A Patreon Exclusive Early Access Mini-Comic Serial!

The formidable Captain Dusty is being sneaky as always. Or at least…she thinks she is!

In a stealthy attempt to steal the legendary MAP OF SERPENTS, our full-chested purple heroine has snuck aboard the space vessel of the mighty Captain Lusca and her even-more-evil Twin sister.

Now, you’re not going to believe this, but Dusty has been captured, trussed up in tentacly suspended bondage, and is about to be subjected to her greatest weakness…her worst fear…and her most tickly secret! Surprised??? I thought you might be.

Will Dusty survive her ticklish tortures as she is stripped bare, cackling like a hot lunatic? Will she wake up the mean sister before she is released?? Will there be naked alien BEWBS?!?!



Item Features

• 4 of the Most Shockingly Sexy Bandito Pages EVER! (1 new page per month)
• 16 Slippery, Sinful, Scintillating Tickle Panels!
• Suspended Naked Foot Tickling!
• Hot Upper Body, and Topless Tickles!
• NSFW Full Body Tickling!
• Naked Breast, Nipple, and Love Button Tickling!
• A Brand New TIS Chapter!
• Illustrated and Created by Bandito!
• Patreon Exclusive Early Access!

Join The Bandito Corporation Today!

The Bandito Corporation!

Hey there.

Bandito here, welcoming you to join a fun new enterprise that I am putting together with a little administrative help from my good friend Morandilas at MTJ Publishing.

Those of you that are familiar with my work know that I have been creating tickling artwork, comics, novels, and various related funny business over at MTJpub.com for over a decade. All of which has only been possible thanks to the deafening awesomeness of those of you that have encouraged and supported my work over the years. Seriously, you guys are earth-shatteringly cool.

So, why are we here and what the heck is the Bandito Corporation?!

The core idea behind The Bandito Corporation is to provide you with a Patreon exclusive first peak at some of the naughtiest, newest, sexiest tickling artwork that I have to offer. Call it a Bandito Fan Club where your support will help me continue to focus on what I do best:creating more content for all of you. XD

Here are some of the cool things you can look forward to as a core member of the Bandito Corporation:


Each new comic serial will be illustrated and colored by me and will feature some of your favorite Bandito characters (Joey Lynx, Captain Dusty, Jane from the Bounce Chix, etc).

Enjoy exclusive early access to each new comic serial. Each serial will be 4 pages in length and will also include bonus cover art at the start of the series. You will receive 1 page from the current comic serial on the 10th of each month.


Comic panels/pages, pin-ups, character designs, script samples and other various WIP art from upcoming Bandito releases. You will receive at least 3 of these each month featuring work from Bandito and the many artists he works with to bring you some of your favorite Bandito comic series (Joey Lynx, Tickling in Space, The Bounce Chix, Thompson Corporation, Vamp Records, etc).

You will also receive early info on new Bandito comics in development and possibly even some surprise Bandito artwork from time to time.