I was just reading about the Creation Myths that indigenous peoples around the world have told about how the world came to exist, and about the activities of legendary early people.

In Wikipedia's article "Raven Tales", under the heading of "Athabaskan" peoples, out of the blue I found myself reading this, about the mythical Raven character in the stories of the Tahltan people of northern British Columbia:

"As Raven grew into a man, he met the uncle's wife where he tried to play with her. He tickled the girl and two birds flew out from under her arms, a bluejay and a woodpecker; and the girl died. When the uncle returned from his hunt, he saw that his wife had died and he intended to kill Raven again, but this time in rage rather than trickery. But once again, Raven escaped..."

Anyone else heard of this or know anything about it? It sounds like a story was being told thousands of years ago in which someone got tickled to death!