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Thread: Ticklish Teresa

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    Ticklish Teresa

    Ticklish Teresa

    Teresa Mastin is a fifty two year old woman. She’s 5ft. 4in. tall. She has lite fleshy pink skin, short fiery red hair, and sapphire blue eyes. Teresa has an amazing laugh, a nice full rich full body alto belly laugh. Furthermore, Teresa is insanely ticklish everywhere. She laid stretched out on the table. Edward closed the padded stocks on her wrists and strapped down her upper and lower arms. Next, he went to her feet and closed the padded stocks on her ankles. He also strapped Teresa down across her shins and thighs. He stood there for a moments admiring handy work.
    “See if you can get freed.” He asked.
    Teresa struggled against her restraints. “Nope. I can’t move.” She answered with a big smile.
    Edward sat down next to Teresa and looked into her lovely blue eyes.
    “You know what’s going to happen next.” He asked.
    “You’re going to tickle me.” Teresa answered giggling & with a sparkle in her eyes.
    “That’s right and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
    Edward took out a one dollar Eisenhower coin. “I’m going to flip this coin. Heads, I tickle your upper body. Tails, I tickle your feet.”
    He flipped the coin. They watched it as it went into the air, reached its peak and came back down. Edward caught it in his right hand and quickly slapped it on top of his left hand. He sat there for a moment for drama effect. He reviled the coin to be heads.
    “Looks like I get to tickle your upper body.” Edward said with a big smile.
    Teresa was wearing a bikini top and knee length shorts. She also was wearing ankle socks and sneakers on her feet.
    Edward began to gently tickle/knead Teresa’s plumpy love handles. She erupted into a geyser of hysterical ticklish laughter.
    Teresa looked so beautiful laughing hysterically. Furthermore, her laughter was so intoxicating to the ears. Edward’s ears could get drunk listening to Teresa’s laughter.
    “I can’t move!!!” Teresa confessed about a few seconds into the tickling.
    “I told you there was nothing you could do about being tickled.” Edward replied.
    The reality of being totally helpless and having no say in how long she is to be tickled caused Teresa to laugh even harder.
    Edward began to explore all of Teresa’s tickled spots. He tickled her belly, her ribs and underarms. When he tickled her underarms, Teresa exploded into a second state of hysterical laughter.
    “My, my you do have some very ticklish underarms.” Edward said as he tickled her sweet spot.
    Teresa shook her head wildly back and forth out of the sheer ticklish reaction.
    “You’re so helpless.” Edward said. “You can’t pull your arms down. I can tickle your underarms all day long if I want to and there is nothing you can do about it. Tickle, Tickle, Tickle.”
    Teresa’s face became almost as red as her hair as she slowly melted into a state of uncontrollable laughter. Tears streaming from the corners of her tightly sealed eyes. Despite all of the laughing, Teresa had a look on her face of sheer joy and happiness. She actually loved being tickled.
    Edward lost track of time as he was tickling Teresa. He totally loves tickling redheads. Furthermore, he loved the way Teresa’s ticklish flesh felt as he wiggled his fingers across her skin.
    He finally stopped and gave Teresa a break. It took her a few moments to catch her breath.
    “You loved being tickled, didn’t you?”
    “I do!” Teresa said as she was catching her breath.
    “Well, it’s time to tickle your feet.” Edward said with a big smile.
    “Oh no! My feet are so ticklish!” Teresa giggled.
    “That’s good to hear.” Edward said as he went and sat down at Teresa’s feet.
    He began to untie her shoes and slowly remove her socks.
    “Wow! You do have some lovely feet.” Edward said as Teresa wiggled and flexed her toes.
    “Thank you.” She said with a giggle. Edward took a moment to stare and admire her naked feet. Her feet looked so soft and helpless. She had on lite pink toe nail polish.
    “What size are your feet?”
    “Seven and a half.”
    Edward grabbed the toes of her right foot dragged his index finger down her foot. Teresa erupted into a storm of hysterical giggling laughter.
    “Wow! You do have some ticklish feet.”
    “I know! I’m so ticklish!!!” Teresa squealed with hysterical laughter.
    Edward took a soft half inch wide artist brush and began to gently drag the brush up and down her right foot. Teresa erupted into a storm of side splitting laughter. Seeing how ticklish her foot is Edward began sliding the brush in a random pattern. He simply could not get enough of the way Teresa laughed. She has a nice rich full body belly laugh. Her laughter was intoxicating to his ears.
    “Keep calm and admit you have ticklish feet.” Edward said.
    “I have ticklish feet!!! I have ticklish feet!!!” Teresa managed to admit while laughing.
    Edward started to drag the brush back and forth across the base of her toes. He found out Teresa’s toes were a real sweet spot.
    “Not my toes!!!” Teresa screamed as her laughter double in hystericalness. After a few moments he dropped the brush and began wiggling his fingers up and down her foot. He loved how her pillow soft feet felt to the touch. His tickling fingers caused Teresa to laugh all the more as he dug deep into her fleshy soles. She soon was in a state of silent hysterical laughter. Next he began to tickle both feet. Soon Teresa was beside herself in a state of pure unadulterated hysteria. No matter how much it tickled Teresa always had a look of sheer joy on her face.
    “You love having your feet tickled?” Edward asked.
    “Tickling your feet really turns you on?”
    “Tickle, Tickle, Tickle!” Edward said. “Teresa loves the Tickle Monster!”
    “Yes!!!” Teresa exclaimed as she continued to laugh hysterically.
    Time slowly passed by before Edward stopped and gave Teresa a small break.
    He went and sat down next to her. Teresa was totally exhausted. Edward brushed away her fiery red hair from her face. It took Teresa a few moments to catch her breath.
    “You doing OK?” he asked.
    “Yes.” She replied still huffing and puffing.
    “You are so ticklish!” Edward said with great joy.
    “I’ve always been very ticklish.”
    “You ready for some more?” he asked.
    “I’m all tied down. I can’t stop you from tickling me.” Teresa said with a big smile.
    The rest of the day was filled with Teresa’s hysterical ticklish laughter. Edward explored her feet and upper body to find all the sweet spots that will cause Teresa to lose her mind.
    Evening came and Edward finally stopped and untied Teresa. She took a shower and changed into a tank top & shorts. They sat on the sofa. Edward was on the far right side and Teresa was lying to his left. Teresa smelled wonderful. She smelled like vanilla. As the movie was playing, Edward grabbed Teresa’s feet and placed them on his lap. He loved how incredibly soft her legs and feet felt in his hands. Soon he began to gently tickle her feet. Teresa did her best not to laugh, but the tickling was becoming too overpowering for her. Edward started tickling one Teresa’s sweet tickle spots and the dam burst. A river of laughter spilled out of Teresa.
    “Well, that’s the end of movie night.” Edward said as he continued to tickle Teresa. Like a snake he quickly struck at her and started tickling her plumpy love handles. Teresa let out a high pitch squeal of ticklish delight and began squirming. Edward just loved the way Teresa laughs. He simply could not get enough of her laughter.
    After a few second of tickling her love handles he quickly grabbed her right foot and began playing “This Little Piggy” with her toes.
    “It tickles so much!!!” Teresa admitted amongst her giggling laughter. Afterwards, Edward grabbed her left foot and played with the toes.
    Edward went back to tickling Teresa’s midsection. It was so much fun watching her squirm about trying to get away from the tickling and seeing the sheer joy on her face as she laughed and giggled like a ticklish school girl.
    “All right, put your arms above your head and let me see how long you can keep your arms up.” Edward said.
    Teresa placed her hands behind her head and prepared for some tickling. Edward gently stroked her underarms with his index finger. Teresa giggled and flinched a little from the ticklish sensation. The more Edward’s finger caressed her ticklish armpits the more it tickled. Teresa lasted a few seconds before she busted out laughing and brought her arms down.
    “Really! You can’t last a few seconds of tickling? I was barely touching you.” Edward said.
    “I’m so ticklish!” Teresa replied.
    “I know that. I was just wondering how long you could control it. Let’s try one more time. This time the belly.”
    “I’m defiantly going to lose.” Teresa said as she placed her arms above her head and got her game face on.
    Edward lifted up her shirt and began to gently wiggle his fingers across Teresa’s love handles. Not two second passed before Teresa brought her arms down as she giggled.
    “The good thing about this is that you love being tickled.” Edward said. Teresa just smiled and adjusted her shirt.
    They played around for the rest of the evening.
    “Well, you want to call it a day and we start again tomorrow?”
    “Sure.” Teresa answered.
    The next morning Teresa woke up and found Edward making breakfast.
    “How was your sleep?” he asked.
    “It was wonderful. I dreamt I was having my feet tickled with a soft feather.”
    “That was no dream.” Edward said with a big smile. “It was me tickling your feet with a plumb feather.”
    Teresa laughed.
    “You ready for another day of ticklish laughter?” Edward asked after they finished breakfast.
    “Sure. What do you have in mind?” Teresa said.
    Edward led Teresa to the “Tickle Room” and pulled out an odd jacket.
    “What is it?” she asked.
    “It’s a straightjacket. I put you in it, you lay on the table, I put your feet in the stocks and tickle your feet. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy.”
    “Ok.” Teresa said as she offered herself to be placed in the jacket.
    After a few moments, Teresa was laying on the table with her feet trapped in the stocks. Edward was standing over her with a satisfying look on his face.
    “Comfortable?” He asked.
    “Yes.” Teresa replied as she adjusted herself on the table.
    He went and sat at her feet.
    “We’ll start with this.” Edward said as he pulled out an odd looking tool.
    “What is it?” Teresa asked as she looked down at Edward.
    “It’s a waterpik power flosser. The tip vibrates at 10,000 vibrations per minute.”
    “Oh my gosh! It’s going to tickle so much!” Teresa confessed.
    “Yes it is. This will easily get in between you hyper ticklish toes.”
    Teresa laughed.
    “I can use the tip and write on the soles of your feet all the while you’re laughing hysterically.”
    Teresa laughed even more at just the thought it all. Without warning Edward turned on the flosser and went straight for the arch of her left foot.
    The tickling sensation was so explosive Teresa jumped two inches off the table. She struggled and squirmed about as Edward was writing on the bottom of her left foot. After about two minutes, he grabbed her left foot and began tickling her toes with the flosser.
    “IT TICKLES!!! IT TICKLES!!!” Teresa laughed hysterically. He continued tickling her foot for another few minutes. Finally he stopped and gave Teresa a few moments to catch her breath. Edward sat next to her and brushed her red hair from her face. She was huffing and puffing recovering from the intense tickling.
    “You OK? Ready for the other foot to be tickled?”
    “No! Please don’t use that on me anymore!” Teresa begged. “It tickles way too much. Just tickle my feet with your fingers or brushes, but not the flosser.”
    “All right. I promise no more flosser.” Edward said as he tossed the flosser away. “You tell me when you’re ready to be tickled.”
    “Ok. I’m ready.” Teresa said waiting for what’s in store for her hyper ticklish feet. Edward unlocked the stocks.
    “What are you doing?” Teresa asked.
    “Don’t worry. I have it all planned out.” Edward placed Teresa’s feet next to each other in the middle holes and locked them back in the stocks. He got some kite string & tied her big toes together.
    “We’re going to play ‘Double the Time’. I’m going to tickle your feet with this hairbrush for one minute. After that I’ll tickle your feet for two minutes; then, four minutes. Always doubling the time. Understand?”
    “Yes.” Teresa said giggling. “This is going to tickle so much.”
    She felt the dozens fine bristles sliding down the soles of her feet. The ticklish reaction was so intense Teresa’s lovely blue eyes just about popped out of her head as she let out a high pitch ticklish squeal. Afterwards, it was all over for Teresa. A river of hysterical ticklish laughter came pouring out of her body. She squirmed and jerked about as much as she could. It was one of the longest minutes of Teresa’s life.
    “You OK?” Edward asked.
    “Oh my gosh!” Teresa exclaimed. “That tickled so much more than I thought.”
    “You ready for two minutes or do you want to stop?”
    “Two minutes. I can do two minutes.” Teresa said with a big smile.
    “Edward used the brush on her feet for two minutes. Teresa ended up melting into a glob of silent screaming ticklish goo. One could hear her quickly gasping for air she was laughing so much. The intense ticklish electricity that ran up her legs, through her body and exploding in her brain caused Teresa to become paralyzed with ticklish hysteria. After the two minutes, Edward stopped. Teresa was exhausted.
    “You doing all right? You want to do four minutes?” Edward asked.
    “I’m doing fine. I just want you to tickle my feet with your finger and use the artist brush on my feet.”
    “Sure thing.” Edward said. He untied her big toes.
    “This little piggy went to market.” Edward said as he grabbed her right big toe. Teresa busted out of sweet hysterical giggling laughter. He continued to play with the toes of her right foot causing her to laugh nonstop.
    “Lookie what we have here, more piggies!” Edward said as she grabbed Teresa’s left foot and began playing with her toes.
    Afterwards, he gave her a small break.
    “Does your boyfriend tickle you like this?” he asked.
    “No, he’s not into tickling.” Teresa said.
    “What a shame. All your beautiful laughter gone to waste.”
    Edward attacked Teresa feet with his tickling wiggling fingers.
    Teresa laughed and laughed hysterically as she was shaking her head back and forth. Edward really loved tickling her pillow soft feet know that they are a great source of ticklish laughter.
    “Who do you love more? Me or your boyfriend?” Edward asked ticklish Teresa.
    “You! I love you more!” Teresa confessed laughing hysterically.
    “You want to be my girlfriend?”
    “Yes! Yes! I-I’ll be your girlfriend! Don’t stop!!!”
    Edward continued tickling Teresa’s feet in various ways. Edward grabbed a hand held massager and ran it up and down the soles of Teresa’s super ticklish feet. She laid helpless on the bed in the straightjacket laughing hysterically. After an hour, Edward stopped and gave her a break.
    “What are you doing?” Teresa asked as Edward unlocked the stocks & helped Teresa out of the jacket.
    “You’re going to call your boyfriend and break up with him.” Edward said. Teresa did as she was asked.
    “Now tie me back down and tickle your new girlfriend all you want.” She said with a big smile and a sparkle in her lovely blue eyes as she gave Edward a kiss.
    “As you wish.” Edward said with great joy.
    Teresa laid on the table with her arms above her head. Edward securely tied her down and straddled her. He slid his hands underneath her shirt and began tickling her plumpy love handles.
    “You’re a fifty two year old woman and you’re as ticklish as a little school girl.” Edward said.
    “I know!” Teresa laughed hysterically. Edward absolutely love the look of pure joy on Teresa’s face as she was in fits of ticklish laughter.
    They eventually moved in together and their house was filled with laughter for the rest of their days.

    "If you got to go, go with a smile."

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    Great story, I love the detail and older women are wonderful lees !!

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    Ovda written stories with foot tickling and stocks go together like PB and J!

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    I love your story

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    Ovda, I’m a huge fan of your work! The celebrity tickling stories that you’ve written over the years are some of my favourites, but I love this one because of how simple and believable it is, with some beautifully detailed tickle-action!

    The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.

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