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    Smile The Leopard Laughs: Eye Of The Beholder M/F

    Hello, readers! I have a new Leopard story for you. I won't lie. There is not as much actual tickling in this story, but I am sharing it to see what the reaction is, as it sets up a new Leopard book that I have planned out. Therefore, this story has a good deal of build up and serves to introduce some new characters. Please comment and let me know your thoughts! If this story gets enough attention on here and on DeviantArt, I will start work on the book shortly. Enjoy!

    “How amazing is this room?” Ellie Wisden almost didn’t hear Amy’s awestruck observation. Ellie loved her job at the Daily Atlas and was honored to have been invited to the estate of Anderson Winters. She recalled a couple of days prior when her boss had literally dropped the invite into her lap. Winters was new to town but had already made a big splash with some of Atlas City’s elite. Still, very little was known about him. For Ellie, a chance at an interview would have been worth a week’s pay.

    Ellie was normally a fairly conservative woman. But getting the attention of Winters was going to be the goal of every reporter present. If she was to be noticed, she was going to have to strategically enhance her natural attributes. Or, as Amy had so eloquently put it: Release the Krakens. Ellie’s tight, yellow dress certainly accomplished this feat. One might not have known otherwise that it was possible to make her breasts even more prominent, but the dress successfully pushed them up. Ellie had caught nearly everyone in the room staring at one point or another.

    “I mean, seriously, check out this pool table!” Ellie turned to Amy to see what she was going on about. The pool table she referred to was indeed unique. It was blue and positioned right up against the South wall. The corners were pointed and reminded Ellie of the Chrysler Building in New York. It was cool, to be sure, but Amy was practically bouncing off of the walls. Amy was a photographer for the Daily Atlas and sometimes accompanied Ellie on certain assignments. She was a bit crass and had a nearly perpetual case of foot in mouth disease, but Ellie liked her.

    “Just have your camera ready.” Ellie suggested, offering a friendly nudge with her elbow. “I’m sure that Mr. Winters will make an appearance any moment now.”

    “How do we know that he hasn’t already.” Amy asked as her eyes surveyed the room. “There must be over 60 people in here with us.”

    “I’ve been to a few of these kinds of parties.” Ellie said. “The host usually likes to make a big entrance.”

    “Well, I’m gonna go get a drink. Would be a shame to let an open bar go to waste. You want anything?”

    “Gin and Tonic.” Ellie requested. Amy wandered off and Ellie looked around. She recognized some faces, mostly reporters from competing publications. She felt something brush her left hip and looked down to see a rather tiny woman. She was very obviously afflicted with Dwarfism. She couldn’t have been more than 4 feet tall and appeared to be in her mid 40’s. She had Auburn hair down to her shoulders and wore a glamorous diamond necklace over her blood red blouse.

    “Oh, I’m so sorry, Dear.” The little woman apologized, looking up to meet Ellie’s gaze.

    “You’re fine.” Ellie smiled. “I love your necklace. Looks like it must have cost a pretty penny.”

    “Worth every one of them.” The woman laughed. “I’m Miranda. Miranda Slater.”

    “Ellie Wisden.” The two shared a brief handshake.

    “From the Atlas?” Miranda raised an eyebrow. “I have read a couple of your pieces. I hope you don’t mind me saying this in a room full of newshounds, but most of them can’t string two words together. You, on the other hand, have a natural talent. Have you ever thought of trying your hand at a novel? I’m sure you have a number of stories you could tell.”

    “You have no idea.” Ellie replied slyly.

    “Well, enjoy the party, Ms. Wisden.” Miranda smiled in a friendly manner before rejoining her previous conversation.

    “Whose the midget?” Amy asked, stepping up from behind.

    “I don’t think they like being called that.” Ellie was thankful that Miranda had not heard the off color remark. “I think the proper vernacular is Dwarf.

    “Dwarf, midget, people mcnuggets, it’s all the same in Spain.” Amy said. “Here’s your Gin and Tonic.”

    “Thanks.” Ellie took the drink, shrugging off her friend’s offensive behavior.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen!” All eyes turned upward towards the top of an elaborately structured spiral staircase located on the West side of the room. It was Anderson Winters. Ellie was sure of it. Her first thought upon seeing him was that he could really wear a suit. He wore all black. His dress pants, buttoned shirt, and dinner jacket were all black. Only his tie was bright red. He had fair hair which was slicked back and striking bright blue eyes. He was certainly a looker, as her mother would have put it. “If I could just say a few words...” He continued, “… my public speaking would only improve.” The joke got a few desired chuckles from the crowd. “This is a special day. My team and I have been working on a serum that will change the world. Imagine...” He gestured grandly, “… a cure. Not just a cure for the flu, or the common cold. No. A cure for cancer. A cure for leprosy. A cure for every ailment ever documented.” He had the crowd’s full attention. “Let’s take this a step further: Imagine a chemical that can regrow limbs, organs… not only regrow them, but enhance them.” He pulled a small vial from his inner left jacket pocket. There was a glowing orange fluid inside of it. “This is Osiris 3, named after the Egyptian god of rebirth. It is derived from Emylgline, a chemical found in nature. The natural essence of the presumed extinct Lativia flower. Once introduced into the bloodstream, it finds imperfections and creates new life at the cellular level. Now you might say that this is a dream. A fantasy. I tell you that it is neither. No dream. A reality. We go into production in three weeks. Osiris 3 will change the world.”

    There was massive applause. Nobody doubted anything that Winters had said.

    Nobody except Ellie.

    Ellie had decided that Winters was not all that he seemed. No one chemical could do all that he claimed. She had done some research and there was next to no information anywhere on the web about Emylgline or it’s properties. The party had ended three hours ago. Every guest had long since left. She wanted to pay the estate another visit… as The Leopard. The furry fabric covered her new and improved Kevlar plates, which were now tempered to withstand not just bullets, but hyper-intense heat as well. A laser couldn’t cut through them. Her hood was pulled up and she had the night vision mode on her goggles running as she sneaked up to the right side of the mansion. Her belt buckle was loaded and she had preemptively turned her talons on stun.

    Ellie had expected guards. Strangely, there seemed to be a severe lack of security around the grounds of the estate. No guards. No cameras. Nothing. It was like Winters was INVITING trouble. Not that Ellie was going to take any chances. She scaled a nearby tree and dropped lithely onto a terrace located on the second floor. She saw a sliding door that she knew could be easily circumvented. She changed the setting on her talons and sliced a hole in the rather thin glass, carefully removing the sheet and stepping inside.

    She turned her night vision off so that she could have normal vision and wandered down the hall. Before long, she found herself right back in the same large room she had been in earlier, only now, she was at the top of the spiral staircase, standing exactly where Winters had. He must have felt like a king, she thought, as he stared down at the sea of faces, all ready to believe in his new miracle drug. There had to have been a catch. He couldn’t have been telling the truth. Such a thing is just not possible. She kept telling herself this as she descended the staircase. When she reached the ground floor, she stopped to examine the same room she had laid eyes on just a few hours ago. She became lost in thought until a loud scream got her attention. It was a woman’s scream. And it had come from the other side of the South wall. Ellie approached the blue pool table. There had to be something. There had to be some way to get to the other side of the wall. Ellie saw a button near one of the right corners of the table. She pressed it, expecting that it released the billiard balls to start a game. Instead, the floor under the table started to push upward. Ellie took a couple of surprised steps back as the pool table was elevated off of the ground, revealing a hidden stairwell. Ellie set her talons back on stun and headed down.

    It seemed like forever before the stairwell came to a stop at a single door. Ellie slowly opened it, ready to attack. What she found on the other side of that door was something out of an old mad scientist movie: It was a large cavern that Winters had set up a laboratory in. Blue lights flickered and various machines and computers all surrounded a metal exam table in the center of the room.

    “I was wondering when you would come knocking, Leopard.” Ellie’s eyes shot up to a metal, grated catwalk about 30 feet above the exam table. Winters was still in his suit from the party. “Why don’t you come on up and we’ll have a nice little talk?”

    “Why have you come to Atlas City?” Ellie asked. She saw a nearby ladder and walked to it.

    “To help, of course. To help all of you.” He smirked down at her.

    “Cut the crap, Winters. I’m not buying your miracle cure story.” Ellie climbed the ladder until she was up on the catwalk with him, slowly approaching. He didn’t appear threatened by her at all as he faced her with a relaxed expression.

    “Not everyone believes that the Earth is round, but that’s the wonderful thing about opinions: They are not facts.”

    “I’m only gonna ask you one more time before...”

    “Before what?” Winters challenged. “Before you bloody my nose or… give me cat scratch fever?”

    Ellie threw the first punch. He deflected it easily and jabbed her in the ribs with three tensed fingers. The attack caught Ellie off guard. He had struck her directly between her Kevlar plates. A sting of pain didn’t stop her from offering a kick to his groin. He grabbed her leg in mid kick with a mocking chuckle and struck her shin, once again between the plates. He somehow knew exactly where to hit her.

    “Agh!” She fell back.

    “I know all about you, Leopard.” He told her. “I see everything.” He assaulted her with a side kick to her stomach, knocking her off of her feet. She landed on her back with a groan. He walked up to her and offered her a hand as if to help her up. She delivered a kick to his left thigh and he caught her boot, stomping down on her between her legs. She screamed in pain and he took her arm, yanking her up and holding her to him. He then headbutted her, hard.

    Ellie was dazed. If he hadn’t have been propping her up, she would have fallen again. She was so stunned that she didn’t even hear him flick a switchblade open. But she certainly felt it when he slipped the cold steel into her stomach, just under her navel. Her eyes went wide as she looked down to see the knife in her belly. It was as if he knew just where the plates were and was attacking deliberately. He pulled the knife out slowly and she whimpered in agony.

    “Don’t worry. It’s not fatal… Ellie...”

    He knew her identity.

    “Not if you take the necessary precautions.”

    Another headbutt knocked her out cold.

    Ellie’s eyes fluttered. Her nude form laid spread-eagle on a massive, four post, queen sized bed. The bedroom was magnificent. In shades of gold, and dark reds and greens. Even the ropes that tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts were colored gold. She had a feeling she was still in the mansion, possibly in the master bedroom. She looked over to her left. There was a stool with a silver tray on it. She couldn’t see what was on the tray in her position, but she knew it wasn’t anything good.

    One thing that struck her almost immediately is that she hadn’t woken up in agony. She had just been viciously beaten and even stabbed in the stomach. But she didn’t feel any pain. In fact, even though it was an effort to see down past her bosom, she noticed that there wasn’t even so much as a scar on her belly.

    She heard the door creak open and shot her gaze over to the right to see Winters enter the room.

    “Splendid.” He smiled. “I see the serum worked it’s magic in next to no time at all.”

    “Serum?” She realized. “You injected me?”

    “Yes, with Osiris 3.” He said. “Best way to convert someone is to let them experience it firsthand. Sorry I have to brutalize you, but it was the surest way to show you the serum’s true properties. It healed you. It healed you completely. Even put some color in your cheeks.” He smirked in a way that made Ellie hope that she wasn’t blushing. “The only issue that we have had with Osiris 3 is that, while it heals, it also enhances… sometimes in ways that are quite unpredictable. This made the testing phases fairly complicated. But I have been able to make a number of variations of the compound. For instance, the batch that I introduced into your system has healed the wounds to your flesh, but it has also tripled the sensitivity of the nerves within that oh so beautiful flesh. Or did you think that those sheets underneath you were just extra, extra soft?”

    Ellie shifted a little, about as much as she could. The grimace came and went as it flashed briefly across her face. Her body brushing against the fabric gave her the sensation that one might feel after brushing their hand back and forth several times against a couch cushion. There was a tingle that she felt as if the nerves in her back and bottom were already exhausted. She watched as Winters pulled up a leather stool, not unlike the one at her side, and tossed off his black dinner jacket to reveal the gun holster he had been wearing. He pulled out the nickel plated Browning Hi-Power and set it down on the bed just to her left as he sat down on the mattress next to it.’

    “See that?” Winters asked. “That is the same gun that changed my life. The gun that shot my left eye out two years ago in an attempted mugging. I had already been developing Osiris 3 at the time, but it worked better than I had hoped. It healed the skin around my eye and even re-grew it. But it did so much more...” He reached up and pulled the bright blue contact out, revealing a yellow, catlike eye. “It gave me X-Ray vision in that eye. That’s how I was able to see the plates under your rather fetching outfit, not to mention your beautiful face. Your secret is now mine to share. But let’s dismiss with the formalities, Leopard. Your can call me… Oculus.”

    “Is this the part where you tell me all about your grand scheme to destroy the city?” Ellie asked sarcastically.

    “Not destroy… save.” He insisted. “It’s the next phase of testing, you see… vaporization. I will introduce Osiris 3 into every home in Atlas City. With a little help of course.”

    “Do tell.”

    “Sorry, Leopard. I’m not a Bond villain. Frankly, I feel that I have told you enough.” Winters let his lustful gaze travel over her naked curves. “This is a treat.” He said. “To have such a lovely creature at my mercy. I was admiring your costume while you were out, you know. I particularly like those gloves of yours.” He reached onto the tray and revealed her talons, slipping them onto his own hands. “I particularly relish the stretchy fabric underneath the claws. Fits like… well… a glove.” He chuckled. “The tips themselves seem a tad sharp.”

    “Yeah, be careful.” Ellie warned cynically. “You could take someone’s eye out with those things.”

    Winters shot her a look. He was clearly not amused by her comment.

    “As I was saying, a tad sharp.” He continued. “Don’t worry. I have deactivated their more… provocative features. You won’t be tased or sliced through. But I would like to test those fresh new nerves of yours for myself. He brought the talons down to her ribs and dragged them down from her underarms to the bottom of her ribcage. You could have hit Ellie with electroshock wires and it wouldn’t have had as much of a reaction as the gloves did on her now hypersensitive skin.

    “AGH!” She screamed. Winters drank in her now terrified expression.

    “Wonderful. I see that Osiris 3 has more than done it’s work.” Winters cracked his knuckles and Ellie tried to prepare herself for the next onslaught. “Your body is… perfect.” He complimented, drinking in the splendor of her. “Your legs, so athletic… your hips, so shapely… your breasts, so supple… I want to test every inch.” He touched her again with the talons, tracing her breasts in ever decreasing circles.

    “HahAhHAhHAhAHhahHAHHAhAHhAHhAHhAHhAHHAhAHhAHHAHA! ” Ellie cackled in ticklish mirth and Winters felt himself becoming quite turned on as his manhood pushed against his pants.

    “Your toys are nice.” He said, removing the gloves and setting them back on the tray. “But I have a few of my own.” He picked up two salad forks and started drawing them around her nipples, just outside of the areolas. “Ellie threw her head back, ashamed of each involuntary giggle that successfully made it past her clenched teeth. She soon felt the steel prongs gliding smoothly up and down her underarms.

    “HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE...” She laughed hard until the forks returned to her breasts, tracing the undersides.

    “Look at you...” He nearly whispered. “Look at you fighting so hard… even as your body succumbs, your mind is defiant.” Perhaps a more simple touch is needed to bring you to a proper boil.” Winters picked yet another item from the tray: A single toothpick. He bent over so that he was laying on his side, facing her left foot. He grabbed a hold of her toes, pulling the foot taut, and used the pointed instrument to trace the wrinkles on her arch.

    “Heehehe… hahaha… hehehehe...” Her giggling was softer now, but only because she was bordering on silent laughter. The toothpick went under her toes, along her instep, around her heel… By the time he sat back up, her hair was matted to her head with sweat. It was torture. He decided that he wanted to get back to toying with her more feminine features and started brushing her nipples with his fingertips.


    “You know want the best thing about this is?” He asked. “That Osiris 3 only needs one dose to be permanent. Your flesh will never become numb. Your nerves will never adapt to the tickling.” He leaned in and started to softly kiss the left side of her neck. Her laughter flowed even more freely now. His lips were softer than anything she had ever felt. It was as if her neck had never been touched before. The terrible toxin had made her tender to the bone. When he trailed his tongue up behind her ear, she begged him to stop. It was too much. Her thighs were rubbing together, and her arousal was becoming more and more apparent. When he finally pulled his head back, she looked over to see him undoing his belt and lowering his pants. He was a healthy nine inches at full mast. She giggled involuntarily when she saw it. Not because it was unimpressive, but because she couldn’t imagine how explosively wonderful that it would now feel inside of her and not have a nervous snicker escape her lips.

    “When I was still a teen...” He said “I had a fantasy. One that frequently wormed it’s way through my imagination during those nights when I was restless in my bed. I pictured a buxom woman, like yourself, who had never known another’s touch. I teased her. I touched her so gently, working every erogenous spot over with the most careful strokes until she cried, begging me to let her cum.” He climbed on top of her and moved his right hand down between her legs. He stroked her labia with his fingertips. She shuddered and her eyes threatened to fly out of her skull. His cock swayed as he moved to sit between her outstretched legs. He propped himself up on his knees as he continued to pleasure her. It was so intense that she couldn’t even speak. She began to surrender to him until she let out an abrupt squeal.

    The squeal took Winters by surprise at first but she couldn’t be blamed. Her protruding navel had already been her Achilles heel in terms of tickle spots. Enriched by the serum, she found it to be absolutely nightmarish when the underside of his erection brushed over it for a quick moment.

    “You’re so cute.” He sounded only slightly condescending as her chest flushed and her spread her labia, slowly sliding himself in and nearly cumming himself when he saw the whites of her eyes. In just three leisurely thrusts, she tensed and came underneath him. He kept thrusting as she climaxed and reached over once again to the tray. Ellie started to weep softly when she saw the slim, black vibrator that he showed her. He placed it underneath them, letting the tip rest against her perineum. The vibrator announced itself with a pleasant hum.


    Orgasms started wracking her as tremendous waves of pleasure radiated through her body from her groin. At the same time, the vibrator tickled her out of her mind. The worst came when she tried to buck and the vibrator slipped down to torment her anus. She shrieked uncontrollably, frantically shaking her head back and forth and babbling like an idiot between bouts of extreme laughter. But Winters wasn’t finished yet. He bent forward and took her right nipple between his lips, rolling it back and forth. His hands crept up and down her sides, tickling her even more. It was more than she could take. She passed out just after he came inside of her.

    Ellie came to, just in time to feel the breeze hit her face as Winters flung her out of the car and onto the grass. She was grateful that the car was parked first. He had dressed her back up in her costume. She tried to get up but was too weak from the events of the night to move.

    “I hope you enjoyed yourself, Leopard.” He said. “I’m a man of my word. Osiris 3 will be unleashed on this ridiculous city in 48 hours. You are welcome to try and stop me, but...” He chuckled in amusement. “We all know that a simple tickle will now render you completely helpless. I recruit the worst criminals in Atlas City to help me achieve my goal.”

    Ellie turned her head with the little bit of strength that she had.


    “Oh, Ellie...” He shook his head. “If you haven’t figured that out yet… I mean, I thought you would respect my goal. Everyone who is in pain. Everyone with an illness or deformity. Every last one of them will become a better version of themselves. And then… Every one of them will defy the law. With their newfound abilities, they will loot. They will riot. They will tear their town apart, each of them battling each other for superiority. Atlas City will become my own personal gladiator ring and I will watch it burn to the ground."

    Ellie tried to stand, in one last vain attempt… but she fell back to the ground. Winters just laughed.

    “So long, Leopard. But surely not goodbye.”

    As the limo took off, it started to rain. Each bead of water felt like a weight, keeping Ellie pinned to the ground. She wept, despite herself. She didn’t know what to do. And when she saw the female form approach her in the shadows of the night, her heart sank even deeper as she realized who had found her.

    “Hello, Leopard.” Lavender smiled.
    Please enjoy all of my stories in my archive.


    Also, check out my ebooks featuring extended and original stories with Jenni The Clown, on sale at Lulu.com! http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?c...utorId=1464141

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    And this is exactly why your stories continue to be held is such high esteem!

    Writing good tick-fic is not as easy as most people think but to add in interesting plots and characters is another trick in itself. The Leopard sagas are a delicious tribute to a pantheon of characters who, let's face it, are pretty much fetish fantasies themselves (Catwoman in her leather catsuit, Poison Ivy with her mind control, Wonder Woman with her lasso of truth...) Then you add in the sheer, naughty hotness of the predicaments in which the characters find themselves and you have a winning formula!

    I love the concept of Osiris 3 and for me the Leopard stories are the finest kink-pulp series in the tickling genre since LouPanther's "Caroline's In Trouble Again" series.

    Do I want to see more? Oh hell yes!

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    Your praise, as always, is much appreciated, Suikoden! There are obvious roots to the Adam West Batman and other similar shows and comics throughout the series and I love when people are able to catch on. I spend a good deal of time coming up with the predicaments in which Ellie finds herself and I hope to build this story into a new book based on the characters.
    Please enjoy all of my stories in my archive.


    Also, check out my ebooks featuring extended and original stories with Jenni The Clown, on sale at Lulu.com! http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?c...utorId=1464141

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    I heartily approve of any story where we see more of the Leopard in compromising and ticklish positions. Definitely looking forward to a whole novel of this, and hopefully it won't be the last time Ellie is strapped naked to Oculus' bed.
    Feet were made for tickling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Featherfall View Post
    I heartily approve of any story where we see more of the Leopard in compromising and ticklish positions. Definitely looking forward to a whole novel of this, and hopefully it won't be the last time Ellie is strapped naked to Oculus' bed.
    Time will tell...
    Please enjoy all of my stories in my archive.


    Also, check out my ebooks featuring extended and original stories with Jenni The Clown, on sale at Lulu.com! http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?c...utorId=1464141

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    Another awesome story dude. Keep rocking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by As You Like It View Post
    Another awesome story dude. Keep rocking.
    Thanks! You know I will.
    Please enjoy all of my stories in my archive.


    Also, check out my ebooks featuring extended and original stories with Jenni The Clown, on sale at Lulu.com! http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?c...utorId=1464141

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    Wow honey really terrific story!! Want more.
    Thanks so much! Make sure to checkout more of my writing and work on Deviant art under lookingformysoul!

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