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    Rachel's Unwanted Divine Attention: Demon Princess (F/F)

    4th and final part of Rachel's ticklish adventures. Our heroine has to go on a daring(?) rescue to save Laila from horrible(?) torment(?).

    Part 1: Arriving at a new world
    Part 2: Magic Lessons
    Part 3: On Dungeons, Rescues, and Acceptance

    Rachel was awoken to the feeling of fingernails lazily making circles around the edge of her armpits. Her unsuccessful attempt at bringing her arms down let her realize that her hands had been bound above her head. Her legs were similarly spread wide and restrained. She must've been blindfolded since it remained dark after she opened her eyes. The familiar taste of a ball-gag was in her mouth. At least her captor had been nice enough to put her on a plush bed. Wait a second, she realized, hadn't she gone to sleep on the ground in a tent? Why was she on a bed now?

    "Wakey wakey, little Rachel," a feminine voice whispered in her ear. The nails tracing around her armpits briefly dipped to quickly scratch at the depths of her hollows to make her squeal, then went back to teasing around the edges. "Wake up or I'm going to tickle you~," the voice teasingly continued.

    Rachel did her best to thrash around and scream into her gag to show that she was awake. Unfortunately, that wasn't the game she was being put through this time. Her captor gently traced her nails down to start lightly flicking a single finger against each of her nipples. She gasped and giggled into her gag each time the nails made contact.

    "Such a sleepyhead. I will have to tickle you for quite a long time to get you to wake up after all." A hint of mischief had entered the voice. Suddenly the tickling transferred from fingers flicking her nipples to 10 fingers scratching against the base of her toes without any time in between. The sudden change in intensity and location caught Rachel completely off guard. She couldn't stop herself from howling with laughter.

    "Sto! No dohohOHOHAHAHAHAHAHA!" She tried to beg for them to stop despite knowing that it was useless, and it all came out as incomprehensible grunting through the gag. Another pair of hands joined in to ruthlessly dig into her ribs. Each finger pressed in hard and shook about to force out peals of laughter. Had a new tickler joined in? She cursed her blindfold for not letting her be able to tell.

    "Try to remember, Rachel. Remember why you need to wake up." The voice had moved to between her feet. What was this woman talking about? She was awake right now! Suddenly images flooded into her head. Her holding Laila's hand while trying to run to the town. Slipping and falling into a ditch thanks to the lack of light alongside the road at night. Seeing Laila dragged off by a horde of demons before everything went dark. And then she found herself able to see.

    She was lying on a bed in a pure white bedroom. The walls were covered from top to bottom in an expansive feather collection. Directly above her was what looked like a video feed showing a naked woman in a pair of stocks being gang tickled by a guy and two other girls. The tickling was obviously too much for the woman to stand, but her tormentors continued with every sign of enjoyment despite her cries and tears. At the foot of the bed was a familiar blonde woman wearing a dress made out of feathers. A pair of ghostly copies of her hands were now using their nails to play her rib cage like a piano.

    Rachel had only met Ilia once, but she would probably never forget her. Their session together, when Ilia had coerced Rachel into going to this world, was the singular instance that defined the "torture" in "tickle torture" for her. It was a bar of ticklish suffering that nobody who had tickled her since had managed to reach yet.

    "Oh good, you remembered." A smile spread across the goddess' face. She reached up and gently bent one of Rachel's big toes and the toe next to it back. One finger on the other hand began lightly teasing the sensitive webbing in between. When she took her hands away ghostly copies of her fingers stayed behind to continue the torment. The goddess repeated the process with each toe until there was a ghostly finger gently tickling in between each one. Her now free hands went down a little to tease the rest of her feet. One hand lazily swept up and down from the balls of the foot down to the heel and back up again. The other was lightly drawing circles in the arch of the other foot.

    "HAHAHAhahahAHAHAHAHAHA EHEHEHE! STOHOHO STO!" Rachel was in hysterics. One woman getting to use 30 fingers to tickle her was just plain unfair.

    Ilia stood up, but that didn't mean the foot tickling stopped. Like with the fingers teasing her toes ghostly hands stayed behind to continue working over her soles. They even switched up which of them was doing what at random intervals. The goddess walked up and took a seat on the bed next to Rachel's waist. A pair of fingers reached out to gently stroke her pussy lips. Rachel flinched at the touch. A trail of sticky fluid clung to her fingers as she brought them to Rachel's eyes to show her.

    "It is always so fun to see mortal girls awaken to their desire to be tickled. It is quite literally what I live for." Her hand returned to gently teasing around Rachel's wet lips while the other seized one of her breasts to begin firmly kneading. Through force of will Rachel stopped thrashing in response to the foot and rib tickling to focus on twisting away from the touch on her privates. She didn't want this. This was the one thing she wouldn't stand for. She couldn't bear the thought of letting another woman have her way with her sexually before she'd brought up the courage to answer Laila's confession first. "If you do not want this, then all you have to do to escape it is wake up, Rachel."

    Then she woke up.


    When she awoke she was lying in a ditch by the side of the road. The sky had the gradation of a sun just below the horizon, and the birds chirping in the trees around her filled her in that it was currently pre-dawn. Her body hurt. She was covered in bruises from her fall. She concentrated for a moment and felt the pain get taken away by a pleasant chill washing down from the tip of her head to her feet. Maybe Ilia would let her get away with the long-con of saying that this was to enable her to tickle Laila sooner. At the very least no divine feathers were appearing out of nowhere to punish her misconduct immediately like they normally did.

    Standing up she took stock of her situation. Once again she was naked. They hadn't had time to get dressed when the demons had ambushed them in their tent. Their flight to safety had apparently taken them close enough to see the walls of the town. Out of nowhere she felt a soft buzz in her hand. When she looked at the back of it she saw a tattoo of a feather. A few moments later images began to stream into her head. A young woman with long white hair was raking her nails against the feet of a woman wrapped from the top of her ribs down to her ankles in cellophane. Her arms were wrapped above her head to leave her underarms exposed. The bound girl's face was obscured by a bondage hood, but she'd seen that shapely figure with tanned skin so often that she recognized her anyways. She grinned in amusement at the implication. The other image concerned a picture of a map and a faint pulling sensation towards to where a red X was centered on it.

    "A present. Use wisely." A feminine voice drifted through her mind. Rachel waited for a moment, but there was no further explanation. But she had a pretty good idea what they were anyways. She could feel what the tattoo was supposed to do. Confidence bolstered by the unexpected help, she turned around and headed back to the dungeon's entrance where they had camped.

    Their tent had been knocked over in the ensuing struggle when they'd been ambushed, but none of their possessions had been stolen. Strangely enough, the fire pit had been properly filled in after they left. Apparently they were very well mannered kidnappers. Not that Rachel was going to complain. She quickly fished her witch outfit out of her bag and put it on. There still wasn't any underwear, but she felt like she had more important things to worry about than her modesty right now. Picking up Laila's pack she started walking in the direction that Ilia's gift was pulling her in.


    The city in question was surprisingly close by. It was only half a day before she reached her destination. On the other hand, she had just spent half a day walking along a dirt road without any shade. She was exhausted. Out of foolish pride, and more than a little fear of exorbitantly ticklish costs, she had turned down every offer for a lift from passing carriages. But she had made it all the same.

    It was an impressively large castle town easily several orders of magnitude bigger than the town she lived in built on the side of a mountain. Even the wall around it was over twice as tall and she could still see the high class quarters and castle that had been built higher up the slope.

    The residents of the town clearly weren't human. Their skin color ran the entire spectrum of the rainbow, and many of them sported wings or horns or were simply too big or small to be human. Rachel questioned how exactly she was supposed to sneak in. Eventually she shook her head in frustration. If stealth wasn't going to work then she'd just have to go in through the front. She walked up to one of the gates that the road connected to. Luckily there wasn't much foot traffic going through right now.

    Sitting at a kiosk was a hulking blue giant of a demon. He was easily over 10 feet tall with bulging muscles that strained against the business suit he was wearing. A impressive set of curving horns were growing out of the sides of his head above his ears. Frankly, his face alone terrified Rachel, to say nothing of his build. But he was the only free kiosk at the moment. She stopped in front of him.

    "Reason for your visit?" he asked in a deep, gravely voice.

    "My friend got kidnapped. I'm here to save her!" Rachel boldly declared. She had no real plan past this. The general idea floating through her head was to bind him with magic and run as fast as she could towards the castle. Maybe it'd all work out.

    "Again? Third time this week," the demon muttered under his breath with frustration. He flipped through the book sitting on the desk in front of him and scribbled something down. "Is this your first time? We can get a guide to help show you where to go to rescue her if you need one." Rachel froze up with shock. This wasn't how she was expecting things to go. The demon watched her wordlessly open and close her mouth a few times before taking pity on her. "I'll take that as a yes. Shila, we need some help at Kiosk #4. We have another one," he spoke into a small microphone next to his book.

    A middle aged looking demon woman approached. Her red skin was covered by a business suit with a pencil skirt and nylons. Despite being called a guide she had high heels on. The suit had been modified to remove the top half of the back to accommodate her bat-like wings. The glasses on her face made the word "Secretary" get lodged in Rachel's head. She was at least a head taller than Rachel with a fairly nondescript figure under her suit.

    "Shila, I know this isn't your job, but could you please take this girl up to the castle with you? Looks like the princess has been at it again," the demon asked. The woman nodded and turned to Rachel. She extended her hand towards her. Rachel, still in a state of shock, shook it without thinking.

    "Hello, my name is Shila. I'm sorry that I'm not really a tour guide, I just know my way around the castle. Is that all right with you? If you want we can schedule a proper tour for later."

    "O-oh no, that's fine! No need!" Rachel frantically waved her hands in front of her. She had no idea what was going on anymore. Their unexpected politeness had ruined whatever half-formed plans she'd been frantically trying to think up.

    "Wonderful!" Shila smiled. "I at least know the city as well as any other citizen. Please ask if you need anything explained." With that she turned around and began purposefully walking down the street into the city. Rachel jogged to catch up. She waved to the demon manning the kiosk as she left, more out of confusion than anything else, and he politely waved back with a kind smile on his face.

    The first thing Rachel noticed was that tickling seemed to be much more common here than the town she was staying in. The air was filled with tortured laughter no matter where they went. There was a public bondage device, be it a rack, stocks, or stake, nearly every other building. The citizens were certainly making use of them. There were at least 2-3 naked demons and humans in the midst of being tickle tortured on every street. There was no real pattern on who was tickling whom, it was completely random what race or gender the ticklers and ticklees were.

    Eventually they came across the town plaza. Like in Rachel's town there were stocks set up around the fountain for criminals to be punished in. The main difference though is that it looked like the girls locked in them were enjoying themselves a lot more than you'd expect from people being punished. As she watched a quartet of girls finished working over a petite blonde. Despite the intensity of her torture the smile on the girl's face was one of bliss rather than having been forced by the tickling. The girl grinned in anticipation as a group of demon women dropped money into a box next to her before taking up position around her.

    "Aren't these punishment stocks? Everyone looks so happy," Rachel asked.

    "Hm? Oh. We changed that last year. Punishments are now handled by the torturers in the palace dungeons or at the defendant's discretion. These are on a volunteer basis now. They've proven to be a big hit. You can earn some good money by signing up to stay in them. Are you interested?"

    Rachel hesitated. Then Laila's words from last night came to mind. She laced her fingers in front of her and let an unrestrained smile spread across her face. "That sounds great!"

    "You can schedule a time slot in the office over there when you're ready," Shila pointed at a large building flanked by a pair of stocks. "There's never such a thing as too many volunteers. I'm sure you'll be really popular if you give it a shot." She smiled at Rachel for encouragement.

    They continued their journey up to the castle. Shila pointed out popular eateries and places of entertainment as they went. Since Rachel had expressed an interest in being tickled she put special emphasis on places where she could either volunteer or where a human girl was more likely to end up being tickled even if she didn't ask for it. When they came across a lingerie shop she gave Rachel a meaningful look, and Rachel briefly excused herself to go inside. She came back out a few minutes later stowing a contract reading "I.O.U. 4 Hours" and the shop's logo into her bag.

    The castle guards let them in easily after noticing Shila. The massive double doors were large enough that Rachel had to crane her head back to see the top. Inside was a hallway branching off to both sides and a second set of similar doors.

    "That's the audience hall. We'll need to head to the bedrooms." Shila turned and began walking towards one of the staircases down the hall. Standing in the hallway was a strikingly beautiful demon woman in a skimpy dress. The fabric on the dress was barely enough to cover her nipples and groin. The rest was made of gossamer that didn't hide her figure underneath in the slightest. What struck Rachel was that she looked almost human. With her flowing black hair, green eyes, and sharp looking face on her pale skin, she would've passed off for human if it weren't for the obsidian horns growing out of her head. She seemed to be nervously fretting around.

    "Your Highness," Shila bowed upon seeing her. Rachel hastily mimicked the gesture.

    "Oh! Shila! Shila! The hero is coming! Do I look all right!?" The queen seemed almost frantic.

    "You are beautiful as always, Your Majesty," Shila calmly replied. To Rachel it looked like her eyes had crinkled in annoyance for a moment there, but it was gone so quickly that she felt like she must've imagined it.

    "Ugh! You are worthless to me. You! Human! Do I look like a queen befitting a fight with a hero?" She immediately turned on Rachel.

    "Um... yes? You look like a demon queen right out of a game to me," Rachel replied. Maybe not the most family friendly one, she thought, but she decided to keep that one to herself. She wasn't entirely certain if it was even possible for the demon in front of her to get the reference, but it seemed to work out.

    "Are you certain? It's not too small is it? You can tell that I'm not even wearing underwear with this! What if he thinks I'm some kind of slut of something?" The queen's mood was all over the place. From angry at her servant's reply she went immediately to being nervous at Rachel's. She reminded her of girls she'd known who'd gotten insecure after renting their prom dresses.

    "Your Majesty, this is the traditional dress of a demon queen for fighting the hero. It has stood the test of time for generations. A hero who would not accept a fight with you while you're wearing it is an uneducated charlatan who shall be expelled immediately."

    "And what about the video feed? Will people be able to watch? I heard he had a bunch of girls with him. Won't people be unable to see me when they tickle me after if there are too many people?"

    "Your Majesty, have a little trust in your servants. We have everything under control. The girls won't get in the way and the entire kingdom will be able to watch as the hero punishes you for your 'misdeeds' until you 'happen' to fall in love with him." Shila placed her hand on the queen's shoulder. The queen still looked nervous, but gulped and nodded. After taking a few deep breathes she seemed to calm down a little.

    "I'm sorry, that was quite rude of me." The queen bowed low in apology. Rachel almost bowed back out of reflex before a hand on her shoulder from Shila stopped her. "May I ask to what do we owe the honor of your visit?"

    "Well, my friend got kidnapped by some demons. I was told that I could rescue her if I came here."

    The demon queen closed her eyes and put the heel of her hand to her forehead. "Oh, that daughter of mine. When will she ever learn? I apologize for the inconvenience, but could I please ask a favor of you? Please teach her a lesson for me while you retrieve your friend. I'm a little too busy to do it myself right now. Shila, schedule a week in the dungeons with every available torturer for my daughter after our guest is through with her. That girl needs to learn to stop doing this."

    "As you wish, Your Majesty." Was it just Rachel or did Shila seem a little too happy to receive that order?

    After parting ways with the queen Shila led Rachel down several more hallways before they arrived at a set of double doors. The amount of detail put into the images carved on them made Rachel unwilling to touch them for fear of damaging them, even if all of the images were of incredibly anatomically correct naked women being tickled. Shila had no such issues.

    "If I may be so bold, Princess Ardat is renowned for having the most ticklish breasts in the kingdom. Her nipples in particular are quite sensitive. If you wish to enjoy yourself some, even gentle licking has been known to make her wet herself from how severe it is. And yes, she's 18, so feel free to have your way with her."

    Rachel felt a grin forming. This was going to be a lot more fun than she thought it'd be.

    Shila opened the door to reveal a young woman kneeling with her back to the door. She was happily humming a tune while drawing random figures on the feet of the bound figure in front of her. Her long white hair came down to the small of her back. As far as Rachel could tell she only had a tiny pair of black lace panties on. She was so absorbed in playing with her new toy that she didn't notice the door open. Rachel stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

    "Her feet aren't ticklish, you know," Rachel said after a couple minutes. The girl jumped and spun around. Rachel gulped at seeing the impressive rack swing from the momentum in front of her. Even if Shila hadn't advised her to tickle there, she probably wouldn't have been able to keep her hands off anyways. They weren't the biggest breasts she had ever seen, Rachel's own were bigger and she wasn't approaching a contest with Laila, but they had a perfect shape and skin quality that filled her with a desire to sink her fingers in. She could practically hear those nipples crying for the loving touch of her mouth.

    "Who are you!? How did you get in here!? State your business!" Princess Ardat demanded. The princess turned out to be quite petite, 5 foot even at most. Her tiny waist spoke of a strictly controlled diet and exercise while her wide hips obviously came from her mother's better genetics. Those piercing red eyes and sharp facial feature may have been intimidating, but something about her creamy white skin called to Rachel to sink her fingers in and never stop wiggling. She couldn't help but imagine having the petite girl at her mercy. To completely dominate her. She wanted to start tickling and never stop.

    Rachel blinked. She'd heard a description like that before. It had been from Laila describing how she'd felt when they'd first met on the night she'd confessed. So this is what love at first sight must be, she thought. She shook her head back to snap back to reality and looked the girl glaring at her in the eye.

    "My name's Rachel, I'm that girl's friend. Shila led me here. Your mother told me to punish you for kidnapping girls again." Ardat seemed taken aback by her answer. "And you're doing it wrong. Laila isn't the least bit ticklish on her feet," she continued.

    She walked around the room, giving Ardat a wide berth, and picked up a bottle of oil lying on a tray next to Laila. She poured some into her hands and began rubbing the oil into the armpits of the bound figure in front of her. The woman, until now completely motionless, began to twitch.

    "Even with bondage and a gag like this you should be able to get a reaction anyways. Cellophane wrap doesn't mean they can't still squirm a little and a hood will only muffle the laughter, not completely block it out," she explained. Grabbing a pair of palm scalp massagers she began furiously scrubbing them into her friend's armpits. She was rewarded by the figure immediately beginning to convulse on the table. Muffled screams started to come out of the hood. "See?"

    "But... but," Ardat's eyes were wide with shock, "I was told that the girl visiting the dungeon had the most ticklish feet ever seen. That should've worked!"

    "Wrong girl. They were probably talking about me. Laila here won't give you a reaction no matter how hard you abuse her feet." She hadn't let up on scrubbing her friend's armpits though. She figured that she had quite the ticklish debt to repay for all of the time Laila had spent torturing her.

    Ardat remained silent for a moment, then stomped her foot on the ground. "NO! Not again! Every single TIME! None of them are ticklish on their feet!" she screamed. Her foot stomped again with each sentence. The display shocked Rachel enough to get her to stop tickling Laila. She hadn't expected the princess to act in such an unsightly manner. The girl was more like a spoiled girl than a proper princess right now. If she acted like this often then she could sympathize with Shila's glee in hearing an order to have her punished.

    "You. You said it was you, right? Get on the bed. Let me tickle you," Ardat demanded. Rachel took her time responding. First she unzipped the hood covering Laila's face and smiled at her friend. After taking a few moments to make certain that she was okay, she then turned back to the princess.

    "No, I don't think I will. I think you're the one who's going to end up on the bed. I'm going to teach you a lesson on how to treat others." Then Rachel began to undress. She briefly hopped on the table next to Laila to take her boots off before tossing them into a corner. The robe and miniskirt soon followed. When she reached back to undo her bra Ardat, who'd been watching in silent shock up until then, turned away with a hand over her eyes. A blush was spreading across her cheeks.

    "W-what are you doing?"

    "I'm stripping. I got sexually tickle tortured for an entire day to pay for these. I don't wanna lose them to you using stripping magic on me." The panties and bra joined the pile of clothes. She decided to keep the nylons on. Ilia classified them as tickling tools, so it was okay to wear them, and she now felt comfortable admitting that standing around in only thigh highs made her feel sexy.

    Grabbing a pair of handcuffs lying on the tray, she took advantage of Ardat's still averted gaze to lunge forward. Ardat only had a moment to realize what was happening before Rachel was on her. She managed to grab the princess' arm and wrench it behind her back. When the other hand reached back to swat at her she grabbed it too and yanked it into position so she could handcuff her wrists together.

    Rachel's hands reached down to start squeezing the sides in front of her. Ardat doubled over laughing, and Rachel leaned forward to help push her onto the ground. After pushing the smaller girl down she stopped tickling to run over to her bag to retrieve her rope. As she did so she felt a spell hit her in the back. The nylons that she'd decided to leave on disintegrated. Ardat's panties broke apart at the same time. She was now very grateful she'd taken the precaution to protect her adventuring gear. A magical shackle appeared around her leg and a feather was sent flying towards her stomach. She batted the feather away with her hand before concentrating to magically smash her binding into scattering lights. Before Ardat could throw out any more magic or stand up she dove on top of her and bound her feet together with the rope.

    Hauling the girl up onto her shoulder was unexpectedly easy. The princess was light enough to make her worry that she wasn't eating enough. That didn't stop her from roughly tossing her onto the bed, then climbing up to straddle her hips. Her hands finally got to sink into those tantalizing globes. They were just the right firmness. A wonderful balance between delightfully resisting her touch and allowing her fingers to satisfyingly sink in. Rachel was in heaven. Ardat was in hell.

    "NOOOHAHAHAHAHA! NOT THEHEHEHEHEHERE!" she screamed. Each squeeze caused the white haired woman to convulse and renew her laughter. Rachel switched to spidering her nails around the outside of her breasts and watched with delight as Ardat's chest quivered from her head thrashing back and forth, cackling all the way. Lifting up one to scratch her nails across the undersides made her buck. Satisfied that Shila's information seemed to be correct, she decided to go for the kill. She grasped one of Ardat's breasts to hold it still and leaned in to wrap her mouth around her nipple.

    "EEEEEK! NOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOOOOOOO!" Ardat wailed in agony. Each time Rachel's teeth lightly made contact or her tongue lapped at the tip Ardat would scream again. Her free hand was committed to lightly fluttering the tips of her nails against the other nipple. Ardat's shaking renewed in an attempt to throw Rachel off, but Rachel wasn't having any of it. She stubbornly clung on and kept licking until her victim's struggling died down. Only then did she raise her head again.

    "Surrender. Give up now and promise to never bother us again." She stopped to look at the perfect breasts heaving in front of her, calling for her to continue tormenting them, "Actually, don't. I want to keep doing this to you all day."

    "N-never." Despite a shaky voice and tears forming in her eyes, Ardat remained defiant. "You'll never break me. I'll get you back for this the moment you let me go."

    Rachel shrugged. She wasn't going to complain if this girl wanted to let her play with her tits more. Then she noticed the tattoo on the back of her hand. It seemed like a waste when this girl already had such a splendid weakness, but she'd never wanted to tickle someone so badly before. There was never going to be a more delicious target than this girl.

    "Hey, Rach!" Laila called from the table. "Let me join in. Don't hog such a fun looking girl all to yourself." Ardat cringed at the mention of having another tickler join in.

    "Let me try something first." The feather on Rachel's hand began to glow. She reached over and lightly touched the tip of her nail right above Ardat's heaving chest. The light spread from the tattoo down to cover the princess' body before fading from view.

    "What did you just do?" Laila asked. Rachel looked over to her then back to Ardat. An adorable look of fear had come over the princess' face. She reached down and lightly poked her in the armpit. Ardat let out an ear piercing scream and bucked hard enough to send Rachel tumbling off the bed. She hit her head against the floor and stood up rubbing the sore spot.

    "It's Ilia's personal curse. It makes it so that every time you get tickled you experience every possible way there is to be tickled simultaneously. Ilia gave it to me to help save you," she explained. Ardat looked panicked now. Her chest was rising up and down fast enough for her to be in danger of hyperventilating.

    "Don't do that," the princess whimpered. "Please don't tickle me again." Rachel teasingly reached a single nail towards her foot, causing her to scream in terror and curl up to avoid the touch. "I'll let her go. I won't chase you. Just please don't tickle me any more." Tears were streaming down her face.

    Leaving the sobbing princess on the bed Rachel walked back over to where Laila was bound. Taking a pair of scissors from the tray she cut away the cellophane binding her friend's arms. Once Laila's hands were free she handed the scissors to her and went over to where her clothes were piled up to get dressed.

    "Your clothes are over here too."


    Rachel looked over at the girl crying on the bed. She felt bad. She'd gone too far with that one. Ilia's curse was truly a dangerous thing. Walking over she patted the girl on the head. The feather on the back of her hand glowed for an instant before fading away. She could only assume that Ilia's curse was gone now.

    "Ardat. Ardat, honey, it's okay. I was being mean. Can you forgive me?" The girl only sobbed in response. "Ardat, it's okay if you want to tickle people. It's fun! But you have to ask nicely if you want to do it. Nobody's gonna be happy with you if you don't get permission first. You didn't have any fun when I tickled you just now, did you?"

    Laila finished dressing and came to sit down on the opposite side of the bed. She reached over to gently stroke her hair. "Princess, if you wanna tickle someone you can always come over to our house to play. You like tickling feet, right? Well Rachel's got the best feet ever." She chuckled, "It's actually kinda a problem. I've gotten so used to her sensitive tootsies that no other girl satisfies me now. I gotta tickle her every day to be happy. If she'll let me that is." Laila glanced up at Rachel. Rachel responded by reaching over to grab her jaw and leaned in to place a kiss directly on her lips.

    "'I love you, Laila. Please go out with me.' There. Is that good a good enough answer?"

    "Maybe you're gonna haveta repeat it a couple more times for me to get the message~."

    Ardat finally stopped crying and looked up at them with bleary eyes. "Really? You'll let me come over to play?"

    "Yep!" Laila brushed her bangs back to kiss her on the forehead.

    "Yes." Rachel followed suit. "But first you're going to have to apologize. Your mom's furious, you know? She told Shila to lock you in the dungeons for a week with every available torturer working you over for this one." Ardat shivered in fear at the thought. Laila retrieved the key to the handcuffs from the tray while Rachel undid the knot around her ankles. Then Rachel took her hand and started leading her towards the door.

    "Can I at least get dressed first?"

    "No. Think of it as part of your punishment."


    Luckily they managed to catch the queen before the hero arrived. Ardat's apology went over well, but not well enough to avoid punishment completely. Rachel watched her get dragged screaming into Shila's bedroom by a pair of guards. An hour later both of them had to hold the princess as she cried herself to sleep. It turned out Shila's official position was the head torturer, not secretary.

    When the pair finally left she saw the demon queen boldly challenging a serious looking young man while a hooded elderly man watched with a satisfied smile. Half a dozen girls were bound naked to x-frames on either side of the hall being assaulted by swarms of magical hands, feathers, brushes, and vibrators. Rachel sent the queen a quick prayer that it'd all go well on their way out.

    Shila had arranged for them to have a carriage to ride back home. She'd been assured that their driver was the most powerful demon in the kingdom to ensure their safety. Not that the old man with a comically large nose who came up to her knees gave that impression. Still, the carriage and roads were at least made well enough that she found herself growing sleepy from the gentle bumps on the ride back.

    The next thing she knew she was standing in a room with walls lined by feathers. A TV seemed to have been added since her last visit. Ilia sat on a sofa in front of it, sipping tea and sampling treats from a dessert platter on a coffee table in front of her while playing a video game. Watching the goddess dodge the werewolf's attack and begin laying into it with an ax brought tears of nostalgia to Rachel's eyes.

    "Not exactly the sort of scene I was expecting to see a goddess in." She sat down on the sofa next to Ilia.

    "I cannot spend all of my time tickling girls. Variety is the spice of life. You have to change things up or it will get stale." They sat in silence together. The only sounds were the sound effects from the game. It was a while before Rachel spoke again.

    "Hey, why did you help me so much this time? It's not like Laila was in any real danger or anything. You didn't need to go so far as to lend me your curse."

    "Because you never wanted to be here." Rachel glanced over in surprise. She felt like getting caught off guard so many times in one day was bound to be bad for her heart. Ilia found a spot in her game free from monster attacks before turning to look her in the eye. "You know, you are the only person I forced to join my world against her will. Everybody else who was not naturally born here came willingly, without even the slightest bit of duress."

    Rachel added getting heart medicine to her to do list. It was one thing after another today. She'd been convinced this entire time that her's was the standard mode of entry.

    "Even if you learned to find joy and love here greater than you would have back on Earth, even if it was the only way to enable you to discover your love of tickling and being tickled, that was still wrong of me. So I took a look into your future. The happiest possible futures for all three of you stemmed from you personally saving Laila and breaking Ardat. So I gave you the tools to enable that all to play out as easily as possible." Ilia shrugged, "I know that first sentence invalidates the following ones, but that was the best I could think of."

    Again they sat in silence for a while. The next boss fell under Ilia's character's ax before they spoke again.

    "Unless there was something else you were hoping for?"

    Rachel sat and thought for a moment. Then she pointed at the TV. "Is there really no way to bring these things over?"
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    So this is pretty much as far as I've planned for this series. Not to say that we won't see more of Rachel, Laila, and Ardat, I just haven't bothered thinking about it much. If you have any comments, criticisms, suggestions, or requests, feel free to put them down below. Thanks for reading!

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