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    TMNT Tickle Reunion M/MMM

    Its been 5 years since Vernon, Mr. Thompson and Zach, & Caitlin were tied and tickle tortured by Don Turtelli, and Mr. Thompson is still the Boss at Channel 6 News, Vernon still a cameraman, Zach & Caitlin hit there teenage years. Caitlin has moved away and Zach is in high school and sitting at home when he hears a knock on the door and a note is slide under it and it say's "Meet me at the Museum at 8 tonight." It is almost 7:30 and Zach leaves and arrives at the Museum at 8 and he hears a sounds and ask "Is anyone here? Hello".

    A Voice replies "Hey Zach remember me"? Zach is frozen because he recognizes the voice of Don Turtelli, and he tries to make a run for it but before he can reach the door, Turtelli's goons catch him and places a rag of chloroform on his face and he passes out. "Boss he is out like a light" says Rodney and Turtelli replies "Good now take him to the van we have two more guests to pick up."

    Vernon and Mr. Thompson were leaving Channel 6 news and were handed a note by Irma and it said "Meet me at the warehouse at 8, I have a big scoop". Vernon nervously says "I don't know boss this seems weird and could be dangerous." Mr. Thompson says "Vernon if you want to be a reporter you have to follow leads even if its dangerous now come on." Vernon reluctantly follows Mr. Thompson and they arrive at the warehouse by 8 and they both go in the dark warehouse with flashlights looking around for anyone and the door slams shut behind them.

    "I have a bad feeling about this" Vernon says nervously, and Mr. Thompson says "It'll be ok lets keep looking." They walk a few more feet and a person has their back to them and they walk up and say "We are here, what is the scoop?" Before the man turns around they are chloroformed and the man says "Breaking News: I am goin to tickle you for old times sake hahahahaha" Turtelli instructs Rodney and the other henchman to throw them in the van its almost time for the party".

    Its now 10pm and they all wake up tied to a chair with the bare feet stretched out on another chair with their big toes tied and they ask "Whats going on?" Not long after answering a man comes in and says "Its been a while boys, I thought it was time to get together and share some laughs." They all look in fear as its Don Turtelli.

    Zach, and Venon begin to get nervous because they remember what happened to them before and Mr. Thompson being the tough old veteran replies "Didn't you use to be fat?" Turtelli replies "You think you are funny? How bout we see how you like this?" Turtelli takes out his feather and slowly tickles Mr. Thompson's feet and moving the feather up and down his left sole, and Mr. Thompson is laughing "hahahahahaha I didn't mean to make you mad" Turtelli replies "Oh I'm not mad I'm just having fun" and he takes the feather and runs it between his toes and Mr. Thompson is shaking is head back and forth as Tutelli moves the feather down the arch of his foot and then he starts to laughs louder "HAHAHAHAHA PLEEEEEEEASE STOP I CAN'T TAKE MUCH MORE HAHAHAHAHA." Finally Turtelli stops and Mr. Thompson catches his breath.

    Zach asks "What's going on?" Don says "Its my tickle reunion party, its been 5 years since I have tickled you guys and I wanted to have some fun and share some laughs for old time sake." Now Zach lets see how ticklish those tootsies are". Before Zach can say anything the feather is going up and down his right sole and Zach is in hysterics "hahahahahahahaha I'm sorry." Turtelli ask "Why are you sorry?" Hahahahahaha I don't know I just want the tickling to stop haahahahahaha, Turtelli moves the feather to the left sole and tickles under his toes and Zach laughs "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE LET ME GO AHAHAHAHAHAHA" Turtelli replies you not going anywhere and tickles up and down Zach's toes. "HAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHA. Turtelli gives stops and says "Its fun tickling you Zachary but not as much fun as this wimp.

    He looks at Vernon and Vernon is in fear from what happened last time. Turtelli goes to Vernon and unties Vernon's feet and Vernon is confused but then Turtelli crosses Vernon's ankles and sits in the chair with Vernon's feet in his lap. Vernon fear rises as Turtelli says "Its your turn now and picks up the feather and slowly drags the feather from the toes on Vernon's right foot to his left and back again. "HAHAHAHAHA I'll tell you anything just please top tickling me HAHAHAHAHAHA. Turtelli says "This isn't an interrogation, this is just for fun. He takes the feather and slowly tickles Vernon's arches goin back and forth. "HOOOOOAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT BOUT MR. THOMPSON AND ZACH DON'T FORGET THEM HAHAHAHAHAHAHA."

    Thompson and Zach yell "VERNON!!!!!" Turtelli pauses and says "Vernon you are right I am bein a terrible host." Rodney you and the new guy come in here. Rodney and the new guy comes in and Rodney asks "What you want us to do boss"? Turtelli says "Grab a feather and start tickling Zach and Mr. Thompson's feet so they don't get left out. They pick up a feather and start tickling their feet and all 3 are laughing "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP PLEASE, I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE PLEASE STOP AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" After 10 minutes of tickling the Don and his 2 goons stop and say We will be back later. This reunion will be a long ticklish weekend for you.

    Thompson and Zach says "Why did do tell him to tickle us Vernon?" Vernon replies "It didn''t seem fair" All 3 men are yelling at each other when Turtelli comes back in and says "I have an idea I want you to laugh for a while and I know how to make it happen. Turtelli and his 2 goons bring in fans with feathers attached and plug them in and says "This will keep you happy and they put the fans on medium and the feathers begin to tickle Zach, Thompson and Vernon and he replies see you guys later. ALL 3 men are laughing "HAHAHAHAHAHA STOP NO MORE PLEASE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". Turtelli thinks to himself "Glad this penthouse is sound proof" while he goes into his room and watch Zach, Thompson and Vernon wiggle their toes and laugh on his big screen TV.

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    Great story. Donít forget April maybe in nylons

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