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The Tickle Cartel

Chapter 1: Captured by the Tickle Cartel:

Chapter 2: Transfer to the Tickle Cartel
Part 1:*-F-belly)
Part 2:*-F-belly)

“Would you happen to have a sandwich that I could eat?” Jen requested Tara. “I’m a little hungry.”
“Yes, I had some more ham and cheese sandwiches made for whenever you want them,” Tara responded as her hands brought out one. “You sound like you could use something to drink with that.”
“That would be great,” Jen accepted.
“What do you want?” the machine asked.
“Huh?” Jen was confused.
“I know I’ve just been giving you water so far, but since it’s the second day, I’ve been provided with more options, at least for now,” Tara explained. “Along with water, I have apple, orange, and grape juice. I can also get you lemonade, regular or strawberry.”
“Apple juice would be great,” Jen dictated. “Thanks, Tara.”
Once she got the drink, Jen began wondering what Tara thought of her. ‘She must know that I’m enjoying getting tickled, and that I’m happy when I’m not. I mean, how could she not notice it? And it’s all because of Maddie. Mads, you’re a great friend. Thanks so much.’ As accurate as Jen’s analysis of her true attitude was, it was not at all what Tara had perceived. The indicators that Jen used to indicate her joyful content with the situation at hand were looked at as only signs that she enjoyed how well she was being treated outside of tickling, and Tara assumed this did not carry over into the tickle time. Of course, Tara had no idea that Jen used to be tickled all the time, and she had a good friend who tickling made her think of. Both kept thinking that both person and machine held their own version of the truth as the break continued.
Eventually, though, all good things come to an end, and this break was no different. Five minutes before the electric toothbrush tickles were to start, the machine spoke up, “Jen, you have five minutes before I have to start again.”
“Alright, you can tie me up whenever,” Jen responded, seeming distracted.
‘Was that reluctance?’ Jen immediately questioned the content of the machine’s message to herself. ‘She seemed like she was… hesitant to let me know that I would have to be tickled again soon. Interesting. I’ll have to see if anything comes from that. Oh, well, I’ll figure it out later. What did Tara say she was going to use on me now? Right, electric toothbrushes. Anyways, I’ve got to get to thinking of when Maddie and I used electric toothbrushes for tickling. Well, that shouldn’t be too hard; we did buy those extra tips just for tickling after that one incident.’ Jen thought back to the first time she and Maddie found the tickling potential for electric toothbrushes. ‘As per usual, we were at a sleepover, this one at Maddie’s house. Her mom wanted us to at least pretend that we were going to go to sleep, so we had to brush our teeth and get ready for bed. Maddie had an electric toothbrush, but I didn’t, so when she started using hers, I asked what it was. She told me that it was a new electric toothbrush; her parents had just gotten it for her a month or so ago. I asked what it felt like, so after she got done, she decided to let me hold it in my hand, with the cap on. When she put it on my palm and turned it on, I let out a giggle. Big mistake.’
Jen’s story was interrupted as eleven electric toothbrushes made contact with her bare belly, causing her to laugh out loud back in the real world. The toothbrushes were in the same positions at the feather dusters had been, albeit each covering less ground at once than the dusters had. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAHAHAHT TIHIHIHICKLEHEHEHES!” she yelled out, surprised by the sudden sensation. Tara was very pleased by the ticklish outburst, even if she figured it was more from surprise than actual tickling torture. They would soon get to the hopeless laughter that she believed her prisoner had been emitting earlier. However, Jen quickly got her wordy outbursts under control, reverting back to pure laughter as she put her focus back on her story.
‘Where was I?’ the ticklee asked herself before remembering. ‘Right. Maddie had just turned the toothbrush on with the cap in my hand. Even though the bristles on the toothbrush were not in contact with my hand, I still felt something very tickly from the movement of the toothbrush head, so I let out a ticklish yelp and turned the toothbrush off. Maddie jumped back, surprised at my outburst, before inquiring as to what was wrong. I told her that the toothbrush tickled, and she looked at me quizzically. She asked me if it actually tickled, and I insisted that it did, telling her that if she didn’t believe me, she could try it out for herself. Then she got a smile on her face that worried me, as if I was about to regret admitting that it tickled. She took back the toothbrush from me and told me to stay in the room, quickly leaving. Around two minutes later, Maddie returned, and the toothbrush had a new tip, but no cap. Now it was my turn to ask what was going on, to which she replied that she wanted to run a little test with the new tip she just put on the toothbrush. With her being my best friend, I didn’t really see a need to ask what the test was until she lunged at me. Before I knew what was going on, Maddie put the toothbrush head under my shirt, on my tummy, and switched it on. I began laughing hysterically and pushing at her, trying to get her away from me and protesting that it tickled too much. Maddie did let me go after a few minutes, and she gave me a huge smile that I knew was trouble. Once I caught my breath, she asked just how much it tickled, and I angrily told her that it was a ton and not to do it to me again. With her trademark smile still on her face, Maddie said she’d have to store that information for later, but then she handed me the toothbrush, saying that she wanted to see just how much it tickled. I readily accepted, shoving the tool under her shirt, and before she could walk back her words, I flipped it on. Just like I had, Maddie erupted in ticklish laughter, easily overcome by the tickling sensations. I kept the toothbrush near her bellybutton for two or three minutes before I saw her face start to get red and decided it was time to stop. When I was done, I put the toothbrush back on the stand and went back to make sure Maddie was alright. After she caught her breath, she confirmed what I had already said twice: the toothbrush tickled a ton. She insisted that we had to use these in tickle fights; they were too good of a tool to go to waste, and we should get more tips to use for tickling. I agreed, hoping that this would be a tool I could use to get the better of her and win some tickle fights. Now that I think about it, I still didn’t win very many of those tickle fights, although the toothbrushes definitely helped to exhaust us before the raspberries blew us to full tickle torture. Fun times.’ Jen went to go on to think about some of the actual tickle fights where she beat Maddie with electric toothbrushes, as she would often have to get her best friend’s electric toothbrush in order to win a tickle fight. As the toothbrushes ravaged over her own midriff, driving her to what should have been insanity, Jen thought of her and Maddie’s laughter being united, and it made the tickling much more bearable. The laughter never stopped coming from her mouth but pretending that Maddie was laughing beside her made Jen feel united with her best friend, enjoying getting tickled together. ‘That did happen a little bit. We would get my mom or Maddie’s mom to tickle our tummies for a few minutes at a time. Yeah, we definitely lied to get them to do it. Said we needed to train for enduring tickling in our tickle fights. Or that Maddie was tickle torturing me, and she needed to be punished, but I needed to get more resistance so that when she came back for me, I’d be better prepared. But it’s not like that didn’t happen. Maddie got me tied down way more than once and decided to just tickle me with anything she could, even the devastating toothbrushes and raspberries. Boy, did that tickle a ton. And we did need a lot of resistance for tickle fights. Good times, Maddie; good times.” Jen’s thoughts of tickling and getting tickled by and with Maddie continued on through the two hours of electric toothbrush tickle torture, and when the end finally came, the exhausted girl silently congratulated her best friend on also enduring it.
By this time, the apple juice was starting to kick in, so Jen left Tara for a little bit, returning to a full lunch and water. “I can get you some juice to drink if you’d like, or you can just drink the water,” Tara announced. “You have fifty-five minutes left before my first specialized round of tickling.”
The covert scare attempt did not work on Jen, who requested, “Can I please get some grape juice instead? Thanks for the food, Tara. I’m starved. You’re a great tickler.”
Although her attempt to scare her captive had not worked, the machine figured it was just because the girl was starving. She retrieved the grape juice, leaving the water in case Jen also wanted it. As Jen ate and drank, the machine analyzed her captive. ‘She’s weak,” it noted, ‘but still in good enough health to go through my tickling sessions. The intense four-hour will very likely wear her out. I’ll make sure to get more food at the end of that one. She is definitely acting as if she’s broken. Always asking for permission for everything basic she needs and submitting to my every command. This is very, very good. Pat and Katelyn will be very proud of me.’
In reality, while Jen had been very hungry and had ignored the message about essentially being tickle tortured partially because of her hunger, she was still in good spirits once she had some food. She began to think about her best friend again, about all the tickling experiences they shared over their years of friendship, and she settled down into the happy memories as she ate. These happy thoughts restored the energy that the food had not, leaving a still incredibly ticklish Jen ready for whatever the tickle machine decided to dish out with twenty-five minutes still left in her break. At this point, Jen realized that her tickling was about to start up again, and she finally thought about the words that Tara had said: this was to be a “specialized round of tickling.” Without thinking, Jen turned to her memories of Maddie for help and began thinking, ‘You know, Mads, I’m not sure what exactly this round of tickling will be with. As you know, the last six rounds I’ve had are all with a certain tool, but this is supposed to be specialized, probably trying to be torturous. You’ve tickle tortured me several times before, though, so I’ll be relying on that endurance you forced into me. Let’s see. What was the first time you tickle tortured me?’ As Jen tried to remember this, her exhausted body decided to take control, and she fell asleep.
Tara noticed this right away, but she allowed her prisoner to sleep. ‘She’s got a long tickling ahead of her, and a quick power nap won’t hurt,’ the machine internally reasoned. ‘I’ll wake her up in fifteen minutes, and she’ll be ready to be tickled.’ Although the tickle session would not actually start for nineteen minutes, the machine thought it would be a good idea to give Jen some time to reorient to her surroundings before she was suddenly thrust into tickle torture. Despite the fact that she had been here for a while, it was obvious that Jen had not intended to fall asleep, so she might be unaware of where she was when Tara woke her up. Tickling at this time would likely cause a panic reaction, which was undesirable for tickling,’ the machine kept up her reasoning. ‘She’ll remember where she is, and then I can start the tickle torture. That girl will be so helpless; she’ll be crying for mercy.’
Fifteen minutes later, a few prods woke Jen up. “Hmm, where am I?” Jen asked aloud as she looked around and stretched. “Oh, right, ship to the Tickle Cartel. Hey, Tara. How long do I have until I get tickled again?”
“Just over five minutes,” Tara notified her. “I’d get all stretched out. It should help you wake up.”
“Thanks, Tara,” Jen kept stretching, getting loose in preparation for trying to evade her upcoming tickling. She continued to stretch up until one minute before the tickling, when Tara directed her to lie down to be hogtied.
“Time for tickles!” the machine teased when it was time to start.
All of a sudden, fingers began running up and down Jen’s exposed sides, causing her to burst out laughing, “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Despite not being completely prepared for this specific type of tickling, Jen’s thoughts were on the multiple tickle tortures that Maddie had given her growing up, so she did not beg. However, Jen was squirming in a vain attempt to get away from the tickling, which, although very torturous, she believed could end up being fun. This was reinforced when two electric toothbrushes joined in on either side of her bare bellybutton, which ramped up both her laughter and squirming significantly. “AHAHAHAHA!”
At this point, Jen was yelling inside for the tickling to stop, just as she always did when Maddie tickle tortured her, but she was not able to clearly articulate this to the machine. She also knew that no matter how much it tickled, the machine wasn’t going to stop: its job was to tickle torture her, so there was no reason to beg; it would just make her seem hopeless. When a raspberry machine began blowing straight into her navel, Jen found her inner resolve. ‘This is exactly what Maddie would have wanted to do to me if she had enough friends around. Tickle torture me all over with the worst things.’ That resolve was only strengthened when two feather dusters began trailing on either side of her stomach, making up the ground in between the fingers and the toothbrushes. Although the contrast between the light tickling from the dusters and the intensity of the fingers and toothbrushes threatened to drive Jen mad, she remembered a specific time when Maddie had Jen’s mom help her tickle Jen. Wanting something to free her from the control of the tickle torture, Jen opted to relive this experience.
‘Oh, my. That had to have been the most torturous tickle session I ever had,’ Jen recalled. I forgot to do some of my chores, so Mom said I had to be punished, and for the first time, she accepted Maddie’s offer to help tickle me. They made me get into a crop top, and then I was tied to folding chairs so that I was sitting on top of the coffee table. Of course, Mom said I would have to help clean it off afterwards, under the threat of more ticklish ‘persuasion’. When they got me tied up, Mom decided to lay down under the table that I was on, while Maddie straddled my hips, letting her get a good look at my reactions. They teased me for a little bit, Mom poking my sides while Maddie would move around poking on my tummy and rubbing it. Finally, they decided they’d had enough fun teasing me, and Maddie grabbed two feather dusters, while Mom put her fingers on my still bare sides. I knew that Maddie was probably going to run the feather dusters all over my belly and Mom was going to get my sides mercilessly, but I didn’t know that this wasn’t going to be it. When the tickling started, it initially was just what I expected: the dusters made trails around my tummy and Mom’s nails drove me crazy on my sides. I was pleading helplessly, squirming to try and get away from the two ticklers. While I was distracted begging for the tickling to stop, Maddie leaned over and shocked me with a bellybutton raspberry. I screamed in extremely high-pitched laughter loud enough that the side tickling eased up a bit and my best friend just looked at me like I’d just killed something. However, she quickly got over it and a devious smile appeared on her face, which I knew meant more raspberries. When the second raspberry struck, the intense side tickling returned, too, and I screamed out again, hoping to get another break. This did not happen, though, since they now knew it was just from the raspberry. Maddie was more merciless than Mom, as she kept lightly using the dusters to get my midriff, letting the soft and hard tickling keep me on the edge of ticklish delirium.’ As Jen recounted the events of what turned out to be an hour-long tickle session with her mom and best friend, she realized how similar it was to her current predicament. Using her prior experience as proof that she could take the torture, the ticklee used the experience to refrain from showing helplessness by begging, although the squirming never did stop until her body did not have enough energy to react with it, around two hours in. Jen ended up enjoying the feeling of all the different tools on her exposed body, even though they were meant for torture, and simply laughed as the tools dictated. When the tickle torture finally ended, the prisoner slumped down into the chair she was put into until Tara sat her up, still laughing for six minutes.
“How was that?” Tara asked her prisoner when the residual laughter died down, trying to get a negative reaction.
Despite Jen enjoying the tickle session, she gave a seemingly dismayed answer, “That was pure torture. I don’t think I can take any more of that.” In reality, Jen was just hoping for a good meal to regain her strength, and she didn’t care what she sounded like at the moment.
Pleased with herself, the tickle machine provided a full meal, which satisfied Jen’s hopes of being able to restore her strength. As she ate, Jen began reflecting on what she had just gone through, as well as the food she was eating, ‘Oh, this is good. Mom, I don’t know if even you can top this if I get home. Wow, that was a really intense session. You know, Mommy, as mad as you were with me, you really helped me get through that. I love you and miss you. And Maddie, I can’t believe you tickled me like that. You were so mean, willing to take advantage of anything to get me tickle tortured. You knew that Mom would torture a really weak spot of mine, since she also knows all my tickle spots, and she would leave whatever she thought would also be torturous to you. But because of you, I got through this, so I guess I can’t be too mad at you. I guess we can still be best friends. Just please don’t tickle me like that again. Just kidding. You can tickle me again; this time, I’ll just enjoy it more than last because you’re my best friend.’ The combination of a good meal and thinking of the two women in her life made Maddie smile again, although Tara attributed it all to the food.
It took Jen the majority of her hour break to eat the meal that she had been given, which she greatly appreciated. “That food was really good, Tara,” Jen thanked the tickle machine for the meal.
“I’m glad you liked it, Jen,” the tickle machine’s automated response kicked in for this one. “By the way, you have three minutes before your next tickle session.”
“Alright,” Jen acknowledged. She spent two of the three minutes stretching out and mentally preparing herself for the upcoming tickle session.
In the last minute, the ticklee was placed down and bound in the frequently used hogtie. “So, Jen, I will be straightforward and admit that I did not tell you all the tools that I have for use on your belly when I was explaining my function to you,” the machine broadcasted, causing Jen to turn her head questioningly. “There is one that I never tell anyone until I am about to use it on them. I think it’s a nice surprise.”
“What is it?” Jen interjected at what she thought was a stopping point.
“I also have paintbrushes,” she was told, “and I’m going to use them to paint a pretty picture on your tummy tonight. I have quick-drying paint, but it does wash off, so don’t worry; the picture will not be on you forever. What do you think?”
“That sounds… AHAHAHAHAHA!” Jen’s response was interrupted when the paintbrushes started running over her midriff. She quickly analyzed her situation as best as she could. In addition to the hogtie, straps had been placed to hold her ribs and hips in position, making her unable to effectively squirm, although she certainly tried. Jen realized that this was probably so that the machine could paint her body without having to worry about her squirming getting paint in the wrong places. Having guessed the reason for that, Jen moved on to trying to figure out how many paintbrushes were on her. From the ticklish sensations focusing in on different parts of her stomach, Jen projected that there were at least eight working her over, although she realized that she might be putting one where two were or vice versa. The paintbrushes tickled lightly and quickly, similar to the feather dusters of before, but the prisoner recognized a pattern that predicted an actual painting was being done on her ticklish torso. Paintbrushes often repeated their straight paths, allowing Jen to reasonably assume that they were covering a spot in paint more than once. However, this just made it tickle even more, leaving the ticklee in a state of ticklish delirium. She was also able to feel a little bit of moisture as the paint was applied, further supporting her theory that the tickle machine actually was painting her.
Eventually, Jen tried to break out of the delirium by thinking of when Maddie and she would have used paintbrushes on each other. This ended in a different scenario that all her previous attempts: Maddie and she had never painted each other’s midsections, although they had painted each other’s toes before. Nevertheless, this never really tickled that much, as Maddie was not ticklish on her feet and Jen’s feet were much, much less ticklish than her belly. Seeing that this was going nowhere, she resorted to another attempt at a memory: just thinking of fun, light tickles she had given Maddie and vice versa. This one got a lot of hits, so Jen turned to the first one she could remember: the first time she didn’t protest when Maddie opted to tickle her. ‘It was a sunny summer day, and Maddie had invited me and a few of our other friends over for a pool party. While we were in the pool, she thought it would be a good idea to randomly sneak up behind me and start poking me. Being the ticklish girl that I was, I would yelp out each time and turn to find her smiling. I remember saying something that was essentially stop, but inside, I didn’t really mean it. Eventually, we got out of the pool and decided to sunbathe before we changed out of our bikinis. We all laid down, and I ended up asleep. Well, Maddie just had to take advantage of the situation. She got one friend of mine to hold my arms up over my head and another to get my feet secure, promising them that they could tickle my armpits and feet, respectively. A little bit after I was all secure, I still wasn’t awake, so Maddie poked my bellybutton, causing me to try and pull my hands down to protect it. I realized that I couldn’t, and I looked up at Maddie, who had an evil smile on her face. Knowing that nothing would stop her from tickling me, I just laid back and told her to go ahead and tickle me. Although she was surprised by my reaction, she skittered her fingers over my exposed tummy, and I burst into laughter. I always was a little more ticklish when Maddie tickled me lightly with her nails then when she dug in. Soon enough, the tickles that I was not prepared for, on my feet and armpits, began, and I tried to squirm my way out of the situation. However, none of the girls were having it, and I kept getting tickled for a good half hour. Even Maddie’s mom came out and poked around my ribs for a few minutes, but she was eventually the one to tell everyone to stop tickling me when I was getting really red-faced.’ Jen went over the most minute details in the story as she felt the picture continue to be painted on her stomach, trying to keep herself occupied so the only outward emotion she showed was the laughter jumping out of her mouth. When the tickling finally ended, two hours after it started, Jen was completely exhausted both physically and mentally, having almost run out of details from her tickling ordeal with her mother and Maddie to recall. Without any prompting, she hurried towards her bed and got in, with Tara covering her up. Along with exhausting herself, Jen realized that the paintbrushes put her in a more relaxed mood with their light tickles, and she fell asleep right away.

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