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    Rachel's Unwanted Divine Attention: Her First Adventure (FF/F - full body)

    Part 3 of Rachel's ticklish misadventures in a new world. The pair go out to have some fun together. Again, as a disclaimer there's some minor forced orgasm play and more-or-less non-consensual tickling for side characters.

    Part 1: Arriving at a new world
    Part 2: Magic Lessons

    Rachel wanted to meet whoever was in charge of visual design in this world. Preferably while they were tied to a bondage rack and under Ilia's curse to feel every possible form of tickling simultaneously. She understood why it was. Ilia had created a high fantasy world and the people she brought over had incorporated their own modern day sensibilities into it. That didn't mean she didn't find it all a headache to look at. On this very street there was the wooden facsimile of a modern day family restaurant right next to a seedy fantasy tavern.

    She had just come out of that very tavern. She'd been accosted by a hooded old man asking her to go on some grand quest to defeat a supposed demon queen, a fresh faced young hero asking her to join his party on that very quest, and his female entourage that had been upset at the prospect of her joining and even more so at her turning him down. For her supposed slight against the hero the 6 girls had tied her to a table and gang tickle tortured her until the bouncers took pity on her over an hour later. She could now hear their collective cries from the cafe across the street she had moved to. The hero had insisted on punishing them by having them all go through what Rachel had. He was now making the rounds to help the other patrons ensure that they learned their lesson. Not that Rachel herself was upset about it. She had actually quite enjoyed herself through the entire experience from being grabbed to be forcibly stripped right up until when she was freed, though she wished that they'd been able to find her underwear given how tiny her skirt is.

    Rachel had originally called Laila's ensemble of leather "bra", booty shorts, thigh high boots, and cloak low quality, slutty cosplay. Now she understood that her friend didn't have much of a choice. Rachel's witch outfit wasn't much better. The pointed witch hat was the only thing that couldn't be categorized as sexy and even that she could push the angle of it being to show that it was a slutty witch outfit. A form fitting dark purple robe that split off to leave her stomach exposed on its way down to her ankles was the only thing she had on top. The thin fabric made it readily apparent that she not only didn't have a bra on, but was also still achingly aroused from having been tickled for an extended period of time. Her tiny white miniskirt threatened to give an up-skirt with every step if she wasn't too careful with how she walked. The black thigh high boots only served to draw attention to what parts of thighs were exposed and the matching nylons underneath were purely a treat for whatever tickler wanted a go at her feet. She felt that with this combo combined with her lack of underwear she might as well toss everything except the boots and at least be honest about it. Not that she complained about it anymore. Every time she brought it up Laila would launch into a lecture on the value of sex appeal that made her eyes glaze over.

    Misgivings on appearance aside, what it came down to was that the bonuses from wearing adventuring gear were too good to pass up. Gear found as treasure in one of Ilia's dungeons were the only clothes that were enchanted to outright block tickling. Even with how thin her robe was, somebody digging their fingers into her through it would never manage to get a reaction. They also granted their wearer abilities depending on what type of clothes they were. Laila's thief type outfit highlighted traps for her. Rachel's current witch set noticeably improved how easily she could use magic. Putting it on specifically let her summon magical feathers in far greater numbers with better control than before.

    Ilia clearly played too many video games. Not that Rachel minded. Easily her biggest problem with this world, even more so than it being a world designed from the ground up to enable girls like her to be constantly tickle tortured, was that she herself didn't have access to any video games anymore. The world was too low-tech for them. That alone made her swear bloody revenge against Ilia. Bloody, ticklish revenge.

    She unconsciously gripped her coffee hard enough to make it overflow out of its cheap cardboard cup at the memory of what she'd had to do to pay for this outfit. She had insisted on paying for it herself instead of having Laila shell out for something for her sake again. At this point it felt like she'd lose all value as a human being if she mooched off of her friend any more. The results had been downright cruel. The shop had forced her to strip herself in full view, then strung her up as one of their front window displays. She was left kneeling on a padded shelf with her knees and ankles bolted down by leather cuffs. Her feet had been left dangling off the edge of the shelf to be immobilized by having each individual toe tied back with string to pull her soles taut. Her hands were held off to her sides by manacles dangling from the ceiling. They rigged up an evil machine that gently teased her nipples and pussy with stiff feathers, her every attempt to squirm away effortlessly tracked by the magic empowering it. She had to endure that until she either orgasmed or the shop closed for the night. To make matters even worse, one of the shop girls stood outside actively hawking customers to come inside to deny her pleasure by using a variety of provided tools to tickle her. It was 7 brutal hours of being tickled while kept on the precipice of release before she had a mind shattering orgasm. Laila had been forced to give her a piggy-back ride back home thanks to how weak the ordeal had left her.

    "EEK! Stop! Stop stop stohohop!" Rachel squealed in surprise. Her musing had just managed to build up a nice, negative head of steam when she was interrupted by the sensation of hands slipping in under her robe to dart up to her armpits. The slim fingers with well manicured nails began wiggling to extract a steady stream of laughter out of their target. She made the mistake of trapping the offending fingers inside by slamming her arms down out of reflex. The hands didn't even have to try to keep up with her squirming. Her tormentor kept wiggling their fingers to entice further yelps of distress. Rachel was aware of the amused glances she was getting. Trying desperately to keep her legs crossed with one hand preventing her skirt from riding up to keep her privates covered while giggling like a schoolgirl as somebody tickled her must've been a pretty amusing sight. It was almost a minute before she gathered the presence of mind to lift her arms up before spinning around to face her attacker.

    There stood Laila. Her looks were from her Indian parents while her grasp of English was from growing up in the US. Rachel had yet to meet a single person who could keep their eyes off of her impressive jugs, in no small part because she stalwartly refused to cover them any more than necessary to support their weight. Combined with a decent waist and hips with a juicy rump and the girl standing before her had enough boing to turn heads. She came up to about Rachel's eyes at 5'3". 19 years old. She claimed she'd been brought over on her 18th birthday thanks to a sincere wish to live a life full of tickling. Laila had said more, but it had been during a 4 hours long full body tickling session yesterday (1 hour of armpit tickling for calling her outfit slutty, 1 hour of stomach massage as repayment for all of Rachel's casual clothes, and 2 hours of applying her mouth to her feet for the impromptu taxi service after Rachel had paid for her adventuring gear). Rachel couldn't tell if her friend had purposefully waited until she was cashing in such a large backlog of payments to tell Rachel her info so she'd forget from the ensuing torture or was just that careless. It could go either way with the happy-go-lucky sadist standing in front of her.

    "Heya, Rach! Ready to go?" The fact that Laila was so chipper didn't tell Rachel much. Laila was happy regardless of how her day had been going as long as she got to tickle someone. Even something as short as the quick tickle she'd just been through was good enough to keep her bouncing around for the rest of the day with a grin on her face.

    "Yep." Rachel grabbed the bag that she'd had lying next to her. When she looked up she noticed that he friend had suddenly become much less certain. "What?"

    "Are you really certain you're up for this, Rach? You've only been learning magic for about a month now. I think you should take it a little slower."

    "Weren't you the one who was saying that I was already better at magic than pretty much everyone you've ever met? I'll be fine." As far as she was concerned she had been promised that she'd get to go on an adventure once she had a decent grasp on magic. How quickly that came about should be irrelevant. Laila looked like she wanted to argue more, but ultimately relented without saying anything. She turned around and beckoned Rachel to follow her out the gate.


    "I didn't expect the air to be so... clean," Rachel commented as they walked through the dark corridor. The dungeon had been just what she expected. An ill-lit underground labyrinth of rugged stonework lined with torches that confusingly looped around on itself to throw off a visitor's sense of direction. The only thing off about it was that the air wasn't the musty smell she anticipated. If anything it was even better than outside. It smelled like a flower garden in here. Laila giggled at her observation.

    "It was originally much worse. People kept complaining at the temple about having to put up with the smell while stuck in traps, so eventually Ilia changed it to how it is now."

    "...this really is a video game world, isn't it?"

    Laila's only response was to laugh again.

    The dungeon had turned out to be only about a 10 minute walk from the town gate. It was a popular place to visit despite Ilia only sparingly replacing the treasure. People who were curious about what it was like inside a dungeon would come poke around. Experienced adventurers often came to have a bit of fun at the expense of those caught in its myriad of traps. Both reasons were in fact why the duo was here.

    Even with Laila's gear highlighting traps for her it was slow going. Her friend would stop at every turn and intersection to carefully observe the new ground for the tell-tale glow. Combined with having to repeatedly use a spell to record their progress on their map, which cost them being harassed by a divine feather for a couple seconds each time, and they spent nearly as much time standing still as walking.

    The reason for their almost excessive caution was evident. Screams of laughter reverberated throughout the halls. Some other poor souls had evidently been caught in a trap. They were currently making their way towards the sound, and Laila was making a point of using it to stress the need for caution. It would spoil their fun if they ended up getting caught too.

    Eventually they found the source of the laughter. Rachel had to take a moment to appreciate the sadistic nature of the scene before her. A trio of women were caught in traps in the middle of a wide hallway. They had mature faces that made Rachel pin them all at being ages 30+. All three were restrained in x-frames set at an incline in a circle so they were all facing each other. Magical hands were tormenting all three of them, the first two were being tickled while the third was being sexually teased. As Rachel watched the hands tickling the first two faded from view. The women immediately began begging their friend to resist the hands' manipulations. The hands toying with the third responded to their pleas by picking up the pace to force her to cry out with pleasure. The hands that had been tormenting the first two then reappeared to continue their assault.

    "Ah, an old classic," Laila explained. "Everybody takes turns being masturbated. Everyone else gets tickled each time they cum. They have to hold out from orgasming for 10 minutes each for it to end." She tilted her head as she continued, "They must be newbies. It's pretty common knowledge that begging ups the difficulty on this one."

    "Should we help them?" Rachel asked. She felt a little bad for them. She herself had recently experienced what it was like to be sexually tickle tortured.

    "The answer to that is always yes. Never leave someone stuck in a trap. If they want to stay in it then stick around until they don't anymore. That's basic ediquette here. You remember to pack your rope?"

    Rachel nodded. Saving people who were in trouble was common sense, but she also was starting to grasp that taking advantage of people who were in trouble to have some ticklish fun was also common sense here.

    Together they saved the women one by one. After freeing one from their bondage they left them hogtied on their side on the floor while they moved onto the next. The hands would mill about after their victims were saved before slowly fading away alongside the bondage racks. Rachel had never thought that she'd feel sorry for mindless tickling machines, but their dejected droop managed to tug at her heartstrings.

    "Thank you." The first woman they saved was logically the first to recover. "I don't know how long we would've been trapped here if you hadn't saved us."

    "Just remember not to beg so much next time. It makes the hands go crazy. I doubt any girl could hold it in when they go all out like that." Laila took the lead on talking to them. Rachel quietly stood a little ways back, uncertain of how this normally played out.

    "R-right. Thank you. I'll remember that for next time. So I take it you'll want payment for this?" The woman seemed to understand what was going on. Neither of the other two objected either, so Laila's method of collecting payment for rescues must be pretty common.

    "Yep, 10 minutes each. Both of us are going to give you everything we've got." Laila turned to beckon Rachel closer. "Rach, you get her upperbody. I'll handle her feet. And summon some feathers to let the other two have some fun while they're waiting too."

    "What?" Rachel was shocked. Not that she'd mind the consequences, but she was surprised that Laila was suggesting it. "Wouldn't I get hit by the rebound later then?"

    "You've got gear on, dontcha? This stuff even blocks magical rebound from automated tools if you keep it to places you have covered."

    Rachel nodded in understanding. At a quick check her underarms, breasts, ribs, waist, knees, and feet were protected, so that's where she decided to target. She went with stiff eagle plumes for their nipples, waists, and in between their toes. Underarms and the back of their knees got a swarm of soft down feathers. The ribs and soles of their feet were subjected to being scratched by the quills. She looked with satisfaction at the two women writhing on the ground under the effects of her magic. They seemed to be taking it worse than the hands. When she turned back she saw the woman looking on with worry. Even Laila had a strained smile.

    "That's... a lot more than I meant, but it'll work," was all she said. She beckoned Rachel over before kneeling at the first woman's feet. Rachel took position in front of her.

    "Somebody's feeling frisky today," the woman quipped with an amused grin. Rachel realized that kneeling like that was giving her intended victim a clear view up her skirt. And she didn't have any underwear on. Her face turned scarlet in embarrassment. That's it. She was going to be gentle since this woman had already been put through so much, but that comment meant she was going to suffer as much as she could make her now. She started summoning the same feathers that were tormenting the other women's upperbodies and smiled sadistically when she saw the fear spread across her victim's face.

    "Yes, I'm feeling naughty today. And I'm going to do some very naughty things to you," she taunted back. She was having too much fun to notice Laila roll her eyes for that one.

    "You ready, Rach?" Laila's fingers were wiggling impatiently an inch away from their new 'lee's feet. "3, 2, 1, GO!" On cue Rachel dug her fingers into the woman's stomach and began scrabbling her nails around randomly. The feathers all launched into action to start stroking their designated areas. At the same time Laila was raking one hand across the length of one foot while using the other to wiggle her fingers against the balls of the other foot.

    "HAHAH I'M SOHOHOHOHOHOHORY! PLEASE FOHOHORGIVE MEHEHEHEHEH!" The effects were instantaneous. The woman began thrashing about on the floor while letting out a steady stream of frantic laughter in a desperate attempt to escape their combined attack. Rachel reached over to pin down her waist with one knee, accidentally squashing her own feather in the process. All threat of exposing her privates with an up-skirt had already been forgotten. She switched to using one hand to goose her target's side. The other had a finger dive directly into her bellybutton while using the others to wiggle against her stomach.

    Laila followed suit after seeing her change tactics. The arches seemed to provoke the woman to scream every time she touched them, so she summoned a magical hairbrush. One hand held both big toes back so the other could scrub both arches simultaneously with the brush. She began considering summoning some oil to lubricate up the feet to make it even worse.

    To be honest, neither of them was entirely certain which of their tactics was most effective. They were subjecting their new toy to so much simultaneously that it could've been anything that was pushing her over the edge, or maybe it was that it was all happening at once. All they knew was that they had reduced her to hysterical laughter to the point where she wasn't even able to gather enough air to beg.

    It was Rachel who first noticed that she wasn't laughing as much anymore. She had suddenly gone from emitting ear piercing screams and squeals to soft giggles. A quick look at her face showed that her eyes had rolled back into her head. She had passed out on them. The quiet giggles and twitching was either from them still being able to provoke a response out of her while she was unconscious or the poor woman wasn't able to escape the tickling even in her dreams.

    "Hey, Laila. Laila! She's out."

    "Really? Bummer. She only lasted about 5 minutes." Laila seemed legitimately disappointed. Rachel could understand. As far as either of them could tell this one was the most ticklish of the group.

    "Wanna make her pay when she wakes up again?" She felt like she was getting into this whole torturing business. It was quite fun when you had a victim who gave a good reaction.

    "Nah, let her be. Let's take it out on the other two instead!"

    Rachel grinned at the suggestion and walked over to one of the other girls. Despite her feathering the woman had witnessed what the pair had done to her friend. She had a look of sheer terror on her face as Rachel dispelled the feathers tormenting her feet to allow Laila to get into position, then reached her hands down towards her ribs.


    The trio of women spent the walk back to the entrance oddly docile. Laila by contrast was happily humming an aimless tune. Every time either of them glanced back to make certain the women were still following them the trio would collectively flinch. They parted ways at the entrance. The women were so hasty to leave that they didn't even bother taking the time to get dressed.

    Rachel was now faced with a new dilemma. Laila wanted her to experience camping out instead of heading back to town. The tent Laila had set up right outside the dungeon entrance had originally been purchased under the premise that she'd be the only one using it. Both of them could technically fit in it, but it would be a bit of a squeeze.

    Which wouldn't be a problem if their relationship wasn't in an awkward spot. Two weeks ago, on the evening that Rachel had first gotten to tickle Laila back, Laila had confessed her feelings to her. Rachel hadn't given an answer. Instead she'd begged to delay responding until she was in less of a financially unstable situation. Laila's pained smile upon hearing that had been harder for her to bear than any tickling that she'd endured before or since. Laila acted like nothing had happened since then, but Rachel found being around her to be distractingly difficult at times. Like right now for instance.

    "W-what are you doing!?" Rachel squawked. She had turned around from placing her bag next to the tent to see the other girl stripping down in broad daylight.

    "What?" Laila's tone was somewhat defensive. "I always sleep in the nude." Rachel herself typically slept in her underwear, but her current situation meant that she'd have to similarly undress.

    "But... but we'll be sleeping together in there!" The shapely young woman before her raised an eyebrow in confusion at her objection.

    "Rach, we've spent nearly every day for the past couple weeks tickle torturing each other. I wear clothes around you so rarely that I'm pretty certain you haven't gotten to see even a tenth of my wardrobe. Are you really going to get hung up about us sharing a tent now?"

    "Yeah, but sleeping together is different." That sounded weak even to Rachel. But to her it was true, sharing a bed (or small tent in this case) was a line she didn't want to cross, not after having been lame enough to not even give a straight answer to her confession. Especially when they'd both be naked. Laila rolled her eyes.

    "Look, at the end of the day this doesn't change the fact that we only have one tent. I'm personally not gonna give up on it just 'cause you're getting hung up over this. You're free to join me or not." And with that she ended the conversation by slipping into the tent. Rachel spent a few minutes hesitating before caving in to undress and join her.

    It was awkward. It was really, really awkward. Laila's shoulder was only a few inches away from her's. Rachel was no stranger to having sex with both men and women while in college, but this current situation was driving her crazy. Something about knowing that the girl lying next to her was only being covered by a single blanket wouldn't let her calm down. All of the times they'd tickled each other came unbidden to her mind, making it painfully clear how much time they spent touching each other. And by association that brought back memories of all of the other times she'd been tickled since coming to this world. All of the worries she'd been mulling over this morning, successfully buried until now by their adventure together, forced their way back to her attention.

    Rachel's tossing and turning inevitably caught Laila's attention. She felt a hand wrap around her waist from behind. A pair of soft mounds with distractingly rigid points pressed into her back. Her halfhearted attempt to shrug her friend off was met with surprising strength from the thin arm.

    "What's wrong, Rach?" Laila softly asked. Rachel stayed silent for a moment. She didn't know if this was something she wanted to bring up yet. Especially with Laila. Eventually she decided to go for it.

    "...I'm scared that I'm going insane," she muttered. There was no response. The silence seemed to be prompting her to continue. "You know what happened last week? When I paid for my adventuring equipment?"


    "Well, I really enjoyed it. I know I shouldn't have. Being forced to strip, being put on display, being forced to orgasm in public, and spending all day being tickled? I should hate that. That's pure torture. But I didn't." Rachel couldn't stop the words anymore. The dam on her feelings had broken. "I enjoyed it. It had felt so good to have people abuse me like that. I feel like this place is driving me mad. I shouldn't be be having so much fun going through things like that." She started to choke up. Tears were welling in her eyes and threatening to start flowing down her cheeks. "I mean - I mean today I was tied to a table by a bunch of girls I'd never met before over some stupid reason. And I had fun. The only thing I could think to complain about afterwards was that I was annoyed that I had to go commando when it was over cause they couldn't find my underwear. It's like I'm turning into so kind of-"

    "Rachel," Laila interrupted her. The hand around her shoulder squeezed tighter. "It's okay. It's okay to feel like that, Rachel. That's what this world is. Ilia created all of this so that it'd be okay for us to have fun with things like that. Things that would never be okay back home. The only thing we should have to worry about here is whether tickling or being tickled is more fun."

    Laila backed off a little so Rachel could turn around to look at her. She couldn't stop the tears anymore. She started bawling. Laila held her head to her chest so she could cry herself to sleep. Rachel didn't know if it was really okay, if any of this was. But she was happy that there seemed to be at least one person in this world who wouldn't judge her for the person she was afraid she was becoming.

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    Let me be the first to comment on this amazing story! Loved the dungeon scene!

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