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Thread: The Debt (M/F)

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    The Debt (M/F)

    He poured a glass of deep red wine into the goblet on the oaken table. The woman sitting at the table watched him with a somber expression. Her black shoulder length hair was streaked with gray although her face betrayed little in the way of age. The dining room was less than cozy with dark wood paneling and the only light in the room came from the crystal chandelier above. The man sat caddy corner to the woman and smiled.

    “To what do I owe the pleasure of your company, Mrs. Smith?” he asked as he sipped his own wine.

    “Please Michael, Tabby,” she said,” We have known each other long enough”.

    “Mike, please Tabby,” he said. She looked serious Mike could see past memories were softening her approach.

    “I know my husband has been late with payments. The firm has been squeezing him and then the accident and our daughter’s treatment,” she said with sone sadness.

    “I know he is late and I have been more than patient,” said Mike as set his glass down. “He could have stayed with the team but had to go his own way.”. Mike was much taller than Tabby with slicked back dark hair and a smooth complexion. He looked annoyed but only ever so slightly.

    “John taught you everything Mike. You were his protege. You would never have been successful like this if it was not for my husband’s guidance and mentoring.” Tabby became flush with all sorts of emotions.

    “Yes I have always looked up to him. He was a great man to work for. We had some great times didn’t we? Barbecues in your backyard, the Christmas parties, the time I worked for him you both felt like family.” Mike was barely thirty and seemed to have everything. Not everyone in this town could afford a house like this or the Audi in the driveway.

    “Mike he left because you and he grew apart. He could not stand to see the man you became. He taught you values you eschewed for profit and fame.” Tabby pushed her wine glass away.

    “I truly sympathize with everything that happened since then Tabby. I was sorry to hear about the potential layoffs and I was heartbroken about Laurie. So glad to hear she is better,” Mike sipped his wine.

    “Thank you,” Tabby smiled weakly.

    “I was all too willing to help you and John out. But the fact remains he still owes me a great deal. Have you come to ask for another extension?” Mike was slightly irritated. “John has had plenty of opportunity.”

    “But Mike please,” Tabby begged, “think of how much John nurtured you and cared for you and believed in you,” she strained in her voice.

    “Tabby please...understand my position,” Mike tried to interject.

    “Mike no please you have no idea the strain we are under...” Mike saw sadness and almost a defeated look in her eyes.

    “Tabby,” he said, softening his tone, “What is it you need? An extension?”

    “I am here to beg you Mike. Please have pity,” Tabby pleaded.

    “Alright alright Tabby,” he stood up and so did she and hugged her. “I will forgive the debt.”

    Tabby looked wide eyed at him. She was dumbfounded. “What?”

    “I have collected 45% of my loan from John. As a token of good will and because I still care for you both, I will not enforce the rest of the debt.”

    Tabby hugged him saying thank you over and over again. He gently pushed her away and looked into her soulful hazel eyes.

    “But you must indulge me,” he said, “tonight, downstairs.”

    “Mike you cannot be serious!” she pushed away from him. “Do you know how old I am for Christ’s sake” her face turned flush with anger.

    “Tabby I am a gentleman and business man,” Mike said firmly. “No harm will come to you and I will not violate your marriage.”

    “What do you mean?” Tabby asked.

    “Come with me downstairs. I promise you that you are safe with me. How many times did I watch your daughter and check on John when he got in that car wreck?”

    “Okay...” Tabby sighed. Mike was just doing business, she thought to herself. I can trust him.

    Mike led her through the house and downstairs to the basement. He opened a door to a room unlike Tabby had ever seen before. The walls were lined with whips, riding crops, leather garments, cuffs, and all sorts of things she could only imagine were in dirty magazines or those annoying internet pop up ads. Mike gestured towards a padded leather table in the shape of a cross. The end of the table had padded wooden stocks that looked straight out of a renaissance faire.

    “What do you want me to do?” asked Tabby.

    “I want you to lie down and make yourself comfortable,” said Mike, “and just relax.”

    Tabby sat on the edge of the table and laid down. Despite looking like a medieval torture device, made of dark wood and bolted to the floor, it was rather comfortable. There was a leather pad at the top which acted as a pillow for her.

    Mike looped leather cuffs with metal studs on the outside around her wrists. They were snug but not too tight.

    “Comfy?” asked Mike.

    Tabby nodded weakly. She knew this would solve the problem but she felt her heart racing. Mike loosed some bolts and shifted the stocks upwards to compensate for her height. He laid her feet gently on the pads and closed the stocks, securing them with a twist hasp. He retightened the bolts, making Tabby quite immobile.

    Mike stood over Tabby. He spoke in a reassuring tone. “Tabby one thing I keep secret is my ehm extracurricular activities.”

    “Like Fifty Shades of-“

    “No not quite that extreme. But definitely out if the norm for this town. I like to keep this a secret. I am sure you understand.”

    “Discretion in this case goes both ways,” said Tabby, “John does not know I came to talk to you.”

    “No need to worry Tabby,” said Mike.

    “What are you going to do to me?” Tabby felt tense.

    “Something I have wanted to do to you since I met you and John way back when,” said Mike. Mike looked over the helpless Tabby. Her feet wiggled in the stocks in her black flats. She wore three quarter length pants and a button down floral print top. Tabby looked wide eyed, anticipating something, anything.

    “What is that Mike?” Tabby asked as he put his thumb and fore finger on her tummy. She gasped at the sensations and it did not take long for her to figure out his intentions.

    “Nothing personal Tabby, just business,” said Mike, “You will be fine.”

    “No no please-“ Tabby’s pleas were broken off my her laughter as his fingers danced on her tummy. Across her tummy and then up and down her sides. Soon both hands joined in the tickling and Tabby pulled at her bonds in vain.

    “Ha ha ha ha no no please stooooooop!” Tabby squealed as her cheeks became flush. Mike wiggled a finger in between the button of her top eliciting more giggles and laughs from Tabby. Tabby’s laughter was almost musical and Mike ignored her begging.
    His hands worked up and down her sides and ribs. Tabby rocked her head back and forth as her laughter filled the room.

    Mike then began wiggling his well manicured nails into her under arms. Tabby shrieked and gasped before collapsing into cackles of helpless laughter. Just as she thought she would go crazy, he stopped.

    Mike rested a hand on Tabby’s leg just above the knee. Tabby gasped tried catching her breath. She looked at Mike.

    “Please Mike no...no more!” Tabby was quite tired after this intense tickling.

    “We are not finished yet,” said Mike, “I will grant you what you have asked for after you are finished.”

    Tabby braced as he squeezed gently above her knees. Tabby gasped as ticklish shocks shot down her legs. He squeezed a little higher, then a little higher, then still a bit higher then back down again. Tabby’s face was red as laughter drowned out her begging and pleading. This was not in her mind an alternative solution and definitely not one she would have suggested.

    Tabby’s laughter ceased and for a moment she felt nothing but her aching sides and cheeks. Mike had sat on a rolling stool and he pushed off to the stocks. Tabby looked down but could not see him over the wooden stocks. Mike removed one shoe, dropping it on the floor and then the other. Tabby bit her lip when she felt twine wrapping around her big toes. She felt her foot flexing as Mike wrapped the twine around two metal shanks on top of the stocks. She could not move her feet at all.

    “What are you doing?” Tabby demanded.

    “Relieving your husband a debt Tabby.” Mike said. Tabby saw him reach into a box and pull out a feather, long white and stiff.

    He waved it back and forth over the stocks. Tabby looked in horror. She gasped as she felt him slide the feather under her toes. Little gasps and giggles followed as he dragged the feather up n down her arches and back and forth under her toes. She shook and pulled but she could not escape the maddening sensations. Tabby tried to tune out these soft tickles that were driving her crazy.

    Mike continued this different sort of tickling torture for a bit before stopping. Tabby went limp, trying to look down at what he was doing. He reached into his box of horrors and held little claws on rings. She bit her lip on anticipation. When he dragged them over her soft pedicured soles she descended into helpless laughter. Tabby shrieked and begged for him to stop. The claws hit every ticklish nerve on the bottom of her helpless soles. He would spider them up and down then rake up and down before sliding them effortlessly under her toes. Tabby arched her back and rocked her head up and down and side to side. This was too much.

    When he stopped once again, she felt herself go limp. “Please Mike...no...no more!” she said in between gasps for air.

    “Say that again and not only will this last longer, I might reconsider our arrangement,” Mike said.

    Tabby saw him hold above the stocks a white electric toothbrush. Tabby mouthed “no” when she heard it start buzzing. When it hit her left heel, the sensations were too much. She closed her eyes tightly and gave into the tickling. He made lazy circles around the balls of her feet. He went under each helpless toe. Mike circled each toe a few times. Tabby was going crazy.

    After what seemed like hours, the buzzing stopped. Mike began undoing the ropes around her toes and the hasps on the stocks. He gently put her shoes back on. He loosened her wrist cuffs. He helped the exhausted woman off the bench and began leading her upstairs.

    “Are you okay Tabby?” he asked.

    “Yes Mike,” she replied weakly.

    “I promised you I would not hurt you. The slate is clean now.”

    As they approached the door Tabby looked at him one last time.

    “I want to say thank you but I cannot Mike. They was humiliating and cruel and and-“


    “No it was not Michael!” she was angry he was being so presumptuous.

    “I wish you and John the best Tabby” Mike said as he opened the door.

    Tabitha exited without a word.

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    That was a fun read.
    PhoenixRising's definition of a Puritan: One who lives in the constant fear that someone somewhere is being tickled.

    Let me introduce you to my little friend... Hey stop laughing or I'll give you something to laugh about.

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    Enjoyed the storyline!

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    Jan 2006
    Thank you for your positive feedback!

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    Frederick, MD
    Great Story!!! I hope they need another loan

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    Jul 2008
    Very good

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    nice story, i love to read about mature women getting tickled !!

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by jcaine View Post
    nice story, i love to read about mature women getting tickled !!
    Ha ha...all the lees in my stories are women that I know that I would love to tickle!

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    Jan 2006
    Time will tel...glad you liked it!

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