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    Nov 2002
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    Welcome to the Neighborhood part 1 F/m

    This is an fictional adult F/m story; if you don't like that, don't read it. All of the characters in this story are over 18 years old.

    As always I look forward to comments, so if you enjoy the story please post your thoughts on it.

    Amie leans back in her chair and thinks to herself I should get to work soon, but advantages of having an online job was she could be very flexible when she wanted to since she was her own boss. So feeling like having her urges satisfied before hand would make a productive work session more likely she reached for a corded vibrator that she preferred since it offered much stronger settings than the battery type.

    She quickly browsed to find what offerings of her favorite fetish videos were available and with luck she saw an intriguing f/m tickling video. Placing her surround sound headphones on and hitting play she hears the sound of a guys rapid shallow breath and she smirked. While due to the unique area she lived more often than not wouldn't have to worry about neighbors being bothered, but the sounds on what she viewed as an amazing purchase could make rivaled much large speaker systems.

    It was during an economic boom that she bought a house on the site of a new housing division. Though shortly after the second house was completed the developer went bankrupt and further houses never appeared. In fact the project collapsed so fast that after running short of lumber for making fences for a back yard they used what they had and made one big shared fence for both houses rather than two separate ones. Over the years she had though about just finishing it herself but typically the companion house was empty so there wasn't much point.

    Her eyes rolled back and her body trembled as this video was better than most having very strong reactions to the tickling in terms of laughter and struggling. Which added to the vibrator she soon was erupting into gasping moans while she grinded her hips and exploded in blissful climax.

    While she hadn't exactly given up on the idea of finding a soul mate that could share her passion since for her tickling ranked much higher than sex on what she needed from a partner. Whether it was random hook up or an attempt at a more serious relationship so far none had been able to give her what she longed for. So during the frequent droughts she was glad for this form of release so her thoughts weren't overwhelmed with unmet yearnings.

    Slipping on a robe over her nude body she went over to the window to her balcony and opened the curtains greeted by the blinding flash of morning light. Stepping outside she breathed deep and loved the faint floral scent coming from a nearby field. There was a sudden yelp and squealing laugh so she darted her head around thinking she forgot to close the porn site, though seeing the blank screen she turn back around and saw the source of the noise.

    Her eyes went wide an blushed as on the other houses balcony she saw the curtain was open and with door opened to the screen she could hear inside almost as clear as being in the room. Maggie the most recent neighbor that had been there about a week was landing some playful tickle attacks on a guy in swimming trunks that looked to be about twenty. While they had only meet briefly she would have thought that if she had a son with her that would have been mentioned but couldn't rule it out one way or another.

    Not wanting to appear too creepy she quick grabbed a book and sat down with gaze just above the book as not even the best erotic novel could keep her attention as much as what she was watching. As the guy was cornered into falling onto a bed she began to relax as they seemingly didn't notice her here, that or they didn't care.

    Seeing him laying on the bed for a while as Maggie had left the room she worried that maybe this had just been a case of a son being a smart ass and the mom briefly tickling in retaliation. Smirking as she saw Maggie come back with a hand full of nylons and tying his arms and legs to the bed. This made the odds of them being mother and son very unlikely, though suppose not impossible. Either was she wasn't going to let this voyeuristic opportunity pass her by so she sat back and tried to seem focused on the book in front of her.

    What she witnessed was no where near as an intense of tickling as in the video she had just watched. Though doubt it was from a lack of ticklishness as just the lighter tickles of his feet or pokes of his side left him giggling and spasming as much at the binds allowed. In fact he seemed to be one of the more ticklish guys she had seen in real life or porn. Maggie did tickle for almost an hour but alternated in the light to medium intensity with only short bursts of aggressive tickles. Amie purrs to herself as she knows having him in such a position she would have pushed much harder.

    Much to her disappointment after the hour the guy was untied though she waited with held breath to see what his reaction would be after getting free. He eventually stood up and gave Maggie a long embrace though really wasn't clear if it was platonic or romantic which left her wondering who the guy was.


    Her curiosity about what she had witnessed made her spend much more time in the room with the curtain open than she normally would have. Unfortunately over the next several days there wasn't a repeat of those events though had managed to get some time seeing him naked as he had changed a few times forgetting to close his curtains. Even though she felt a bit stalker-ish she couldn't help but watch for a chance to casually talk with either him or Maggie.

    During mid afternoon one day she saw him walking out into the back yard in the same swimming trunks and swim around in one of the matching pools. So after a short inner struggle about what she should do she quick changed into a bikini and went into the back yard to do some sun bathing.

    As I walked out he noticed me and politely waved a bit to which I returned it, while nothing too overt the way his gaze lingered indicated he enjoyed what he saw. I laid there soaking up the rays for several minutes before heard him splash up toward where I was laying and struck up conversation.

    With a sweet smile he said "Hi there neighbor, see you are enjoying the weather too."

    Doing my best not to sound to eager I reply "Oh yeah most pleasant indeed. Great chance for getting a light tan, granted dislike having tan lines but doubt your mom would approve if I were to sun bath nude?" Lets out a playful giggle so it could seem as a joke if it would have offended him.

    He flinches briefly before saying "What Maggie? No she isn't my mom just an old family friend of my late parents."

    With sympathetic voice Amie says "Awe sorry to hear that, tragedy to lose parents at a young age what are you like 20?"

    In a charming voice he replies "Thanks, it is ok it has been a while so have adjusted well, and good guess just turned 19 a while ago."

    Resisting the urge to smirk but in her mind she said score! With compassion she says "Either way sorry for your loss."

    With a soft laugh he says "Thank you, but to answer your other question Maggie as always been the flower child type, free love and all that even though she wasn't from the 60's so doubt she'd care about you nude sun bathing one bit. It is your private property after all...or semi private anyway. If you want to I can always give you your privacy and come back later?"

    With a coy laugh she says "You have every right to be back here as me...how about this if it doesn't bother you will just go topless?"

    In a tone that seemed a bit flirty he said "Why should it bother me having a beautiful woman going topless?"

    Slightly blushes as given the opening I went for it undoing the back string and rolling face up giving a nice view of my breasts. With his smile spreading over his face he definitely approves of the new view. So with things going better than expected decides to push my luck slightly and says "Since you seem to be a fairly open person I hope this doesn't go too far, but you have a great laugh."

    With a puzzled look he goes "Laugh?"

    Smirks slightly saying "Umm yeah, a few days ago was doing some reading and saw you getting tickled really good by Maggie."

    He gasps and blushes saying "Oh god sorry about that, I didn't even think about if anyone else was around it kind of just happened as spur of the moment thing."

    Hoping to play the right balance of playful but interested I asked "Oh it didn't bother me at all, would enjoy hearing about how it happened if you are ok talking about it?"

    Still blushing a bit he clears his throat and says "Well we were watching tv and the signal died so after a quick call to customer service found it would be a few hours. So she said she was feeling nostalgic for the days she used to babysit me and asked if I wanted to play board games. Don't know what possessed my to say it but thinking about how much fun I used to have with it when I was growing up asked if she would want to tickle me instead. She shrug then lunged at me and tickled happily until I had spasmed nearly kicking her in the head. So she said I was no longer a kid any more and if I wanted to be tickled for her own safety she would have to tie me down..."

    Hearing him retell it made me fairly sure at how fast Maggie had suggested bondage that she was at least kinky leaning if not into tickling herself. With a soft laugh she says "Well hope it isn't too forward and offends you, but I for one would enjoy it if your tv goes out more often ."

    He let out a nervous laugh blushing as he said "Thanks I guess..."

    I became a bit worried as he went back to swimming that I misread the situation, though he didn't leave right away and after an hour he gave a friendly wave good bye.


    Was later that evening feeling conflicted about my interaction with Amie and guess I was very lost in thought that Maggie picked up on something being on my mind. So she asked with concern "What's wrong?" I proceed to tell about my interactions and as I told about the events she playfully laughed a bit several times.

    As I finished she let out a snicker saying "Oh, I think someone was crushing on you hard. Though from the sound of it you didn't seem to mind it much so what's the problem?"

    Not expecting that reaction from her I say "Well hadn't planned on being here long so don't think things would work out."

    Maggie bursts out laughing saying "Honey, you are very young yet but trust me it is much better to try and have something fail than wonder what if. I enjoy your company so you are more than welcome to stay as long as you want if things go well. Would be more than willing to play the role of cupid if you would be willing to trust me?"

    With a puzzled look I ask "How so?"

    Even though we are alone, for dramatic effect she leans in and whispers into my ear. I gasp and blush like crazy as she tells what she has planned though after a very long pause I smile and say "I am in."


    Feeling butterflies in my stomach as I walk to my room as I think this is much more complicated than it needs to be though has to admit will surely confirm if Amie is into me as Maggie suspects. With racing heart and standing in my boxers I knock on the door window of the balcony and Amie's curtain opens wide. I wave playfully then move the bed to be in much clearer view for her then open the door so the screen is still closed. Gulps then loudly says "Maggie can you come in here?"

    Seeing Amie's eyes light up she darts out and returns with a book sitting casually as she smirks at me.

    Maggie enters and smiles saying "What do you need?"

    Even knowing this is a performance of sort that I want to do, I still can't help but whisper it in embarrassment.

    Whether good or bad Maggie doesn't have such inhibitions so she smiles wide and eagerly says "You want me to tickle you again? Oh sure I would love to, will be right back"

    Doing as I was told I lay in a position to be facing Amie so I can watch her reactions to what is about to unfold. With a nervous smile I gulp seeing Amie's body perk up and she leans forward at Maggie's return. While I can't see what Maggie has I know what it is, so the lust I see Amie have for bondage cuffs used to hog tie makes my body tingle with pleasure.

    I feel my arms being slipped into something that feels like long sleeves that go half way between my shoulder and elbows. As the straps are tightened and spacer bars are secured into place I am surprised at how comfortable they felt. Oddly also felt relaxed and safe even though a bit unsure if this will work how Maggie said it would. My legs get pulled back and placed into padded cuffs which are secured to the bars at my wrists. I am torn between wanting to watch what is about to happen and seeing how Amie reacts.


    Not wanting to give away yet that she was in on this little show she was about to put on she made sure not to look out the window at the eager observer instead made some sideways glances at a mirror that showed Amie grinning wide "reading" a book. Knowing she had an audience made her want to impress, so rather than the light playful approach she had when he was tied in nylons she dug in wildly to his worse spots.

    She was rewarded with frantic squeals of laughter as he tried to form words to beg. Proudly giggling to herself as she was sure he hadn't expected this but since he was in proper bondage now she didn't have to hold back to prevent improvise restraints from hurting him. Her nails expertly wiggled and scratched against his sides and into his ribs while his body trembled though held in place by the hog tie he couldn't really protect any place she felt like attacking.

    Despite how much fun she was having keeping him so overwhelmed that he couldn't form words she also knew that a fun part of tickling is to hear the person beg so reluctantly she eased up enough for him to regain his composure.

    Through tear filled eyes and between laughing fits he started to plead for mercy "AUNT MAGGIE STOP!!!....NOOO MORE!!!...IT'S HELL!!!...AUNTIE MERCY!!!???"

    The way he said her honorary title of auntie and squirmed made her have second thoughts about this whole plan. Though not in the way he might have hoped, she was getting so turned on by his reactions she almost wanted to forget playing matchmaker and keep him for herself. But she told herself a deal is a deal so if at the end he still wanted to be set up with Amie she would do it. She almost hoped he didn't because in this position she could be very persuasive about reasons to be with her.

    Having done a good warm up on the appetizer of his upper body she was ready for the main course so she scribbled fingers frantically all over his soft bare soles. Almost any technique she used was devastating on his helplessly trapped feet. Whether it was harder scratches to his arches or drilling nails between the toes he was in a near constant state of cackling and howling laughter.

    The expression time flies when you are having fun was really very true as it had been nearly 2 hours and he had long since been reduced to silent laughter. Since he was on the verge of passing out I relented and gave him some time to recover while curled up next to him waiting for him to make eye contact. After several minutes when he did I softly whispered "Do you still want me to set you up with Amie?"

    With raspy voice he smiles and says "Yes."

    With a snicker I reply "Ok, and don't worry I will buy you more."

    Before I could ask what she meant I felt her grab at my boxers and rip the down the seams. Walking over to the window she playfully waved at Amie and held up the tattered remains like a trophy with a paper that had her number on it. She gestured and mouthed call me as she held up a paper with her number. The sight of her frantically typing in the number made Maggie smirk wickedly.

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    Wonderful story! I would love to be in his place.
    Looking forward to part two.
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    You aim to please, and you succeed!

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    Good story. Took a moment to realize different ppl were talking but it works well.
    Hmmm, perhaps Maggie and Amie will become very close ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by milagros317 View Post
    Wonderful story! I would love to be in his place.
    Looking forward to part two.
    ty, would also enjoy being in the characters position as well. Part 2 might be a while as am finishing up a chapter of a new fantasy series then going to try to get around to a part 8 of the vacation series though no eta on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottirish View Post
    You aim to please, and you succeed!

    Thank you, always nice to hear people enjoy the stories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nibblerinde View Post
    Good story. Took a moment to realize different ppl were talking but it works well.
    Hmmm, perhaps Maggie and Amie will become very close ...
    Thanks glad you enjoyed it. Yeah while at times in some of my stories I have bounced around telling the story from different points of views, though was used much more in the truth or dare story and I kind of like it as a way to better develop the ticklers. I recently have been trying to use "..." as indicators for either change of perspective or different scenes.

    While have some ideas for how a part 2 would go usually try to wait a bit for feedback on a story incase something would spark an idea I hadn't thought of.

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    Nice start to a new series! Looking forward to more.

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    I love your stories
    I sent you a private note. Please take a look

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    Had to take a break due to real-world life stuff, but wow...what a story to come back to. I would love for Amie to get her claws into him, and also be his girlfriend. Please continue!!
    Last edited by zigzag; 07-11-2018 at 12:28 PM.

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