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    Alan's Tickling Initiation M/M

    Alan had contacted me on line and said he was married and happily but always had a fantasy about being 'Mummified' so immobilised and under another man's control. Describing himself 6'1" and slim as he swam regularly to keep him in trim, he told me size 12 feet when asked and noted a slight hesitancy but skipped over this and asked him any scenarios he had in mind and he said that he might be a teacher who was threatening to see about me being excluded from graduation as my work was not up to the standard he insisted upon and thought it sounded a cool idea so arranged to meet the 34yr old when he finished work as an I.T. Managing Consultant.

    Alan arrived as arranged and great to find unlike many guys he was not a 'Faker' as so many are or perhaps excuse the pun they suffer from 'cold feet' and the fantasy preferable to the reality which is more often the case but invited in he admitted to me that he was nervous but at the same time intrigued and excited and within an hour of arrival had stripped to socks as instructed and was secured to the bondage bed in saran wrap, secured. I replaced his shiny black loafer shoes on his feet once he was and he felt thrilled to be living his fantasy out and wondered what was going to happen to him if anything?

    I smiled at him as I blindfold him saying that he would experience any sensation magnified this way and he nodded and I then gagged him and told him that I remembered his seemingly hesitant when he'd told me his shoe size and when securing his feet noticed a slight flinch and he was threatening my future so I having to convince him this not being a good idea and I moved to the end of the bed. I smiled as he flinched again as only his head and feet exposed I secured the custom cuffs to his ankles and then began the role play.

    "So Mr. James here you are secured, helpless and vulnerable and threatening to ruin my chances of graduation which isn't very nice is it Sir, it's been hot today hasn't it Sir and on your feet all day in classes reckon your feet need an airing, like these shoes Sir; loafer style so yeah look how easily they slip off; oh I thought so Sir; sweaty feet and big feet, says size 12's Mmmm smell like feet too Sir!" I said as I sniffed inside each shoe.

    Mummified and gagged Alan was helpless but shouted into the gag “MMMMPPPHH”

    "You know Sir I will tell you a secret; I have been fixated on your feet in class, seen how under your desk you have slid your feet out of your shoes, wiggled your toes in always the same styled socks, black nylon and lusted after them, wanted to grab them and enjoy them in all ways imaginable and hoped that your feet were ridiculously sensitive so tickling them would be unbearable, that seriously you'd really hate your feet being tickled so that even the slightest touch destroyed your defenses so a ticklish assault being tortuous in the extreme and here you are now secured and helpess and your vulnerable feet facing me!"

    "Mmmm Whooh they sure smell like feet Sir, that's a bonus Sir as feet ought to smell like feet!"


    "Oh right in agreement with me on that are you; that's good Mr. James Sir!" I mocked him as I was content to just stare at the large black socked feet which smelled awesome and let him worry about what was going to happen, keeping him in suspense and seeing his socked toes wiggling and he even slightly rubbing socked feet together in his anxiousness!

    I told him that I had a real fixation, obsession for feet; only men's feet and particularly straight men's feet as more likely to not have had them played with; certainly by another man and that for me they were much more exciting than a guy's dick and certainly his ass which were of little interest to me at all, the latter in fact of none at all! Alternatively a pair of feet had my own 7" rock hard in seconds, the look of them, the smell of them, the taste of them an instant turn on! I could sense that this information making Alan feel very uneasy but he'd wanted to be controlled, dominated so he would be; my way! I taunted him blowing on each socked foot and even this got a flinching reaction from him to my pleasure and delight!

    "Seems to me Sir that your feet are as hyper-sensitive as I had hoped so this is going to be fun and you can only blame yourself for having ticklish feet, hyper-sensitive feet and I'm a super fan of enforced tickling and merciless Sir and itching to punish you in a way that leaves no tell tale signs but this experience being a justified nightmare you invited happening and one you won't forget!"

    I loosened the gag a little as I wanted to hear him suffer as I told him and immediately Alan saying " sto-o o-op, please!"

    I hadn't even started and here he was asking me to stop so I knew or could imagine how ticklish he was but didn't initially tickle his feet but fondled and massaged them both still socked, having been a masseur with an instinct how to touch to gain the result I want and initially love massaging both feet, getting a feel of their warmth, their natural moistness and having them in my control, fondling the socked toes, squeezing them gently and knowing as I say for straight guys usually a first time experience and some enjoying the sensuality but others like Alan feeling awkward and ill at ease which played perfectly into the scenario he had suggested.

    It was evident though Alan feeling very uneasy with me handling his feet so made sure as I did so that I leaned close to them and smelled them and told him how horny his feet were making me and excited made me a wicked tickler but he was here to pleasure me, to serve my satisfaction and guaranteed that he would fulfill his purpose! I continued with my exploration of his feet so indulging in gently massaging his arches using my fingertips gave his soles a teasing workout and sensing his immediate sensitivity to my touch. I could see his toes wiggling and curling in his socks in reaction to my ministrations! I massaging each socked foot sensing them getting even hotter and so much more sensitive.

    I then peeled off each sock ignoring muffled protests and telling him that he having a very attractive pair of feet and they smelled really raunchy and ran a finger along the sole of each newly bared foot and heard a muffled moan as I knew he was trying to stifle his urgency to laugh and assured him that I was going to enjoy lots of foot fun with him and again ran a finger along the bare sole of each foot!

    "Mr. James Sir you playing being tough Sir I like that but going to have you laughing like a loon Sir you can count on it, I'll be taking my time so you learn your lesson Sir, you are my tickle toy Sir!" I said as I caressed his right bare sole with more fingers from the heels to under his toes so right along his helpless sole and smiled as I heard the response "Mmmfffff" from him as he began losing control with muffled laughter!"

    "Does that tickle"? I asked seeing his feet flinching and proceeded to stroke his bare left foot the same way and asked again if it tickled and he responding "AAH! stop!"

    "Does that tickle?"? I asked him again and stroking both bare soles simultaneously and Alan's answering.

    "Yes, stop HAHHAHAHAHA, yes it tickles Stop HHAHAHAHA!"

    I smiled seeing his bare toes wiggling and saying for me this being a sight for sore eyes and continued teasing his bare feet with experienced fingers as his toes wiggled and feet squirmed to be free from the agonising tickling he was being subjected to and I assured him that this was only a teasing beginning!

    "“MMMMMMMMPPH ”Stop ti-i-ickling my f-f-feet.Ple-e-e-easeHAHAHEEHEEHAHAHA!" he begged roaring with laughter when 'Bzzzzz' he felt the rotating bristles of the electric toothbrush connect with the bare right sole of his foot and I smiled watching him squirm as he clearly couldn't believe, much less handle what was happening and being helplessly mummified and gagged did nothing to ease his predicament!

    "Oh Mr. James Sir you're so unbelievably ticklish Sir, this must be a hellish endurance for you Sir, torture Sir

    “NOOOMMMMMPPPPHHHAHAHHAAHAMMMMMPPPPPPPHAHAHAH A” Alan yelled helplessly into the gag, his toes wiggling frantically as each foot in turn and then simultaneously were exposed to the malicious tickling from the sonicare and I assuring him that I was not feeling merciful but loving being in complete control of him and determining his level of ticklishness!

    “MMMMPPPPH MMMPPPH MMMMPPPPHAHAHAHHAA MMMMPPPPHH” he yelled as he squirmed and was sweating from the ticklish ordeal and I stopped inflicting the insidious tickling Alan immediately breathed deeply as he regained his breath from the ordeal

    I told Alan that I loved the feel of his feet and how smooth they both were as I indulged in massaging them saying that his idea of a scenario was perfect and how great it was his feet were so fucking ticklish even seeing them reacting to my massaging them and deliberately lightened my touch to add teasing into the mix and then licked the right sole and then the left smiling as he shuddered as I deeply inhaled his rich, masculine foot stink and licked the toes of each foot and nibbled them. In my mouth loving the suppleness of his toes as he moaned clearly being horribly licklish which only added to my delight! I slid my tongue in between each of his toes so eventually both feet thoroughly lubed with my saliva!

    "Don't HAHAHAAHA stop nooo HAHHAHA" Alan moaned as I worked my teeth and tongue all over both of his feet, his soles and arches especially as this really got to him. I pressed both my face into both of his bare soles together, using my tongue lickle the length of them as I savoured their smell and taste!

    I then gagged him a little tighter and employed using the sonicare again and “MMMMMMMMPPPHH” Alan's instant reaction which he could not stop happening as well as being helpless to escape the tortuous bristles easily sliding over both of the thoroughly saliva lubed soles of his feet ”MMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHH” Alan yelled “MMMMPPPHH MMMMMMMMM”

    "Oh Sir you're becoming a real sweaty mess, is the tickling driving you crazy Mr. James Sir, your feet as tasty as I have always imagined them being Sir and you as insanely ticklish on your feet as I hoped and Sir the other lads in class will think it funny your feet are ticklish and imagine a group of us teasing the fuck out of you Sir; maybe even stripping you off and finding you ticklish everywhere Sir. Feather tickling is tormenting done properly as it is so light and teasing and imagine say me with your feet and another lad feathering your virgin asshole and another your dick and balls Sir and others your inner thighs and armpits Sir!"

    I then treated Alan to the feel of a feather and drew the feather up n' down the sole of each foot and loving his instant reflex reaction at the unexpected tickling happening and then sawed the feather tendrils in between each of his toes and thrilled by his reactions which increased when I then used the quill end of the feather and dew it slowly up n' down the length of each sole and then stopped and licked them both to taste them again and so the quill slid along them more menacingly and took sadistic delight in forcing Alan to endure the prolonged tickling sensations on his super-sensitive ticklish soles.

    "Oh Mr. James your feet are so ticklish, so so ticklish tickle, tickle, tickle!" I teased Alan verbally as I increased the pace and pressure on the soles of his feet so his ticklish reactions increased as the intensity of the tickling escalated and I then orally enjoyed his feet which is a must for me and delivered excruciating lickles to Alan and especially nibbling his toes and grazing my teeth along the soles of his feet and his arches particularly! I could tell he hated my tongue work as I making it sensual and intimate so for him a feeling of rape as I moaned as I told him they were so tasty, so appealing and smelling amazing! I indulged in licking and sniffing them both as he moaned in frustration.

    Then stopped and 'Bzzzz' brushed them all over again now they were so saliva lubed as to prove hellish for him to endure as he let me know

    "HAAAAA HAHAHAHA!" and all he could do was move his head and wriggle his feet as I watched him indulging in futile attempts to escape and then slowly ran my fingers the length of his soles from his heels to under his toes. I loosened the gag again and taunted him verbally

    "Oh Sir Mr. James Sir does this tickle Sir, has Mr. James got ticklish feet I think he has haven't you Sir and our secret if Sir does what I tell him or I tickle Sir senseless, run my fingers up n' down Sir's soles again and again and again from heels to toes so Sir is trapped in ticklish agony and maybe wets himself


    I then cut a hole in the saran wrap where Alan's dick and balls were located and fondled him to get him hard and then stroked his erect dick and balls with the feather and once hard then lickled and tickled his feet to lose his erection and told him that for a while I was going to make sure he was expertly teased and tormented which I indulged in doing for another 2 hours!

    Do you wish that I would stop Sir? Do you Mr. James? Tickle, tickle, tickle. I'm not going to stop Sir. Oh, no. I'm just going to tickle your poor defenseless feet and excite your dick and balls Sir Tickle, tickle, tickle. Tickle, tickle, tickle and Sir You'll be even more ticklish on your feet when I've let you cum but that's not yet Mr. James Tickle, tickle, tickle and using my mouth, my fingers, the sonicare and the feather to tickle, tickle, tickle, and tickle, tickle you insane! You're here to suffer for me and be tickled. Tickle, tickle, tickle! Sir!"

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