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    Ian's ticklish fate M/M/M

    I was excited having chatted with Ian who had told me that he was desperate to fulfill his fantasy of being helpless and vulnerable to another guy, literally his captive and bound for his captor's pleasure! Ian the Attorney was 38yrs old and 6' tall and married so wanted our meeting discreet and I assured him that it would be but that I in turn insistent that he would meet me with time to spare and in the evening directly from his work. Ian told me that his wife was taking the kids with her out of town for the weekend and we could meet on the Friday evening when he had driven them to the airport. This sounded like a plan and he was due at my place at 9pm and he'd arrived at 9.10pm.

    Immediately apologetic as he explained he felt a mix of emotions; excited but fearful as this was new territory for him as he drank the whiskey he'd requested asked if he wanted a drink. Ian was attractive and smartly dressed in his navy blue suit and noted his black leather loafer shoes as he indicated as requested he was wearing black nylon socks. I smiled saying that I appreciated his obedience and his saying he always wore black socks but not usually sheer ones as they seemed a little feminine but he'd bought them especially. He clearly having no idea why his doing so sealed his ticklish fate! In fact we having communicated prior to our meeting twice, on a call he having said he having size 13 feet whilst describing himself to me as asked and that he didn't like them touched as he was very sensitive. I having responded to him that he knew that meeting me that it was his duty to please me and he'd immediately responded with anticipation that he would submit to anything to live out his fantasy and I kept this in mind.

    Within 20 minutes stripped of his suit to just his briefs and socks, I had replaced his black loafer shoes having firmly secured Ian to the bed and as he had requested blindfold and gagged as he'd wanted to be vulnerable to me and I then told him that I had a surprise for him and this being that I had arranged for a friend of mine to join me in our session and that it would be teasing and tormenting as we'd be engaging in exploiting his sensitivity and then whispered in his ear that he was going to learn what being a 'Tickle-Toy' meant which is why I'd been insistent in another request that he'd not drink for three hours before meeting until he was allowed the whiskey. Ian visibly shook a little hearing what was in store for him but I reminding him that he had wanted a meeting with his being completely vulnerable and that he would be as he was going to endure tickle torture for me and my friend's amusement.

    Ian listened to what was being said and feet secured together I smiled seeing them wriggle in his shoes and waiting for Ross to arrive told Ian that I liked feet in sheer socks as they heightened ticklish intensity and that warm feet from shoes the most sensitive and worn all day at work that being sweaty even more so as well as my being a foot aficionado so not to worry his feet might smell like feet as I was counting on it and that we both knew how insanely ticklish his feet were and saying this he trying to speak but hearing muffles I told him that it was great he confirmed this as I'd been guessing since he having said his not liking them touched and informing him that they'd be being tickled not just touched!

    The doorbell rang and Ross arrived and excited as I was seeing attractive Ian secured to the bed, armpits exposed and winking at me he introduced himself to Ian and how much he loved tickling ticklish guys helpless to stop him and how feet were my thing not his but this being why as a team we being devilish ticklers. Ross helped himself to a brandy as he explained how many Masters never explored the art of tickling and instead relied on indulging in subjecting their subs to pain but that neither he or I ever did so as pain was not our thing.

    Saying this Ross lightly stroking the insides of Ian's arms with his faithful feather, Ian favours the orange custom made feather which he uses so expertly on guy's ticklish skin, the light tickling he perfected in executing immediately gaining a ticklish response from Ian; making him shiver as slowly he drew the feather closer and closer to the exposed armpit so the sensations grew more intense as Ian knew what was coming but then deliberately instead Ross toured every inch of each arm in turn but avoiding the armpits!

    Every time the feather drew close to an armpit redirecting it so that Ian who would have tensed up for the inevitable expected sensation was again and again robbed of it's happening which was a teasing action which drove Ian crazy and I enjoyed watching a Master at his work as Ian squirmed on the bed from the ticklish sensations he was experiencing happening. He literally went wild when Ross drew the feather tip back and forth and zig-zag lightly across each armpit relentlessly!

    Ian gasped and giggled and shook involuntarily as the ticklish exploration of his armpits continued and Ross saying that it seemed Ian was hyper-ticklish which was super-encouraging for him to deliver feather tickles elsewhere and it's going to be a long night whispering in Ian's right ear "Tickle Tickle Tickle" as he lightly stroked each armpit in turn! Then he stopped so that Ian could regain breath but also because it was my turn to play! Ross sat on the chair I'd been on to enjoy the show!

    I smiled at him as kneeling at the end of the bed I slowly removed one loafer shoe then the other and of course ignoring a muffled protest as I deliberately sniffed the inside of each shoe remarking that they had a healthy manly stink which was very appealing and Ross saying "Oh shit now you've had it Ian as what Nick doesn't know about feet isn't worth knowing!"

    I leaned close to each large foot facing me and verbally admired the look of them through the socks, the fact that all the toes were in size order and that a high'ish instep appealed but sensing the warmth from them and their moistness which I confirmed feeling each foot and indulged in massaging each socked foot, fondling and stroking them, the caresses immediately achieving a response and simultaneously inhaling their delicious aroma. I slid the index finger of each hand over each of the black nylon soles simultaneously loving sensing their sensitivity and advised Ian that he'd not been kidding when he'd said his feet were ticklish but were they licklish?

    I soon had this answer as I sucked the socked toes of each foot in turn and they twitched in my mouth immediately and he flinched desperately to be be free but was going nowhere and he knew it. I told Ross that I loved the feel of Ian's feet in sheers as sucking on the toes of a foot; at the same time stroking the sole of the same foot being orally enjoyed by me and mapping out each foot and verbally letting it be known that the balls and the centre of each sole seemed to be Ian's most ticklish areas of his feet but also ran fingers under his madly wiggling toes and then dancing my fingers over the sheer socked soles and saying how easily they glided over the smooth n' sweaty nylon soles and explored each foot from heel to toe and caressed over the very vulnerable arches and indulging in deliberately slow teasing strokes over the wiggling feet and wriggling toes.

    Ross then advanced with his feather and stroked Ian's armpits as I continued lightly stroking both sheer socked soles and as I do loving seeing both large feet reacting to the tickle under my complete control and saying how Ian's feet excited me being big and sweaty and smelling awesome as well as being so horribly ticklish; they ticked all my boxes. Ross having sniffed Ian's armpits remarked how he loved their natural smell and indulged in licking them which added to Ian's torment. My light tickling strokes over Ian's feet were driving the Attorney crazy as I told him I had been thinking about enjoying his feet ever since he having told me he hated them touched, the fact that he was being tickled against his will being a real turn-on for me. Ross then pulled down Ian's Hom briefs making me smile!

    Ross then drove Ian crazy as his light feather tickling was directed to tormenting Ian's balls, he reacting instantly the feather tip connected with them and so gently and teasingly stroked them as Ross told him that he was a naughty straight man getting excited from the feather of another guy and emphasised this drawing the feather along the erect stem of Ian's dick as I sensually sucked on Ian's socked toes and gently nibbled them. These sensations were driving Ian berserk literally and then knowing how to exact just the right pressure on them I introducing the tines of the plastic fork lightly stroking the sheer socked soles delivering a diabolical tickle and indulging in taking my time tickling along each of his arches, insteps, balls and even the heels of Ian's feet!

    Ross and I drove Ian hysterical and Ross was stroking Ian's inner thighs with his feather unpredictably and fiendishly and tormenting Ian mercilessly as the feather stroked Ian's balls so lightly making him shudder as his dick was hard and erect and immediately reactive to the feather stroking the stem, we hearing gasps from Ian as the intensity of my foot tickling increased drawing a zig-zag attack on each sole with the tines of my tickling tool but then disregarding the plastic fork to gently stroke each foot with my fingers! Ian shaking wildly from all the ticklish sensations he was enduring alternately moaning and giggling as he squirmed for us on the bed and we then stopped as precum seen on the head of Ian's dick!

    Ross stroked Ian's dick with experienced fingers edging him but telling him that relief and release would be denied him but that he would become all the more ticklish to the touch and ultimately when jerked off that having shot his load then subsequent tickling would be hellish so in his interest to not come but in ours to see that when we wanted him to do so that he would. Ross has a menacing way with words; positively evil to the victim we're working on as we do from time to time when our schedules make it possible. Ian our first target for the past three months as Ian having been in Europe on business! I prefer to tickle than verbally tease with tickle talk but relish hearing Ian taunt guys mentally and then like me physically.

    Ian then struggled as I drew each sock from his feet and winking at Ross the licking began and the nerves in his feet even more awakened tauntingly as he nervously squirming as the tickling he might have expected but not his feet being licked but my tongue slithered over each sole and sliding in between his toes driving him crazy as my making sure it lickled him which with feet as sensitive as Ian's are is easy to accomplish success in. I savouring their sweaty flavour told he and Ross how tasty they were and saw the tickling sensation intensified as his feet wriggled uncontrollably in reaction to the lickles being delivered mercilessly and my telling him that his feet were positively addictive as my tongue glided all over each foot.

    I knew from his reaction that Ian would have done anything to make this aspect of torment stop but instead Ross was filming it's happening as I needed to secure the fact that both on my own and with Ross that there would be other sessions for this ticklish toy to endure and consequently since the meeting illustrated here; Ian has visited me four times but I have yet to arrange another meeting with Ross but I actually enjoy working over Ian's feet solo and his having no distraction from the teasing sensations his feet are subjected to as he really does suffer for my pleasure every session. The tongue lickling is clearly the most maddeningly ticklish experience for him so every session like this one focusing a lot on my tongue tickling expertise in action as it traces over the arches of his feet and lickles in between his toes which drives him nuts! Once saliva lubed then I use a feather on them as I did in the session with Ross but the quill end of the feather stroking over the saliva coated soles.

    I digress from the session with Ross who stopped filming as we had the photographic and undeniable insurance necessary and whilst I was indulging myself orally with Ian's feet, he was licking Ian's armpits and stroking Ian's dick and balls lightly with his fingers and then licking and sucking Ian's nipples. Ross then began jerking Ian off and interspersed with giggling was the sound of Ian's moans of excitement as Ross taunted him that soon Ian would associate tickling with pleasure adding that he and I had a whole weekend to educate him. Slowly and methodically Ross stroked Ian's dick as I took Ross's feather and using the quill end stroked the soles of Ian's feet very lightly and indulged in sucking and nibbling his toes.

    Ross's fingers continued stroking, teasing and tickling Ian's erect dick fiendishly and deliberately keeping him on the brink of orgasm and teasing him saying he knowing Ian being desperate to cum, to release his load but this not being something under his control and how crazy it was that he was being excited having his feet licked and toes sucked by another man and tapping Ian's hardened dick with his fingers Ross taunting Ian sadistically and relentlessly indulging in slowly and methodically stroking the shaft of Ian's dick over and over again! I swapped the feather quill for my fingers which glided the length of Ian's bare feet keeping him in ticklish insanity delighting in inflicting creative ticklish sensations he was desperate to be free of squirming wildly on the bed helpless and totally vulnerable to my tickling!

    I told Ian that my objective was to push him beyond his ticklish limits as I mercilessly and incited by Ross tickled both feet harder, exercising a little more pressure determined to exploit the ticklish nerve endings in his feet to my satisfaction and licked up n' down the soles of his feet and nibbled each of his insteps and stroked the tops of his feet, the sensitive sides of his feet and under Ian's toes as both feet under ticklish attack wriggled like crazy! I hungrily sucked on all of his toes as I stroked the sole of each foot in turn enjoying his being totally at my mercy, each and every stroke, every lick, every nibble, every suck and coupled with Ross's teasing verbal commentary making Ian's torment all the more effective!

    I then employed using the sonicare and the revolving bristles of the electric toothbrush directed along the soles of Ian's feet, across the arches of his feet and under the toes of his feet subjecting Ian to intense tickle torture. I deliberately worked the toothbrush in a circular motion over the soles of Ian's feet driving him hysterical and then stopped using the sonicare and nibbling on the toes of each foot in turn and licking the arches of his feet and along both insteps and slithered my tongue in between Ian's toes while tickling the soles of his feet! I stopping as Ross having lubed his hands indulged in forcibly jerking Ian off and Ian suddenly shot a powerful load. I then immediately and mercilessly tickled all over Ian's feet and now he all the more sensitive and easily being driven insane from the ticklish assault and at breaking point!

    The session stopped with Ian exhausted and Ross and I left the bedroom for Ian to enjoy a respite from his tortuous ordeal and 35 minutes later released him to use the bathroom and have a drink and something to eat as we ordered a take-away but he still our weekend guest - captive and kept wearing his briefs, socks and shoes on and later secured to the bed again Ian soon feeling my fingers sliding over the sheer silk socks as blindfold but not gagged he howled with laughter and mixed slow caresses with faster strokes. I indulging in torturing Ian’s ticklish feet with reckless abandon before subjecting him to more sensitive and sensual tickling, licking and nibbling his toes whilst lightly caressing his soles as Ian dealt with the sensation overload he was being subjected to as he laughed hysterically as I licked and nibbled his toes while my fingers lightly caressed his size 13 soles.

    Stopping so Ross could again use his feather expertly over Ian's dick and balls teasing along the shaft of Ian's dick which teased him like crazy and kept him in a permanent state of sexual frustration, teasing and tormenting Ian's hard dick relentlessly as soon he was again driven to orgasm but then Ross stopping making sure Ian was denied release and instead my running ice cubes over the soles of his feet as he moaned in sexual frustration and then Ross resuming the licking of Ian's armpits and stroking them with his feather as we informed Ian that he was our 'Tickle-Toy' and we had him filmed so this weekend his initiation in being of service to us. This reality shocking Ian but he knew he had no choice but to accept his ticklish fate!
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