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    Truth or Dare parts 1-3 F/m

    First would like to say thank you those that enjoy and take time to post comments on my stories. Forgive the mini novel this story turned into but to those that are able to make it to the end of it would very much appreciate some feedback. In addition to comments or thoughts of this story if you could only choose one of the most recent stories Truth or dare, Mommy book club or Bonds of love which would you pick for most wanting more installments of?

    This is an fictional adult F/m story; if you don't like that, don't read it. All of the characters in this story are over 18 years old.

    As always I look forward to comments, so if you enjoy the story please post your thoughts on it.

    Having been instant best friends with Desiree from our sorority days then continuing on as we both entered teaching careers it became a yearly tradition for us to spend most of the summer break with each other at a secluded cottage up north. Though with recent developments have been meaning to cancel the gathering for the first time in almost 2 decades now but didn't have the heart to make the call.

    Eventually since I had procrastinated long enough I did see the expected call from Desiree flash on my phone so hesitantly I answered it. I hear her say in a cheery voice "It has been way too long Daisy you ready to get the double D's back together again?" Still snickers a bit at the fitting nickname for our friendship besides the letters of our names we also shared having massively large bra sizes.

    After a long pause I respond saying "Something has come up that means I won't be able to spend the summer with you this year."

    With immediate concern in Desiree's voice she asks "Darling is everything ok?"

    Pained with more than a bit of guilt over the reason I figure the very least I owe her is the truth so I say "Well I kind of have another guest staying with me for the summer."

    Knowing me so well the way I said guest she correctly guessed that it was a guy so she blurts out "It's about damn fucking time dear that you found someone, but honestly your place is large enough that I doubt it would matter having another guest there and I can make myself scarce when ever you need couple time lol."

    Stinging with embarrassment over my selfish motives I elaborate saying "It is not that we are not romantic at all, he is a former student and I am helping him out by having him have a "job" with me for the summer as a combination chef, maid, and companion."

    Sounding a bit baffled and slightly irritated she asks "Well then if that is the case why would it matter if I spent the summer there as well."

    Sighs in frustration "Because I don't want to risk you scaring him off over your inevitable need to satisfy that unending fire between your legs you Venus cock trap lol"

    Hearing the start of a rage filled growl before it morphs into thunderous laughter "Oh God oh God that was a good one :P , and ok fair enough I know to say I am an aggressive flirt is an understatement so can't really say you are exactly wrong. But what if I give you my word that he will be off limits, I'll just pack an extra case of vibrators to get me through the summer?"

    Ponders this in silence for what must have felt like ages before finally saying "Well if you swear to leave him alone on the bonds of our friendship I guess we can make it work to have you here as well." After hanging up to phone I went right away to prepare him the best I could for the likely chaos that would soon befall this cottage. I stress repeatedly that she was very likely to be a shameless flirt and not worry about too much about it and that if she did go too far just come to me and I would intervene.


    Having no idea what time exactly Desiree would end up showing up here Daisy told me to just wait around incase she showed up since she couldn't put off running to do some errands any longer. It ended up being mid afternoon when I heard a loud knocking at the door upon opening it I see first had that the warning might not have been strong enough as Desiree stood in the door wearing a form fitting dress that went down to just a hair below as cheek level and left so much cleavage exposed that when she shifted a bit I could see the out line of a nipple's edge.

    I try to hide my shyness about her appearance the best I could though given how much I was blushing it wasn't very effective. But I just decided to be as polite as I could be and helped her bring in her luggage and get settled in. For the most part to my surprise beside her appearance she wasn't what I would consider over the top flirty except for taking any chance she could to give me a hug. Especially since it was likely I would have to get used to having her here the entire summer I did manage to resist my normal urge to just flee to my room when unknown company would show up. Surprisingly was enjoying myself talking with her and exchanging in friendly banter as we got to know each other a bit. This lasted until the early evening when I excused myself to go join my online guild for one of our weekly raids.


    Upon returning home to the cottage Daisy saw that Desiree's car was in the drive way so she opened the door slowly to peek inside since despite her promise knowing her friend she would have put money on finding clothes tossed all over the house and her having fucked young Matt into oblivion already. Though seeing her sitting on the couch just watching tv while the previous situation could have happened already it would be unlikely since Desiree is not one for wearing any clothes if she doesn't have to.

    Desiree gets up and gives me a long tight embrace saying "Dear it has been far to long since we have gotten together only once a year isn't enough even with it being for a few months . Though must say I very much approve of your young friend here, this place looks freaking spotless and what every he has cooking in the kitchen smells to die for."

    With a playful giggle I respond saying "Ah yeah he is definitely a gem to have around, you would be hard pressed to find a more sensitive soul than his." Couldn't help but snicker a bit at the inside joke that the double meaning the choice of words had.

    She nods and smiles saying "So... I know I did give my word he would be off limits and if you insist on it even as much as it pains me I will do my best to keep my promise. But you know I don't happen to be extremely choosy in the type of guys I pursue but knowing me like you do I am sure you know I have great weakness for geeky and shy guys." In a sensual purr she almost moans "Nothing gets my engine revving faster than timid and sweet guys. Just know that not getting my hands on him the entire summer is going to be torture."

    Rolling my eyes I just laugh and say "You are really insufferable you know that? But yeah I am more than aware of you sexual habits by now, so going to be honest that I am impress you lasted a whole afternoon without tearing off his clothes." She could only playfully shrug as the assessment was not even slightly off. "Since you did manage to dampen your normal succubus like urges which I never really thought you could do it does give me hope for an idea I have been tossing around, so I'll lift you from your bond of leaving him alone if you can just follow my lead tonight?"

    Having expected a flat refusal Desiree was giddy in excitement and almost tackled Daisy to the ground in an enthusiastic hug.

    In a bit of a stern tone she adds "Now if you can just maybe tap the breaks even a bit and not go instantly to the speed of light I will be your wing woman and will give you what I know will leave him putty in your hands. Just know that if you make him scared and it comes down to a choice of either him having to leave or you, we will just have to hang out next summer..."

    While not totally happy with the threat made she was self aware enough to admit that it wasn't exactly unwarranted given her track record.


    Right as I was finishing my gaming session I heard the usual loud knocking on my bedroom door letting me know it was time to have dinner, so tossed my headset aside and power down the computer as I go to join the two ladies for the evening meal that I had prepared in advance. As we enjoyed the pleasant meal and engaged in normal small talk with Daisy seemingly trying to act as an icebreaker for me and Desiree. Though more than once did notice that Desiree giving Daisy questioning looks but had know idea what those two were saying with the non verbal cues between each other.

    After finishing the meal with a pleasant voice Daisy asks me "So, was thinking since you are here now with the two of us maybe we should do an old college tradition we had long abandoned since there is little point in playing truth or dare when all players know everything about the others."

    Fidgets a bit as normally it takes a huge about of time before I am able to truly open up with people but since the day had been going very well so far and didn't have my normal urge of slinking back to the solitude of my room I figured it would be rude to not at least play for a bit. Worst case if things got too awkward could politely excuse myself and scurry to the safety of my room.

    The game was surprisingly tame not really going beyond anything in a Pg 13 movie so started to feel very relaxed and my anxiety was almost non existent. Even though I did see was looked like irritated or impatience looks given to Daisy by Desiree. After several rounds It was my turn and Daisy asked truth or dare and since either hadn't been to scary to this point I said "Truth."

    I feel her hand grab mine and gently squeeze in a reassuring manner as she said in a playful tone "What is the thing you try to keep a romantic partner from discovering for as long as you can?"

    My eyes dart to her in an icy and furious glare as I couldn't be more embarrassed or mortified by the subject which I had dreaded opening about it with her though was desperate need of advise so had talked with her in the strictest of confidences. Was so focused on what I viewed as a great betrayal that didn't see Desiree's eyes perk up in excitement.

    With a reassuring caress of my hand she says in a tender voice "Honey don't need to look so cross I know it is a bit of a sneaky way of bringing up the subject but this is the perfect chance to get the opinion of a neutral party, and trust me it is no where near as dire as you think it to be, in fact I am certain some would find it adorable . But if you think it is too far out of bounds will let you pass?"

    Blushing madly I just look straight at the ground between the two women. As tempting it would be just to take the easy way out I did get the non too subtle hints that Desiree was the one that would find it cute and given how well they both knew each other and how much I trust Daisy I decide to go against my normal instincts. So still unable to look into either of their eyes I say for Desiree's benefit "well I normally have to avoid to much person contact because I am horribly ticklish." Gasps in nervous anticipation as I shiver upon saying the word ticklish.

    Desiree grins wide as can be and her hands reflexively form tickle claws as she is about to pounce with this information. Though she is halted in her motion by Daisy's glare as she mouths "slow." So very reluctantly she sits back and says in a tender voice "Why would you need to keep that a secret as what partner wouldn't enjoy having a sure fire way to make their special someone smile and laugh, unless you hate being tickled maybe?"

    Blushes though slowly raises my eyes as had never thought about my ticklishness in that way since I had always viewed it a weakness not an asset. So sensing her sympathetic tone I elaborated saying "while I found it very enjoyable my level of sensitivity tended to turn anything that was meant as an intimate touch into a tickle which ultimately had interfered with most of my attempts with my previous partners. "

    From the side Daisy moves over and gives me a long tight hug saying "I am so proud of you being so open, though see I told you way back then that you should never have to hide who you are from someone, either they accept you or it wasn't meant to be. Trust me when I say that some women would enjoy the challenge of someone as sensitive as you." She gives my side a quick poke and I double over in a giggling spasm. While I still blush like crazy from the attention oddly enough despite some nervousness I am mostly feeling relaxed by Desiree having a similar reaction to my secret as Daisy had. In a sweet voice Daisy says "I am going to go make some tea to enjoy before we start wrapping down the evening either of you care for some?" Both me and Desiree shake our heads no. She smirks saying "Since it might be a bit before I am back if you would be up for taking another turn and doing a dare I would enjoy daring you to keep your bare feet in her lap till I get back."

    My heart starts to race as I very hesitantly and look over to see what Desiree would have as a reaction to the suggestion. As we make eye contact she gives an inviting wink softly patting her lap making tickling motions with her nails in the air.

    Gulps and squirms though after a short pause I let out a nervous giggle saying "Ah what the hell, why not ." While I am busy bending down removing my shoes and socks Daisy silently mouths to Desiree "Slowly increase" to which she nods understanding it to mean the go ahead to increase both tickling and flirting slowly.

    With a playful smile Desiree places an arm to hold my legs on her lap as my feet wiggle in nervous anticipation watching her free hand fingers wiggling. Saying in a sensual tone "Lets see what we are working with here " As her first nail makes contact I let out a startled giggling squeal and my foot twitched back instantly.

    She snickers as she reaches up and rest a hand on my innner thigh and says "Oh very nice , since you were so brave in telling your secret will tell you one of mine which you would find out soon enough anyways, I love ticklish guys so I think we are going to get along great." She slides her hand up slightly up causing me to blush even worse before she quickly removes the hand and goes back to wiggling her fingers in the air near my soles.

    Even with just the lightest of flickers of her nails she has me nearly giggling hysterically and am torn between begging her to stop and encouraging her further. Lets out a surprised squeal as she takes her index finger and starts to drill it between my toes. Without her quick reaction of grabbing my waist I would have falling off the couch. As she reassuringly moves her hand back down my leg to go back to tickling she lets her forearm lightly brush on the outside of my shorts giving a wink to show it wasn't an accident.

    The look on her face sends chills through my entire body as I was stunned that my ticklishness seemed to be aiding a very intimate interaction which in all my previous experience had only hindered such encounters.

    With a teasing tone she says "You ready for more?"

    I smile back and with toes already wiggling happily I say "Yeah go ahead "

    Purring she gets up and guides me into laying face down and lifting my feet up she sits on the back of my thighs and wraps her legs tightly around my calves trapping my soles up in the air. I quiver as with my wiggling I feel an unmistakable wetness against my legs though didn't have long to process the sensation as she fairly aggressively starts scribbling nails over my much more immobile feet. The nails danced happily exploring every inch of very ticklish skin as she sing teases saying "Awe a tickle tickle tickle, who's a ticklish boy?"

    All of a sudden there is a loud sipping noise as Daisy drank her tea she had been standing in the doorway watching for a bit. With a coy smirks on her face she says "Since you two seem to be having more fun than what we could have if we start the game again I think I will leave you two to get better acquainted "

    As Daisy left the room Desiree thought to herself that even she was surprised by her level of restraint since most times had she gotten a fraction of the encouragement to the relatively mild advances by her standards anyways she would have been long since pulling off his shorts and hungerly ravaging his erection. So rather than continuing her enjoyment of having him in such a vulnerable position she releases her grip and sits on the couch allowing me to get up.

    Feeling very comfortable I cuddle next to her and smile saying "You seem to be having as much fun tickling me as I am getting tickled. Forgive my surprise but from my experience most times the reactions is annoyance of it getting in the way of other things."

    She playfully raises her eye brows in a seductive look saying "don't get me wrong the other things are a lot of fun too but there is also something very pleasant about your reactions whether the laughter or your struggling that is exhilarating."

    I blush a fair amount but enjoying not having to feel embarrassed about enjoying being tickled but now that there is a break I became aware of certain bodily functions that need to be a attended to so I excuse myself so I can use the restroom. Though before I return back to the living room I swing by Daisy's bedroom and gently knock on the door. I enter and see her laying under the covers as she is doing some reading in bed. With a bit of a shaky voice I say to her "At first I don't think I could have been more furious setting me up to disclose something that I am normally mortified about though considering how things have been going I am so grateful that you did. So umm was going to go back and see if she wants to tickle me more, but don't want to be inconsiderate so if it interferes with you falling asleep let me know?"

    With a friendly snicker she says "don't worry about that I happen to think you have a very cute laugh that is quite enjoyable to hear . Though just have fun, if it does by chance prevent me from falling asleep there are always my noise canceling head phones."

    Walking back into the living room I see Desiree sprawled out watching some tv though once she sees me she quickly turns it off. In a tone that was both playful and menacing though not sure which was more she smiles saying "It is about time was just thinking should go track you down and punish you for making me wait :P ."

    I gasp slightly as watching the way she wiggled her fingers made me feel weak in the knees. Gulps as I fidget a bit nervous as I sit back down next to her saying "Sorry about that, though I am all yours now."

    With a wicked grin she straddles me and place her weight fully on my lap and she looks toweringly down on me while saying "All mine huh...you think I am that much of a push over to be deterred by a bit of flattery. But suppose I can over look it this time, though at the very least I think your tardiness should cost you that shirt of yours?"

    Gulps but as I feel her hands start to trace around my waist band I give a quick but subtle nod which was followed a split second later by her almost ripping my shirt up over my head and tossing it aside. Her hands fall to rest on top of my shoulders and slowly starts to caress and explore the newly exposed skin. Even though she wasn't even trying to tickle me the sensations were causing a light but steady stream of giggles. With the look of a predator she says "So definitely ticklish on more spots than your feet which is fine with me, can't be such a thing as too many tickle spots "

    With my breathing getting more rapid by the second I raise my arms and lock them behind my head to help resist the natural instinct of blocking tickles. This made her beam happily as her finger tips start to trace and flutter around exploring for all my upper body's tickle spots. Even with both our mutual enjoyment of this I could only suppress my bodies instinct so long as she ramped up exploiting tickle spots like my sides, tummy, or pits. Soon my arms were lowered to try to block what I could though with being largely ineffective I began to thrash and squirm desperately trying to get out from under her assault.

    Though even after what felt like an eternity I did manage to wiggle away and fall to the floor but she eagerly followed and sat down on top of my waist and pinned my arms to my sides with her legs that I almost felt like I was trapped in a vise. My struggling was clearing only enticing her to be more aggressive as despite near constant begging and pleading she was merciless in tormenting tickle spots. Even when during my futile attempts to buck her off her dress lost containment of her massive breasts she didn't take the few moments it would have taken to place them back inside. So they freely swayed bounced and jiggled around while I spasmed in ticklish suffering. Only once she had reduced me to silent laughter and twitching did she finally halt her attack. With a sensual giggle she pretends to just now notice her exposed breasts saying "Oopsie I guess the girls got loose somehow." Watches her very slowly pull the fabric back over them as it was very clear she wasn't in any rush to do so.

    While I lay gasping trying to catch my breath she leans down and gives a tender kiss as she says "I am fairly certain you feel the same way but I know for me this was such a blast. I hope this helps you see that some women can appreciate the immense fun that can be had with a ticklish boy."

    Snickering she says "Sweetie let me help you to bed you look exhausted hehe." I gladly take her caring touch and support as she assists me to my feet stumbles a bit in the now dark house until she places my body slumping down onto bed. Watches her walk away only to see her close the door to the bedroom as she smirks wolfishly as she almost glides back to the bed, looking around I can't help but shiver as I realize this is not my bedroom...

    part 2

    Desiree looks over at my still slumbering body and just smiles wide as can be and with how dead to the world I seem she takes the chance to gently slip her hand under my boxers and gently gropes my ass as she lets out a pleasant moan of contentment. Giggles softly as she admires the result of her handy work even though I could have up mild resistance at that point I had not tried to stop her as she stripped me down to this near naked state. She grins with pride as she recalled how his eyes light up as she had slipped out of her dress and into her nightwear. Laughing softly as she looks at me softly snoring thinking to herself that this might be the first time she has shared a bed with someone and not fucked them delirious.

    Rolling over to look at the time and sees it is well into the morning hours reluctantly she gets out of bed and makes her way to the kitchen. By the table Daisy is relaxing drinking coffee while she browses the local paper. Since she is unsure of the reaction she would get from the actions she took the night before she smiles and says in a hesitant voice looking at the paper "Good morning anything going on?"

    Daisy looks up and smiles at her friend saying "Oh just same shit different day :P . Though what is different and I am extremely impressed by was you not screwing a guy the first day/chance you got."

    Desiree takes a step back as had not expected any level of approval for the events of the night even if there was a bit of a condescending tone to the praise. Though as she thought about it couldn't really be too mad about it but figures she should defend herself a bit saying "Hey I do know what I am good at and enjoy though how do you know I didn't fuck your young friend silly?"

    Daisy continues the mix of playful and insulting banter by saying "Oh honey I know you well enough that there is no way even if sound asleep and wearing noise cancelling head phones that I wouldn't have heard you doing that ."

    Desiree caught off guard by the snarky comments lets out a snorting laugh and gasps "Am I really THAT loud?"

    Daisy giggles saying "Oh god yes you are makes me grateful that you don't live near a graveyard otherwise you could be the cause of the zombie apocalypse."

    While she knows Daisy doesn't mean any real offense by the slight insults one too many had landed home to resist striking back a bit. So with a smirk she says in a proud tone "Well I don't think there is harm in knowing what you have fun with and are good at. Besides how many years has it been since you got laid?"

    Sticking out her tongue Daisy gives a playfully angry look saying "Excuse me for having higher standards than male and breathing though know the first isn't set in stone for you if it has been a while. But yes hearing how much fun the two of you had last night might not be bad to be a bit more like you :P "

    Desiree laughs and says teasingly "Well after all these years maybe it is about time we have a more positive influence on each other with you teaching me a bit of restraint and me helping you loosen up a bit. Though could drag you more to the dark side than you thought and we could both go rock your young friends world right now?"

    With a coy smile Daisy softly laughs saying "Oh I am not going to lie and say that it hasn't crossed my mind more than once. But even with how sweet he is the fact remains that he is still a former student."

    With tender voice Desiree says "Oh darling now I feel horrible I didn't know you liked him otherwise I would never have pursued him like I did. You said the key word in that he is a former student so if you really fancy him I can back off?"

    Biting her lip in sexual tension Daisy softly moans a bit though reluctantly says "Even as tempted as I now am I think you are better for him so he can overcome his almost paralyzing shyness. In just one evening you got him to open up more than I have been able to in the years I have known him."

    Letting out an amused laugh Desiree says "Well there are advantages in taking a hands on approach but that wouldn't have been possible without you having made him comfortable enough to admit his ticklishness to me. Granted while not the normal way I end up with a guy laying exhausted in my bed oddly enough I found it almost as fun. Though if you change you mind about wanting to go after him I would happily let you have him, that or even better yet would enjoy sharing him "

    Bursting out laughing Daisy says "Oh I am not sure either me or him would be ready for that...but maybe one day hehe."

    Grabbing some food for herself and her play thing she smiles to Daisy saying "Just wish you had given me a heads up about his interests would have packed my bondage toys instead of the vibrators. Though suppose can just make due without, either way I expect round 2 to be a knock out."

    Seeing Desiree wiggling her fingers made it clear what she meant by it as she left the room Daisy couldn't help but smile as while she fully expected that Desiree would embrace the idea of tickle torturing her friend, what she and not expected was that hearing his laughing and begging would stir her own inner lust. Shuddering she quickly goes back to her room to find where she had put her vibrator and hopes that she had some fresh batteries around somewhere.


    I was still sound asleep when Desiree returned to the bedroom so she sat down next to me and quietly ate the food she had brought. Once finished she started to work on waking me up by gently running her fingers through my hair. She smirked as even in my sleep I had started to smile and giggle from the light touches. After several minutes of this I did slowly open my eyes and was greeted by the sight of Desiree's ample exposed cleavage inches from my face. Much like the dress she had worn the nightwear barely covered the nipples. My normal reaction would have been to blush and turn away though the tender caress of my face made it clear that she was ok if I stared there.

    I was broken out of my trance by her slipping her fingers into my mouth as she gave me a small bite of food. Suddenly the rumbling of my stomach reminded me of how hungry I was so had another reason to enjoy this sensual experience. After a short while her fingers began to linger longer inside my mouth and she made a sucking motion with her lips. So I began to tenderly in a mix of kissing and sucking motion I began to wrap my lips around her fingers each time they left my mouth. The breakfast we shared left both of us satisfied yet still craving other things at the same time.

    Even though I was enjoying the clear encouragement to gaze over her body part of me couldn't help but to blush a bit while doing so. Though the more we just laid there in silence the more at ease I felt so I began to let my focus drift to somewhere I have always felt self conscious about liking.

    Given how much her cleavage was on display it didn't take long for her to realize that my gaze spent much more time looking at her feet than any other place. So she brushes her hand along my face and saying while wiggling her soles "Ah you have a thing for feet don't you?" I gulp as hearing her say it made me quickly look away out of embarrassment though felt a caring hand turn my head to look into her eyes. With an affectionate tone she says "Don't worry this is one girl that loves when guys have that trait ." I softly moan as she starts to glide the sole of her foot up and down my leg causing my enter body to tingle with pleasurable sensations.

    With a seductive smirk she says "Though I wonder if given the choice between caressing and kissing my feet or these which would you choose?" Gulps as she says the word "these" she reaches and pulls down the fabric covering her breasts freeing them from their confines once more. My body quivers as I am mesmerized by the heavenly vision in front of me though as enchanted as I am by this my eyes also dart lower watching her rub her soles together enticingly.

    With a seductive laugh she playfully giggles saying "Oh I do like you, most guys would have just dived right into my breasts without a second thought, though with so many fun spots that can be explored on a body why limit yourself to just focusing on one place . " With a smirk she places her hands under the substantial heft of her tits lifting them to put them on display as she says "Not that I can entirely blame them for doing so as not to brag too much but I know they are amazing hehe."

    We lay there for a bit as she is enjoying the indecision I am having with the choices she gave as my eyes go back and for between the two spots. My body suddenly spasms as I feel my head being guided forward into one of her breasts. As apparently she became impatient and one of her hands left her breast and is currently gently gripping my hair as she pushes my head to where she wants it. Not expecting this action I briefly try to resist the forward motion she is causing so she grips my hair firmer and turns my head up to look into her eyes. Upon seeing the sweet smile and lustful look that is over her face I end my mild resistance to it and allow her to take the control she wants.

    I get goosebumps as I feel the incredible warmth and softness that is enveloping my face and blushes as I feel her nipple being teased on top of my lips. Since she is using the positioning of my head to now help support the weight of her breast it freed the hand that had busy with that role. So I twitch as I feel the hand being place flat against my side.

    After giving me a few moments to adjust to the fact that she intended to have the hand be at that location the hand slowly moved away only leaving two finger nails on my side. The slow way she did it made me gasp and giggle a bit which accomplished her goal of her nipple slipping deep inside my now wide open mouth. My entire body is tingling as just the two nails resting there has my mind filled with ticklish anticipation. I twist my head up to look up as I hear muffled sounds and upon making eye contact I see she is making puckering sounds with her lips. So a bit shyly I wrap my lips tenderly around the nipple and softly kiss and suck on it.

    The sensation there caused her to start arching her back and moaning softly momentarily losing track of what she was planning to do. Though eventually despite her enjoyment of it she returned to the task at hand.

    I shiver as I feel the fingers resting on my side start to slowly walk and dragging the nails on my ticklish skin. Squirming and giggling softly I make eye contact with her once more having a pleading look from what she is doing to distract me. Without saying anything I see a comforting look in her eyes and as a way of giving encouragement for me to try to overcome the teasing of my side.

    So I give a look of determination and go back to sensually playing with the nipple. Even though it causes me to not be as effective giving her pleasure as I could be she continues to softly flicker her two nails along my side. After a fairly short time she gets used to my reactions and uses a pace that has me almost always on the verge of wanting to pull away and trying to block the tickles. This teasing has me in an almost constant giggling and squirming state though by some miracle does try to continue the loving kissing and sucking of the nipple as I am rewarded by it stiffening from the attention.

    While unsure how long this lasts eventually begin to feel slightly light headed from the lack of air that I am able to take in. Sensing I might pass out soon she stops the tickling and lays down next to me affectionately running her finger through my hair.

    Looks over at her and she has a huge grin as she says "You did very well honey, while it would be a tragedy for you to be any less ticklish than you are since you have such a cute laugh but I think with practice I could help you learn to multi task . Trust me that I would enjoy every moment of helping you see your ticklishness as an asset and not a curse. Will let you recover for a bit though when I get back since I am feeling in a playful mood we can play a game." Watching her leave the room letting out an evil laugh makes me wonder if I should feel dread or delight for whatever she has in store.

    Part 3

    I must have fallen asleep for awhile since when I open my eyes I look over and see Desiree smirking and feels that she has slipped her hand under my boxers and was squeezing and caressing my ass. This causes me to start to blush though no where near as much as I would have just the day before.

    With a sultry laugh she says "I know we haven't known each other long from your view but from my normally habits this might has well be a life time. I think the game I have in mind will really help to open you up but worry once I tell you what it is you might not want to do it. So before I do I want you give me your word that you will listen to all the conditions of it and let the game play out as I want it to."

    Gulps loudly as the intense tone of her voice has me almost terrified yet intrigued at the same time. Unable to find the will to speak I just lay there as she casually fondles my ass.

    Knowing that she is coming across with more intensity than I am likely used to she adds some reassurances to what she is planning by saying "The game will be purposely on the aggressive side since there will be a safe word for ending it though it means doing the consequence when deciding to say it."

    My body trembles as I feel paralyzed unsure how I should respond though after several minutes of silence and the encouragement of the playful expressions she has I decide to throw caution to the wind. With shaky voice I say "Heaven help me but okay I agree..." I am startled by her letting out a delighted squeal that was so loud I nearly rolled out of bed which was only prevented by a quick grip by her holding onto my boxers.

    Standing up she has a dominate look of a huntress as she gleeful explains the game saying "First I know that this is going to push you way out of your comfort zone but that is the whole point. I am in the mood to do some chasing so this will be simple, I will give you a head start by counting to 20 and then I will have to find and tickle the hell out of you. Though if you don't choose to run you loose the option of the safe word and believe me that while I might not have my padded cuffs with me old nylons will work just as well to tie you to the bed and make you more sorry than you have ever been in your life. But since I am sure you will make the right choice and decide to play the game if you want me to stop tickling you all you have to do is say the safe word Queen by which you agree to go ask Daisy if you can kiss her feet."

    My face goes pale as I take time to process everything that was just said though confused by why I wouldn't want to run out of the room but before I have a chance to form the word to the question she answers it for me by quickly yanking off my boxers leaving me completely naked. With eyes as wide as can be in total shock I stammer saying "What what...I ah...no..."
    She merely places the boxers behind her back when I reached for them and with a hungry look and stern voice says "20...19" The tone gets increasing dire sounding so much so that by the time she reaches ten I had bolted out of the room streaking away as her voice gets fainter.

    Having seen the time I know full well where Daisy is as she never misses watching her favorite show in the living room at this time I do my best to stay far away from there. But unfortunately for me Desiree also must have know this since she kept cutting off escape paths and making go closer and closer to there. Became very aware that she was toying with me since if I slowed or tried to evade where she want me to go she gave quick punishing tickles to motivate me.

    Finally couldn't fight the inevitable any longer and had to dart quickly down the path that took me right in front of the tv. The sight of my naked body sprinting in front of the screen made Daisy let out a loud gasp causing me to quickly cover my privates. This feel right in line with Desiree's plan as she took the chance of my slowed running to pounce and tackle me to the ground. Which was followed by a flurry of scribbling nails and tickling squeezes all over my body that I barely process it let alone have hopes of escaping.

    Once she got over the initial shock of having me appear naked in front of her it was her turn to shock me. Even though I really didn't know exactly what reaction to expect from her what she did was something I had never dreamed off. She straightened up and bit and reached over for the remote and turned off the tv smirking happily as could be. My body trembles as this action is so out of character considering she has literally refused to leave her show when there was a tornado warning since she has said watching it off the dvr is not the same as live.

    This made it clear that I couldn't hope for her intervention in what Desiree is doing so just have to try somehow to endure it. My squealing and cackling laughter fills the room as my thrashing body is expertly tormented by skillful tickling fingers. No matter how I thrashed or struggled I was never able to evade the tickling assault so soon had to resort to begging and pleading for mercy.

    Despite my panicked state Desiree just calmly continued pinning me to the floor saying something along the lines of "You know what you need to do to stop this so if you aren't saying the word it must mean you really don't want me to stop."

    Through tear filled eyes I saw Daisy have a confused look not knowing the stakes of the current game but she was having to much fun watching my ordeal to worry about what it was.

    With each passing moment I knew I was getting closer to the embarrassment of making the request of Daisy being less frightening than continuing to endure the ticklish suffering Desiree was inflicting. Even still for a brief moment I had thought maybe I could last until she just got bored and let me go. This hope was dashed as she pinned my arms to my side with her thighs and her calves wrapped under my neck arching my body back. Faced with this relentless frenzy of scribbling nails I finally screamed out "Queen!!!"

    With the barrage of tickling attacks stopped I sprawl out on the floor and breath in as much air as I can. Desiree watches my quivering body with pride considering how much I like being tickled she didn't think she would be able to break me so fast. Meanwhile Daisy felt slightly conflicted since considering she was the reason for me having to endure such prolonged attention on my ticklish body she knew she should feel more guilty about having unleashed Desiree upon me. Maybe part of not feeling very guilty was that she knew I did enjoy being tickled still it was very concerning to her that she got such immense pleasure from watching my frantic laughter and helpless struggling.
    After a fair amount of time laying there recovering Desiree felt I had enough time to get my energy back so she reached over and gave a series of devastating tickling pokes to my side. Once my spasming and laughter subsided I looked over to her and she had a stern and threating look that conveyed a reminder to the condition attached to having said the safe word.

    I squirm nervously as I slowly turn my head to make eye contact with Daisy and meekly say "Daisy?"

    She jumps a bit at the sudden shift of attention to her since she had been enjoying this voyeuristic indulgence. She cautiously responds with a simple "Yes?"

    Unable to maintain eye contact for asking this question my eyes gaze absently at a spot on the floor as I shyly say "Daisy may I...ummm would you be....can I kiss your feet?"

    Her face gets flushed and starts to fidget as she reflexively slides her bare feet underneath her. This got an immediate playful glare from Desiree as a way to say that she has gift wrapped this chance so don't dare pass it up.

    Daisy's thoughts race as she ponders how she should respond to the request. While she is hit with a flood of emotions the two major competing ones are guilt and desire. Even though it felt like a life time to her in a few seconds she decided on a course of action. Knowing that she wanted to help me confront my shyness it would be hypocritical to let her own concerns and shyness get in the way of what has been amazing progress. Thinking to herself saying "Fuck it so what if he used to be a student we are both consenting adults and that should be all that matters."

    So starting with a voice that fluctuated with unsteadiness though morphed into confidence she said "I ummm....yeah ah....okay sure yes that sounds lovely cutie."

    Watching her shift her feet out from under her as she lays stretched out on the couch as her soles wiggle and flex invitingly. My body trembles a bit as the part of me that thought maybe she would just politely say no thanks had those hopes dashed. As I crawled over to position kneeling at her silky and soft looking soles I give myself a pep talk by saying that it is too late to back out now I just had no choice but to do this. Though something deep down had to correct that thought in that more accurately while maybe it could be a slim possibility to find a way to not have to kiss her feet so there was a level of choice in it. Blushes bright red as I say to myself that more truthfully would be that I want to do this.

    Leaning in hesitantly my lips make a single tender kiss on the inside of her arch as I do so I listen carefully for her reaction to it as even though I have always had a thing for women's feet had never felt brave enough to ask to be able to kiss them instead was more than happy to longingly caress any that I was lucky enough to get the chance to.

    Hearing the pleasant gasp she makes and seeing the flexing of her sole makes her enjoyment of this clear, that added to the stirring I feel below my waist helps build confidence to continue with this course of action.

    It doesn't take long for what would be best described as timid affectionate kisses to become sensual passionate kisses. Her content purring reinforces the feeling I am doing good at this so my lips continue effortlessly to glide and explore every inch of her delightful bare feet from her soft heels to cute wiggling toes. Was so lost in my enjoyment of this that wasn't entirely aware of the effect I was having on Daisy. Though as my lips wrapped lovingly around one toe at a time and slowly kiss and sucked at them it became to much for her and her body spasmed tightened and then her body arched sky high as she let out a glass shatteringly loud climactic scream leaving her body twitching in pleasure.

    This unexpected development was suddenly more than I could take so as I looked around mortified I quickly got up stammering saying "I ummm I....am late for a guild raid..." I sprint naked off to my room.

    After enjoying every second of my naked scramble Desiree sweetly laughs as she watches the growing wetness spread over her friends groin and says with a sultry tone "God what a nerd "

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    If I had to choose, I'd have to pick Tickle Club simply because there's so much you can still do with it. So many Roleplays you could use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ea4g View Post
    If I had to choose, I'd have to pick Tickle Club simply because there's so much you can still do with it. So many Roleplays you could use.
    thank you for the input. Currently debating which story I want to work on while I have time and motivation, would say currently the two front runners are truth or dare and the mommy book club. Though for the mommy book club had been toying around with an idea that Lydia would refer me to a similar club that faced a last minute cancelation of their "guest" maybe in a foreign country but haven't any plans set in stone for that one yet.

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    Thanks for your comment on my story, and I'll return the gesture..

    Really liked this one — I not only enjoyed the tickling action, but the entire scenario/set-up.

    Ea4g is right — "Book Club" offers plenty of possibility for different scenes/predicaments. But I think there is still some places you can take "Truth or Dare." Daisy and your male character are still a little embarrassed/self-conscious about what they enjoy. Maybe Desiree could continue to push them both towards each other?

    Just a suggestion...

    Whatever you decide, I like your stories and will continue to read them as long as you continue to post them.

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    Fine story! I love the detailed description of F/m tickling.
    As to what to write next, I vote for Truth or Dare.
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