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    Red face There's Something More I Need... (f/m)

    Paul had never felt so alive and so deathly ticklish than when in the grasp of her talons... His beloved and trusted domme, she who was to him a bizarre mix of brusque business partner, object of desire and delight so white-hot and glorious that he often told her that being caught beneath her hands and lips and voluptuous body was like being in a place where both Heaven and Hell met to tear at his writhing flesh. Mistress Claudia was undeniably the most talented of her trade he had ever encountered. Once ensnared under her ten crawling ink-black fingernails, her shock of black and blue-streaked hair falling in soft tendrils around his face and shoulders, her gray-blue eyes lined in lush black locked onto his tear-filled brown eyes and silently daring him to fall apart completely, Paul might have screamed and pleaded for escape a dozen or more times already, but her slender yet powerful thighs pressed him to the torture chair she so often had strapped and straddled him in; Paul's straining and aching manhood further sealing his hips to hers, her warmth pressing insistently against his near-bursting cock but refusing to allow him entrance and the release he so desperately needed.

    Mistress Claudia's right hand snaked up his thighs; the rounded points of her nails on the left hand poised for attack on his helplessly exposed armpits as the modified high-back of the chair held them behind his head and knotted the ties at his wrists to the handle -like attachment points, making it impossible to pull his arms down again. His Mistress cooed in a maddening high note near his ear, letting her breath and rose pink lips tickle against his delicate left earlobe... "Tease, tickle, which will it be?? Don't you want to guess for me, my dear?" she murmured, and the words and brush of her mouth to his ear sent a thrill down his spine which settled between his legs, magnifying the ache there which had already become unbearable.

    "Mistress...ohhh...tease. I ...need to..." Paul's tremulous voice pleaded, and then he gasped as her index fingertip drew a line up the length of his cock, which twitched involuntarily, and then her other fingertips began playfully tickling and encircling the swollen head. Twitching again, Paul moaned and tried to raise his hips to her hand in need, knowing he could not last much more, yet uncertain how or when she might finally take him firmly enough to allow the mounting orgasm to finally overtake him.

    "God, ohh, I can't stand it... Please, I beg you, Mistress... Let me-" ..but before he could groan out the word "cum", as she demanded he ask permission to do prior, Mistress Claudia's other hand, still poised to strike, shot under his left arm, her fingers curved as a claw and each wriggling and scribbling speedily in the soft hollow there, and Paul howled "no, NOOO!" before dissolving into helpless giggling that shook his whole torso. His Mistress smiled hungrily while watching her victim flailing and shuddering with laughter that could not cease, even as his abs ached from the seemingly endless times she had tickled him to red-faced, breathless hysteria. Then her hand cruelly darted to the other armpit, the same madly flying fingertips causing him to wrench away and his cries of tormented laughter to rise in pitch.

    "Mis-Mis-Mis...hahahaha, pleeee hehehehe!" Paul shrieked incoherently as the tickling worsened, her other hand which had rested light as a feather on his still-aching cock joined the assault on his armpits, tickling mercilessly up and down both those unbearably sensitive hollows, and Paul's flushed face, twisted with helpless laughter darkened to a shade of purple to rival the head of his straining cock, which burned still with need despite the tickling being so overwhelming as to overtake every other sensation he could register.

    "Aaaahaha!! MIS-hehehehe noahaha more! NO hahahaha oh GOD!!" As Paul shook from head to toe with laughter that wracked through his torso and turned silent for a second or two before being broken in a deep inhale which exploded into more tortured shrieks of laughter, Mistress Claudia's fingertips finally began to relent a bit, still wriggling and drawing out peals of softer giggling from him but moving in a less frantic and frenzied pace than before... Expert at her craft, just as the tiny little relief at the tickling at least lightening to a more bearable pace washed through him, Mistress Claudia's red, spike-heeled shoes slid off her petite and lovely feet, soft creamy white soles netted in her black fishnet stockings exposed, and suddenly her leg swung up to his lap and a foot with scrunching toes was kneading his cock before his body had caught up to her movement and the pang of sexual desire sharpened to a point that was intolerable.

    "Ahh!! Ohh Mistress yes, please let me now, please let me..."

    "You want me to let you cum now, my poor sweet ticklish one??" Mistress Claudia's light and amused voice trilled, and hearing her call him this pressed the edge further still.

    "YES, please let me cum oh fuck, ohh Mistress fuck yes!" Paul cried to her in torment, as her soles squeezed him from each side and then stroked until the throb intensified to a pulse, and finally a surge that could not be stopped as her feet slid up and down him in rhythm, stroking him better than any other woman's hands had ever done, such was the skill of his beloved tormentor.

    "Yes, OHH, oh my God!!" Paul exclaimed as his cock finally exploded against her soles working up and down, to pump him dry. His Mistress smirked , watching the cum burst out in spasming waves, a half second between each spasm and next spurt erupting from him, until he was drained dry but still hard and twitching badly, held between her soles, and weak with the intensity of his climax.

    She often would snuggle to him then, while he was still bound and captive in the torture chair, a purring kitten nuzzling a trapped bird with wings held down under soft paws. He didn't care though, if she would pounce again or no, he would do anything she asked. And today, she was in an asking mood.

    "Paul my love", purred Claudia, "There's something more I need... "

    "As you wish my Goddess", Paul murmured back. "Anything within my power to give you, I will...."

    Mistress Claudia's rosy and plump lips curved into a wicked smile. "I need you to help me find someone. Bring me a new toy, one who can serve my needs with as much eagerness as you. I dote on you, you know, my little ticklish one... But I crave to add another ticklish pet, and you may help me teach her..."

    "Her...?" Whispered Paul, exhausted from the session and on the verge of lulling to sleep.

    "You can help me teach her how to obey me, Paul, how to serve and please me as well as you do... Won't that be simply delightful for you, dear?? To have a lovely little plaything you may introduce to the torments she will endure as you have done so well with me, to help me take her to her limits and bring her to obedience. I want you to bring me a ticklish toy, a woman, to be my new slave."

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    Nice! Paul is a lucky guy...
    Please tell me you're setting us up for a part 2.

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    Aug 2018
    Quote Originally Posted by jmills View Post
    Nice! Paul is a lucky guy...
    Please tell me you're setting us up for a part 2.
    Thank you! Yes I plan to write a sequel, although it may be a few days before I get it finished and posted.

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    Great story! I would love to be in Paul's place.
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    Hot read! Thank you for sharing this.

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