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    Carmelita Fox captured by the Tickle Thieves (Sly Cooper)

    A story based on the Sly Cooper video games, Inspector Carmelita Fox has a plan to catch the world famous thief however she ends up being tickle tortured for the night instead!

    Carmelita Fox & Sly Cooper belong to Sony Computer Entertainment

    Carmelita Fox captured by the Tickle Thieves
    By MrObscura101

    It was a warm night in the city as Inspector Carmelita Fox checked her watch
    “7.30, he should be here soon...” she thought to herself, she was in her apartment preparing a sting operation to finally capture the world famous thief Sly Cooper, for the past month she had leaked a rumour that a new ancient relic worth millions was being secretly brought into the city for the local museum and only she knew the full details. Knowing that this would draw Sly out to see her she would keep him there until a SWAT team positioned in the apartment opposite could burst in and capture him.

    Carmelita checked on the dinner she was cooking as part of the stalling tactic before going into her room to change out her normal police outfit and into a backless red dress with a long slit down the right leg and black open toe high heels while her long blue hair was tied in a pony tail that went down to the small of her back
    “This should distract him long enough!” she thought as she checked herself out in the mirror with a smile “But just in case...” she continued as she placed her shock pistol inside a drawer ready to use if needed. Soon she had finished making dinner and was seated at the dining room table with her back to the window waiting, her ears pricked up as she heard the lock being sprung and then a breeze as the bay windows opened
    “Well well well, Mr Cooper I presume?” she said confidently as she turned to face her guest but was shocked to see someone else standing there.

    Instead of Sly stood a large figure, a muscular female leopard clad in a black bodysuit with a mask covering the lower part of her face
    “Sorry Inspector but wrong!” the intruder answered as she drew a stun blaster from her holster, Carmelita instinctively moved for her hidden gun but wasn’t quick enough to avoid being blasted in the back sending her crashing to the floor before passing out. Once she was down the leopard woman walked over and proceeded to handcuff her hands behind her back and ankles together before tying a blindfold around her eyes and gagging her with a cloth. Once the Inspector was secured the leopard tapped her earpiece
    “All good to go, is exit clear?” she said softly
    “Oh yeah, that SWAT team never knew what hit them once we pumped knockout gas into the room through the vents, now their sleeping like babies!” came a voice from one of her teammates
    “Excellent, in that case let’s get back to base!” the leopard responded as she picked up Carmelita’s unconscious body before carrying the Inspector over her shoulder and going back to the window. She grabbed metal cable and rappelled down to the street to a waiting van
    “Great job!” Said a lioness sitting in the driver’s seat
    “Everything went according to plan” she replied as the door opened again and a female cheetah climbed inside. The leopard then looked down to their sleeping prize “Now let’s get her back to base!” and the van sped off into the night

    “Cooper...you’re under arrest...” Carmelita said sleepily as she slowly regained consciousness to find herself definitely not in her home but rather a large empty warehouse
    “What the heck?!” she cried out as she found herself seated in a metal chair, her arms locked to the armrests by padded cuffs and her legs placed on a table before her with her ankles and knees tied down to it with ropes
    “Welcome to our base!” came a voice that she recognised from the one who had stunned her, she turned and saw three felines and a female macaw sitting at a table playing cards
    “Who are you? And why am I here?” she demanded
    “You are here to help us Inspector” came a voice, Carmelita looked forward and saw a female chameleon appear before her “My name is Athena and I am leader of this gang”
    “Do you realise how much trouble you’re in for kidnapping a police officer and interfering with an investigation?” she said angrily, especially as they may have cost her the chance to arrest Sly
    “We have bigger concerns Inspector, namely the location of the relic you are protecting” Carmelita was shocked, it seemed her deception was so good it had fooled these criminals to!
    “I’m afraid I can’t talk about that” she said, not wanting to reveal the relic was a lie in case Sly found out

    Athena looked at her for a while before smiling
    “Well Inspector, in that case to use the old cliché, we have ways of making you talk!” she said as she reached out and grabbed the heel of Carmelita’s left shoe
    “HEY LET GO!” she shouted as she began trying to kick her away but she was caught off guard and so her shoe was suddenly pulled off
    “GIVE THAT BACK!” Carmelita screamed as her now bare foot continued moving about, not least because the designer heels were expensive, especially on her salary. However she was ignored as Athena calmly grabbed her other heel, once again despite Carmelita’s best efforts it too was soon gone and they were held up before her
    “Such nice shoes...and such pretty feet” she said in a tone that made Carmelita feel a bit nervous.

    Athena gazed at the size 7 soles before her, with their high arches, long toes, flawless skin and bright red nails they looked perfect, she didn’t know it but Carmelita had gotten a fresh pedicure in preparation for her plan to catch Sly
    Carmelita then turned her head as she heard someone approach, seeing the macaw approaching who was tall with green plumage dressed in a black bodysuit covering everything below her neck as she walked over to join Athena
    “Well Ms Fox, this is your last chance, tell us where the relic is or else!”
    “Ha! I’m not afraid of you!” Carmelita snapped back, although secretly she was a little nervous of what that might have planned. Hearing this Athena turned to the macaw
    “Ok Topaz, she’s all yours!” and with that she walked off to take Topaz’s spot at the card game. Once it was the two of them Topaz grinned at the tied up cop before her
    “You and I are gonna have a lot of fun!” she said menacingly as she removed her gloves to show off her green hands...her green FEATHERED hands

    Seeing this Carmelita suddenly got a pretty good idea of what was coming but she tried to play it cool
    “So what...am I supposed to be scared that you took my heels away?” she said, trying to act nonchalant but was really secretly getting worried as Topaz cracked her knuckles and sat herself down facing her prisoner
    “Something wrong Inspector? You look a bit...worried” she said watching Carmelita trying to keep a straight face
    “No...I’m just waiting for my back up to arrive and arrest you guys!”
    “Ah I see, I thought you might be afraid of me doing THIS” and with that she glided her index fingers up both her bare arches

    As soon as Topaz’s fingers made contact a chill ran down Carmelita’s spine and it took a large amount of will power to keep her expression as one of disinterest
    “That doesn’t tickle does it?” Topaz asked as she began fluttering her fingers in random directions across her arches, insteps and heels
    “Hff...no...of ... of course...not” Carmelita growled through gritted teeth as she focused desperately to ignore the tickling sensation and the laughter building up within her stomach
    “Damn it! Stop tickling me!” she was actually thinking furiously, it was bad enough that she was very ticklish all over but due to the recent pedicure her feet were now super soft and more sensitive than usual! As Topaz continued testing out various spots on her feet Carmelita strained even more to keep her mouth shut and her body still. Topaz meanwhile could sense that Carmelita was putting on a desperate front so she decided to use her favourite tickle technique, first she stopped tickling her only to then immediately force each of her fingers right in between Carmelita’s toes.

    The effect of this was absolutely devastating
    “HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!” Carmelita burst out laughing as she threw her head back and her body shook against the ropes while Topaz began sawing her fingers right in between her toes
    “I thought you weren’t ticklish!” she said with a grin as Carmelita lost all composure and began desperately pulling at her bonds to escape the feathery fingers touching her flesh. The other gang members meanwhile all grinned as they listened to her frantic laughter knowing that Topaz would soon have the information for them

    Topaz was thoroughly enjoying herself as she continued twisting her fingers about within Carmelita’s toes as she began also gently brushing her thumbs in small circles against the helpless arches while her hysterical laughter echoed around the warehouse
    “Coochie coochie coo Inspector” she taunted as Carmelita tried using her toes to grab her fingers but that still tickled so she was forced to quickly release them. Topaz then used her right hand to move up and down her arch while still using her left hand between her toes
    “HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAA SSTTHAHAHAHAHAHAHAPPP!!!!!” Carmelita pleaded as Topaz continued without slowing down
    “Sure, when you give us the location!” came the blunt reply, Carmelita knew she couldn’t talk as she had no idea what that would do if she revealed the relic was a fake so she knew she would have to sit and endure this until help arrived – she was truly stuck between a rock and a hard place!

    Topaz continued tormenting Carmelita for nearly 15 minutes until she stopped, removing her fingers from her toes leaving the Inspector gasping desperately for air
    “Hhhaaaaa haaaaa... please....please stthhop!” she pleaded but she then saw to her horror that Athena had left the game and was walking over to her! Once there Athena stood by her right foot while Topaz wiggled her fingers about menacingly mere inches from her left foot
    “Well Inspector, ready to talk yet?” came the question, Carmelita bit her lip before shaking her head
    “Suit yourself” and with that she howled with laughter again as they both began tickling her at once

    While Topaz unleashed her fingers over every inch of her foot Athena knelt down so her face was level with Carmelita’s arch. As much as Carmelita was laughing currently her voice went up an octave as Athena opened her mouth and her long prehensile tongue shot out and began running up and down her arch
    “HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAA WWHAHAHAHAHAH???!!!!!!!!” she cried out in confusion as the totally new sensation hit her like a truck causing her to immediately try kicking the invasive tongue away but like Topaz before her Athena refused to stop
    “HHHAAAAHAHAAAHAHAHAHA PPLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEE SSTHTHAHAHAPPP IIITTT!!!!!” she wailed but was only met with silence as the pair of them worked expertly to drive her nearly insane with their tickling

    Carmelita kept laughing and pleading as the torture continued until Topaz pulled out a long green feather from her tail and began slowly fluttering it against her foot before dragging the sharp quill up and down her arch. Carmelita thought this was the worst torment so far, that was until Athena’s tongue began wrapping itself around her foot despite it constantly shaking about
    “HHAAAA HAAAAA NOOOOAAOAOHHH!!!!!” she pleaded as she found her foot now completely immobile meaning she could only scrunch up her toes then Athena removed her gloves and began running her sharp claw like nails across her arches, insteps and heels
    “HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEE!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she cried as Topaz restarted using her fingers between her toes on her other foot as well. Within a few minutes this tag team attacked proved too much as she finally passed out, seeing this Athena retracted her tongue and looked at the sleeping Inspector
    “Hey you guys wanna have a turn?” she called over to her three colleagues who all threw down their cards and stood up eager to join in

    Carmelita had no idea how long she had been out for when she finally awoke but she knew she was in more trouble than before. Not only had her dress been removed leaving her in just her blace lace underwear but now she was tied down spread eagle to the table and totally surrounded with Topaz and Athena still at her feet, the Cheetah and Lioness standing either side of her and the muscular leopard who had knocked her out earlier standing by her head
    “Welcome back Inspector Fox, allow me to introduce the other members of my gang - Carly, Leona and Lena” she said motioning to each of them
    “I’m sure the pleasure is all theirs!” she angrily snapped while continuing once more to get free
    “Well, it’s important to love your work” Athena replied as she looked up and down Carmelita’s body “Very nice...hot date tonight?” she asked but Carmelita just looked away from her “Ok Inspector here’s the deal, talk or get tickled non-stop for the next few hours” Carmelita stared at her with pure anger at the humiliations she had suffered
    “NEVER” she growled despite fearing what she knew was coming
    “Suit yourself” Athena replied and with that Lena tied a blindfold around her head

    Carmelita tried fighting to keep the blindfold off but soon it was on her and she braced herself for them, however nothing could prepare her for the onslaught of tickling that then followed
    “AAAAHHHAAA HAAAHHAHAA AARRGGHH!! SSTHHAAHAHPPP AHHAHAHAHAHHHAAAHHH!!!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as all their fingers and clawed nails descended upon her, poking and prodding every ticklish spot on her body as one unit to drive her completely hysterical and Carmelita was now at their complete mercy, or lack thereof as they continued to torment her. While Topaz and Athena started tickling her feet with their fingers as before her upper body fared no better with Carly and Leona standing either side of her to torment her ribs, sides, stomach and hips between them with their long claw like nails and a feathers donated by Topaz while Lena stood by her head to attack her helpless underarms, lazily dragging her nails slowly up and down them to trace imaginary shapes of all different sizes with her index fingers

    This co-ordinated attack meant Carmelita had no escape from the tickling now as she thrashed about wildly trying to avoid them which was further hindered by the blindfold, no matter which direction she went there was more tickling to be unleashed on her. Carly and Leona greatly enjoyed watching how their nimble fingers would cause her to jump from one side of the table to the other which only led her into their waiting hands
    “Such a ticklish Inspector” Carly purred
    “Look at her jump around!” Leona agreed as she dug her claws straight into Carmelita’s hips
    “HHHAAAAHAAAAHHHAAAAAA GGGHEHEHEHETTTTTAWAWAHHAAYYY!!!!!!!!” she pleaded even though she knew they would ignore her. Lena meanwhile began wiggling all her fingers about in the hollows of her underarms making Carmelita try desperately to knock her away with her elbows, however Lean simply knelt down to her left, forced her elbow down against the table with one hand and held her chest down with the other
    “WHAHT AARREE YOOUUHH DDOOIINNG??!!” she cried in a panic, only to scream as Lena’s tongue suddenly glided over her underarm

    Seeing this reaction Carly and Leona both decided to kneel down as well and start using their own tongues over Carmelita’s sides and stomach causing her to buck and scream in horror as the three coarse, sandpaper like tongues began trailing along her body, with Carly taking a special interest in tormenting her belly button, alternating between her tongue and nails taking delight in how the lightest touch caused desperate wails of laughter from the ticklish Inspector
    “HHAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA SSSTTHHHHHHAAAPPPP IIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!! PPLLEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!” she begged over and over but they kept going and by the time Lena switched over to her other underarm she felt like she was going to lose her mind, however she was now laughing so hard she couldn’t even protest! All she could do was laugh hysterically and hope that she would pass out again but this was denied to her as unlike before the gang now made sure to lessen the tickling whenever it looked like she might pass out
    “You’re not getting out of it that easy!” Athena thought wickedly as the tickling resumed again

    The once stoic and in control Inspector was now a laughiing, pleading mess as her tortured body continued being tickled while desperatly clinging to the hope of rescue but her hopes of freedom were soon overcome when she felt Athena’s tongue starting to wrap around her foot again and this time going in between her toes as well
    “HHAAAAAAA HHHHHHAAAA PPLLLLEEAAASSEEEEEEEEEE NNOOOOOOO!!!!!!” came the fraught plea as the tongue continued moving until suddenly her toes were tautly pulled back leaving them completely defenceless. Carmelita was then forced to endure Athena flightily brushing a feather to torment every one of her completely immobile toes, causing her to try pulling her legs away but this was impossible

    Seeing the state Carmelita was now in Athena decided it was time for the final attack, she winked at Topaz who stopped tickling her foot however Carmelita’s hope for a respite didn’t happen though as she just switched places with Lena. Then she had Topaz’s feather fingers tormenting both her underarms while Lena gripped her heel and held back her toes before running her tongue all over her arch which caused her to howl with laughter as Topaz’s continued making the lightest touches against her skin which further pushed her to the breaking point!
    “HHHHAAAAAHHHHHAAAANNOHOHOHOMMOOAAAHHRREE!!!! !!!” she cried desperately thinking they couldn’t do anything worse to her but she was quickly proven wrong...

    Topaz looked to Athena who nodded, she smirked before slowly moving her hands down Carmelita’s body, past her shoulders, then her underarms until they were just above her bra, Topaz then worked her hands between the bra and Carmelita’s breasts
    “HHHAAAAHHHAAAWWHAHAHATAARREEYOOHOHOHODDOHOHOHOIII NNNGGG??!!!!” she cried in shock and anger, until Topaz gently moved her fingers. There was a moment of dead silence as her eyes went wide under the blindfold

    Carmelita began thrashing furiously against the ropes as she tried shaking Topaz’s hands away but it was no use and Topaz remained undaunted as she continued using her fingers to lightly touch and tease her. Within a few moments Carmelita was at the end of her tether as the tickling over her entire body continued without any kind of break, she knew she couldn’t last another minute
    “HHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHAAAAA OOOHOHOHOKKAAAYYYY!!!!!! II’LLLL THAHAHAHALLLLKKKK!!!! III’LL THAHAHAHALLLLLKKKK!!!!!!” she finally screamed as loud as possible. The gang except Topaz each stopped one by one
    “Not until we have the location Ms Fox” Athena replied as she retracted her tongue

    Everyone looked dumbfounded at hearing this, Topaz was so shocked she actually stopped tickling
    “....What?” came the curt reply as Athena walked around and pulled the blindfold off
    “HHaaa..haaa...theeheerress noo rehehlic... it wahahs all a trick to cahahatch Sly!” Carmelita said as she tried to stop laughing while tears ran down her bright red face. Athena then looked back to her team
    “Well Inspector, in that case you’ve succeeded in wasting our time...” she said as she retied the blindfold “So we’re gonna punish you for it!!”
    “NNOOOO!!!!!!!” Carmelita cried in protest as she could feel them each begin to close in around her making her tense up

    Carmelita braced herself for them when suddenly her ears pricked up as she head a whooshing noise and a grunt followed by the sound of Lena falling to the floor, quickly followed by the same thing happening four more times each accompanied by a body hitting the floor. She tried working out what had happened when suddenly the blindfold was removed and she blinked
    “Hi sweetie” said Sly Cooper with a large grin
    “S...Sly? What happened?” she said weakly as she looked around to find the gang all unconscious with darts in their necks
    “High dosage tranq darts, courtesy of Murray” Sly said as he placed a tranq gun back in his holster
    “Ho..How did you find me?” she asked
    “Well I was on my way to yours about the location of that relic when I found you missing and the neighbouring SWAT team unconscious. Murray checked the security footage and found you kidnapped by these guys, then he worked out who they were and their location so I came to rescue you”
    “Thank you...” she said, glad for her ordeal to be over “Please untie me”
    “I’m afraid I can’t do that Carmelita” Sly replied
    “What? Why?!” she cried out, all she wanted was to go home after her ordeal
    “Because I heard your confession about how the relic was a trap for me! So I think you need to learn a lesson about lying” Sly said with a huge grin as he looked up and down her body
    “Sly...” she growled as he pulled the blindfold back down “DONT YOU DAHAHAHAHAHAHAHARRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!” she tried saying angrily but then all she could do was laugh helplessly as he began using his nimble fingers to tickle all over her body. As Carmelita continued to laugh and thrash about she knew it was going to be a very long night!

    The End

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    Great story! I especially liked the surprise ending.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milagros317 View Post
    Great story! I especially liked the surprise ending.
    Thanks alot! I'm glad you enjoyed it ;-)

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