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    Tome of Temptation -- */F feet

    Caveats: Pretty weird and surreal. Overly poetic and not for everyone. That's fine, I'm fine with that, just a heads up going in.

    Tome of Temptation -- */F feet

    A thick, musty veil taking inspiration from a raven’s ink-soaked wings cluttered across the still room. With a snickering crackle, a tiny flame roared into existence, banishing the pitch from a small circle around it. Holding the tiny match before her golden eyes, she cupped a hand around the fledgling flame, guarding it from the grasping hands of the wind as she lowered it towards a tall pillar of wax sitting upon the Norwegian floor. With slow, rhythmic movements she sped her hand through the air, guiding the dwindling stick in a wide circle of candles, moving the light from destination to destination, until a globe of yellow light wrinkled before her. Haphazardly waving the small twig through the air, she doused her short-lived companion and gently set it upon a small, bone-white plate a hair larger than her palm.

    Sifting her hips beneath her, she felt the hems of her black jeans swish across the middle of her bare heels, a flurry of whimsy rippling through her at the overture. Very lightly snorting out a small giggle of surprise, she lowered her hands and placed them over top of the thick, musty tome before her, its yellowed and uneven pages sticking out beyond the leather cover erratically. Taking in a deep breath, she flipped the book open halfway, the spine creaking with pain before the boorish cover slapped heavily at the floor. Her eyes glittered at the behest of the candles that circled around the tome as she gazed upon the eldritch symbols that wrapped and warped around the page.

    With a squirrely squint, she peered at the flickering letters that floated above and across the page. Sighing, she quickly dropped the fingertips of her left hand and attempted to trace around after them. Puffing her cheeks with a turbulent bout of air, she smooshed her lips together and rolled her head down and to her right, circling up so that she faced the warbling dandelion light that danced upon the ceiling. Closing her eyes, she drew in a vaporous breath of air and let it twirl through her lungs while gently lowering her head. Slowly dispelling the air, she let her eyes flutter open and watched as her will forced the characters to coalesce together into thin standing lines.

    Drifting her fingers up and to the left side of the page, she ran them under the words. Her voice seemed to clasp for control of her throat as it drew dark air from deep within her, expelling it into guttural whispers. For a moment the characters seemed to smoke and blur together. Wincing, she felt her tongue slip into a girlish squeak, and all at once the archaic runes spiraled across the page into a thin, black circle. A sudden, frozen lump formed deep within her and chills pulsed through her veins as wicked energies within her came unchained. Clamping down upon them, she spiraled the feelings back into a bundle and shuffled them away.

    As though the rainy night air breathed through the room, a chilling gust that mirrored the feelings she bottled up whipped around from behind her, snuffing all of the meager flames into nothingness at once. Dropping her hands to either side of herself, she began to push herself up quickly. The darkness around her shuddered, and through it she saw the shape of a long arm shoot through the air. It glistened and glittered, shimmering blacker than the abyss that surrounded her. As she opened her mouth to shriek, it wrapped around her torso and continued upward, spiraling underneath her shoulder and around her spine, then underneath her other shoulder before finally latching a hand of shade across her mouth. A long finger leapt up and tapped at her nose as her gilded eyes flews open. All around her, the room seemed to reverberate with a hissing "Shh."

    Kicking at the floor with her knees, she watched as several shadows stretched up and hooked onto her sides, chaining her to the floor. A sensation of smoke wrapping around her ankles called them to her attention. Whipping her head around, she sniffed loudly as she watched the air sparkle into hands that grasped around her ankles and toes, forcing her flapping bare feet to the floor. The wicked wind tore around her again and she watched out of the corner of her eye as her boots tumbled listlessly onto their sides, defeated.

    Stiffening her neck, she began to propel a scream as a foreign sensation licked at her sole, compelling her tongue to instead shriek with laughter. A shock ran through her spine as a nebulous, spongy caress gently soothed her arch. Her eyes spiraled downward and she caught sight of a black appendage stroking her foot, its touch burdening her with a fit of otherworldly sensations. Her flesh buzzed and crackled as though static electricity sparked against it while the skin blessed with the touch buzzed and burned violently, yet not unpleasantly. Shaking her head back and forth, she painted the walls with muffled shrieks and stilled laughter as her body fought to contain the fresh and unusual emotions that roiled upon and within her.

    As tears burned her eyes she caught the abyss bubbling, her shoulders crashing into her neck as she braced for onslaught. Silence hung through the air for a moment before her feet were submerged within a light, blissful sensation, struck at all sides by tiny, wiggling puffs of smoke. Inhaling deeply, she pinched her eyes shut and howled at the top of her lungs as her flesh hummed merrily, overwhelmed with the occult energies that poured over her like molasses, conforming against her into delirious, agonized touches.

    The world seemed to dim to nothingness as her mind homed in on her feet. All around her tender flesh she felt the puffy, shadowy mist grip against her like a thin, tight pair of socks. It conformed against her every movement, weeping a series of lightning like sensations that rolled across her as though she dipped her feet into a pool of treacherous water. Somehow, she knew the shape of the miasma touching her as wiggling, voracious tentacles. She felt that knowledge with every conscious fiber of her thoughts no matter how much she shook her head, trying to dislodge the image. Their virulent touches tainted her skin with a chaotic sense of hysteria, filling her with the compulsive, counterintuitive urge to smile and laugh. It felt as though a thousand powdery, miniscule tongues leapt across her flesh, melding with her and reaching into even the tiniest crevices, snaking like shadows between the flaps of skin that formed her wrinkles.

    Tilting her head upward, she squinted, her mind forcing her to concentrate on each individual tentacle and experience every slow, methodical action it took. Her mind bounced between each one that writhed up her arch, spilling into a careful line that ran up to and around the ball of her foot. It wiggled paradoxically, sending shivering, shimmering spikes that lashed and whipped at her like tongues of fire. A mound of heat churned within her stomach and she breathed out quiet, wilting pants as she intensely focused upon the coiling strands that passionately bit and licked at her soles.

    Snapping upward, she watched and discerned, one at a time, each of the hundred vile appendages that wrapped around every toe while she embraced the affection and attention that the tendrils poured onto them. They scraped away at her, leaving chalky imprints as they spiraled their soft caresses up and down the sides of her toes. Terrible touches waggled between her toes, titillating the bridge of her sole while also striking at both toes. Here and there, she felt the tentacles grip beneath her nails. They twitched and trembled, sapping her of any sense of resistance. A s******ing sense of warmth sizzled up her spine, and she extended her fingers out, her muscles stretching into a circus of pleasant tightness. Her eyelids winced as muffled laughter oozed from the edges of her gag, dripping to the floor, and yet the only coherent description she could form was “it tickles!”

    Buried deep within, she felt a small part of herself flare up and send sweeping, lustful yearnings twirling down her veins. Clenching her eyes tighter, she felt her lips converge upwards into a smile as she fought off the sensations. Swirling, black winds tumbled from within her, spiraling around the room. Her eyes peeled open, wincing back tears while she watched the pages of the tome flutter by, landing upon one page with a single sentence carved into it. The hand at her jaw melted away, and though the demonic fingers at her feet continued to preach with her skin, she felt her tongue spin out the words. Squinting, she stared at the character in the middle as it pulsated a vicious red. Her eyes grew wide as she understood the words as she uttered.

    Inhaling a bout of air through her nose, she felt the hand clasp around her mouth again while the world seemed to spin around her. Though the darkness never left her, and her mind was otherwise occupied with understanding the sensations that devoured her feet, she felt herself falling, plunging in a void, and yet sensed that she still sat upon the floor. A seemingly endless amount of time flew by while the fingers nurtured the special gifts her feet offered so willingly.

    Hours of riveting laughter echoed through her as the ground melded into a hard, rocky surface. A calm overtook her feet but worry nuzzled through her stomach. Reeling her head back, she glanced at her feet, watching as a gaping maw of pitch enshrouded them. Gasping, she spun forward, watching as fires ignited far above her, illuminating the oozing blood red walls. Heat rushed around her feet and desperate winds licked between her captive toes, sending bizarre itching sensations through them. Several yards in front of her a chasm fell into nothingness, from which rose a great cliff that yawned upward. On it a wide altar rose from the earth, though it remained low to the ground. Dancing flames buzzed into existence behind it, casting a halo of light around a huge, heart shaped mound of ethereal shadow upon that heathen shrine. She felt heat lick up the tops of her feet and then surround the edges of her extremities while flames burst up before her. The shadows fell away to skin colored hues and the flames lit up faster and faster, forming a ring around the altar that held a visage of her feet.

    Wiggling her toes, she watched as the massive mascots before her trembled, rippling like the ocean. Biting into the hand-shaped object that gagged her, she felt the skin around her eyes tighten. Two large bodies crept from behind her feet. Though they resembled humans, they were clad entirely in black shadow. Long, gnarled horns twisted from their heads and spiked, twitching tails spiraled from their backsides. The creatures cast their arms out and darkness spiraled in front of them, forming long shafts while thin strands grew and budded along the ends. Holding her breath, she felt her eyelids drift away from her golden eyes as she gazed upon the massive, glistening feathers that the demons held.

    As they stepped in front of her feet, their heads only reaching the middle of her heels, they crossed their weapons together in an X. Shaking her head, she shifted her hips about while a stifled plead croaked within her throat. At once the emotions that she bottled away flared up, overtaking her and strangling the words back within the unseen depths from which they came. She felt her eyes grow wide in awe and her shoulders grew lax as she watched the light of the flames dance up and down the weapons that towered above her toes. For a long minute the guards seemed to stare at each other while sweat beaded upon her brow, her body beginning to ache and throb with desire.

    The burning coals that were the demons’ eyes pulsed in tune with the pangs that tore at her body. Scrunching her eyes together, she felt a vaporous energy sift through her. The executioners rubbed their feathers downward with a hissing swish, and though her arms were chained at her sides it felt as if she herself moved the diabolical weapons. Both of the demons turned their backs towards her and looked up at her feet, their eyes glossed over as though worshipping a forbidden idol. Her soles seemed to pound with a forsaken vitality as though they cowered in admiration at their purpose, welcoming their torture. Scrunching her toes together tightly, she watched as they fluttered into crescents.

    As though moved by the defensive posture, the demons spread their hands upon the shafts of their feathers and waved them back and forth in front of them. Callous currents assailed her, and she turned away, clenching her eyes shut and squealing at the purity of those sooty winds as they licked and kissed her soles. Shaking her arms, she riveted against the ground as the air made its affections known to her feet, caressing them with knowing purpose. It felt as though the breeze bit and pierced her flesh while stimulating it in an evil yet loving way.

    Heat coursed through her, and she bit into the hand, turning further away as her body crumpled together. The flames within her gripped tightly, pinching the subterranes that compromised the very core of her being. Inhaling deeply, she peeked through her eyelashes as the feathers came crashing towards her feet. The hand at her mouth vanished, allowing her bleak voice to plead in desperation. "No," she called out meekly, her raspy voice stifled by curious, blighted fingers that trembled within her throat. Shivering, she cursed the burning desire that boiled within her, melting away at her will and spinning her insubordination into compliance. As the feathers fell upon her and the hand gripped against her jaw again, she smiled weakly, her muscles relaxing and embracing her torment.

    As they landed upon her skin her eyes bolted open and she let out an earth shattering scream. All around her the walls quaked and the flames shook, casting frenzied shadows across the blood red crags. One by one the flames that lined the walls smoked out so that all she could see were her large, quivering soles before her. Each miniscule blade of the feather that struck at her seemed to fracture her into a hundred pieces. They crashed with such purity that it felt as though each one ignited against her with a hundred tiny hands that, more than anything else in the world, sought to turn her into a hysterical bundle of laughter.

    The feathers swished and swayed across her, spreading the influence of their plague as they did so. Even long after the blades left, agony terrorized the spots that had been touched. Thrashing her head all around, she felt her silky, jet black hair spin through the air and slap at her face over and over again. Churning her knees against the rocks, she desperately tried to flap her feet yet found herself able to do little more than edge them from side to side and merrily slap them against one another. The touch of the feathers seemed to ooze and crawl across her like a thousand nefarious insects conspiring to bring her to her demise.

    Yet the wrathful joy that burned within her blinked and pulsated, blinding her. Throwing her eyes wide open, she felt a sob of pleasure blast the inside of her throat as she looked up towards her towering feet. Although a blissful breath of "No more," and "Please stop," assailed her mind like a fierce snow storm, a single banner withstood the blinding sheet of hail, anchoring her to this new found, wondrous realm. Her smile bit into her lips as she fought off the warmth that was born of her helplessness even as the feathers dabbled up, towards her toes. Squinting, she felt tears burn at her eyes at the thought of what was coming, and yet a single quiet voice cheered them on towards their destination.

    Her words and thoughts propelled them to further and faster movements as they desperately sought to keep up with her pleading. Moving with staggering speed, they rushed about, looping and bending the feather so that it whipped around and struck all up the centers of her feet. Distantly, she felt a niggling itch burn into sole, just beneath her tiniest toe. The feeling dug into her, setting her skin ablaze. Her eyes peeled wide open and she shook her head, gibbering a quickly concocted mess of words to convince them against further action. But she knew, in every sense of the word and with every thread that comprised her physical being, that they would strike.

    Flapping their arms, the fanatics that worshipped her sent waves up the feathers, curving them in a perplexing manner. The feathers whinnied and leapt, wrapping around her toes while the fiends jabbed upwards then pulled down, sawing their weapons against her flesh. Cackling, she heaved back and forth, thrashing her head in a figure eight as she coped with the unbearable, rickety furor that riled against her unfortunate toes.

    As it furled around her toes like a vine, the tip of the feather grasped through the air, pawing at her weakest spot. Through bleary, winced eyes she watched as it brushed against the insanely burning itch beneath her toe. At once she felt herself become momentarily stiff, then, all at once, she began to rocket in place, her body unfurling like a great sail. Throwing her head back, she howled and screeched at the ceiling while the itch magnified a thousand-fold at the destructive tickling that layered over top of it, the two feelings conspiring into a craven, deranged state. With all of her energy she bucked in place, thrashing her shoulders from side to side while loudly laughing, her voice plinking against the walls and echoing into the abyss below her.

    A sense of dread billowed within her stomach then seeped down her legs and oozed across her feet. The terrible emotions that pulsed along her lit along her arch and across her soles, flaring up so brightly that they became visible within the smoky air. Tears pinched at her eyes as she watched the foul abominations raise the pointed hefts of their weapons at her, and the dread bubbled as she felt their touches haunt her even before they began. Slowly, they touched the quills of the feathers against her and began carving characters into her. As she screamed, she bent her neck and rested her head against her shoulder, watching and laughing as the demons wrote scarlet letters up her soles, scratching them out over and over again. The word ticklish slowly formed, again and again, in various sizes and lengths, overlapping and interlocking. Each word, each character, seemed to resonate with her soul, and each time they completed a piece of their art she felt a great weight lay over top of her soles such that every further touch titillated her a hundred times more than it had before.

    Beyond that, her mind was blisteringly aware of the fern-like feathers as they whipped about her toes, tracing and painting circles across her delicate toepads. Even with closed eyes, she could see them as they spread their corrupting influence against her untainted flesh, poisoning her with ticklish laughter. Alternating thrusts with her shoulders, she slowly fell towards the ground, pressing her forehead there as she squealed in prayer before her weakness while powerful emotions broke through the chains she had enacted, discharging through her and overwhelming her.

    She pulsed and burned, her entire body throbbing alongside her feet as they bore her through her own frailty. Still, she rubbed her forehead against the rocky ground, her smile cracking her face as she embraced her wonderful fragility. The flesh of her soles screamed for her attention, and with everything she had she focused upon them, cultivating their hidden agenda. She trembled and pleaded into her gag, biting heavily into it while pleasure raked through her abdomen. Clawing at it, she desperately embraced it, losing herself to the amazing agony that flogged at her.

    Her mind was blisteringly aware of the feathers as they traced and painted sharp circles across the bottoms of her toes. Even with closed eyes, she could see them as they spread their corrupting influence against her untainted flesh, poisoning her with ticklish laughter. Alternating thrusts with her shoulders, she slowly fell towards the ground, pressing her forehead there as she squealed in prayer before her weakness while powerful emotions broke through the chains she had enacted, discharging through her.

    Gasping, she reeled upwards and looked around her. The tome lay wide open before her, the candles illuminating its empty pages. A stinging sensation came from her index finger. Looking down, she saw her hand at her mouth. While inhaling heavily, she lowered her jaw and withdrew it to see deep, dark indentations running along the edges of her finger. Further down, she felt her other hand moving of its own accord, massaging her stomach. Blowing out a steamy spurt of air, she raised her head upward while quieting the buzzing that enamored and bewitched her flesh. With a deep exhale, she leaned to her side and snatched up her black socks, quickly pulling them over her feet as a wild blush tore across her cheeks. Turning towards the book, she placed a hand on it and began to close it, stopping as she lifted the cover halfway. As the book began to close, she saw the characters whisper against the pages again. With an evil smirk, she reopened the tome while flicking her toes. Drawing upon the blazing light that spun within her, she focused upon the words and they blended together into a single sentence once again. A lone character in the middle blazed in red ink, seeming to wink at her as her voice carried the guttural tones imprinted upon the page.

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