The sun was shining brightly that particular morning, and a warm breeze blew through the girl’s hair, as they slowly made their way down the long, dirt path. “This place is really out in the boonies, huh?” Asked Sarah, dabbing her sweaty forehead, with the back of her hand.
Sarah was a cute girl, who had short black hair that fell to her small rounded shoulders. The girl had dark brown eyes, and perky breasts. The girl was garbed in a white t-shirt, that was tucked neatly into a pair of blue jeans, with black shoes that were tied tightly to her feet.
Lulu nodded. “Tell me about it,” the girl said. Lulu was a cute girl as well. She had long brown hair, that fell to the middle of her back. The girl also had dark brown eyes, small rounded shoulders, and perky breasts. The girl was garbed in a pink shirt, blue jeans skirt, white socks, and shoes tied tightly to her feet.
Both girls carried heavy backpacks, that were filled with equipment they needed to do their jobs.
Lulu glanced down at the map she had been holding. “I think were almost there!” The girl said, glancing up from the map, to the trail the girls had been walking down. After several long minutes, the girls spotted a small cabin. “There it is!” Lulu said, and with those words, the two girls began running as fast as they could towards the building.
When they were close enough, they could see what kind of state the cabin was actually in. The windows had been boarded up, the front porch was in complete disrepair, and all the pain had chipped off the walls a long time ago.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Sarah asked, sighing deeply.
“No, I changed my mind. Let’s go back home,” Lulu said, turning to leave.
“Are you kidding me?” Sarah said, placing a firm hand on Sarah’s right shoulder. “It took us an hour to get here! We should at least look inside!” The girl said, hoping to change her friend’s mind about leaving.
“Of course I’m kidding,” Lulu said, looking dully at the girl. “Remember? We had to convince the owner of this place to let us film here, not only that, but we also spent two hours just to get to this cabin! There’s no way were leaving!”
“Oh…” Sarah said, surprised.
“Alright, let’s go inside,” Lulu said, leading her way into the cabin. The girl opened the door, and peered inside. The cabin looked surprisingly clean, and the inside even looked well maintained.
“That’s a surprise,” Sarah said, peering into the cabin. “I didn’t think this place would be so clean.”
“I agree,” Lulu said, stepping into the cabin. The two girls glanced around the small room. “There’s only one room here, right?” The girl asked, trying to find another doorway.
“I think this is it,” Sarah said. “Should we get started?” The girl asked.
“Of course!” Said Lulu.
Both girls swung off their backpacks, and started pulling out their equipment. Lulu pulled out a few laptops, and a tiny tower, that was used to help boost their WIFI signal. Sarah, on the other hand, removed several cameras from her backpack, and began setting them around the cabin.
“Are you ready?” Lulu asked, turning on both laptops.
“Ready!” Sarah said.
“Great,” said Lulu, pressing a few buttons. After a few seconds, the images the cameras were picking up, appeared on the laptop screens. “Alright, were ready!”
“Great, how long do we got?” Asked Sarah.
Lulu glanced at her watch. “We have a few hours. What should we do?” The girl asked.
Sarah didn’t answer the question right away. Instead, she glanced around the small room they were standing in. The room didn’t look special, but still, the girl knew something horrible had happened here, a long time ago. “So…” The girl began, trying to find the right words. “What happened here, exactly?” She asked.
“You don’t remember?” Lulu asked, surprised.
“Sorry. I was doing a bunch of research for the next few haunted houses we plan on investigating, this place slipped my mind,” Sarah admitted, shrugging her shoulders.
Lulu nodded. Reaching into her backpack, she removed a small folded. Opening it up, the girl saw a picture of the cabin, plus a dossier she had written up about the place. “It happened about fifty years ago. Back when this place was a lot bigger. A family was planning on spending their summer here, but during the first night, the parents went missing, leaving two kids alone.” Said Lulu.
“After that?” Sarah asked.
“After that, the cabin was sold, and everyone who bought the place, turned up missing. After a while, this place gained the reputation for being haunted. At one point, a psychic came here, and said this place was being haunted by a demon, who hates laughter. So they say that if you laugh around midnight, the demon will leave you alone.”
“Great,” Sarah said, sighing deeply. “I guess we have to figure out who laughs.”
“What do you mean?” Lulu asked.
Sarah turned to her friend. “Believe it or not, but I can’t fake laughing, can you?” The girl asked.
Lulu shook her head. “No, but what else can we do? I didn’t bring any funny movies for us to watch, and I don’t know any jokes. Do you?” The girl asked.
“Nope!” Sarah said, smiling evilly. “I do know one thing about us though. Were both incredibly ticklish!”
Lulu’s eyes went wide. “Whoa… Hold on…” The girl said, holding up her hands. “I don’t know about this. I hate being tickled!”
“Don’t worry about it,” said Sarah, placing her hands high on her hips. “We’ll flip a coin, ok? Whoever loses, get’s tickled, ok?”
Lulu wanted to argue, but she knew it was the fairest way to decide. “That’s fine, but we have to do this before midnight.”
“Ok,” Sarah said, placing her hands high on her hips. “Wait a second… If were trying to keep the demon away, what exactly are we going to be filming?” The girl asked, shrugging her shoulders.
“Don’t worry,” said Lulu. “That psychic I told you about, she said that she heard a lot of strange voices coming from outside the cabin. Not only that, but some ghosts also appear as well.”
“Great!” Sarah said, smiling brightly. “I can’t wait!”


The hours in the cabin slowly passed. As time went on, the girls continued to check over their equipment, to make sure it was all working fine. “What time is it?” Sarah asked, after wiping a smudge off one of the camera lenses. The girl glanced at the lap top that showed it’s image, to make sure it looked good.
“It’s eleven forty, we need to flip that coin now,” Lulu said, reaching into her pocket. “Heads, or tails?” She asked.
Sarah closed her eyes, and thought hard. “Heads!” She called out.
“Alright,” Lulu said, flipping the coin into the air. Lulu was going to catch it, but quickly changed her mind. The coin flipped through the air, before it landed on the ground between the two girls. “Oh crap…” Lulu breathed, when the coin landed with heads up.
“I win! I win!” Sarah cheered, throwing her hands into the air.
Lulu’s small shoulders sagged. “I hate being tickled.”
“I know, I’m sorry,” Sarah said, patting the girl on the back. “Don’t worry. Let’s get you set up.”
“What do you mean?” Lulu asked.
Sarah reached into her backpack, and removed some rope. “Here we are!”
“Wait, you’re tying me up!?” Lulu asked, surprised. “Wait… You didn’t really forget about why we came to this cabin, did you?”
“I did,” Sarah said, nodding.
“Than why did you bring the rope?” Asked Lulu, her cheeks were bright red.
“I read somewhere that you should always bring some rope, when you go into the woods, that’s why,” Sarah said, smiling brightly.
Lulu wanted to protest, but knew they didn’t have a choice. The girl wasn’t sure if an actual demon would appear at the cabin, or not, but she didn’t want to take any chances either.
Sarah bound Lulu’s hands behind her back, and than tied the girl’s feet together. When she was finished, the girl slid Lulu’s shoes, and socks off her feet. “W-wait! Wait!” Lulu cried, the girl was already feeling giddy.
“Don’t worry, I won’t tickle you, unless the demon shows up, ok?” Sarah said, getting to her feet. “Remember though. Your laughing is going to keep us safe, so no holding it in, ok?”
“Ok,” Lulu said, sighing with relief.
The two girls continued to wait. “It’s almost time,” Sarah said, looking at her own watch.
“Alright. Start recording,” said Lulu.
Sarah did as she was told, and began recording the room, with all four cameras. After that, she took her place next to Lulu. “Remember what I said,” Sarah said, looking down at the helpless Lulu. “No holding it in, ok? I’m going to start tickling you hard too.”
“R-right,” Lulu said, closing her eyes, and taking a deep breath. The girl wasn’t sure what she was hoping for now. If the demon did appear, and they got a lot of evidence that the paranormal world existed, they would go down in history. At the same time, the girl really hated to be tickled.
“It’s almost midnight,” Sarah said, breaking into Lulu’s thoughts.
Lulu’s eyes flashed open, and she began looking around the cabin. Everything seemed fine. The cabin was still warm, and the wind outside, could barely be heard. “Huh…” Lulu said, looking up at her friend. “What do you think?”
“Wasted trip?” Sarah asked, giggling.
“I guess so…” Lulu said.
The two girls waited a few seconds, before Sarah looked at her watch once more. “We have about three minutes until it’s midnight.”
“I’m sorry Sarah,” Lulu said, after another minute passed. “I think this was a wasted trip.”
“I guess so,” Sarah said, nodding. The girl was about to untie Lulu, but her hands stopped, when she heard the sound of someone knocking on the cabin door. “Uh…” Sarah said, surprised. “Hello?”
At first, the girls couldn’t hear anything, but the wind outside, but after a few seconds, a lone voice could be heard. “Can… I come… in?” asked a feminine voice.
“Who are you?” Sarah asked.
“Can I come in?” The voice asked. “Please? I’m lost!”
Sarah, and Lulu exchanged looks. “Let her in,” Lulu said, gesturing towards the door with her head.
“Right,” Sarah nodded. The girl got to her feet, and made her way over to the door.
“Can I come in?” The voice asked once more, but this time, the voice sounded different. IT sounded deeper, and unbelievably hollow. “Whoa…!” Sarah cried, pulling her hands away from the door.
“SARAH!” Lulu cried.
Sarah turned on her heels, and gasped. Located a few feet away from Lulu, was a humanoid figure. The figure was completely black in color, and see-through as well. “What the hell!” Sarah cried. The girl shook her head, and turned her attention to the laptops. To the girl’s relief, she could see the figure on the screen.
“Are we recording?” Lulu asked.
“We are!” Sarah said. The girl forced a smile, but in reality, the girl was terrified. Even though she was excited to get proof of the paranormal, she still felt terrified. It meant that the demon existed.
“Tickle me!” Lulu cried.
Sarah nodded, and dove at Lulu. The girl dug her fingers into the girl’s sides, and began tickling her mercilessly. At first, nothing seemed to happen, but after a few seconds, the girl began kicking her feet wildly, and laughing hysterically.
“OH GOD… WAIT!” Sarah screamed, with ticklish laughter. The girl’s chest heaved, and her entire body shook. The girl’s cheeks grew bright red, and even though she wasn’t about to start crying, tears still formed in the corners of her eyes.
Sarah’s fingers danced wildly over Lulu’s sides. She poked, and teased them mercilessly. After a few seconds of this, the girl changed her tactic. With one hand, Sarah tickled Lulu’s sides with one hand, and began tickling the girl’s ribs with the other.
Lulu’s laughter grew louder, and more desperate. She tried to escape her binds, but at the same time, she knew the tickling she was enduring was saving their lives. As the tickling continued, several strange figures appeared all around them. A horrifying face had appeared on the ceiling as well, causing Lulu to close her eyes. Not only that, but a horrifying wailing could be heard.
Sarah’s eyes went wide, when she heard a loud, wailing sign coming from outside. Sarah held her breath, keeping herself from screaming, when she heard the door to the cabin start to shake.
“I’m sorry Lulu!” Sarah cried, turning towards Lulu’s feet. Sarah trapped both girl’s feet under her arm, and began raking her nails wildly over her soles. Sarah knew Lulu’s feet were the most ticklish spots on her body. Lulu screamed, and wriggled wildly, on the ground. She desperately tried to pull her feet away, but it was impossible.
As the seconds slowly ticked by, Sarah started to feel guilty about the torture she was putting Lulu through.
Sarah scratched the bottom of Lulu’s right foot mercilessly, before moving onto her right foot. After a few seconds of this, the girl dug her index finger between each of Lulu’s toes, tickling the skin between.
Tears were now trickling down Lulu’s, bright red cheeks. The girl felt like she would die. “I CAN’T… PLEASE!” Lulu cried. Just as the words left her mouth, the tickling stopped. Lulu sucked in as much oxygen as she could. “Wh-what are you doing!?” The girl screamed, looking up Sarah. “You have to keep…” She began, but stopped speaking when she saw the happy look on her friend’s face.
Sarah was smiling brightly, her cheeks were bright red. “Do you hear that?” She asked.
Lulu glanced towards the ceiling, and saw the that he horrifying face that was there moments ago, was now gone. “It’s over?” Lulu asked, nervously.
Sarah nodded her head several times. “Yeah! We survived!”
Lulu closed her eyes, and laughed. “Oh my God! I thought I was going to die there for a second!”
“Sorry about that,” Sarah said, scratching her right cheek nervously. “I really hated doing that to you.”
“It’s ok,” Lulu said, rolling onto her stomach. “Do you mind untying me?” She asked.
“Sure!” Sarah said, reaching for the girl’s knots. Before Sarah could even begin to untie them, the door to the cabin was thrown open, and a large hand appeared. The hand was enormous, and looked like it belonged to a giant.
“OH SHIT!” Lulu screamed.
Sarah opened her mouth to say something, but before she could utter a word, the hand wrapped its giant fingers around the girl, and pulled her outside. Lulu tried to stand, but it was impossible. The only thing the girl could do, was roll towards the door. Just as she reached the open doorway, the girl saw the hand, still pulling Sarah, deep underground.
Lulu’s eyes went wide with terror. “SARAH!” The girl screamed, as a fresh stream of tears rolled down her cheeks. It was at that moment, Lulu knew what had went horrible wrong. “Both of us had to be laughing…” The girl thought bitterly. Lulu struggled against her binds, but Sarah had tied her up too tightly.
Lulu stopped struggling, when she realized that she wouldn’t be able to escape. Deep down, the girl knew, that when midnight rolled around the following day, she would be taken next.