? “Poor baby Nathan can’t handle the tummy tickles…such a strong boy, so weak against my feather…” She dragged the feather over his belly, drawing circles and other unidentifiable shapes. “I’m simply tickled by your reaction! Ha, ha, ha…tickle tickle tickle, ticklish little tummy, your belly is so ticklish, tickle tickle tickle, kitchy kitchy koo…”

    Madeline paused the feather just above Nathan’s belly button. She peered over at him and grinned. Nathan’s eyes were wide. No. Oh, fuck no. Not there. Please, God, no, no.

    “Is your little navel ticklish, Nathan?” Madeline inquired.

    He wanted to sound tougher than his thoughts. “Not at all.”

    “Sure, Jan. I believe you one-hundred and ten percent!”

    Madeline circled her weapon around the inner belly button, closing in on her target. “Last chance before I strike, Mister Lyons…”

    “Go to hell.”

    “What’s the password?”

    Nathan pressed his lips closed, tightly. It was no use. As soon as she plunged the feather into his navel, they came flapping open again. The laughter couldn’t leave his body fast enough as the feather swirled inside his navel, evicting ticklish jolts.
    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!” He couldn’t beg her to stop through this spiel of laughter. It tickled too much. Madeline knew this.

    “Tickle tickle tickle…”


    Madeline tortured his navel with the feather for a minute before, then she chucked the feather aside and attacked his tummy with ten rapid fingers, drilling into his belly button, clawing his abs, scratching and scribbling all over the reddening skin. There was nothing delicate or soft about this—she was rough, she was aggressive, and it tickled like fucking mad. She spent time torturing his belly and his ultra-ticklish hips, switching off between tickling them with her long fingers and sharp nails. “Tickle tickle tickle tickle….this is your worst spot, I remember! Ticklish hips, tickle tickle the pelvis! Tickle tickle tickle tickle!”


    At last she did.

    Nathan’s head fell to the bed. He was damn near unconscious. Perhaps if she tickled him for long enough next time, he’d pass out. It was something he prayed for now as he caught his breath, recuperating.

    “You’re tough, Nathan Lyons,” Madeline admitted. “I’m thoroughly impressed by your resilience.” She rolled off the bed. He wanted so badly to believe she was finished, he’d toughed it out and she was too impatient to tickle him anymore, but deep in his heart, he knew that wasn’t the case.

    “But we haven’t even gotten to my absolutely favorite part of the body to tickle…the one place nobody can stand it…”

    She was standing at the foot of the bed. Right at the stocks. Right at his size-eleven feet. Oh, no. No. No, no, no way. No way could he stand this. His feet were excruciatingly ticklish. Jake knew this, and it was one area Nathan had set “off-limits” simply because Nate was too ticklish to even handle massages or kisses.

    “You look nervous, Nate,” Madeline teased. “Are you quite certain you don’t want to tell me the password?”

    “I don’t know it!” he screamed. “Leave me fucking alone!”

    “How strange you’d continue to deny knowing the password, knowing how ticklish you are and how much you hate this entire ordeal. Are you so masochistic? Or is there a chance you actually don’t know the password?” She tapped her chin, pondering. “Nope. I think you do. You just want to be strong. You wouldn’t want to go home to Jake a weak little bitch, now, would you? You’ve got to protect your masculinity.”

    Nathan was rocking in the bondage. As much as he’d writhed and jerked and wrenched during this torture, it still didn’t feel any looser.

    Madeline squatted down, now hidden beyond the foot of the bed. Shit! It would make the tickling so much worse if he couldn’t see what was happening and brace for it! Madeline was well aware of this, too. She left him in a quiet room for thirty seconds, not speaking nor teasing nor touching him, until unexpectedly she scraped his left foot with one fingernail. Nathan yelped.

    “You’re shit out of luck, Nathan. If you don’t tell me that password, I’ll tickle your feet nice and raw!” Madeline vowed.

    Nathan was disoriented. He couldn’t piece together comprehensible thoughts. Begging would do him no good. Cussing at her and threatening her wouldn’t help him escape.

    He felt her nails crawl up his soles. She’d returned to teasing, slightly-seductive tickling. The single finger gliding up and down his left foot, hunting for the weak spots. Nathan knew them already. She’d find them eventually. She always did. She was too good at this. How often did she tickle people?

    “Ooh, your heel is a good spot,” Madeline crooned, lightly scraping it with multiple nails. Nathan pulled and tugged, but he was securely fastened in these damn stocks. “Cootchie cootchie coo…”

    Nathan was breathing through his nose again, snorting like a pig, giggling like a child. She’s gonna kill me. I’m gonna die. She’s gonna tickle me to death.

    He moaned as she skirted her nails up his arch, then settled on itching the ball of his foot. This spot was even worse than the heel, an observation she made aloud. “Ooh, it’s really bad here, isn’t it? Tickle tickle tickle foot…tickle Nathan’s big, soft, helpless foot…”

    “HAhahahahahaahAHAAHAhahaha….” That’s another word she liked. Helpless. It pissed him off, and it was terribly accurate.

    Now her five nails raked up and down his sole again, then scratched the base of his toes.

    Nathan thrashed uncontrollably. Perfect. Just perfect. She’d done it. She’d tracked down The Spot.

    “What’s this?” she mused. “Oh, come now, Nathan. Don’t be so predictable. Are you telling me your toes are deathly ticklish, too?”

    He said nothing, which told Madeline everything she needed to know. “Ticklish toes! I’ve got ten ticklish toes in front of me!” she cried. “I’m going to tickle your toes, Nathan, until you give me that password! I’ll torture your ten big, ticklish toes for hours if I have to!”

    What was the point of arguing anymore? All Nathan could do, all he had the energy and power to do, was shriek with whining, desperate laughter as Madeline’s ten fingernails landed on his toes and started their assault.


    Madeline left his toes alone to torment the rest of his feet, using both hands to frantically scrub the soles with her cruel nails. She maddeningly stroked the arches, emitting some quite unmanly giggles from her victims. She tortured the balls of the feet and heels with no way to be stopped or blocked. Nathan was bawling, somehow still screaming with laughter even after spending so much energy in this last hour. His resilience was crumbled. He was broken.


    “Your hips, your nipples, your underarms, your ribs, your tummy, your feet…goodness!” Madeline chuckled through the rest of her teasing. “We’ve hit the goldmine of tickle spots today, haven’t we, Nathan? I’ve won the tickle lottery! Look at how pink you are! Pink is an appropriate color for a little bitch like you!"

    Madeline reclaimed her feather, then collected a second feather from the drawer before promptly returning to the foot of the bed and the feet of her helpless victim. Two feathers stroking up and down his soles was infuriatingly ticklish, and she knew it. Her nails worked better on his heels, the insteps, and the balls of his feet; and her feather was quite effective along the arches.

    As for the toes?

    She held his toes apart with her fingers and dragged the feather between the sensitive digits, and he screamed louder than he had all morning. This was it. The breaking point beyond his breaking point. He would have coughed up that password right at this moment if he knew what it was. “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! !!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT MY TOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOES!!!!!!!!! NOT THE FEATHER PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! GET THAT FUCKING FEATHER OUT OF MY TOES!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! !!!!! HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Madeline stood up and brushed herself off. Nathan was in her bed, weeping in agony, gasping for air, praying and praying for the torture to stop.
    “And still no password,” she spoke ever so calmly over his trembling form. “Perhaps…hmm. Perhaps I’m asking the wrong person…”

    Nathan hadn’t the strength to watch her cross the bedroom, grab a phone from a charger on the dresser, and make a brief call. “Is he ready, Adam? Yes, I think we’re ready in here. Okay. Thank you.”

    Madeline approached the bedside, still armed with her feathers. “I have a wonderful surprise for you, Nathan. Jake is here.”

    Fear gripped Nathan’s heart tighter than the bondage gripped his body. As heated and red as he felt post-tickling, suddenly a chill froze him over stiff. “Wh—what…”

    “Turns out the fool broke into our house to try to save you. Got himself captured. You two are pretty awful at your jobs, aren’t you?”

    No…no…Nathan watched as Madeline disappeared from the bedroom. Adrenaline shot through his veins, and he struggled again to free himself from the bondage. No. No! Jake couldn’t be here! Madeline couldn’t hurt him, or worse, tickle him! No way!

    Nathan couldn’t escape on time. Soon the little bedroom filled with bodies besides his own. Madeline led the way, and her husband Adam Romeo had Nathan’s beloved husband Jacob Lyons in a chokehold, shoving a gun against his temple.

    “JAKE!” Nathan roared. “Let him go, motherfucker! Do you hear me!? Don’t you hurt him!”

    “Nate, what the fuck did they do to you?” Jake gasped.

    “Well, I’d tell you, but the rule is show, don’t tell, isn’t it?” Madeline spoke. “Please. Have a seat, Jake, and remember who is holding all the cards here.”

    At gunpoint, Jake was forced to sit in a chair Adam had dragged into the bedroom. Madeline produced more leather cuffs from that same nightstand drawer, and Jake was forcibly strapped down to the chair by his wrists and ankles. Nathan was freaking out, as if the tickling had stripped him of his clothes and all strength and resistance. They couldn’t tickle torture Jake the way Madeline had done to him! It would be awful!

    “I’m beginning to suspect that Nathan, in fact, does not know the password to that nice little virtual lock you installed in our system, Jake,” Madeline said, standing in-between Nathan and his spouse. “But I strongly suspect that you do.”

    “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about,” Jake growled.

    Good, Nate thought. Fight the good fight, Jacob, because I sure can’t anymore…

    “I don’t believe you, but we’ll find out one way or another, won’t we?” Madeline hummed. “How about I torture your husband right in front of you, Jake? I’m going to torment him beyond what he can stand and make you watch!”

    Jake wrenched against his own bondage. “Don’t you dare hurt him! I’ll fucking kill you!”

    “Hurt him?” Madeline gasped, touching her vicious hand to her chest. “I never said I would hurt him, Jake.”

    Jake’s confusion was apparent. Nathan tried reassuring him with a head nod, but it was exhausting to even lift his skull to make the motion. God, was he tired. All tickled out.

    Madeline smooched her husband on the lips before beckoning him. “You take the bottom, I’ll take the top. He really can’t stand his toes being tickled.”

    “Tickled?” Jake breathed. Nathan turned his head to the side. He didn’t want to see Jake’s reaction to this. He knew that Jake knew how much Nate hated being tickled. This was going to suck hard for both of them.

    Especially now that Nathan had twice the ticklers.

    “Don’t fucking touch me!” Nate tried anyway, shaking like crazy as the hefty Adam squatted behind the stocks and Madeline straddled his waist again. They were both armed with feathers.

    “Just say you give when you can’t stand to watch anymore, Jake,” Madeline said. She winked at him, and this was apparently Adam’s cue. His long fingers wildly scrambled all over Nathan’s soles. He was howling in laughter even before Madeline attacked his hips, using her fingernails professionally and evilly.

    Adam’s fingers scratching his toes and wriggling in-between them, Madeline poking and prodding Nathan’s sensitive pelvis, making her way up his sides to torture his ribs and armpits.

    Welcome to the lowest, deepest pit of hell, Nathan Lyons.


    Jake was lashing violently in the chair, nearly ready to tip it over. “Stop it! Leave him alone! Please stop!”

    Madeline’s fingers soared under Nathan’s arms, drilling electrifying ticklish sensations all throughout the hollows. Adam used one hand to pry Nate’s toes open and the other to slip and slide the feather between each and every sensitive toe.


    “I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL KILL YOU BOTH IF YOU DON’T GET OFF OF HIM!” Jake screamed. His volume could not match Nathan’s shrieks.

    “Cootchie cootchie coo,” Madeline sang. “Tickle tickle tickle Nathan! Oh, doesn’t this tickle so bad? You can’t take it! We’ve got all your tickle spots mapped out and I’m going to torture you all day unless Jake gives me that password!”


    Madeline swiped the feather from beside his writhing body and dragged it over Nate’s nipples. She flicked his left nub with the feather, using her pointer finger to stroke the other one. His laughter stooped low and almost sounded aroused.


    “Don’t fucking touch him like that! You psycho bitch!” Jake roared. Oh, fuck, this couldn’t go on. Nathan meant the world to him, and he couldn’t sit back and watch the man he loved with all his heart suffer anymore. No matter what it cost.

    “Tickle tickle tickle…..” Madeline purred. “So ticklish…..so ticklish…..such a ticklish little bitch with ticklish toes and ticklish nipples….”

    The combined nipple and toes tickling was far too much. Nathan could hardly speak through the laughter. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! JAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAKE!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE HEHEHEHE!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”

    “ALRIGHT! I’LL TELL YOU THE PASSWORD, JUST STOP! PLEASE!” Jake screamed so he could be heard over Madeline’s teasing and Nathan’s laughter. He was exhausted just watching this ordeal.

    Madeline stopped.

    Adam stopped.

    Nathan groaned, equally thankfully and ashamed of his own submission.

    “It’s 110897269,” Jake burst immediately. He repeated the password twice more so they could remember it. “Got it? Enough. Just stop…please,” he huffed. “Please.”

    Adam darted out of the room to phone headquarters and give them the password.

    “Good boy,” Madeline praised. Jake wanted to spit on her, but he feared the consequences for Nathan if he did. “See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? I know Nathan is very grateful for your cooperation. It’s easy for tough guys to stay strong against certain agonies, but not the torture of a loved one.”

    She disappeared from the room, promising to return once they knew if the password worked.

    “Are you alright?” Jake asked.

    “No, but…” Nathan tried to shrug. Couldn’t. “I’ll recover, I guess.”

    “I’m so sorry. Seeing you suffering like that…it tore me apart.”

    “I don’t blame you. I just went through hell.”

    “Let’s mark bondage and tickle torture off our list, huh?” Jake mumbled.

    Nathan smiled and for once, it wasn’t because he was being tickled. “Fine by me.”

    To be continued…..
    “I find nothing is worse than... THE FEATHER!” —Duke Igthorn

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    Great. please write a sequel

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    Very good! I'd read a sequel from you.

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    Wonderful story!
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    What a brilliant story! Superb from start to finish! I’d love to read a sequel to it, you’ve certainly got some talent as a writer!

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    Oh, please write a sequel!

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    Holy moly o///o <3

    That was fantastic!

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    This is lit, vro

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    I desperately want a sequel to this. Love the begging!

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    OMG I'm so happy right now - THIS is what I want to see on this site!!

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    was he socked, then bare?

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    wonderful, thanks or posting.

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    Terrific! Very devious, and I like your style. A part II would be awesome!!

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    Was this really your first post on the forum, nikkilee? Welcome if so!

    The story was wonderful – it's been ages since I've found a piece of writing here that distills this kind of situation to its core feelings so purely. Thank you very much for sharing it. ^ _ ^

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