Note: OK, I knew this is not my best work, but I've been sick today.

A few months has past since I helped Amber take her revenge on Stacy. I had also helped them out a bunch since.

Stacy had yet to make good on her threat to get me, however. It had all but slipped my mind, until...

It was 8 o'clock in the morning, I had just finished eating breakfast. When my phone rang, I answered. It was Stacy.

She said that one of her pipes burst, and she had water everywhere. I agreed to come over and help.

I rushed around the house, grabbing the tools I might need, and then I was out the door.

It was a warm fall day. The sun and the breeze worked together.

When I arrived at Stacy's, I knocked on the door. In a few seconds, it opened. There stood Stacy and Amber, clothes dripping wet, clinging to their ever curve.

"I had a bit of a flood" Stacy said, grabbing me by the hand and leading me into the kitchen. A flood was an understatement, the floor was under two inches of water.

After some checking around, Stacy informed me that she thought the main cut-off was underneath the house. Which meant, I had to ask where the crawl space was.

The girls both giggled, and I knew what they were thinking.

Stacy led me out to the entrance to crawl space. It looked a bit too small for me, but I decided to give it a try.

I got down on all fours, which made the girls giggle again. I crawled in to the small door with little difficulty. But, I was only half way in, when I felt one of my belt loops snag on a nail.

I tried to unhook myself, but I didn't have enough room to bend my arms back.

"Girls, a little help" I said "I'm stuck"

I knew, as soon as I said that, that I had messed up. In seconds, I felt my shoes being removed. Then the socks.

"Girls, no! " I said, trying my best to sound strict. I heard them giggle, and, in seconds, felt fingers and nails all over my, now bare, feet.

Now, my feet are really ticklish. It was the one secret that I never wanted the girls to know.

Now, I'm stuck in a crawl space, while my feet are under a tickling assault.

To my relive, the tickling doesn't last for long, and I start to hear the girls whispering.

I feel a hand slide past my leg, and unhook my belt loop from the nail.

Now that I'm undone, I go about my business. When I crawl out, I see both girls standing there. They take me by the hands and pull me to the bedroom.

They push me down on to the bed, and start stripping off their clothes. I got to admit, I'm not hating the show.

After they are both nearly naked, just in their panties. They began to take off my clothes. Stacy, pulling the shirt over my head, and Amber, working my pants off.

I don't fight them, but am surprised when my shirt and pants become restraints, tied at my wrists and ankles.

They push me to a laying down position.

Amber crawls on the bed, and straddles my lap, while Stacy takes position at my feet.

I'm not going to lie, I love the view that Amber is giving me.

All of a sudden, both girls start tickling me, Stacy at my feet, Amber at my tummy and ribs.

I can't help but think the whole pipe bursting story was a lie.