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    Samantha Storm: Saturday Night Special - Part 1 (M/F)

    After PeterVincentTGVK's great 'Interrogation Games' story with Jenni the Clown and Samantha Storm, I thought I was well overdue to post a new Samantha Storm story. If you don't know who Samantha is, she is a secret agent character created by Jim (aka MTJPub) back in the day for his story, 'Cloak and Feather'. He graciously handed me the reins to her continuing adventures a while ago and I've been having a blast with her ever since. This story is a little different. I hope you enjoy it and there is a reason why it's under Samantha Storm rather than Cloak and Feather...

    Samantha Storm: Saturday Night Special - Part 1

    Dan was on his third beer and felt the tension from the week bleed away. He was hanging out with friends, Rick and Julia were great hosts and the relaxed vibe was exactly what he needed after the week from hell at work. For now though his time was his own and he could enjoy the night with no particular reason to get up early in the morning.

    “Come on Dan, are you going to do your party trick for us?” This was from Alison, a blonde in serious black spectacles who worked in marketing and practically lived in the yoga studio, which went some way to explaining why she was sitting in full lotus on the arm of the sofa.

    Dan’s gaze flicked to her bare feet, red painted toenails. He tried not to stare. “You want to see the juggling again, seriously?”

    Alison made finger guns at his feet. “Pyoo, pyoo. Juggle for us, boy.”

    A couple of the others took up the chant. “Jugg-le, Jugg-le, Jugg-le.”

    He feigned reluctance but he didn’t mind the opportunity to show off now and again. “OK, OK, find me something to juggle with.”

    His friend Jack appeared from the kitchen with the fruit bowl. “Got some oranges and apples here. What do you want?”

    Dan started off with three oranges. In a few seconds he had them arcing in a lazy rhythm. “This was about the only useful thing I learned in this management course. Something to do with multi-tasking.” He made a show of scratching his nose and running his hand through his short, dark brown hair which elicited a chorus of cheers and whoops as he kept the three fruit in the air one-handed.

    He caught the fruit and took a theatrical bow to a round of applause.

    Julia tossed him another orange, “Now do four.”

    He sighed. “Such a demanding audience.” He didn’t mind though, it gave him a bit of an opportunity to show off and be the main attraction. At that moment Jane came in from the kitchen with a friend. Jane was a pretty redhead who worked as a photographer but he had never seen her friend before. She was slim with long black hair and blue eyes. He took instant notice of her. She was wearing a black scoop necked top and blue jeans with a tooled leather belt. He overheard Jane introduce her to someone in the room as Samantha. Dan chuckled to himself. Wouldn’t that be a trip. Jane’s friend looked just like….no, it couldn’t be. Still, she was hot. He would have to wangle an introduction before the night was through.

    “OK you losers, watch this for some juggling mastery now.” He could feel Samantha’s eyes on him now and wondered what she saw. A slim guy in a white t-shirt, Levis and brown Timberlands probably. He decided he better not mess this up. He sent the fruit into the air and soon had all four moving in an intricate fashion. He spun, caught an orange behind his back, caught the other two in front and the fourth between his teeth.

    His friends clapped and cheered.

    “Oh you’re too kind,” he said with feigned modesty. “Thank you very much, I’m here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitresses. Try the veal.”

    It was the same cheesy spiel he used every time to good-natured groans.

    He looked at the other dozen or so people in the room. “I can’t be the only one who can juggle though. It’s not that hard.” He looked over at Samantha. “Hey, how about our new guest, Stephanie, right?”

    “Samantha,” she said.

    “Can you juggle?”

    She shrugged, “a little.”

    He walked over to her and handed her three of the oranges. She raised an eyebrow at him and took the fourth as well.

    “It has been a while,” she muttered. She got the three oranges moving and then slowly added the fourth. The room warmed up as the fruit started moving.

    “Oh look out, Dan. You’ve got some competition.”

    “Yeah, much better looking competition.”

    Dan had to admit she wasn’t bad at this, perhaps not on his level but he was impressed.

    Suddenly Jane appeared behind Samantha and goosed her sides, wiggling her fingers over her waist. “Think fast, Sam.”

    Samantha yelped in surprise, a big smile breaking her concentration and she only just managed to snatch all four oranges out of the air. She had a rich, easy laugh. “Jeez, Jane, no fair.”

    Dan felt the blood crash in his ears and one word rang loud and clear in his head.


    His eyes flicked down to Samantha’s waist and he noticed the buckle on her belt had some kind of pattern on it. He looked closer and saw it was an ornate lightning bolt. The blood crashed louder. “Get the fuck outta here.” He muttered to himself.

    Not that any of his friends knew, barring a couple of ex-girlfriends, but Dan was a regular on a site called the TMF and had read numerous tic-fic kink stories including a series about a ticklish secret agent called Samantha Storm. There was even a short series of comic strips of images showing her in various ticklish predicaments and he’d always found them very hot. Now here was this beautiful woman who looked like Samantha, her name was Samantha, she had a lightning bolt on her belt and she appeared to be quite ticklish.

    Dan wasn’t a spy but he had read spy novels. What was it Ian Fleming used to say? Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence and the third time it’s enemy action. Was Samantha Storm real? Was this her in front of him. He felt a momentary dizziness. This wasn’t the kind of thing that happened to him. It was nuts. It was the kind of thing that would be the basis for a Netflix show. Fictional character turns out to be real and has series of exciting adventures with a regular (yet charming and witty) joe. He shook his head to clear it.

    He watched as people congratulated her on her juggling skills. But she was ticklish. The question was, how ticklish? An itch developed in his mind, an itch he had to scratch. He had to find a way to talk to her.

    At which point fate intervened on his behalf.

    Jane reached into the back pocket of her jeans with a frown, took out her phone and turned away, on finger pressed to her ear as she took the call. After a minute or so she turned back. “Sam, I’m so sorry but I just got called into work. This is like the first evening we’ve been able to go out together for ages.”

    “Duty calls, I know how that works.” Samantha squeezed her friend’s arm reassuringly. “I’ll get an Uber. Brunch tomorrow? I’m in town for a couple of days.”

    “Sure, that’d great.” The women hugged briefly and then Jane hurried off.

    Dan took a deep breath and wondered how he would approach this. If he was wrong it was a hell of a coincidence but if he was right she was probably capable of going all Jason Bourne on him. Well, he decided, everyone had to go sometime.

    He chatted to his friends while he sipped his beer and then he noticed Samantha slip into the kitchen. He gave her a moment and then followed.

    She had her back to him and was pouring herself a glass of water.

    “You nearly stole my thunder with your juggling there.” He said. He was gently tossing an apple from hand to hand.

    She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. “I don’t think there was any danger of that.”

    “Luckily for me Jane took advantage of your ticklishness.” He cast a line to see if she bit.

    Samantha looked at him curiously. “You really learned juggling at a management course?”

    “Yeah, something like that.” He noticed she’d neatly sidestepped the ticklishness, “How about you?”

    “Something like that too.” She said with a half smile.

    This wasn’t going anywhere. What the hell, he decided to go all in. He put the orange down and walked around the counter to stand in front of her. She met his gaze the whole time. Her wide blue eyes made his stomach flip. He looked down at the pointed toes of her low-heeled, black, leather boots and thought about the feet nestled inside. He took a deep breath.

    “Can I ask you a really crazy question?” He said quietly.

    Samantha sipped her water. “Sounds ominous. OK, but I can’t promise I’ll answer.”

    He leaned in conspiratorially. “Are you Samantha Storm?”

    Not a flicker. Then she smiled. “Samantha Storm? That sounds like an exotic dancer’s name. Are you asking me if I’m an exotic dancer? That would be a bit rude.”

    “No, she’s a spy but she’s hot like you, she dresses like you and she’s ticklish like you although I always thought she was a fictional character but then here you are.” He could feel his cheeks redden slightly. He shook his head. “That must have made me sound insane.”

    The blue eyes didn’t blink. “Do I look like a spy to you? Erotic dancer by night, spy by later that night?”

    Dan blew air out of his cheeks. He felt hot. “I wouldn’t know, but you sure as hell look like Samantha Storm. Or at least how she looks in my dreams.”

    She rolled her eyes slightly but she was also grinning. “Very smooth, but let’s say I was some kind of spy, wouldn’t this be a really dangerous move on your part?” She lazily reached over to the nearby knife block and extracted three steak knives and began to slowly juggle them.

    “Well that’s not at all disconcerting,” Dan said, he stepped back as he watched the blades spin before him. “If I didn’t know better then I’d think you were showing your hand here. You really are Samantha Storm and yeah, confronting you would be a dangerous move but that’s cool because danger is my middle name.”

    Samantha caught one of the knives and with a casual flick of the wrist send it towards Dan’s head. He froze, expecting to be perforated but heard a dull thunk instead. He turned to see the knife embedded in a small chopping board hanging from a wall on the other side of the kitchen. When he turned back Samantha was almost nose to nose with him and looking at him hard.

    He smiled sheepishly, “OK, my middle name is actually Brian. That was pretty cool though with the knife and everything. Could you teach me how to do that?”

    “What do you want Daniel, middle name Brian?” Samantha said.

    He smiled. “Since I’m pretty sure you could take me apart in under ten seconds I’m going to stick my neck out here. I’d really like to tickle you a bit.” He paused. “Alright, that was a bit of an understatement. What I meant was I’d really love to tickle you a lot. As much as I can get away with. Please don’t kill me, kay?”

    Samantha leaned back and smiled. “You’ve got some nerve Daniel, middle name Brian. I’ll give you that.” She collected the knives and put them back in the knife block.

    Dan sagged and let out a sigh of relief.

    “So what’s the deal? I let you tickle me and live out your sordid little fantasy or you tell everyone who I am and what I really do?”

    He looked almost hurt. “No, I just figured that this is probably the only chance I’d ever get to float the idea past a real-life fantasy figure. If you say no, you say no. Besides, you really think I’ll walk back in there and shout, ‘hey everyone, that nice girl Samantha is actually a lethal secret agent called Samantha Storm.’ Yeah, that would be a really dumb idea.”

    Samantha was studying him carefully. “I’m used to examining every word, every gesture and looking for the hidden agenda or the well-concealed lie. Sometimes it’s not that easy to switch off.”

    “That almost sounded like an apology.”

    They shared a comfortable silence which was broken only by the ticking of the kitchen wall clock. Samantha looked at her watch. “It’s getting late, I should order a taxi.”

    “Or I could give you a ride somewhere?” Dan said.

    She smiled. “Or you could give me a ride somewhere.”


    As it turned out, the somewhere happened to be the small house where Dan lived a few streets away. The pair of them sat in the lounge at opposite ends of the couch. Dan had grabbed another beer while Samantha settled for a glass of water. She looked at him with faint amusement. He got the idea she was not going to make this easy for him. He would have to work for this.

    He took a pull on his beer and absent-mindedly picked at the label on the bottle. “So here we are,” he said.

    “Here we are,” she agreed.

    Dan was a ball of nervous tension and excitement. “This is pretty weird. I mean I’ve read about you on the forum and I’ve seen the artwork but I didn’t believe you were real and I certainly never expected to get the chance to tickle you. I mean here you are in the flesh; the black hair, the blue eyes, the smoking hot body and of course the belt was a giveaway.” He reached over boldly and traced the lightning bolt with a fingertip.

    Samantha moved his hand away. “Hey be careful, it’s booby-trapped.” She hissed. “As are my boots.”

    “Kinky boots. Remember that song with the dude in the bowler hat and the hot English girl in the catsuit?”

    “That was Emma Peel in the Avengers TV show. I wanted to be her when I was growing up. Catsuits and karate chops.”

    “Well I guess it worked out for you then,” Dan said. “All those stories, are they true? Were you really tickled by Miss Ramirez and those other characters?”

    Samantha let out a short laugh. “Oh boy, let’s say there are definitely elements of truth to those stories although you have to remember the guy who writes them is trying to give you guys a good story to uh, read in private.”

    Dan felt his cheeks redden slightly. Busted! “Riiight, OK. So this Suko, Suckoden guy, how does he get to know all these details, is he a friend of yours?”

    “It’s closer to say we’ve known each other a long time and we have an understanding. It’s complicated.” Samantha said cryptically. She looked at Dan and sighed. “You have a ton of questions don’t you? You know I can’t give you answers to all of them.“

    “OK, but you really are ticklish aren’t you?”

    “Yes, Dan, I really am ticklish.”

    “And Miss Ramirez, is she uh, hot?”

    Samantha’s eyes narrowed. “No comment.”

    “Hmm, OK. Well are there stories we haven’t heard yet?”

    She smiled at that one. “Sweetheart you have no idea.”

    “Oh I can imagine quite a bit,” he muttered. “How about that Irving Krebb character, is he real too?”

    That produced an eye roll and a smile of resignation. “Yes, Irving Krebb is definitely real, and a real character too.”

    “Lucky sonovabitch.” Dan said to himself. He could feel his temperature rising and he felt a little giddy.

    Samantha rested her chin in her palm and smiled disarmingly. She was something else. Even though Dan was about to tickle her, she still managed to make him feel that she was in charge. He couldn’t help but be hopelessly impressed and ridiculously attracted to her.

    “Wow. That’s cool, really cool. And so, um do you know enjoy being tickled?” He raised his eyebrows at her. “I mean, well you know what I mean.”

    “For a hardcore tickle master you are surprisingly coy.” Samantha said with amusement. “If you’re asking do I get turned on by being tickled the answer is: it depends. It depends who is doing it and how they’re doing it.”

    “I see, so if the right guy…”

    “Or girl,” she interrupted.

    Dan couldn’t help but grin. “Oh boy.”

    Samantha reached over and gently poked his cheek. “And now you’re wondering if you’re that person who knows what they’re doing. Maybe there’s a little doubt in your mind now. After all, you’ve read the stories, haven’t you? You know some of the experiences I’ve been through.”

    “I know what you’re trying to do,” Dan waggled and accusatory finger. “You’re trying to get me to change my mind.”

    Samantha arched in her seat and made a purring noise like a cat, her arms stretched over her head. “No, not really. I just say what I see. You’re a nice guy, Dan. You’re sweet.”

    He felt that one like a barb. Sweet was never sexy. “Yeah well, I guess you have nothing to worry about then, do you?”

    There was a hint of edge to his voice which Samantha picked up on. She raised her eyebrows, enjoying the back and forth. Dan was getting mildly annoyed. Was she just trying to unbalance him? Well once he started tickling her, his touch would show her she had been wrong to take him so lightly. He forced himself to smile. He had read somewhere it was impossible to feel negative if you stood up straight with your shoulders back and smiled. Fake it til you make it. “Anyway, we could talk all night but I think it’s time to find out how ticklish you really are.”

    “Mm-hmm,” Samantha said. She stretched like a dancer and rolled her shoulders. She wasn’t even paying him much attention.

    “First things first, guests do not get to wear shoes in the house.” He patted his lap. “Give me your feet.”

    “Seriously?” She laughed. “Alright then.”

    Samantha placed her feet smoothly in Dan’s lap. He looked down at her black ankle boots. They had a two inch heel and she flexed her toes so the fine leather creaked slightly. That sound made his throat go dry. He felt the weight of her feet in his lap and ran his fingers over her insteps, feeling the delicate feet beneath the leather. He could feel his heart thumping and he was hard as a rock.

    He gingerly took hold of the little zipper on the side of the boot and tugged it down. Then he cupped the back of the boot and slowly peeled it off to reveal a slender foot in a white, cotton ankle sock. She wiggled her toes for him and he felt a shudder of excitement in his loins. He removed her other boot and placed them both on the floor.

    “If I tickle your feet, you’re not going to reflexively kick me in the face are you?”

    She shrugged, “I guess we won’t know until it happens. This is what you wanted, right? To go through the looking glass?” She seemed to find all of this incredibly amusing.

    “Yeah,” he said hoarsely. He let his hands wander slowly over Samantha’s socked feet. He didn’t tickle, he just got to know their shape and form. Those socks would definitely have to go before too long. His fingers curled around to press against the heels, arches and balls of her feet. “Yeah, this is what I want.”

    “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.” Samantha said.

    Dan gripped her right ankle tight with his left hand and then dragged his index finger along the arch. Samantha yelped and he felt her stiffen. He did it again, his other fingers joined in. She started laughing and leaned forward as if to grab him before leaning back, the heel of her hand pressed against her mouth.

    He gave her a sly look. “Well that didn’t take long.”

    Samantha looked as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. “Nothing, I said nothing.”

    Dan gave her his best Jack Nicholson grin then wrapped his arm around both ankles and pulled them in towards his chest. “Gonna see about that.”

    “Here we go,” Samantha giggled.

    Even though Samantha’s feet had been nestled in her boots all evening they smelled great to Dan. He tightened his grip and then pinched the big toe of her right foot. He began to run his fingernails over it, grazing the skin through the sock. He could feel Samantha shifting her weight on the couch. Ah, so she was trying to find the most comfortable position in which to endure the imminent tickling was she? There would be no hiding place.

    His fingertips began to explore the ball of her foot. Soft, slow circles gave way to running a single digit up and down her arch.

    “You boys and your tickling.” Samantha said with a shake of her head.

    Dan noticed there was less cockiness in her voice this time. It seemed his touch was starting to have an effect on her. The front of his jeans tightened in response. He moved from the arch to the heel and back to the ball of the foot again. Now he explored her left foot too, he wanted his fingers all over both of them.

    Samantha stifled a moan of pleasure, of discomfort. He wasn’t sure and at this stage he honestly didn’t care. He was playing with her feet and loving every second of it. He hooked a fingertip into the elasticated hem of her sock and peeled it off in one smooth motion, then repeated the motion with the other sock.

    “OK, I guess you’ve done that before.” Samantha said. She was looking across the room, anywhere but at him.

    Dan deftly wadded the socks into a ball and tossed them towards her in a looping arc. “Catch.”

    She reached up to snatch them out of the air and he attacked. He scribbled her fingers up and down her soles in a frenzy. She yelped and the wadded socks bounced off her fingertips.

    “Oh very good, well done.” She managed to say between peals of laughter.

    He had her now. He had opened the floodgates to her laughter and it was rich, full and arousing. “Go on, let it all out, let me hear those sexy giggles. Damn these feet are pretty.”

    Samantha actually did a laughsnort which he found adorable and spurred him on even more. He looked down at her smooth, pretty feet. Cherry red nail polish, wiggling toes and the softest, sensitive soles it had ever been his good fortune to tease.

    He tweaked her big toe, “This little piggy…”

    She punched him on the shoulder, “and you were doing so well.”

    He shrugged, bent back her toes and slowly raked his fingernails down her stretched arch which brought forth a delightful shriek.

    “Oh that’s a spot,” he muttered to himself. He was in the zone now. He looked at the desperately wiggling feet in his grasp and with each bunch and flex of her toes, with every wrinkling and smoothing of her sole, he knew exactly how to touch her. Soft, soft, hard, slow, slow, fast. Her kept up and erratic rhythm as his tickling brought forth more glorious laughter and the way she moved and writhed when tickled would bring the dead back to life. Her lithe body rippled on the couch, her dark locks flew back and forth to catch the light as she submitted to the torments visited upon her.

    Dan had to tighten his grip on Samantha’s ankles now as she was struggling a bit harder. Damn, he was going to have to spend more time in the gym if he wanted to go pro. Then again, that’s what bondage was for. Her gorgeous pebble like toes were as delightful he’d ever seen in real life or online and the hunger was on him in the worst way. He might never get this opportunity again. He licked his lips, bent his head and took the toes of her right foot into his mouth.

    Samantha threw back her head with laughter before seizing a cushion and whacking him over the head with it. “Jerk.”

    Dan was almost doubled over as he fought to keep control of her ankles and somehow lick and tickle her feet at the same time. Her toes felt incredible in his mouth as he slathered his tongue between them. He lightly bit at her toes as he knew from experience that this would really send the ticklish sensations up the legs and onwards. Samantha’s reactions seemed to bear this out as she started panting for breath in between her laughter. She hammered her fists up and down on the couch cushions as she bounced around.

    “Mmm, feels looks like someone is starting to lose some of that ice cold composure,” he said as her slurped at her toes.

    “Oh shit, my sides,” she groaned, rubbing her ribs as she laughed.

    “Had enough?” Dan said. He had slowed his tickling to intricate swirls and patterns all over her soles and insteps as he gently nibbled on her toes. He didn’t want to wear her out too quickly. In fiction girls could get tickled for hours on end but in his experience if you went too intensely it was too much and the girls became less sensitive until the touch became less ticklish and more annoying. He preferred little breaks and frequent bursts of tickling. That way he kept his ticklish playthings fresh and off-balance with anticipation.

    Samantha regained her own composure. She sat up straight, took a deep breath and looked at him with that unwavering stare. “I’m not sure I’m the one who has had enough.”

    Dan’s touch slowed even more to a gentle rub now. “Oh, what do you mean by that?”

    Samantha gave him a crooked grin. “My legs are kind of rubbing against you there aren’t they. It feels as if you’re about to pop.” She smacked her lips together for emphasis on the last word.

    Give me strength! Dan thought to himself. She does that thing with her lips again while looking me in the eye and I will mess a perfectly good pair of shorts. He had to give her props though as most girls would have needed a time out long before this. Of course, Samantha Storm wasn’t most girls, and she was still being cheeky, and he couldn’t let that go.

    He used her legs as a lever to flip her onto her belly and then he knelt up on the couch so her shins were pressed against his chest and her feet were positioned near his mouth. “I was gonna give you a little time out but I think you still got a few minutes left in you. What say we run out the clock?” He didn’t wait for a response and started to tickle her feet again. His quick clawing fingers raced up and down her soles and left intricate patterns on her heels as he sucked and licked at her toes.

    “This little piggy went to market.” He sang with her toes still in his mouth.

    “You’re such a jackass. Beatings, all the beatings!” Samantha laughed as she buried her face in a cushion. He missed seeing her beautiful face convulsed with laughter but her toned butt was almost hypnotic as it bounced up and down in response to the tickling.

    He took his time with the rest of the rhyme but he was going to need a rest soon too. His fingers were going to cramp up at this rate.

    “OK, I think that’ll do for now.” He said, he planted a wet sloppy kiss on each of her soles and then let her legs fall onto the couch. He couldn’t resist giving her lovely jean-clad ass a playful slap. Samantha looked over her shoulder at him and then slowly, seductively walked her toes back up his chest. He licked his lips in anticipation but then her ankles were locked around his neck and the edges of his vision went fuzzy.

    Samantha propped herself up on one elbow. “Did you just spank me?”

    “Heat of the moment?” Hewheezed with what he hoped was an apologetic smile.

    She raised a skeptical eyebrow, released his neck and then rolled back onto her front. “You can rub my back now.”

    Dan rubbed his neck. It was cool watching Black Widow do all that stuff in the Marvel movies but it was a different story when you were on the receiving end of it. He began to rub

    Samantha’s back and shoulders. “My deepest apologies, Miss Storm. That was incredibly inappropriate and it won’t happen again.”

    “Yeah, yeah. Oh, that’s a knot right there on the left. Use your thumbs. Yeah that’s better.”

    They kept a silence for a few moments as Dan rubbed her back through her thin top and she recovered from their tickle session.

    “I don’t know about you but I could use a beer.” He said.

    “I wouldn’t say no.”

    He disappeared into the kitchen and came back with two cold bottles of Blue Moon. He toasted her, “Cheers and from the bottom of my heart, thank you. That was incredible.”

    Samantha returned his toast. “You wanted to tickle me. You tickled me.” All very matter of fact.

    Yeah, he thought to himself. Just another day at the office for you. Her unwavering slightly amused gaze was back but now he felt comfortable in meeting and holding it. “That thing you did to me with your ankles a minute ago?”

    “You kinda had that coming.”

    He raised his palms. “No argument there but you could have done that at any time. I was holding onto your ankles for dear life but if you had wanted to stop me tickling your feet it was would have been very easy for you.”

    She took a sip of her beer. “Probably.”

    “So why didn’t you?” He let that hang in the air for a moment.

    She thought for a minute then smiled at him. “Why do you think I didn’t?”

    “Ha, I knew you’d dodge that. “ He grinned and put his beer down. “I’ll tell you why you let me tickle you; because you don’t mind it. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that under the right circumstances you like it. You’re this super-hot, super spy who is always in control so once in a while you need to let go of all that, let someone else take charge and just go with it.”

    “Psych 101? That’s a nice theory.” She extended one leg out in front of her with the grace of a ballerina, extended and flexed her toes.

    “You aren’t telling me I’m wrong.”

    “No,” she said. “I suppose I’m not.”

    Dan felt his chest grow tight. Was she telling him to go further, to do more? Was she just playing with him. He thought back to when he was 17 years old. He thought back to Jessica Blake, a pretty blonde girl in his class. He thought back toe their third date and her reaction to being tickled while they were furiously making out. He had been so turned on he was on a hair trigger, walking a delicious razor’s edge of self-control. The last thing in the world he had wanted to do was stop but he figured the fragrant Miss Blake would have been less than impressed if he ended up squirting all over his jeans. His composure in the face of delightfully ticklish females had improved a lot since then but he had never forgotten the insane level of excitement he had felt back then. He was feeling it again now and it was absolutely electrifying.

    “I think we’re going to have to do something about that.” Somehow he managed to keep his voice steady.

    “What makes you think I’m going to let you?” She said. That cute lopsided grin made his stomach flip.

    “Well normally when I play there’s a safeword so I know very quickly if things go too far. You don’t strike me as the safeword type. I figure if I push my luck with you I’ll wake up with a pounding headache in a black site.”

    She threw back her head and laughed and then looked at him very seriously. “You shouldn’t joke about these things.”

    He gulped. “I was just joking.”

    “I know, and so was I. Or was I?” She said.

    “Oh you’re going to pay for that somehow.” He wiped imaginary perspiration from his brow.

    “Am I really?”

    Dan drained the last of his beer, stood up and walked to the middle of the room. He turned to face Samantha and beckoned to her. “Come over here, Samantha.”

    Samantha arched an eyebrow. “Ooh, masterful.” She put her bottle down and walked over to him. Her hands were on her hips and there was a faint look of amusement on her face. “So what do you have planned now?”

    Dan grinned at her. “Come closer.”

    To be continued.
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    Loved it. Different from the other stories but a good one to "uh, read in private.” Looking forwards to more.

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    Mar 2015
    Great as Always :-) Thanks for these new Samantha Story.

    But what happen with Ramirez? I think it should be giving a reunion with her....

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    It's so great to see Samantha back in action. Terrific chemistry between her and Dan!
    Please enjoy all of my stories in my archive.


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    This was not what I expected from your latest Samantha Storm adventure. Having said that... It was a sizzling hot read, punctuated by superb verbal foreplay and erotic tickling action.

    Truly wonderful work!


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    Quote Originally Posted by MTJpub View Post
    This was not what I expected from your latest Samantha Storm adventure. Having said that... It was a sizzling hot read, punctuated by superb verbal foreplay and erotic tickling action.

    Truly wonderful work!

    Thanks so much Jim, as ever your approval is much appreciated given you created Samantha all those years ago.

    I thought I'd go a bit meta for this one. We've seen Samantha captured and tickle tortured and interrogated on several occasions but even she gets time off now and again. So I wondered what would happen if she ended up meeting one of 'us'....

    Hopefully the other two chapters will be as well-received.

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    How many Samantha Storm adventures are there?

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    Love it, Mike

    One of my favorite parts was that Dan was a nice guy who loved to play around but at the same time could shake in his boots a little because Samantha's rep and beauty is an intimidating combo

    I wonder what she eats for brunch........
    Hard part's over. Now, let's get these other piggies wiggling

    ~Kill Bill

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    Thanks JT - good to see you back and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    As for what Samantha eats for brunch... I figure she'd go for granola with fruit and natural yogurt. You thinking of asking her out?

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