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    Bonds of Love F/m

    Originally had planned for this to be a longer 2 or 3 part story but ran into major writer block so figure rather than it just collecting dust in my archives would release it as a stand alone story and let the fate of the character be a mystery if I don't get around to doing more installments of it. Which at this point is more likely than not.

    This is an fictional adult F/m story; if you don't like that, don't read it. All of the characters in this story are over 18 years old.

    As always I look forward to comments, so if you enjoy the story please post your thoughts on it.

    Life has a way of putting you through unexpected twists and turns which rarely goes the way you thought when daydreaming as kids. So when I had randomly ran into my childhood best friend Lily who I had the biggest crush on in high school several years out of high school I wasn't going to let the chance go by, so I worked up the courage to ask her out. While the reality of being in a relationship with her was very different than what I had thought it would be like, we were both deeply in love beyond the ability to describe it. As it turned out once it got to the part where we discussed our sexual desires we were nearly a perfect match for each other. Never was very assertive in everyday life or in the bedroom so really enjoyed that she now tended to take the lead in whatever we did. While my own interests were not that varied she did allowed me to indulge my biggest turn on and could caress and massage her feet as much as I wanted. Whereas her overwhelming curiosity and adventurousness meant time in bed with her was never boring.

    Had explored more kinks with her that I would have ever thought I would before starting my relationship with her. Much to my surprise I ended up liking most things we tried together, likely was more about her enjoyment for it than the activities themselves. Never the less we both were incredibly satisfied and happy in our time together.

    Suddenly a loud crack and sudden sharp stinging on my ass brings me out of my reminiscing thoughts as I yelp saying "OWWW honey that hurt." Looking over at her I stick out my tongue, likely not the wisest move since I was currently strapped very securely to a spanking bench. With a playful giggle she teases "Oh hush baby, you only have yourself to blame. What did you expect to happen when you gave me this lovely thing for a Christmas present hehe." There is another sharp crack as she gives my other ass check a matching red hand print to prove her point.

    Winces in pain though have grown very accustom to it so usually barely phased by her turning my ass various shades of red. Looks lovingly at her with racing heart as I decide to finally ask her something that has been on my mind for ages. With a bit of a crackling voice I say "Honey was thinking maybe we should consider getting a place together?"

    Her expression turns into one of worry as she says "Oh, I don't think I can do that. If I moved out of my adoptive mom's house she would definitely find out we are dating."

    My eyes go wide unsure which was more shocking to hear so I say "What do you mean by you don't think you can and seriously you haven't told Kimmi we are dating?" While now thinking back on it I did know she lived with her mom still but was so oblivious the fact that in all the years we have known each other that I had never meet her mom never crossed my mind.

    Having a hard time reading the tone in her voice as she softly says "I suppose it was inevitable to happen but had hoped to delay it for a while longer. I know that you are aware of how incredibly close me and my mom are." I simply nod as given how often she talks about her it is clear that they have a strong bond. After a long drawn out sigh she continues "Unfortunately we share a passion that has ended more of my relationships than I can count, so when you re-entered my life as guilty as it made me feel, I decided to keep us secret."

    Sensing what sounds like despair in her voice I try to reassure her "Oh honey, it can't be that bad, I mean I have been very happy to explore your needs." Turns back and looks up and down the spanking bench I am currently on.

    After a long pause with a very apprehensive voice she explains "Well it is not simple, while it seems to be a very common fantasy about hooking up with a mother and daughter it is not as easy as it sounds since our needs are difficult to satisfy." Gets a bit of a smirk at the disclosure thinking it could be fun. Sensing what I was likely imagining she continues "Oh, it is not the sex that is the problem at all, Kimmi has been cursed with having an addiction." Before I can make the expected sympathetic question about what drugs she says "No, it is not drugs her addiction is... tickling."

    I breathe a sigh of relief having much worse thoughts about what it could have been so I say "What why on earth would that be a problem, you have tickled me more times than I can count. I am more than ok with letting her tickle me if it makes you happy?"

    With a fearful gasp she says "Oh sweetheart that was why I did tickle when we hooked up, had hopes I wouldn't be able to get you to laugh at all from tickling. Then maybe you'd have a remote chance of lasting through what she'd do. Honestly it reminds me of a book lover trapped for an eternity in a library whos glasses are broken. Though maybe more accurate would be a world class painter trapped in a world where the canvases are fragile break almost the instant a brush touches them. Trust me you are likely the most ticklish person I have ever meet so I have little doubt she'd break you too." The sorrow that I hear in her voice breaks my heart.

    While I don't think it'd be anywhere as bad as she made it sound I try to comfort her by saying "To me it does sound like a hell of a lot of fun, but why worry I would never do anything you didn't want me to do."

    With an exasperated sigh she says "You don't understand, having first hand experience with how persuasive I am when I want something, she is so much worse. I have never been able to say no to doing what she wants in my life. Once she would talk me into it I would have no problem making you do it."

    With as much tenderness I can put into my voice I ask "I want you to answer for yourself not thinking about what she would want. Is the mother daughter fantasy thing something that is important to you?"

    She practically moans as she answers "Oh god yes, there is nothing that I have found more thrilling but..."

    I cut her off mid sentence saying "Well then that is all that matters to me, I'd do anything for your happiness. Personally I think you are exaggerating a bit, though even if it is real tickle torture can you have faith that for you I would endure it?"

    Her lips quiver slightly as she softly says "Baby, I know you mean that now but when it comes to tickling for her evil is not strong enough of a word. Though if you are sure about it I won't delay the inevitable any longer, and will arrange a get together with her. Will kind of be a relief not having the dread of your discovery on my mind any longer. Just know that while I hope you are right, history has been the same every time so I don't have the heart to watch it repeat. So I will go with you back to my house with her and start the events in motion but will leave soon after saying goodbye expecting to never see you again. Please don't feel any guilt if that happens to be true."

    As she releases me from my binds I wonder if this is some elaborate joke being played on me but after some tears trail down her cheek I rush embracing her tightly as I tenderly kiss her. I say with heartfelt sincerity "Don't worry for you I would endure hell on earth." Her body shivers as she thinks to herself that it likely will be...

    She drives for close to an hour as we sit in awkward silence neither of us quite willing to break. Finally we arrive at what looks to have been a old farm that has long since been abandoned, though there is a fairly modern house next to the crumbling buildings. Having drilled into my head the evilness of her mom was extremely surprised when as Lily was about to open the door rather than the expected bleached blonde middle aged valley girl she was embraced by a rather petite and sweet looking Asian woman. With a slight accent she says "Oh what a pleasant surprise, what brings you are home so early?" Before Lily is able to answer her mom notices me and adds to the question "Who's your friend?..."

    She shifts a bit nervously with the look of getting told you have a pop quiz on material you've never studied though after a pause says "Umm well you remember my friend Matt that I went to school with...we have been seeing each other and it has gotten serious..."

    Looking me over as she answers Lily "Well, never actually meet him but know you always spoke very highly of him. Had suspected as much with how often you were out late but knew when you were ready you'd introduce who ever it was that was taking so much of your time."

    Blushes a bit as I feel a bit of playful tension in her voice I respond "Excuse my manners, it is so nice to meet you. Forgive me but with the name Kimmi you were not who I expected."

    She laughs and with playfully flirting sounding voice says "Oh it's ok just a nickname my name is Kimiko."

    Unable to take it anymore she blurts out rapidly "He knows of our shared interest as well as warned repeatedly of your special one, though he still wants to be with me anyways. So just do what you want to and take him to any of the seven levels." Almost in tears she hugs me so hard it makes it hard to breath. She whispers in my ear "Goodbye my love." I hear her sobbing before she runs out the door.

    We both stand in shocked silence though for different reasons. After what feels like forever Kimiko looks at me and says "Wow she really must care deeply for you, every guy that has been more than just a one night stand, she has begged and pleaded for me to hold back my urges. Which honestly made me more eager to prove what she already knew that he wasn't right for her. Can't believe she hasn't figured that out yet, could easily find some random guy if all I cared about was the pleasure of tickling."

    Gulps and shivers a bit unsure if the disclosure of it being more of a test of worth than just cardinal pleasure makes it better or worse. Meekly says with more than a bit of nervousness "So umm tickling what got you into it?"

    She bursts out laughing as if I had said the funniest thing in the world "Oh my I do like you, advantages when the truth is unbelievable is you don't have to worry about being truthful. So what the hell honestly it was for my job as truth seeker of sorts, that sounds a bit better than interrogator or torturer. Long retired from but still nothing better than using my talents to break a persons barriers in pursuit of a just cause."

    Lily had spoken so fast that I hadn't registered something odd that she has said till now so I very curiously ask "What on earth was the seven levels she mentioned???"

    Giggling she smiles lustfully at me saying "Oh honey it is more impressive to show than tell." Grabbing me by the hand she leads me to the center of the house and am more than a bit shocked to see an elevator, even more so as to open it she placed her hand on a scanner and use voice authorization. This makes her sounding like a spy actually believable. Trembles a bit as upon walking into it besides one button marked M for main floor, the other seven buttons don't have numbers or letters but rather just smiley faces in various degrees of laughter. They got more extreme looking the lower in level it was until the final level just showed one that was suppose to be dead. Seeing my fear at seeing that she places a hand on my shoulder and says "don't worry no one has died in any of the seven levels of hell hehe, granted a lot might have wished they did. While I don't yet know if you are right for my little girl, I am good at reading people and you seem like a gentle soul so will do what I have never done for anyone that has seen this. If you want you can leave right now before the doors close, you are free to do so, though once they do the indicator light will go from green to red. When that happens you won't be able to leave here till I let you go." Shivers though looking her right in the eye I smile slightly and reach over pressing the close door button.

    The door clang shut and the light changes with a huge grin she says "Well, I am in no need to rush things so lets start you off easy." She reaches and presses the first button then has a slightly grinning face. We descend a short while before the doors open to what looks much like a regular hotel room, though the biggest difference was next to the bed was countless feathers. Jumps as her hands touch my sides and begins to lift my shirt off though doesn't fight it. She leans next to my ear and whispers of course the levels don't have to have much deeper meaning as I can easily make level one as horrible as seven, but it does wonders for the mood.

    She leans me to the oversized bed and pushes me gently onto it as she slowly pulls off my shoes and socks followed by my pants. By this point my boxer have more than a bit of a bulge visible. With a soft giggle she lays next to me grabbing a feather saying "lets have a look at what my daughter is working with." Pulling the waist band open and peaking down she gasps biting her lips lustfully "Holy fuck I'd likely be impaled by that monster mmm but damn what fun that would be . But plenty of time for that later, back to the task at hand." Blushes as she rolls me face down and fully pulls off my boxer leaving me bare assed and completely naked. She snickers as she notices the faded but unmistakable two handprints on my ass from before, patting my butt she says "Ah I see my little girl is still a spanking fiend :P " Blushes madly as I can't believe that someone who I had thought up until this morning could have easily been my mother in law was touching my ass.

    In a soothing tone she purrs saying "just relax and have fun don't worry about trying to hide tickle spots as even if you don't laugh I'll still know what works." My leg twitches rapidly as she takes the edge of the feather and drags it up and down the backs of my thighs for several minutes. This soft teasing and her tender reassurances works as she wanted and builds up pent up giggles until she switches the feather to using the tip to trace random patterns over my ass. The damn of giggles bursts open and torrents of soft laughter escapes my lips. Locked in this pleasurable trance for what seems like ages until I feel the feather do a quick tickle down the entire length of my ass crack causing me to squeal saying "EKKK STOP THAT!!!"

    Her face has the most innocent expression imaginable on it that I can't help but to laugh. Smiling I gaze into her eyes saying "Do you prefer being called Kimmi or Kimiko?" Stopping the feathering she lays next to me returns an affectionate gaze as she says "Oh soon enough you'll be so overwhelmed that it likely wouldn't be either, vile evil bitch is most common. But while you are still able to be so polite, I do adore the way you say Kimiko ."

    Grinning wide as can be at the praise so I get in a playful mood and repeatedly say "Kimiko" changing tone and speed as she giggles along to it. She sighs contently saying "You are really good at earning brownie points with me, might be the first person I'll ever feel remorse for breaking. Though enough with my self indulgence, time to get back to work."

    She gets off the bed and goes by my feet and pulls me down until my soles dangle over the edge sitting on the back of my calves with two feathers in hand she expertly flickers the tips on my soles and all over my toes. While done with enough speed meant to produce a steady stream of rather intense giggling, my level of ticklishness is much worse than she expected. Which turns what was intended to catalog tickle spots on my feet into real tickle torture.

    My howling and screaming startle her which isn't an easy task to accomplish, it causes her to burst out in amazement "What the fuck is someone as ticklish as you doing here???" She is beyond puzzled as Lily had always made sure that anyone she got remotely serious with was barely ticklish. Granted with her skill and enough time she'd break anyone, though this was fish in a barrel territory. She quivers with an overwhelming sense of pity reminding herself that if he does make it to level 7 he could easily be the first to die from her tickling if she wasn't careful.

    Was so lost in ticklish sensations and laughter that I wasn't even aware of saying out loud the answer to her question. Between the cackling laughter would every so often would say "Lily" reinforcing who I was doing this for.

    After moving the feather attack to different spots like tummy, pits, sides, and privates. She got almost an equally strong reaction on all of them so she decided to grant an act of mercy that is rare for her. Dropping the feathers she crawls on my back and furiously tickles up and down my sides. Within about 10 minutes of this brutal tickling I passed out from lack of air. She sighs as she watches my naked body twitching thinking to herself that she is going soft in her old age as she can't recall the last time she allowed a tickle torture victim the reprieve of letting them pass out.

    Placing her hand to my wrist she checks my pulse and times my breathing, from my vitals she would estimate about 30 minutes before I would wake up on my own without chemical help. Figures she might as well enjoy the down time that she gave me, so caringly rolls me face up and watches in admiration as even passed out my erection is pulsating and quivering. Taking her index finger she slowly drags it up the length of my shaft loving the feeling of the red hot flesh.

    While she enjoys the sensation greatly her mind starts to wander as she relishes the chance to use her abilities for a purpose once more. It is pleasurable to use her tickling skills without some greater goal, though nothing lights her fire like knowing what she does helps others. In her mind there could be no nobler mission than protecting her precious Lily from heartache. Though she might not understand the reasons for it, the small suffering from losing quickly those that aren't worthy is far less painful than it being discovered to late.

    With fondness her thoughts move to her former work wondering if her division is still active, while unable to verify without reconnecting with the network sadly given the rise in the amount of serial liars around the world she has a sinking feeling that something has hampered if not halted their just work. While everyone does tell some lies or things that aren't entirely true, usually there is little harm in it. The danger is when those individuals that pathologically lie are in positions of power, when combined with a sizable percent of the population that either lack ability or awareness to see through to the truth it can lead to disaster.

    It would be highly unlikely to entirely eliminate human tendencies for lying without something drastic like widespread implementation of the training she underwent. Her body trembles and her hand reaches between her legs as she envisions what she could do with even a small legion of those women. The staggering amount of "retirements" that would result from it could achieve great progress in fixing many problems facing the world.

    While lost in her pleasant thoughts she had continued to fondle her ticklish young friend so now they were both dripping heavily. A part of her almost hopes that he would fail the test so she could enjoy keeping him all to herself for a prolonged stay. Unfortunately from just her initial impressions which tend to be very accurate she is almost positive he is worthy of Lily, the tickling he will suffer just confirms it without doubt. Oddly enough the most important factor is not simply about tolerance to endure or even enjoy the tickling, it is about what happens when tickling reaches a certain threshold. Eventually even the strongest willed have their body pushed to the point thought is no longer possible and every part of them is focused on the stimuli. At that point the saying the eyes are the window to the soul couldn't be more true, once someone trained for it observes the person in that state they are able to know instantly when they are being lied to. After that getting whatever truth or information out of them is an eventuality. Beyond that in that moment the core of who that person is exposed which can be more useful than simply being similar to an advanced lie detector. With a sigh of contentment she removes her hand away from teasing my cock and smiles looking over my naked body. Thinking to herself cheerfully that whether or not he passes her tests she will definitely be keeping him around for a lengthy stay. Smirking as the idea of having to share him with her daughter has down sides, it would eliminate any trace of guilt for what amounts to imprisonment. Normally doesn't have the heart to keep an unwilling guest much more than a month or two before out of pity releasing the poor tormented soul to some hospital or psych ward for recovery. Though there would be no such remorse at insisting of someone wanting to be with her daughter that they would all live under one roof and follow her rules...

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    nice story, Im waiting for a second part. ;-)

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    Great story! Was it planned to have seven parts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by milagros317 View Post
    Great story! Was it planned to have seven parts?
    No, while I sometime don't know how a long story will go once I start writing it though my original idea was due to the character being a particular mix of foolish and brave he was going to be given a choice and he skips the lower levels. So likely would have been in the 3-4 part range but stalled in writing it for a few months so decided to finish the mommy book club story while I was stuck. Though if I feel motivated I might return to this story to try to get around to writing more parts though for right now left it as just a stand alone since not sure if I would do more installments in the near future.

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    I hope you do return to it! Loved it. Was wondering of any of the old boyfriends were hidden away somewhere else in...another level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottirish View Post
    I hope you do return to it! Loved it. Was wondering of any of the old boyfriends were hidden away somewhere else in...another level.
    nah didn't have plans for Kimmi to have any other distractions such as old boyfriends etc the character has her undivided attention whether he wants it or not is another question entirely lol

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