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    Alessandra Ambrosio in tickle troubles ff/f (comission)

    All below is the work of fiction and fantasy only, created for entertain purposes.

    Alessandra Ambrosio in tickle troubles ff/f

    Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks befriended on the set of AGT. They had so much in common - both former supermodels now trying to find another way of earning, both beautiful and both, unfortunately in their opinion, closer to fifty than to twenty. Life seemed to be perfect for two mature beauties - they still looked great, they still had various contracts, Tyra had her own TV show, but they grew more and more frustrated with ageing. When Heidi was caught by paparazzi without makeup the press and the Internet were ruthless. Also some younger girls became more and more successful at the modelling filed, being “the face” of this and of that. Recently Alessandra Ambrosio snatched one modelling contract right from Tyra and her clothing line selled much better that Heidi. And commenting both she said something about women too old for the job they try to do and not knowing when to quit.
    All that and more Heidi and Tyra discussed over a drink after shooting an AGT episode. The drink became two, then three and soon the were quite intoxicated, quite sorry for themselves and quite pissed at younger models, especially that snotty Alessandra .
    - Somebody should teach her a lesson! - slurred Heidi.
    - Yep, scare the shit out of the bitch! - agreed Tyra
    - Like… err… kidnapping her than do some mean things to her… - blurted Heidi after a while.
    - Mean things, what mean things…? - wondered Tyra still in a drunken mood. - Maybe...this? - She grabbed Heidi’s ribs spider tickling up and down.
    - Hahhahhaha!!! Stop it!!! - squealed Heidi, who’s ticklishness was a common knowledge among the AGT crew, then retaliated. The enthusiastic, if unsteady, tickle fight erupted, resulting in squeals of laughter and some male customers hastily hiding bulges in their trousers. After a while they stopped, finished their drinks then talked about something else.
    Bute idea was planted and after ten days Tyra came to Heidi and asked for a private chat.
    - Remember our talk about the Alessandra bitch?
    - Yep - responded Heidi blushing slightly.
    - I got a plan, but you must help me.
    - A plan of what?
    - Capturing the bitch and tickling the crap out of her. If you are in, we can do it together.
    Heidi thought the whole thing crazy, but after a while she thought “What the hell!”. She had a dull life recently and a bit of craziness maybe would help. “We can blame it on a prank, or something” she thought.
    - Ok, I am in. Tell me!
    - I know a guy who owns kind of private eye and security agency. His business are not all entirely legal and that helps from time to time. Remember the whore who wanted my prime time with her talk show? And how it turned out she had some naked sweet sixteen boys on her hard drive? Besides, he has a huge, huge crush on me and, let it be said, on you as well. He’ll do what we want for a small favour and I don’t mean sleeping with him. He’d deliver us Alessandra bound and ready for some fun, then clean up the mess.
    - How we come out from this clean?
    - We’ll be masked.
    - No, I actually has a better idea! Listen!
    Then the blonde started whispering something to her friend and she accepted whatever was said with a nod.
    - And now what’s that something your friend wants in return?
    - Foot worship.
    - What?
    - You and me coming to him in mini skirts and pantyhose, remove high heels then let him to smell, kiss and fondle our feet for fifteen minutes.
    - Ugh, that’s gross!
    - No, it’s quite funny. I let some guys do that before and they go crazy. You’ll see.
    - OK, then. If you say so.
    Both beauties shook hands and parted.
    Two days later the “payment day” came. Heidi was picked up by a limo, where she met Tyra and together they were driven to Tyra’s friend’s house.
    He turned out to be a handsome and charming Latino guy, who was complimenting them from the very beginning. They drank champagne, ate some snacks then the women were invited to a studio and asked to sit on a sofa. Then Julio, their host, kneeled in front of them and started removing their high heels, kissing and sniffing them. Heidi found that funny and giggled. Her friend shot her a warning glance, but Julio waved it was ok. Then there came time for the feet - rubbing, smelling, then kissing, licking and biting. Heidi started to enjoy this. First it was relaxing, than became pleasant and erotic. Sometimes she giggle because it tickled a bit, but she was ok with some playful tickles and it didn’t bother her much. Sometime across all this she felt a tingling between her legs and became increasingly aroused, both from the stimulation, the sight of the male strong reaction and from the exciting feeling of doing something “naughty” without actually cheating on anyone.She even moaned a few times which earned her a thankful Julio’s glance and an amused look from Tyra. The dark skinned beauty took it all more businesslike, just sitting there with a light smile allowing the guy do his thing. Sometimes she jerked her foot when it tickled.
    Heidi enjoyed this so much that when the alarm clock rang, marking the end of the quarter she allowed Julio two extra minutes. When he finished he hastily said goodbyes then left. His assistant led the ladies out.
    - What it was about? - asked Heidi. - He practically threw us away!
    - Don’t you guess anything? He is in a great need of jerk. I thought his pants would burst! - giggle Tyra.
    She was partially right. Her host entered the adjacent room, where a lot of computers and monitors were attended by a small group of technicians.
    - Do we got it?
    - Crystal clear, boos. Various angles. All cameras worked perfectly.
    - Well, not a sex tape, but still something...
    Julio returned to the same room where he entertained his guests. Soon a young Indian girl, barely eighteen, was pushed inside the studio. She was very slender and pretty, wearing only nude pantyhose and skimpy white panties and very frightened. By a sign she sat by Julio on the sofa. He unzipped his pants. letting his erection spring into view.
    - Do me a footjob! - he demanded.
    - No, no, I can’t! - protested the girl, obviously very afraid and shaken.
    - You refuse! Maybe that will teach you! - he grabbed the girls feet, pinned them between his legs and started tickling defenseless soles.
    - Ahahahhaha!!! No, senor, por favor!!! - the poor girl wailed in laughter - Stop, stop I beg you!!!!
    But of course her ordeal was just beginning. Despite her frantic pleadings and hysteria she was tickled ruthlessly for ten minutes. She was obviously in great distress, but when asked to submit, she shook her head, although with tears in her eyes. Next attack on her soft soles sent her into more hysteria. Finally, after then more minutes, she screamed through the gales of mirth.
    - Senior, your men there told me if I agree they’d tickle me hor hours! But I’ll do it! I can stand it anymore!
    Soon she was given some respite and her delicate feet started kneading Julio’s throbbing manhood. She wasn’t very expert, but eager to please and soon he was satisfied. He zipped his pants, clapped twice and two big guards entered.
    - She did it. - said their boss. - Take her! - and followed his men dragging a struggling captive into a BDSM studio turned into a movie plan with a filming crew ready.
    - I wanted you, little bitch what would happen if you agree! - growled one of the guards.
    - But he forced me! I couldn’t stand all the tickling! Senor, tell them, please!
    - Sweetie, I made my bargain with you, they made another one. It was you who decided which bargain to fulfill!
    Despite her protests and struggles the girl was strapped to the rack. The director shouted “Camera, action!”. The victim’s cries of defiance turned into a shriek of laughter as two men grabbed the brushes and started scrubbing her nyloned soles. Julio nodded in delight. The new production of his NonCon Laughter studio called “Aztec Princess in Distress” just began shooting. Maybe he’ll drop by in an hour or two to see how she is doing and maybe lend a hand. To her soles or armpits, to be accurate. Those remote South American villages were the motherload of pretty, determined girls used for various purposes. This one wanted to be a model. Well, the way to the top is tough. Besides, Joanna Krupa also started from tickle fetish films.
    In another five days everything was ready. The plan required there was to be a n AGT casting shooting day. Tyra and Heidi slipped from their hotel rooms to a remote one on the least representative floor. Inside there were two ladies who were crucial in Heidi’s idea - Tyra’s and her impersonators. For the last few days the girls were secretly coached by the two stars they were about to impersonate. “Heidi” was supposed to play ill, therefore not communicative and real Heidi called the other judges she was not feeling well and to go easy on her. “Tyra” was backstage, with less interaction, so her role was easier. She also was supposed to spend all the breaks in Heidi’s dressing room “to comfort her friend”.
    The impostors were given the exact copies of the dresses the celebs were about to wear, so no one would suspect a switch. Heidi and Tyra quickly disguised themselves - being a celebrity makes you proficient in dressing to appear so unlike yourself to get some privacy - wigs, hoods, glasses, baggy clothes etc.. Then the real supermodels were led to the garage and drove away in one of Julio’s agency vans and the fake ones returned to “their” rooms to be picked up to the stage of AGT.
    Both celebs were brought to something that looked like an abandoned factory and ushered into one of the concrete rooms. Inside waited their prey - Alessandra - confused and frightened, kidnapped right from her morning jogging routine. She was inserted into a trunk - only her head and her feet in sneakers stuck out on the side of the chest. She must have been doubled over to fit in that position. Seeing Heidi and Tyra she at first cried in joy.
    - Thank God! Quick, release me from this thing and let's flee! - then the situation dawned on her.
    - Hey! What’s going on? You don’t seem to be on a rescue mission, neither you are surprised or tied yourselves! You captured me, you fricking bitches? Release me this instant! Are you mad?
    - My, my, my!!! What a lousy mouthed young brat! - exclaimed Tyra walking closer. - Earlier such a naughty girls had their mouth washed with soap. Now we do this! - she sat on a stool by Alessandra feet, removed a sneaker and a sock from her 10 sized foot, inhaled the sweet musk coming from the morning run and started dragging her long, sharp, red fingernails across the captive’s creamy sole.
    The victim squealed with involuntary laughter. It increased with volume as Heidi added her long, viciously red nails to the assault.
    - Hahahahha!!! What are you doing! Stop this instant!!!! - wailed Alessandra, but of course was completely ignored. She wriggled her feet frantically, crunching her toes, trying to cover one foot by the other etc. Her torturers dealt with it by grabbing her feet with one hand and tickling with the other, but soon they became tired and irritated by constant struggling.Alessandra was curling her toes so frantically that it was impossible to unravel them or go between them.
    - Is there some more restraint for her feet? - shouted Heidi to no one in particular. The door opened and a sexy redhead girl entered, carrying something like an inflated cushion with space for toes.
    - If you please…. - she said and waited for the “customers” to step aside. Skilfully she put the rubber device around the captive’s feet and pressed the button. The cushion inflated, immobilizing the feet, spreading the toes and bending them back, transforming wrinkled soles into a smooth, taut surface.
    - That’s a nice one! - exclaimed Tyra.
    - Yes, very effective. They used it on me a few times and I thought I’d die!
    - So you are ticklish, too? - asked Heidi and poked the redhead in the ribs. She jumped and squealed, then answered.
    - Yes, but I am not the part of the deal! - and left, rather hastily.
    The models went back to business, now racking all twenty fingers up and down the creamy soles, scratching high arches, pampered heels, soft balls, wriggling between toes.All that accompanied by Alessandra's helpless, hysterical laughter. At first she continued to curse her tormentors and demanded release, threatening with all kind of legal consequences.But after twenty minutes of relentless tickling she switched to begging, then to desperate pleas for mercy.. All of that was as useless as the curses and threats.
    Heidi decided to try something new. She signalled Tyra to make her some room, kneeled in front of Alessandra’s feet and started licking the soft sole. She expected to be grossed out by a smell and a taste, but no. She found a salty taste quite interesting.The victim responded with a long wail of laughter and a loud “Noooo!!!!”. Heidi alternated between long licks, from heel to toe and short, faster flickers here and there and twirls between the toes, which made Alessandra really scream. After a while Tyra nudged her to move and tried herself with the same, hilarious results. She also added teeth nibbling of the taut soles, rewarded by helpless squeals of hysteria.
    Meanwhile Heidi noticed a box on a nearby table. She moved to investigate. Unknowingly for her Julio and two technicians watched her every move in an adjacent room on several screens. The “torture chamber” was heavily loaded with spy cameras, recording everything that happened inside. One was on the floor near the table and the model just stepped over it.
    - Bingo! - cried Julio, seeing a clear shot up her skirt, showing her long legs and a perfect butt in pantyhose and thongs.
    - Zoom on that! - he ordered ad the delicious sight filled the screen. Heidi, totally oblivious, rummaged through the box. It was full of tickle tools - brushes, feathers, combs.
    - Look what we got here! - she said to Tyra, placing the box on the lid of the container imprisoning Alessandra. Tyra finished getting the high notes out of their captive by nibbling her smallest toe between her teeth, then rose to investigate the finding. Heidi replaced her, eager to try some teeth action herself.She nibbled at the taut balls of the captive feet, sending her in a fit of squeals.
    - Grab her toes between your teeth and saw, she cannot stand that! - advised Tyra rummaging through the box.
    - Nonono!!! - shreked Alessandra, but Heidi went just there and indeed, she couldn't stand it. Couldn’t, but yet she had to… Finally Heidi decided to give her a bit of rest before the next part and stopped.
    Alessandra let out an exhausted sob, then used the break to catch some deep breaths.
    - Guys, please, no more! - having an opportunity she started pleading. - You got me enough! I guess you mean that interview and my words about retiring! I am sorry! I was stupid! Please, don’t tickle me! I’ll die! - Then she choked and her eyes widened, as her two captors showed her two hair brushes, then moved them towards her entrapped feet.
    - No! Nonono!!! Pleeese!!! Ahahahhaha!!!!! - the moment the bristles made contact with the soft skin, Alessandra’s pleas turned into a howl of laughter. The brushes turned out to be a deadly weapon, forcing her to even more hysteria, than before.
    After a few minutes girls got bored by constant begging and placed the ball gag into their victim’s mouth. That made it even harder for Alessandra to bear - being unable to beg and therefore feel totally helpless. Next hour she spent laughing into her gag and drooling, not knowing how much more her ordeal would last. Girls were experimenting with tickling tools, finding them more or less effective. But when they saw meager effect, they switched to something that really tickled, so the respite lasted just for a moment.
    Finally Julio’s voice rang from the speakers: “Time ends in five minutes!”. The models decided for a grand finale. Tyra removed the gag, then returned to Heidi, grabbed the electric toothbrush and started moving it between Alessandra’s spread toes. Heidi took the brush that got the strongest reactions and started scrubbing the helpless soles. Once again the poor victim was forced to cackles of insane glee, unable even to beg. When the tickling ceased, she collapsed half unconscious, breathing fast and hard and crying from all the suffering she had to endure.. She was a total mess, with red face, eyes full of tears, a running nose, wet cheeks, hair matted with sweat hanging in wet chunks around her face. She jumped and squealed in fear when someone entered the chamber. There were two Julio’s bodyguards. They unstrapped her, removed her out of the box and tied to a stretcher. She was to weak to offer any resistance, still sobbing from her ordeal. She was blindfolded, then rolled somewhere. She picked up a fragments of a conversation between the guards.
    - Turn here for a while!
    - What for, we don’t have time!
    - Just a moment. I’ll give you a joint for it.
    - Two joints.
    - Deal!
    Then she felt the turn, the the stretches stopped. She felt somebody leaning over her and heard a whisper.
    - Tell me, sweetie. Are this delicious armpits of yours as ticklish as you feet?
    - Nooo!!! - she screamed in utter fear. - Please, don’t tickle me anymorehehehe!!!!!
    But the eager fingers wriggled under her armpits, grazing the soft skin. She had no choice - after all she’d gone through yet again she had to laugh and beg for mercy. She was saved when an angry, male voice inquired.:
    - What’s going on here? She’s supposed to be in a spa area. What you think you are doing?
    - Uhhh, sir. Just having some fun… no harm….
    - Off with her and report to my office right afterwards!
    Without further adventures she was wheeled to a spa area when unseen hands took care of her - washing her, combing her hair, doing makeup. Only then she was given an injection and went to sleep.
    Heidi and Tyra, flushed from adrenaline rush and arousal, were took to another chamber, resembling a BDSM studio. Here there were met by Julio.
    - Satisfied? - they nodded - Before you go, there is one more thing. Would you kindly sat in that double pillory?
    - Why?
    - I want some additional payment.
    - No way, you had your fun! Now get us out of here!
    - Bad attitude! It need some correcting measures! - Julio snapped his fingers and four of his bodyguards grabbed struggling and cursing women and put them side by side into stocks, with hands tied above their heads.
    - I planned this just ten minutes of tickling, but now it would be half an hour.
    - What? Release us this instant, or…
    - Or what? You go to the police? Sue me? Come on, we are all into this and I want my fun!
    With that he sat on a stool by the captives’ feet and, despite their curses and struggles, removed their high heels than started scratching defenseless, nyloned feet.
    Both models were ticklish, so it didn’t take Julio long to make them laugh desperately and beg for mercy. They were tickled from beautiful feet up to the waistline and back. Julio tried other ticklish spots and found Heidi’s exclusively sensitive ribs and Tyra’s vulnerable armpits, but being a massive pantyhose fan he returned to the legs, scratching, raking, prodding and squeezing to his delight and his victims’ forced mirth. It wasn’t as intensive as the hellish tickling the girls gave to Alessandra, but enough to tickle them silly and regret the deal with a diabolical gangster.
    nm half an hour it was over. The models were unstrapped and led to the bathroom to compose themselves, correct the smeared make up and straighten their clothes.
    Then they were taken to the AGT shooting stage and switched with their doppelgangers during the lunch break. During the ride they were shown the major points of the day - Julio’s men disguised as a filming crew filmed that for them, so they had an idea what was going on when they were absent. Another car took drugged Alessandra to fulfill the other part of the disguise plan. She also had a lookalike, who in her place was having a lingerie photo session. The photographer was Julio’s acquaintance and agreed to hire Alessandra for that particular day, not knowing the plot with switching persons. The half conscious model was smuggled into the dressing room then her “double” was smuggled out. When the photographer’s assistant came to take Alessandra for an afternoon session after a break, he found her curled in a corner, sobbing and begging for mercy. He raised an alarm and the ambulance was called.Then it turned out, that the famous model is drugged and delusional, claiming that she was kidnapped by Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum and tickled almost to insanity. As the photographer, his crew and Alessandra’s manager could swear she spent all morning posing for a session and the whole AGT crew, the participants and three thousands people at the audience testified that both judges were present at the AGT auditions , the accusation was blamed on drug abuse. Next three months Alessandra spent at the asylum, treated as a victim of a narcotic overdose resulting in hallucinations.
    Julio had three exclusive tapes, one with foot worship and two with tickle torture. He sold them to some special customers, who paid thousands of dollars for such rare items. He also planned some blackmail, but waited with it, knowing he has both models in his hand. He wasn’t sure yet what to demand, but took his time. Maybe an escort service of the two beauties for some mob boss he would like to befriend? Or an exclusive footjob for him and his friends? Or another tickle torture session? Something along that lines… For now he had the memories and the recorded images to enjoy.

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    Excellent work, Love the details!

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