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    Gets Maddening with Kylie and Khloe (f/m, ff/m, Adult)

    Kylie had a planned a nightout with Andy. It was always Andy who took control of the love making sessions they previously had. But that night the tables were going to be turned upon him. Andy was tied in his boxers to the bedposts in a spread eagle position and the session was soon to begin. A blindfold was tied around his eyes which made him awaiting for surprises and he was about to get one.

    Kylie changed into a very sexy dress and wore red lipstick with her nails perfectly manicured. Any man would have fallen for her at that moment. Black hair, rounded hips and those blessed bosoms. She came close to Andy's ears and whispered seductively, "You're in for a great night baby."

    Then she took her phone and called someone. He could not identify who she was talking to but anyways who cared. She hung up, took a bottle of oil and then in the bed. She straddled him and gave a sweet kiss on his lips. She poured some oil on his body and began to rub it. He sensed this and got excited. But whenever her nails touched his bare skin, it made him grin a little and his body writhed. Kylie noticed it after sometime and she knowingly caressed his body with her nails. He became more uncomfortable when she reached his arms and around his armpits. Seeing his reaction, Kylie started to think something different. Just when she had finished the oiling of her boyfriend, then a bell rang at the door. She opened and it was Khloe. It was she who was called. Andy thought that the guest would leave but it didn't happen.
    He heard two voices coming into the bedroom. He began getting nervous. Then he heard someone getting close to his ears and speak , "Aunt Khloe is here to take care of you in my presence." He began to think about the things that Kylie had told him about her that how she loved to dominate men. She also used to tickle men to take control.

    Then Kylie and Khloe talked for a bit as he heard and a giggle passes out of Kylie's mouth. He was both craving and feared of what was he going to be subjected to.
    His while body was oiled. He felt someone sitting by his feet and one behind his head between those spread arms. Then together he felt four hands touching him. One on each feet and other two on his arms and they began to slide gently. The tickling sensation that it produced was making him blow his mind. The hands were slow and only made him gasp but he knew he was going to lose it. It was Kylie at his feet and Khloe behind his head. Kylie moved between his thighs and the nightmare was going to begin.

    He felt hands stopped in his armpits and two of them on his knees which were being slowly dragged to his thighs. He let a sound like, "Mmmmmmmmhhhhhhh." Then Khloe began to move her fingers in his armpits and it made h8m lose his control and Kylie was also tickling his waist. He let out a loud laugh ,"hahahahahahahahah sssttttaaaahhhhppp." But who was there to listen. Khloe kept on caressing his pits while Kylie on his waist. Khloe then moved slightly up with her hands around his nipples and his body writhed like a snake. Meanwhile Kylie was poking in his bellybutton and he was already losing it. The oiled body made this sensation very high with those talented nails.

    After tickling for a while, his cock was hard and it had been noticed very early. Kylie took off his pants and made him completely nude. She went to take somthing from here fridge whil Khloe kept on with her hands. Her touch was more torturous than Kylie's. He smelt some chocolate and then he felt something getting poured on his dick. Then it happened. Khloe started kissing him and Kylie started to suck the chocolate covered cock. He was struggling for air but the sensation was greater than ever. The tounge moved around his cock and gulping it again and again and kissing continued. Then they both stopped and began the tickling. It was getting very adventurous for him. Sudddenly he felt the lips around his nipple and hands on his ribs. The nipples were sucked sweetly and the hands moved fast enough to make him mad. He again started to laugh ,"hhahahahahahahahhahannnoooomooreeeeppplleaase" and then heard Kylie say ,"You asked for it sweetheart" in between the tounging of his bellybutton. Then it continued for a while and again chocolate was being poured on his dicks and now also on his nipples. Kylie took the dick in her mouth and Khloe began her kissing. He was only heard making ,"mmmphhhhhhhhh" between those kisses. When it stopped he said,"please let me cum" as he was very much on the edge. Again Khloe started sucking his chicolate nipples and tickling his ribs and stomach while Kylie kept between his thighs and on the scrotum too. Again the hands moved to his armpits and he let out a big howl ," hahahahahahahahBabhahahahPlease release me." Again the liquid was poured on his dick and nipples and this time the whole of it. The tickling continued further and when the nipples were shined by Khloe's lips and her tickling in his underarms, the final time his dick went into Kylie's mouth. She made sure to lick all the chocolate without making him cum and Khloe gave quick tickles between the kisses on his nipples and underarms. Amd then he felt it. The whole cock was covered by Kylie's luscious lips and her tounge and his lips by Khloe. The orgasm got closer and the sucking, kissing and light tickles continued. He finally came and his cum almost reached the ceiling but he could only gasp inside Khloe's mouth. He had completely lost it and passed out from the ordeal.

    Later that morning, he was all freed up and cleaned by Kylie and woken up by a quick tickle. He confessed that it was the most amazing night he had. He left her house and in his pockets he found a note on which Khloe's number was written and also ,"Call me when you are free." He wondered what he would do.
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    Hot story! Glad you shared!

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