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    Tickling the resistance

    Please note: all individuals places and actions are fictitious

    Tickling the resistance

    It is the year 1942. Paris, France. The town is under the occupation of the German troops. But among all these people, there are small groups of courageous who resist against the German occupation.
    They do everything they can imagine to occupy it make a hard life to make their home for the Nazis. This of destroyed bridges arises German soldiers to kill, the Crash Allied landed pilots, etc. Among these opposition groups, there was a female resistance group under the leadership of the young Frenchwoman Catherine Berthod, long with only 25 years she was a real beauty, only 170 cm tall , had long black hair, reddish-brown eyes and a slim figure. She was described by her colleagues as a courageous person.
    Now it was a dark night, in November 1942. Catherine Berthod was sent with the command, with a small group to destroy an important bridge to ensure that the supply of German troops was blocked. She and her companion were busy bringing the explosives under the bridge. Suddenly were was discovered by a German night patrol. The French were surprised and overwhelmed quickly. In the battle, all of her colleagues were killed in cold blood. Miraculously her life, however, was spared. It was brought in for questioning based in the SS.

    (A dark cellar deep in the basement of an old castle somewhere in Normandy ...)

    In the lit with candles room, two wooden frames were that were anchored in the stone floor. This place was reserved for guests, special guests of Mrs. Ursula Schmitz and now Catherine was allowed to take this hospitality services.

    The commander was a great and terrible lady. Proficient in the quest to break the will of her prisoners.

    Catherine was brought by four strong soldiers to the German commander and forced to sit on his knees in front of her .. Ursula looked with a disgusted face at Catherine and asked her determine who they who they work for and where the leaders and locations of other resistance fighters are

    Catherine replied bravely that she was the only survivor and that the rest of their group was killed ... They wanted the enemy to give away any secrets, she thought that the Germans would kill them anyway. The commander nodded to the four soldiers and told Catherine that once she was done with her, would not only tell, everything they want to know, but they will wish they were never born ..

    The commander was a wicked Frau. She not only wants to torture her victims to get their information. The German enjoyed to break their victims. she saw Catherine's pitiful state with satisfaction. Prepare it before. I think it has to tell us something .........
    Thus seized the four soldiers Catherine and put it on a horizontal, narrow wooden board that was connected to an upright frame. and her arms were violently stretched upward and her wrists to a wooden pole attached the cross was attached to the frame and this stabilized. Suddenly seized the soldiers now Catherine's legs stretched it quickly back and pinned her ankles with leather cuffs that were located on the wooden frame. The body of the French was now firmly fixed and it was perfectly prepared so Ursula interviewing with their new guest could begin .. "let's see what we have here but once" said Ursula gleefully as she began to remove the clothes of Catherine. She was trained in this activity which could be clearly seen and so was Catherine dressed in a very short time only in underwear. "Then she let it out to hear what they have to tell us ..." said Schmitz. "I have nothing to tell them" that was all Catherine said. "I think they are, madam. With me all spoke, sooner or later, "said Ursula as she took a chair and sat down next to Cathrines legs. Catherine knew that it would be a dangerous mission, but they had sworn, whatever should happen, it would be their group never betray, at any price.

    The German woman was smiling and seemed very condescending to Catherine, as she looked at Catherine's feet,
    "Looks like I may have to interrogate them," she said in a somewhat childish voice, "but I've never interrogated prisoners with dirty feet," she grinned,
    went to the corner of the room where there was a small sink filled a bucket with hot soapy water and took a large with a brush with very stiff bristles from a drawer .. Catherine looked confused, what Ursula had before, then it hit they. Catherine blood ran cold and she whimpered a little, suddenly frantically jerking than Ursula, approached devilishly grinning. She put the bucket on the water and slowly dipped the bucket in their position permit it Catherine not to see what was happening. Ursula slowly raised the brush and put it on Catherine's arches. Catherine's eyes widened as Ursula paused for the French to let you feel their anticipation. Helpless had the Frenchwoman of things waiting who came there. Suddenly she began to paint Catherines naked soles, an incredible tingling shot through Catherine's body, she laughed loudly and immediately bucked, her soles seemed to be very very sensitive.

    Ursula seemed satisfied with the response. "Wonderful ... wonderful, they see Miss I'm sure they will sooner or later to talk to me, they believe me. All have eventually talked to me, all ......

    "HAHHAHAHAHHAHA NO NO NOHOHOHOHOHOOHO !!!" Catherine cried when she laughed so hard, bucking as the sadistic Tickler held it, and humming to herself, as if she could not hear Catherine, and she scrubbed a dirty floor. Catherine bucked so much and tried to drag their feet in the stocks, but to no avail.
    "Hahahahha PLHEHEHEHEHEHEHESE STAHHAHAHAHHAP" Catherine asked what happens next, but you begging for death ears fall, as Ursula began the instep of the right foot, the middle pad now clean and scrub pink, as it was earlier. Catherine gave up their struggle, as they knew it wasting breath that it is actually needed. Tears started cheeks to flow Catherines, her fur began to be scrubbed as her toes and toe pads wetting, tried to lure her toes, but Ursula get them with their claws only withdrawn under them, the stretching caused all toes Catherine. After 10 minutes, the right foot of Catherine was cleaned, she was sweating and Ursula gave her a rest, panting and grinning Catherine on.
    "And? Please tell me now, who they are and what is their mission?".

    "My ... name ... is ... Catherine" Catherine managed to gasp when she won.
    the Ursula smirked, knowing that she had broken the first barrier for information
    "Why are you here? - What is your mission" she asked.
    Catherine's eyes widened when she shook her head, slowly recovering and refused to provide this information. Ursula smiled, she did as she scrubbed her left heel, suddenly refuse Catherine caused to be caught off guard and screaming with laughter.

    "AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA NO HAHAHAH NOHOHOHOHT MOHOHOHRE HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAH" Catherine laughed so hard as to flee again to bucked and tried, but not limited to a length success. the Ursula held and continue, even if Catherine's whole foot was clean, keep it on. Catherine slid slowly in silent laughter, to open her mouth, but come no noise. Catherine began to feel weak, so close to passing out, their vision will be blurred a little. the Ursula saw this happening and stopped, not Catherine want when she fainted stood. Catherine slumped forward slightly as she coughed and breathing so heavily. The Ursula stood up and walked slowly to Catherines tried slumped body, looking at her body anywhere, to judge where to go next. They then stopped behind Catherine, who sat up slowly, perked up with a little fear and anticipation. the Ursula slowly reached forward and gently stroking Catherines shoulders. Catherine bite immediately on her lip and resist the urge this time tried to laugh her little squeal and a few giggles escape. the Ursula did not give up loving prisoners over the resist laughing straight away.
    "I see I have found a point where they do not always have to laugh" was ridiculed as a resistance to spills more and more challenging. the Ursula slowly lifted her pace, digging her long claw nails deeper into Catherine helpless shrug. Tears began to appear in Catherine's eyes when her resistance was broken.

    Ursula tickled so quickly and violently as she could.
    "HAHAHAHAHA PLEHEHEHEHESE STAHAHAHHAP HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA" Catherine laughed, fought and resisted as best she could. She tried desperately to close her armpits, but to no avail.
    Ursula now tickled Catherines armpits for 5 minutes before their fingers slid down to Catherine's side and her bare butt, intervening touched the German each rib of their captives what the Frenchwoman again a violent uncontrolled laughter brought, 10 minutes later, Catherine laughter was weaker and weaker, her eyes heavy. She had reached her physical load limit
    They did not begrudge the Frenchwoman a short break, but not of grace, but of pure calculus. They did not want that she fainted here. For five minutes later Ursula came back. The German woman now took a pointed white quill and thus emphasizing specifically about Catherine's wide-open ball of what receipted the Frenchwoman with a wild laughter. "Koochi, koochie ....., we have since found about a vulnerability of our small spy? .... Koochi koochie, ..." sneered the German what Catherine again ravished a violent fit of laughter. "Shall we yet again see how long can these sensitive soles resist my tools ..... Koochi, koochie ..." teased the German. "Hihhihiii, hohhoooo ..." was all Catherine could say. "I think it's time to give us some information on what they think?" Said Schmitz, while unceasingly continues maltreated Catherine's unprotected, highly sensitive feet

    "Mhmmm, smell the lady? I love this smell of sweaty bare feet, mixed with some of this wonderful oil .... "with the word oil Frenchwoman was quickly noisy. ... You would not, NO could not ..... Catherine already had something but never heard about the interrogation methods of the Germans in life would have believed it ..... now was her aware abruptly. There were no rumors which were spread over it, and as a lukewarm liquid delivered her defenseless soles ran down she knew would be a tough fight her imminent. But Catherine had a strong will. She had sworn never to betray their friends to not award the world. They had no idea what the price would be, they should pay for it.
    Catherine raged and screamed now uncontrollably as Schmitz was walking up and down her pen on her shiny soles now. Particularly fierce was the whine of the Frenchwoman was passed as the feather sliced between her toes. Ursula spread to with her slender fingers toes the French to get a better access. It was clearly recognized that Schmitz knew exactly what she was doing, because Catherine was not the first "guest" who got to feel their "hospitality". They especially like to Schmitz recalled Ludmilla.
    Ludmilla was a big Russian woman they got during their time in Siberia in the hands. Whether they would just have fun with Catherine - It pointed much then, because she was just beginning to work with the small French .......

    "So I think you're a tough girl, so we have to go the hard way," said Ursula as Catherine noticed how a door opened .. you could not see what was happening, but suddenly stood another German woman in front of her , "May I introduce, this is Karin is my personal assistant and is an expert in" Tool Tickling ". Catherine was surprised and not pleased, because Karin had not come alone ....... You had a strange device with him. when Catherine saw what it was she shuddered. a The second woman had a kind pendant are the sides of the triangle at all times. The device consists of a wooden frame with two parallel a-frames about 60cm apart on a base. are connected in the middle by a carrier from which to support a bearing of the pendulum. If you like ever seen a clock it with a long arm and a circle weight that swings back and forth. on the top of the arm are the pendulum two rows of three Feathers. When the arm swings back and forth in this opposite direction where movement they cause the soft skin of Catherine's thighs and tease crotch. ........ Catherine expecting nothing good .... " so I think you're a tough girl, so we have to do this the hard way, "said
    Ursula as Catherine noticed the door opening slowly ...

    She could not quite see what was going on, but another German woman appeared some wood and unusual wear.

    "And now may I present ,. Karin, my personal assistant and an expert in Devious Devices and Cunning Contraptions Ursula announced as the newcomer maneuvering a wooden triangular frame into view.

    Catherine was surprised and worried the unit Karin had brought, was terrifying. Catherine was not sure how it works, but shuddered at the sight of the device on display carries two sets of three evil Feathers. Catherine was not sure which part of her body would experience the agonizing touch of the long, soft feathers, and she was afraid to find out. The device was similar to the base of a catapult, consisting of two A-frame at the base with a single beam joined them at the top connects. In the middle of the beam was a long arm like the pendulum of a grandfather clock, which swung back and forth clearly and gave Karin the most problems in the device to transport. The weight at the end of the pendulum made to move the device cumbersome and Karin regretted the Feathers to leave more appropriate, as they mounted when the device in place was.

    "Now, to experience the joys of this device, we need to move in a kneeling position" Ursula ordered.

    "..But Let us finish first make her soles particularly sensitive" Karin newcomer interrupted.

    Catherine whimpered as Karin contain produced a box of what looked like black stones. The stones were run over their taut bows, first the heat on her silky soft skin felt good, but it soon began to approach problems.

    "Careful now! If we hurt little Catherine to go sensitive down to be reinforced, as is our goal, so you ticklish they do not even make can run! Instead," Ursula grazed.

    Catherine was horrified, her feet were tricky enough! Soon the hot stones were removed and tested their feet. They screamed when the sharp nails and soft pads of her torturer teased pink bows. The sensations were unbearable, it was like her sensitive was tenfold. She was giggling wreck being released when the soldiers from the stocks and grabbed her and forced her to kneel on the other device, a peculiar table in shackles covered. Leather strap holding her calves and ankles, while their arms up over their heads stretched suspend her ticklish ribs and armpits. A tape was attached to her diaphragm and attached to four chains which restricted their movements. Just as she reached bound their fresh delicate arches again she felt were more helpless her toes could not get.

    "Now, the device examines the most sensitive part of your anatomy!" Karin positioned the wooden frame between Catherine astride explained.

    "... And for them to be effective, we need to expose these parts!" brandishing interrupted Ursula scissors.

    Catherine panties were cut and raised to the top of the pendulum feathers so that their tips just reached her crotch. The pendulum has been set in motion and the six feathers brush cruel back and forth until rushing against Catherine soft body repeatedly adjusted. The two rows of feathers don't touch her pussy-lips, but gently grazed the sensitive skin where her inner thigh met her vagina. Catherine sighed and squirmed desperately hellish feelings and tried to flashes of excitement to escape.

    "Oh yes! The sensations are pleasant at first, but you will not tonight no climax, but the promise soft touches instead increase your sensitivity even further" Karin teased lightly with your fingertips on Catherines helpless sole soles.

    Ursula took control of Catherine's other foot to send Catherine hysterical. The walk with the feeling of the feathers combined rhythmic tickling stroked her step was unbearable, Catherine moaned and asked in French when the soldiers to tickle her torso were offered with their rough calloused fingers.

    "Maaaariiieeee Lacroix aahhhhhhh ..." cried Catherine now totally helpless, as the feather of the pitiless German woman now touched her most intimate places. "..... Nooohhhhooo" she cried desperately. "... And what next? The other name ... I hear! ..... "Ursula was now mercilessly, she knew she was getting close to break the Frenchwoman and get their information. She was absolutely determined now not to yield. Catherine shouted her sensations now loudly out, "ohhhhhh .... haahhahahahahha ...... ..... nooooohhhhhhhhhhh Soooopphiiieee ....." cried Catherine desperate. She was no longer able to resist the situation and she knew that she had to reveal their information. "..... Sooophiieee Deschamps ....." she cried helplessly and just as Sophie's name was the door was pushed open. "Did someone call my Name ???" All of a sudden stood the two Frenchwomen Sophie and Marie middle of the room.
    Before anyone realized what's going on shots rang ..........

    After Ursula's death Catherine was rescued and was taken to the French base.

    But not only the French were back in the basement of their secret base, because they had brought a guest ...... "Bonjour Madam Karin, welcome to our little playroom" said Sophie as she studied the tethered German woman. "Unfortunately, I do not know yet the full names, madam" ... "but I think that will surely soon change what they think?" Sneered Catherine

    Since the day of their first meeting in the dark dungeon in Normandy Catherine had
    waiting for this moment. And she was sure to enjoy it to the fullest.

    "Never you will learn something from me !!" snarled the German.
    "But they know these feathers are adamant and very persistent. But I have to tell or Madam Karin not yes "? Replied Catherine. But the last word was not to be heard, because a sharp cry filled the small room, as the goose feather Karin's oily, shiny soles touched .....

    The End!!!!

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    Nice story, I always like a good revenge at the end

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