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    F/M - Violetta's turn with Cupcake (Belly/Feet)

    Inspired to write another chapter with my characters. This is a standalone focusing on Ruby's BFF, Violetta, and some time she spends with Ruby's Cupcake. Ruby only appears in the beginning for exposition purposes, but then Violetta is left to shine. To read my previous chapters, go here...

    Part 1 - http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...elly-Tickling)
    Part 2 - http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...-M-Tummy-Feet)
    Part 3 - http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...M-Tummy)-FINAL

    All characters are over 18. All feedback appreciated. Enjoy!

    It had been just about another year since Ruby and Cupcake became an item. Well, actually, it was more like a gender-swapped Fifty Shades situation. Ruby was a powerful attorney at a firm specializing in real estate law. Anything they wanted, they got. Ruby kept her man wanting for nothing. The price? Well... It started out as psychological torture, eventually culminating in mutual codependence. Stockholm syndrome? Well... more like they each fullfilled each other's fetishes. Ruby was older than him (somewhere in her 50s), an inch under five feet, and built like an apple. Her most prominent features were her red velvet colored hair, and prominent Buddha belly. All things that drove him crazy horny. She satisfied him...when convienent for her.

    As for Ruby? She loved his belly as well...specifically how ticklish it was. In fact, that's how Ruby 'convinced' him to stick around her condo when they first met. Paintbrushes, raspberries, fingernails. His poor navel wasn't safe. In fact, Ruby thought of herself as having two navels, since she thoroughly used his like a toy.

    They did have genuine feelings for each other, which prompted their current arrangement. They were a typical 'Ashton-Demi' type normal couple outside of the bedroom, yet inside of it (when it came to tickling and love-making), Miss Ruby was as bossy as a typical Domme. They moved into a penthouse suite in a building downtown. Recently, Ruby's pull allowed her Portuguese best friend, Violetta, to move into the same building. They got rid of Cupcake's tickle restraints, and instead had new ones built in and camoflauged into the bedroom wall, so he could be spread-eagle hung like a piece of private artwork. Ruby even commissioned a huge frame around it, so it sort of resembled a shadowbox without light or glass.

    This is where Cupcake was on this morning, clad only in colorful designer panties. Ruby was supposed to be getting ready for a flight to go look at some new property for work. Instead, she was clad in her favorite red bikini, tag teaming Cupcake's navel with both
    raspberries and a wet paintbrush. He was so hysterical, he could barely breathe, but Ruby made sure he wouldn't faint, she needed to talk. She let up so he could compose himself.

    "Okay, Cupcake, as usual, I can't resist you, and I'm going to be late. However, I need to tell you something. Listen close, but feel free to giggle along. Hehe." She ran her beautifully manicured nails along the underside of his stomach.

    "Hehehehe... Of course, Miss Ruby. Hehehehe..."

    "Good Cupcake!" she praised. "Now, then; I'm afraid I can't bring you along this trip. I goofed. I cannot miss this meeting, but I forgot that it coincided with Violetta's birthday. I feel terrible, as we planned a special girls' celebration, since she lives here now." Ruby paused, delighting in her man's laughter. She sighed in extacy.

    "So, instead, I talked with her, and came up with a compromise. As her gift this year, I give her for the weekend...you."

    Cupcake was surprised, while giggly. "Hehehe...Me, Miss Ruby? Really? Hehehe..."

    "I know I said I wouldn't share you with strange ladies anymore, but she's prac-tickle-y [She laughs at her own pun] my sister. Sisters borrow everything, you know. I trust her to do anything. If I were home, I'd watch you two myself. I'll just settle into my live camera feed, instead, when I can. This is NOT a free pass...because it's better than that. Consider her, me, while I'm away. Sweet deal, huh? Oh, and remember, she's my proxy, so in here, she's 'Miss Violetta'. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE!"

    "Hehehehe... You're the boss, Miss Ruby."

    "That's right! I AM THE BOSS OF THIS BEDROOM!" Ruby yelled arbitrarily. "Now then, I need to get ready and go. Feel free to 'hang around'. Violetta will be here after she finishes work later."

    Ruby kissed Cupcake on the lips and gave him a wet raspberry on his belly. She then entered the attached bathroom. She stripped, and showered, all while leaving the door open for him to get a last look at her for the weekend. After which, Ruby dressed and left.

    At around 4 pm, keys rattled in the lock and the front
    door opened.

    "Cupcake?" a heavily accented voice called out. He was confused, as he thought Miss Violetta didn't comprehend a word of English. He decided she knew his pet name from Miss Ruby mentioning it enough.

    Violetta found him in the bedroom. She was clad in professional attire. She paused with surprise and dropped her purse where she stood.

    "Ohhh," said the accent again. "You are so, unbelievably cute! Just as I remember!" She paused. "What? Oh! Yes, I speak English just as well as you do. It was Ruby's idea to put fear in you, to have you believe you couldn't stop me from those...pretty feet..." She trailed off as she stared hungrily at them. "First thing's first. I have a gift for you."

    Violetta reached into her purse, and produced a pair of plum purple panties, decorated with frilly lace-like ruffles.

    "For you, from me," Violetta showed him. "Let's get these on you!" She undid his ankle restraints from the wall, just enough to exchange his underwear to the new ones. She accidentally-on-purpose only refastened one ankle.

    "Okay. Now my turn to change!" She stripped out of her work clothes right in front of him. Her blouse had built-in bra cups, so she ended up in front of him in only panties...exactly like the ones he was now wearing.

    Violetta was around the same age as Ruby, but you wouldn't know it. She was about five or six inches taller, and incredibly fit and trim. Natural D-breasts, long naturally brunette hair. She was like one of those models on the commercials for some diet plan. You know. They claim she's a middle aged grandma, but they actually hire someone younger. Nope. Violetta was the real deal with a natural athletic build which mistook her for young.

    Truthfully, she wasn't Cupcake's type. She was older, yes...but he preferred chubbier, and a bra size equivalent to a handful. Ruby was perfect. On his own, he wouldn't go for someone like Miss Violetta, but he was going along with it to make Miss Ruby happy.

    "Aww, look." Miss Violetta exclaimed, staring at their mutual undergarments. "We are now, as you say...Twinsies! How adorable!" She could no longer resist, and made a beeline to Cupcake's one free foot.

    Before he could react, she captured it inside her cleavage, and immediately tounged his toes as if they were five lollipops.

    "BWAHAHAHAHA!" Cupcake lost it. After five minutes, he was weakened enough for Violetta to unhook his other ankle. She then locked both his ankles in the crook of her elbow.

    "MISS VIOLETTA, NO!" Cupcake cried.

    She laughed out loud, as if revealing a joke. "Only a tease, Cupcake. Actually..." Violetta reached down and into her purse, and produced purple nail polish. "It's pedicure time!"

    So, resting both his feet on her bare chest, Violetta painted Cupcake's toenails to match his new underwear. They both enjoyed how it felt.

    "There, done! All dried. Good boy. I'm happy Ruby has kept up your polishing. A polish-pedicure every week, right?" asked Violetta, as she scribbled his soles playfully.

    "HEHEHE!" Cupcake giggled in surprise. "Yes, every Friday. Thank you for everything, Miss Violetta!" he said, remembering to express appreciation.

    "My pleasure, as well as yours. Though we are far from finished. Let me indulge for a little while, then the rest of the weekend is all about you!"

    She grabbed hold of his feet and gave them passionate kisses. Then she went to town on them for who knows how long. She painted one sole with a light coat of honey, the other lightly with maple syrup. Licked them clean. Cupcake passed out. She woke him up and coated the opposite feet with the other topping. Rinse and repeat.

    Once she finally had her fill, she freed her unconscious playmate from the wall, Fireperson-Carried him over her shoulder (after pulling both pairs of their panties off their bodies), and walked nude into the bathroom. There, she lovingly bathed him in the shower, till the steam woke him up. Groggily, he gave up control to his other 'Miss', as Violetta held him with his legs around her, as she guided him inside. It was wonderful for both of them, and Cupcake would think she was just as good as Miss Ruby, if his mind was clear.

    After the shower, she ignored her dripping body as she dried Cupcake as best as possible. She didn't want to lose the position, so they moved to the bed. The bed essentially belonged to the three of them now, as long as Cupcake was with one at a time. They continued making satisfying love.

    The rest of the weekend was a blur of foot tickling, showers, and love making. At one point, Cupcake remembered waking up on top of the bed, Plum panty-clad. It must've been sometime Sunday, as Ruby was back. She knelt on the bed next to him, wearing only bikini bottoms.

    "Well hello, sleepy Cupcake! Did you miss me? I missed you." Ruby was eyeing his tummy like a steak dinner with the works. She dug in, lightly with her nails. Cupcake exploded even more feverishly than normal.


    She did. "What's the matter, my Cupcake?" She glanced towards his feet. Miss Violetta was already going to town on his toes. She was also topless. "Oops, sorry! Didn't mean to step on your toes, as it were." Ruby joked. "I'm going to pretend she's not having the time of her life right now, and instead believe that you think I made a funny. Hehe."

    Ruby continued. "I'm going to let her enjoy the rest of her birthday weekend, but I need you to focus on me. My face and voice. Listen to what I'm about to tell you. I know you can."

    "Hehehehe... Certainly, Miss Ruby. Hehehehe."

    "I know this little experiment was weird for you for a first time, I get it. I'm sorry for deceiving you as well. I still had anger then. However, I know from what I saw, that my best friend had the best birthday of her life thus far. She adores you, just as I do."

    Violetta nodded in agreement, still playing with Cupcake's feet, and unseen by him.

    "So, as you probably already guessed, at some point before your mind blurred... We want to keep this arrangement. What this means is, while I am number one, Violetta is your second. When we are not 'together' in the bedroom, Violetta reserves the right to be with you. Same bedroom rules apply. She would rule in here, just as I do."

    Cupcake giggled, but looked surprised.

    "Bet you never thought your girlfriend would pick out a side chick for you, huh? Oh, a couple important things: One, we will not do threesomes. We love each each other, but not in that way. Two, this is already how things will be if you want life to continue with me at all. Non-negotiable. However, as your lovers, we want to hear what you think. Well?"

    Cupcake was already sold. "Hehehehe...Sounds wonderful, Miss Ruby. Hehehe..."


    "Sorry! And you too, Miss Violetta! Hehehe..."

    "Excellent!" exclaimed Ruby. They both got in either side of him, after tucking him under the covers.

    "Now don't get used to this, Cupcake. This is just a one-time exception to celebrate our new agreement. We're just sleeping. Litterally. That's all."

    "GOOD NIGHT, CUPCAKE!" They both sang out loud.

    "Good night, my two Misses!" Cupcake replied.

    They all lived happily ever after.
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    Feb 2009
    Didn't want this to totally slip off the first page, before anyone had a chance to acknowledge it. I wanted to write again, to explore the Violetta character. Any critique or feedback is welcome!

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    Would say this is a solid story with a pretty good balance between the dialog and scene descriptions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ticklish_Matt View Post
    Would say this is a solid story with a pretty good balance between the dialog and scene descriptions.
    Coming from you...this is a huge compliment. Thank you.

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    This is a fine story! Don't know why I missed it when it was first posted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milagros317 View Post
    This is a fine story! Don't know why I missed it when it was first posted.
    Thanks! Glad you were able to enjoy it!

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